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Typical circuit diagram of Direct On Line starter

S0 = OFF Push button

S1 = ON Push button
S = Maintained command switch
K1 = Main contactor
F1 = Main circuit fuse
F2 = Overload relay
F3 = Control circuit fuse

a) Main circuit b) Control circuit for momentary-contact control c) Control circuit for maintained-contact control

Typical circuit diagram of Forward / Reverse starter (Electrical Interlocking)

L1/L+ L1/L+
F3 F3
95 95
F2 F2
96 96


10 2
S2 S1 S

53 53
S1 K1 S2 K2
54 54

22 22 22 22
K2 K1 K2 K1
21 21

21 21

A1 A1 A1 A1
K1 K2 K1 K2
N/L A2 A2 N/L A2 A2

Push button control Selector switch control

(momentary command) (command needs to be maintained)

Main circuit

S0 : 'OFF' Push button K1 : Clockwise contactor F1 : Main circuit fuses

S1 : 'ON Clockwise' Push button K2 : Anti-clockwise contactor F2 : Overload relay
S2 : 'ON Anti-clockwise' Push button F3 : Control circuit fuse
S : Selector Switch 'Clockwise - OFF -

Typical circuit diagram of Star Delta starter

S0 = OFF Push button

S1 = ON Push button
K1 = Line contactor
K2 = Star contactor
K3 = Delta contactor
K4 = Star delta timer (7PU60 20)
Control circuit for push button control F2 = Overload relay
(momentary command) F1 = Backup fuse
Main circuit F3 = Control circuit fuse
Typical circuit diagram for Auto Transformer starter

S0 = OFF Push
S1 = ON Push
K1 = Star contactor
K2 = Transformer
K3 = Main contactor
K5 = Contactor relay
(2NO + 2NC)
K4 = Time relay
F1 = Main circuit
F2 = Overload relay
F3 = Control circuit

b) Auxiliary circuit for momentary-contact control

a) Main Circuit

Internal connection diagram for DC coil circuits

K1 : Sizes 8 to 12
3TF52 to 3TF56 K1 : Size 12
K1 : Sizes 3 to 6, 3TF57
K2 : 3TF30 10 OB.. for 3TF54/55
3TF46 to 3TF51 K2 : 3TC44 17 4A..
3TF32 00-OB.. for 3TF56

The control circuits indicated by dotted lines are to be wired by customer.