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Lesson 83: Finding the Area of a Given Circle

Week 1
Objectives: Finding the area of a circle
Manipulate and measure the diameter and radius of the circle
Find enjoyment in doing the activity
Prerequisite Concepts and Skills:
Mastery in finding the area of a circle
Knowledge about measuring instrument
Materials: chart, ruler, real circle objects
References: XL Excelling in Mathematics 5
Mathematics 5 & 6 Lesson Guides
Code: M5ME Iva 74

Instructional Procedure:
A. Preliminary Activities
1. Drill
Have a drill on solving multiplication, base and exponents

8x9 12 x 3 23 x 4

7 4 5
18 3

2. Review
Have a review on solving problems involving circumference of a circle.
Review the formula, give examples, and then give exercises for the pupils to

3. Motivation
Show real circular objects, ask them to give examples of circular things, ask
them how circle differ from other objects?

B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
Present this situation to the class. Ask the pupils to read and understand it.

Every time it rains, Mrs.Flores saves water in a big clay jar called Tapayan.
She covers them with a circular galvanized iron with a radius of 5 dm. What is
the area of the circular cover?
Ask: How will you solve for the problem?
1. Look at the figure of the circle.

What is the radius?

2. Explain to the pupils that the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the
diameter is the same for all circles. The circumference of any circle is about

3.14 times the diameter. The ratio is represented by the Greek letter

spelled pi and pronounced as pie.

3. Let the pupils find the area

A = r2
= 3.14 x 5 x 5
= 3.14 x 25
Area = 78.50 dm2

2. Performing the Activities

Group the pupils into six to eight members per group.
Distribute cut outs of circle with dimensions and let the pupils find the area.
Call as many pupils to solve for the area of the circle on the board.

8cm 12dm 18m

20 dm 6cm

Answers: (200.96cm2, 452.16dm2, 254.34m2, 314dm2, 113.04cm2)

3. Processing the Activities

After the presentations of each group, ask: how did you find the activity? Did you
able to find the area of the circle? What value is developed in performing the

Expected Answers:
Happy and curious
Yes by solving the area of a circle using the given formula
Cooperation and camaraderie

4. Reinforcing the Concept and Skill

Ask the pupils to answer the activity under Get Moving on page ___ LM Math
Grade V. Ask them also to answer the activity under Keep Moving on page ____ LM
Math Grade V.

5. Summarizing the Lesson

Lead the pupils to give the following generalization.

The area of a circle with pi, radius or diameter can be solved by the formula
Always remember that radius is half of the diameter.
Area of Circle = pi x radius x radius

A = r2

6. Applying to New and Other Situations

Have the pupils do the exercises under Apply your Skills on page _____ LM
Math Grade V.

C. Assessment
Ask the pupils to solve the following:
Find the area of a given circle

8m 3c 7c
m m


D. Home Activity
Provide exercises similar to those given in the lesson.

Ask the pupils to solve these problems.
1. What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 5 meters?
2. If a circle has a diameter of 46centimeter what is the areaof the circle?
3. Granda has an old family recipe for blueberry pancakes. She can make 8 pancakes that
are each 18 inches in diameter. What is the area of the pancake?
Answer: (78.5 square meters, 72.22 squared centimeter, 254.34 inches)