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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-

Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Chapter 5
Economic Growth and Linkages

The ARMM continues to support the attainment of its goals and objectives
through the implementation of various interventions under the agencies
banner programs and special projects.

Agriculture and Fisheries

1. Agri-Pinoy Rice Program. The Agri-Pinoy Rice Program aims to attain

food security, self- sufficiency and to increase income of farmers in the
rural areas thru various interventions from the National Government in
support to the development effort of the Regional Government in
attaining its goal on food security.

The increasing trend in rice production of Region ARMM from 2012, 2013
and 2014 that registered; 542, 760 mt, 612,083 mt. and 863,121 (BAS
data) respectively is attributed to the funding support coming from the
Agri-Pinoy Rice Program and special support of the Government that
posted the regions 71.97% in rice sufficiency within consecutive year.

In three years time (2012-2015), DA thru the Agri-Pinoy Rice Program was
able to procure and distribute to farmer associations/cooperatives the
following various Farm machineries and Equipment and other related
interventions in Support to Rice Production:

Pre and Post-

machineries and
facilities like
floating tiller 67
units, hand tractor
112 units
thresher 83 units,
rice reaper 10
units, combine
harvester 12 units,
rice cutter 48
units, pedal Sec. Atty. Mending Jr, PAO Balindong Jr., and Congresswoman Hataman,
and some provincial Government Official during the turn over ceremony of
the Combine harvester during the farmers forum last October 9, 2014.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

operated thresher 30 units, collapsible dryer 669 units, and mini rice
mill 40 units.

Majority of this Equipment were provided to those provinces with wide

area on rice production. These will lessen the cost of production and
post- harvest losses which registered 16% to 17% in the previous years
due to lack of appropriate post- harvest facilities and comparatively
low level of farm mechanization in the rice producing areas of the

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Turn Over Ceremony of Farm Equipments under Agri-Pinoy Rice Program by Hon. Governor Hataman and Sec. Atty
Laisa Masuhud-Alamia

Photo below: DA Sulu receives from DAF-ARMM Regional Office the following Farm Implements under the
RICE Program: three (3) units Hand Tractor with engine, trailer and accessories; three (3) units Rice
Thresher with engine and engine base; two (2) units Floating Tiller with engine; and two (2) units Rice
Cutter with engine, intended for the Municipality of Omar, Luuk and Patikul.

The Research, Development and Extension Services thru DA-ARMMIARC were

able to implement the Research-Based Project out of the Rice Program Funds.
The rice-based researches were also aimed at strengthening the capability of
the rice farmers against the adverse effects of climate change by providing
rice varieties with tolerance to climate change and pest and diseases. This
can be achieved in collaboration with PHILRICE. Some of the Research-Base
Project was;

Philippine Rice Information System (PRISM), an Operational

System for Rice Monitoring to support Decision making towards
increased rice production.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Rice Crop Manager

(RCM), a
comprehensive decision
support tool for
increased yields and
income of farmers, for
accelerating the
development and of
Next-Generation (Next-
Gen) rice varieties for
the major ecosystems
and for accelerating the
development and
dissemination of Associated Technologies for direct-seeded rice in
irrigated and rainfed Ecosystems. This project was a collaborative
undertaking of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Integrated Rice
Research Institute (IRRI) and Philippine Rice Research Institute
2. Corn-Cassava Development Program. ARMM is a surplus corn
producing region. It marked up 400% sufficient in corn, ranked 4 th region
in production almost consistently and maintains the standing as the no. 1
white corn producing region. Corn continues to provide major source of
livelihood to farmers in Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur. The introduction
of Production Technology and high yielding varietiesto increase production
per hectare supported by provision of post -harvest machineries and
infrastructures to lessen cost of production and post- harvest losses
contributes to the consistent high production of corn. Corn production

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

from 2012, 2013 to 2014 was registered at

764,770mt, 667,100mt.and 699,590 (BAS

From 2012 to 2015, the program has

distributed the following:

In support to the corn cluster areas
in ARMM atotal of 17 units Four
Wheel Farm Tractors were distributed
to qualified cooperatives and
associations region wide broken
down as follows: 8 units for
Maguindanao Province, 5 units for
Lanao del sur, 2 units for Basilan and 2 units for Sulu.

Turn-over of Farm tractors to Provincial Offices for distribution to identified farmer

345 units of Agricultural Farm Machineries and Post-Harvest
facilities such as corn mill, mechanical sheller, cassava
granulator cum shredder with chipper, cassava grater with
presser, hermetic cocoon, collapsible dryer with cases were
distributed to the provinces as follows; 188 units to
Maguindanao Province, 54 units to Lanao del sur, 40 units to
Basilan, 38 units to Sulu and 25 units to Tawi Tawi. These were
provided to qualified corn and cassava farmer cooperatives, to
lessen the cost of production and post- harvest losses.

Distibution of 17 units cassava graters to qualified farmer cooperatives of the municipalities of Patikul, Talipao, Indanan, Parang, Maimbung,
Luuk, Panamao, K. Caluang, Panglima Estino, Pandami, Lugus, Tapul, Siasi, Pangutaran, Pata, Banguingui, and Omar during the turnover on
November 25, 2015 at DAF-Sulu Provincial Office.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Distribution and turn-over of four (4) units of Corn Mill headed by Gov. Hataman and Sec. Maguindra to the following
Farmer Cooperatives: Badak Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Dilampong Peoples Organization, Sepot Farmers
Association and Pamatuladan Farmer,s Cooperative. All of these farmers cooperative are in Maguindanao province

High Value Crops Development Program

The production of the Region on commercial crops such as banana, rubber

coffee, palm oil (private sector led), durian, mango, mangosteen and other
priority commodities continue to be a vital contributor in the GRDP of the

Targets in the production of commodities are According to the priority list and
inputs funded under Agri-pinoy HVCDP were based from the validated and

consolidated requests/proposals from cooperatives, LGUs and other farmer

groups all over ARMM. Likewise farm machineries and equipment/garden
tools were provided by DA thru HVCDP program to enhance production of
commercial crops to ensure food security while expanding income
opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs. From 2012-2015, DA has
provided/accomplished the following;

Planting materials on rubber, coffee and cacao, with 384,088 pcs.,

588,250 pcs and 204,760 pcs. respectively were distributed
Planted an area of 2,029 has to cacao, 55,457 to coffee and 143, 989
to rubber regionwide.
13 nurseries were also established/maintained throughout the region
to support the needs of the HVCDP farmers and other stakeholders on
planting materials.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Hand tractors & cultivators of 10 units, 8 units power sprayer, 105

units of knapsack sprayer, 20 heads of draft animals, 35 units plow
( made of iron) to qualified coop beneficiaries regionwide .while 8,000
pcs of Farm equipment/ garden tools (sprinkler, shovel, rake bolo and
hoe) were also provided to identified school in coordination with DEP-
ED in support to vegetable production and Gulayan sa Paaralan project.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Coffee depulper of 7 units, coffee grinder 7 units, coffee dehuller 7

units and coffee roaster 9 units. These were provided to farmer
association of the five provinces.

Package of assistance for coffee production

4. Livestock Development Program. Under this program, a total of 121

heads of cattle/carabao and 2,254 heads of goat and poultry was distributed
region wide.

Aniimal Distribution in the Province of Sulu headed by Dr. Raheima

Amba, Regional Livestock Program Coordinator and Ms. Mercia A. Ali,


Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, Anang Hamsa received 5 head Does, 1 Tawi-Taw, Ninjatul Indaman received 5 head Does, 1
head Buck head Buck.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Animal Distribution under Agri-Pinoy Livestock Program Headed by ASEC.

Alexander G. Alonto JR. and PAO Pangalian A. Balindong in Lanao del Sur.

5. Bottom-Up- Budgeting (BUB). Bottom-up- Budgeting (BUB)

wasappropriated with Php. 379,540,000 for 2013, to finance the 106 pre-
identified projects throughout the region whilefor the year 2014, it has an
appropriation of Php991,431,097 to finance 345 also a pre-identified
projects in 106 Municipalities regionwide.

As of date, about 240 projects were implemented breakdown as follows; 94

FMR, 48 livelihood projects, 25 post-harvest facilities and other
infrastructure, 1 communal irrigation and 4 fishery subprojects where
already completed regionwide.
A total of 42.57 kilometers Farm to Market Roads was completed from the
2013 and 2014 continuing funds.

Farm to Market Road

FMR: Concreting of 1000 meters, Project Location: FMR: Concreting of Brgy. Dinganun
Tabuan Lasa, Basilan Project Location: Sultan Dumalondong , Lanao del Sur

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

before after

FMR: Concreting of 1km Cabayuan, Project Location: Lakpan Balinuba, Buldon,



FMR: Concreting of Tubig Maasim-Pandan Niog, Project Location: Pangutaran, Sulu

FMR: Concreting of Batu-Batu to Balimbing Road

Project Location: Panglima Sugala, Tawi-Tawi

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015


Livelihood Project: Livestock

Location: Al Barka, Basilan

Livelihood: Animal Dispersal

Project Location: Bayang, Lanao del Sur

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Irrigation Facilities Completed

Project Location: Brgy. Bucalan, Taraka, Lanao del Sur

Livelihood: Establishment of Municipal Nursery for High Value Commercial

Project Location: Datu Saudi, Maguindanao

Livelihood: Provision of Goat Raising, Duck Raising, Cassava & Veg. Production
Project Location: Parang, Sulu

Livelihood: Cattle Raising

Project Location: South Ubian, Tawi-Tawi

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Under Other Infra, Public Market Completed, Jolo, Sulu


the Department of Agriculture-ARMM has a total fund allocation of
Php262,180,000 to fund 305 Projects on Farm to Market Roads, Livelihood
and Postharvest Facilities broken down as follows; 22 subprojects for
Maguindanao, 205 subprojects for Lanao del sur, 11 subprojects for Basilan,
2 subprojects for sulu and 3 subprojects for Tawitawi.

In 2014, DAF-ARMM and PMO-ARMM entered into a MOA for the

implementation of the PAMANA livelihood projects for the identified MNLF
communities with a total funding of P95,508,255.00. Projects
implemented/distributed were; 4 units mobile rice mill, 6 units corn sheller, 6
units rice thresher, 9 units solar panel, 1,010 bags of fertilizer, 60,000 pcs.
Falcate seedlings, 3 units wheeler hauler truck for Lanao del sur and 5 units
rice thresher, 7 units hand tractor, 4 units floating tiller, 13 units corn sheller,
5 units mobile rice mill, 698 heads of large and small animals, 995 bags
palay/ corn seeds and 1,155 bags fertilizer for Maguindanao Province.

To date, the Program was able to implement 23 livelihood projects, 212 units
of post-harvest/ other infrastructure project, and 17.76 kilometers Farm to
market roads.
7. ARMM HELPS. The Department of Agriculture has a share of 14% or 7
out of 50 barangays targeted by the Project Management Office (PMO) of
ARMM-HELPS regionwide. Under the 2014 livelihood Component of the
program, DA was able to implement seven (7) projects with package of
trainings, agricultural supplies and equipment in three (3) provinces of ARMM
such as Maguindanao with four (4) projects, Sulu with two (2) projects and
Basilan with one (1) project.

The recipients of the projects were seven (7) Cooperatives with specific
project identified
Name of Cooperative Project
1. Dulang Manobo of Tubak farmers Marketing Coffee Production ( Arabica)
cooperative, Tubak , Ampatuan,
2. Kasarigan farmers producers Cooperative, Banana Production
Samberen, Parang Maguindanao. ( Lakatan)
3. Basak Farmers Producer Cooperative, Coffee Production
Lipawan, barira, Maguindanao
4. 4. Katibpuan Farmers Producer Cooperative, Goat Raising

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

5. Talayan, Maguindanao
5 Tikong Farmers Producer Cooperative, Cassava Production
Tikong, Parang Sulu
6. Matatal Farmers Producer Cooperative, Cassava production
Training on Cattle Production, Brgy.
Balas, Lamitan City, Maimbung,
Basilan Sulu
7. Kasalamatan kauman Cooperative, Balas, Cattle Production
Lamitan, Basilan

These projects have benefited one hundred fifty eight (158) Coop farmer
member beneficiaries, where forty eight of them were women and fifteen
(15) were indigenous people.

Turn over ceremony of multi cabs to Farmer

Cooperatives of Lipawan, Barira and Samberen
,Parang, Maguindanao. The said vehicles were
included in the package of the Livelihood
Component provided by the projects to the

Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

ARMM Fisheries Production. As a result of several interventions

undertaken by BFAR-ARMM from CY2012-2015, ARMM Fisheries Production
showed continuous increase from CY 2013 to 2015 revealing an average
increase rate of 103%.

ARMM Fisheries Production

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Seaweeds Inputs Distributed

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

The distribution comparison of seaweeds farm implements between 2009-

2011 vs 2012-2015 revealed an increase of 330%. This resulted to the
increase of seaweeds production as well as the continuous expansion of
seaweeds farm areas from 2013-2015.

Expanded Seaweeds Area (ha.)

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

A remarkable increase of 411% of seaweeds expanded area were obtained

from 2012-2015 due to the increasing distribution of seaweeds farm
implements from CY 2012-2015.

Fisherfolk & Boat Registration

Both Municipal Fisherfolk and Boat Registration shows a tremendous increase

in trend from 2012-2015 compared to the 2009-2011. This is a breakthrough
in the data management system of BFAR-ARMM, wherein the registration and
inventory of fisherfolks and boats were enhanced and fastracked.

Fishing Paraphernalia Distributed, 2009-2015

Motorized & Non-Motorized Banca

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

0 7
The distribution comparison of Motorized and Non-motorized Bancas

between 2009-2011 vs 2012-2015 revealed 2,184% or 1,092 units increase.

0 4
Fishing Paraphernalia Distributed


0 4
This distribution comparison of Gillnets form 2009-2011 and 2012-2015 as

the data shows the increase of units provided to the beneficiaries since 2009
up to 2015 obtained 162%.

This graph shows a remarkable increase in trend on the distribution of payao
between 2009-2011 vs 2012-2015 with 1,218% increase rate.

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,300 4
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Mangrove Propagules

This is a program of BFAR-ARMM as one of the mitigating measures on
climate change. It shows a distinct difference on the distribution of mangrove
propagules planted between 2011 vs CY 2012-2015 with 597% increase.

Strengthened Law Enforcement

LGU- Bantay Dagat Program

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Close Season for Sardines, (December 01- March 01)

Department of Agrarian Reform

On General Administrative and Support Services (GASS). The

interventions stated below made the regional management specifically in the
year 2015 paved way to many important achievements (big or small) in the
Department of Agrarian Reform-ARMM, to wit:

(Physical) Repaired the regional office to provide a place more conducive

to working

Introduce systems and procedures both administrative and financial to

establish a tangible set of rules on every official transactions

Enhanced collaboration and closely work with DAR provincial offices

(DARPOs) down to the municipal level (DARMOs) including the Agrarian
Reform Beneficiaries through the conduct of provincial agrarian reform
beneficiaries conferences and the first ARMM ARB Congress.

Strengthened the Regional Management Committee and created the

Regional Executive Committee with approved internal rules

Adopted the Focal Person System to hasten delivery of support to DARPOs

Strengthened and implemented a functional Citizen Charter

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Strengthened the Bids and Awards Committee at the Regional and created
the Special Bids and Awards Committee to manage procurement of the
provincial offices

On Land Acquisition and Distribution (LAD)

Distributed a total of 11,635 to 4,445 Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries


Initiated and concluded the ARMM Global LAD Balance cleansing

activities. Out of the 112, 290 hectares reported LAD balance as of
December 31, 2014, it trimmed down to 86,338 hectares of cleansed
LAD balance regionwide as a result of series of validation and cleansing
activities in partnership with PAROs, CARPOs and MAROs of the different
DAR provincial offices;

Validated and finalized the regionwide list of agrarian reform beneficiaries

(ARBs) per LAD coverage. As of December 31, 2014, the Department used
to report a cumulative number of LAD covered beneficiaries which is
68,067. Said figure was corrected to 66,445 and as of this reporting period
a total of 44,507 ARBs were already validated while 6,713 of them were
profiled. Profiling of ARBs are on-going in preparation for the ARB Carding
System in 2016;

Drafted and submitted to DARCO a research proposal entitled: Land

Tenure Mechanism and CARP Law for ARMM. The research is aimed at
identifying land tenure mechanisms suited for the ARMM.

Agrarian Justice Delivery (ALS). Agrarian Justice Delivery (ALS) is one of

the three (3) major programs of the Department involving provision of legal
assistance to agrarian reform beneficiaries, landowners and rural women.

From 2012 to 2015, legal officers regionwide were able to resolved/disposed

a total of 1,261 cases with the following cases breakdown:

Judicial or Court Cases = 4

Quasi-Judicial or DARAB cases = 24
Agrarian Legal Implementation Cases = 613
Conciliation and Mediation of Cases = 620

In 2015, one of the empowered sectors of the Department was the Legal
Division. Management poured out support to enhance delivery of legal
services through strengthening of human resource of the legal division

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

The resolution of case between the Malo-ong Canal Farmers Agrarian Reform
Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MCFARMCO) beneficiaries of Lamitan and Basilan
Agricultural Trading Corporation (BATCO) is an important achievement in ALS
in ARMM. The case runs for 18 years which started in 1997, Supreme Court
decided in favour of the ARBs of MCFARMCO on September 23, 2013. In 2015
the DARPO-Basilan in coordination with DARRO Legal Division facilitated the
execution/implementation of the decision by the Supreme Court and finally
this coming February 29, 2016 ARBs of MCFARMCO will be finally installed in
consonance with the ultimate purpose of the CARP Law, to help farmers till
their own lots.

Made a representation in the House of Representative on the propose House

(AVAs) IN AGRARIAN REFORM LANDS. The bill was authored and
introduced by Rep. Teddy Brawner Baguilat with the intention of seeking to
institutionalize the establishment and implementation of AVAs, strengthening
DAR Administrative Order No. 09-06 or the Revised Rules and Regulations
governing the AVAs in Agrarian Reform Areas (ARAs).

Technical Advisory Support Services (TASS). TASS as one of the major

programs of the Department is concerned mainly on the delivery of support
services to ARBs bothregular and special services (programs funded by
DBM) and those foreign assisted programs and projects (funded by
donor countries). Among the highlights of interventions in TASS are the

Out of the 66,445 Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries, 50% of which or 33, 498
ARBs were out reached or simply provided with the 3 level of needed
trainings/interventions on SILCAB, SARED and needed credit facility

ARB Membership recruitment is always been one of the thrusts in support

services. That is forming all agrarian reform beneficiaries into
organizations to facilitate easy access to outside interventions by donor
agencies/countries thereby enhancing their way of life. As of December
2015, a total of 17,344 ARBs are members of ARB organizations
regionwide. Bulk of the membership recruitment or 24% were done in
2015 alone as a result of intensified coordination and a more clearer
vision on every level of the management such as DARRO, DARPOs and

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

The rise of ARCCESS (Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and

Economic Support Services) accelerated the provision of needed
interventions both related to organizational development through the
provision of agricultural extension services (AES) and business
development services (BDS) and technology related such as the provision
of common service facilities (CSF) to accelerate yield in agricultural
harvest. The following are important milestones on ARCCESS:

Distributed a total of 21 Common Service Facilities amounting to

On organizational development involving AES, BDS and Progress
and Process Monitoring Services (PPMS), the Department were able
to served a total of 18 ARBOs regionwide through partners service
providers involving a total of Php29,700,000.00

Able to document and integrate 3 Agrarian Reform Community

Clusters Development Plans (ARC Cluster) located in Basilan, Lanao
del Sur and Maguindanao

On the implementation of Foreign Assisted Programs and Projects


Agrarian Reform Community Project (ARCP II)

- Completed a total of 16 infrastructure projects amounting to

- With 26 on-going infrastructure projects regionwide amounting to
- A total of 66 infrastructure projects are still on the pre-
implementation stages amounting to Php1,018,613,703.85
- 5 agri-enterprise development services amounting to

Regional Board of Investments

1. Increased of investments by 1,056% from Php 569M in 2012 to Php

6.579B in 2015. Continuous increase of investments at an average of
Php2 Billion/year since 2013. The agency has achieved total investments
of Php11.909 billion from 2013-2015.

2. Increased employment by 381% from 1,016 in 2012 to 4,894 in 2015.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

3. About Php2.4 billion biomass energy investments paved the way to

energy security in the ARMM. RBOI has been promoting biomass as an
alternative source of energy.

4. Opening of ARMM as the leading cavendish banana exporter with total

investments of about Php 5 billion. Al Sahar Agri Ventures Inc. is the
biggest investor in the history of ARMM investing Php 3.7 billion for the
development of Cavendishbanana plantations.

5. Opening of the oil palm industry to foreign investors with Agumil

Philippines Inc. investing Php 170 M for an expansion project and Gintong
Agri Corporation , investing Php 1.3 billion on developing oil palm
plantations in Maguindanao.

6. Registration of Php2.6 billion Nickel Mining activities in Tawi-Tawi as part of

the good governance initiatives of the ARMM Regional Governor.

7. Investment generation activities of RBOI has increased the national profile

of ARMM showcasing the success of the peace process and good
governance reforms of the ARMM Regional Government.

8. Formation of the Promotion of Investments Sustainability Organization

(PISO) composed of RBOI registered firms as an advisory body or policy
advocacy group in the ARMM. Assisted the PISO in formulating resolutions
that will help improve policies affecting business growth towards the
Bangsamoro transition.

9. Attendance to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) High Level

Dialogue on
Inclusive Business on November 12, 2015 in Manila. This is the first time
that ARMM has been included in the high level APEC dialogue.

10. RBOI is the first awardee from ARMM of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
(BSP) as 2015 Outstanding Partner in the Report for Regional Economic

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Page 90
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

1. Qualify for the Performance Enhancement Incentive Bonus (PEI) and
Performance Based Bonus (PBB) as one of the six (6) better
performing agencies in ARMM along with the Office of the Regional
Governor, RBOI, DPWH, ORT and DOST;

2. KEDTAG App/Kalikasan App (Knowledge on ENR Data for Transparent &

Accountable Governance);

The first DENR-ARMM

Database Management
System officially launched
last November 12, 2013.
Otherwise known as
Knowledge on ENR
Database for Transparent
and Accountable
Governance the DENR
ARMM integrated data
banking systems that
utilizes android operating
systems (i.e. Jelly bean 4.2)
that can be installed on all smartphones, phablets and tablets.

A 2nd generation prototype is on the pipeline. It will be known as K-

Apps 2.0. An updated and newer version with photos and recent data

3. In partnership with the Foundation for the Philippine Environment

and with the support from the Office of the Regional Governor-ARMM,
the DENR-ARMM drafted the first Regional Bill on Responsible Mining
in ARMM with the assistance from Atty. Randolf Parcasio. This
legislative action will institute a pro people, pro-environment mining
industry in ARMM;

3.a To fully complement policy reforms on the environment and

natural resources, the FPE, CSOs, Office of the Regional Governor
ARMM and the DENR joined together to formulate the final draft
of the Regional Environment Code of ARMM. This environment
code will institute policies and regulations on the appropriate
management of our environment and natural resources.

Page 91
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

4. Continuous improvement of the

workplace for employees and staff by
providing a conducive and healthy

5. Completion of the ARMM Cadastral Survey Projects for the five (5)
provinces of ARMM consisting of 116 Municipalities and (2) Cities;

6. Launching of the BASURANIHAN--- or simply mean Bayanihan laban

sa Basura , is a brainchild advocacy project of the department as a
result of the Oplan GISA II where the Honorable Regional Governor
provided the challenge to address concerns on the proper waste
disposal and management;

7. Steady Increase in income/revenue generation from 2012-present. This

tremendous increase is first in the history of department that for a
3-year period, the DENR-ARMM has able to generate income of
Php451.158 million pesos. This is attributed to the increase of
regional wealth tax from of 1% to 5% of the gross sale value of
the resources. An amendment in the revenue code initiated by the
Autonomous Regional Government;

8. Effective implementation of ARMM Executive Order No. 01 dated 21

December 2011 Re: Adoption of Total Logging Ban in the entire ARMM. as
one of the fundamentals in the environmental reforms during the
early days of the Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman
administration, the adoption of total logging ban in ARMM has been
effective with the decrease in the number of apprehensions and
confiscations of illegal forest products by 92% --- indicating that the
effort to combat illegal logging is on track;

9. Increased in ARMM forest cover by 6.8% or around 19,254 hectares

of forest plantations based on the latest 2010 NAMRIA Satellite
Forest Cover for the entire country;

10. In partnership with the Office of the Regional Governor-ARMM, the

DENR-ARMM launched the 1-million seedling project known as Punla
para sa Rehiyon--- this is a massive seedling production where it
support to reforest watershed areas and open and denuded lands
inARMM. This is in accordance with the six year road map under the
PALAW 2020.

Department of Tourism

Page 92
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

1. Establishment of Tourism Information Assistance Center. The

establishment of this center is one kind of approach in bringing tourism
services at the footstep of the visitors by providing ready assistance,
facilitation, and important tourist information to the visitors.

The TIAC operationalization, maintenance, and manning is being handled,

in partnership, with DOT-ARMM and CAAP-Cotabato. The department
rotationally assigns its personnel to provide TIAC services, and assures
the availability of Tourism information materials/ collateral and other
info/promo collaterals from the ARMM line agencies/offices/bureaus.

2. Organized1ST Regional Tourism


3. Electronic Tourism Application

Promotions and Packaging
Services (E.T.A.P.P.S.). The
department regularly maintain
its tourism website
(, pursuant
to ORG good governance
initiatives. Furthermore, this
website is essential for the
ARMM Tourism to cope with the
constant development in
technology, communication and
particularly the Internet.

In this portal, the department tried to enhance the implication of

electronic tourism for the visitors, and the tourism operators, highlighting
the informational system which serves the touristic services. E-tourism
comes to support the tourists or clientele by providing specialized sites
and software which reduce the time necessary for the delivery and access
of touristic services. And this is by making the information available for
the client to be able to access and explore it.

4. Constant Increase of Tourist Arrival.



2012 36,025 19,799 14,067 24,663 44,700 139,254


2013 38,244 20,117 14,690 25,014 47,619 145,684

2014 47,805 22,330 13,515 29,517 53,333 166,500
2015 54,668 25,536 15,455 33,755 60,990 190,404

2012 380 17 14 233 32 676

Page 93
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

REIGN 2013 185 25 17 1,091 35 1,353

2014 384 28 16 1,189 61 1,678

2015 417 32 23 1360 68 1,903

2012 36,405 19,816 14,081 24,896 44,732 139,923

2013 38,429 20,142 14,707 26,105 47,654 147,037

2014 48,189 22,358 13,531 41,506 53,394 168,178

2015 55,085 25,568 15,478 35,115 61,058 192,307

5. Accreditation of Tour Guides. The department was able to accredit Fifteen

(15) tour guides from various municipalities of the region.

6. Organization of Tourism Councils.

7. 1st ARMM Tourism Assembly. The Assembly is the first of its kind to happen
in the region. This activity gathers municipal/city/provincial tourism
officers, provincial/city/municipal LGUs committee chair on tourism, local
government executives, provincial/city/municipal tourism councils,
tourism industry players, government agencies, and policy makers.

The Assembly (with 223 participants) is aimed to present the strategic

initiatives and policy that will lead to an improved performance of the
regions tourism industry and likewise draw a cohesive cooperation
amongst and between partners in the area of governance, development
or infrastructure, marketing
and promotions,
transportations, hospitality
and management as well as
the peace and security.

The assembly includes a

showcase of local products

Page 94
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

and promotional collaterals from local producers, service providers, and

local government within the region. A tour to the tribal villages at ORG
Compound, Cotabato City was also conducted as part of the activity.

8. Tour Package.

9. Tourism Development Support. Technical assistance to LGU of Wao, Lanao

del Sur for the conduct of the 1stWao Whitewater Rafting at Maradugao

10. Initiated the Creation & Assignment of Municipal Tourism Officers &
Assoc. of Tourism Officers.

Department of Science and Technology

1. S&T Scholarship Program. The DOST S&T Scholarship Program is

funded by the science Education Institute (SEI), an attached agency of
DOST. It is aimed to develop a scientifically and technologically citizenry
and to accelerate the development of S&T human resources needed for
socio-economic development.

DOST-ARMM, likewise, conducted review and enrichment program dubbed

as DOST-Siyensebilidad Enrichment Program to help students-applicants

Page 95
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

remember and master the skills and concepts needed to pass this years
DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Examination.

S&T Scholarship Program

Province 2012 2013 2014 2015

RA 7687 RA 7687 RA 7687 GREAT - M RA 7687Merit
Basilan 2 6 6 1 6 -
Lanao del
9 6 14 5 12 6 28 1
5 7 10 5 8 4 19 2
Sulu 3 5 1 3 4 4 5 -
Tawi-Tawi 1 6 2 5 3 7 -
18 24 27 21 35 18 65 3

Page 96
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Research and Development

Applied Health Research. One (1) Research Completed in 4 areasentitled

Assessment of Maternal and Child Health Care Services Delivery to
Internally Displaced Persons in ARMM

4 Areas

- Eastern Maguindanao - Eastern Lanao del Sur

- Western Maguindanao - Western Lanao del Sur

Seven (7) Capsule Proposals Submitted

1. Comparing the Blood Glucose Levels of Four Sugar Substitutes among

Diabetics: A Randomized Control Trial.
2. Health Seeking Behavior of Common Childhood Illness of Primary
Caregivers in Jolo.
3. Level of Preparedness of ARMM Municipalities to Natural Disaster.
4. Comparative Assessment among the Health of the Farmers Family
Exposed in Round-up Herbicide and Round-up-Tolerant Genetically
Modified Corn (Maize) to Traditional Farmers Family in Upi, Maguindanao.
5. Newborn Care Practices of Skilled Birth Attendants in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi
and their Awareness and Willingness to undergo Training on Essential
Newborn Care Protocol.
6. Knowledge and Preventive Practices of Adolescent Secondary Schools in
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi on Malaria.
7. Randomized Control Trial on the Effectivity of Citronella Impregnated
Mosquito Net Against Insecticide Impregnated Mosquito Net in Preventing

2Health Research Proposals Funded Under the Regional Research

Fund (RRF) of PCHRD

Title of Research Proposal Researcher/s

Knowledge and Preventive Practices of Rahima S. Abubakar of Mahardika
Adolescent Secondary Schools in Institute of Technology
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Page 97
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Randomized Control Trial on the Almira E. Menson of Mindanao State

Effectivity of Citronella Impregnated University (MSU) - Maguindanao
Mosquito Net Against Insecticide
Impregnated Mosquito Net in Preventing

2Trainings on Research Ethics and Technical Review Board (R&D


Conducted the Ethics Training on Technical Review Board Training with

Health Research for the AHRC Ethics Region 11, Region 12 and ARMM at
Committee at Grand Regal Hotel, Seda Abreeza Hotel, Davao City last 3
November 12-14, 2014. gr
Davao City last October 14-15, 2014.
i cu
lture and Aqua-marine Research
Consortium Activities Supported

Mainland group ( June 14, 2014) Island group ( June 22, 2014)
The participants during the organizational meeting of ARMM Agricultural & Aquatic Resources Research & Development
Consortium (ARMMAARRDEC)
1Lakbay Aral Para sa ARMM. Department of Science and Technology went
to Manila on June 24-26, 2014 for a program dubbed as the LAKBAY ARAL
para sa ARMM.

Page 98
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Philippine Rubber Benchmarking Mission Halal Benchmarking Activity
The Lakbay Aral Para sa ARMM Team in their visit to Taguig City and DOST-FPRDI headed by DOST-ARMM.
2 Benchmarking
Philippine Rubber Benchmarking Mission Halal Benchmarking Activity

Participated in by the 13 DOST Regional

Conducted on Kerala, Mumbai, India Directors, DOST-ARMM Secretary and Directors of
Last March 23-29, 2014 Research and Development Institutes (RDIs) held
at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on May 5 to 10, 2014.

2Consultative Meeting on the Development of Ethno-biological study


Consultative Meeting on the Consultative Meeting on the

Development of Ethno- Development of Ethno-
Biological Study in ARMM for Biological Study in ARMM for
Maguindanao and Lanao del BASULTA Province at MarcianPage 99
Sur Province at EL Bajada Hotel, Zamboanga City last
Hotel, Davao City last October 9, 2014.
September 12, 2014.
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

1Approved Proposal on Rubber Nursery Development

Rubber S&T Community-Based Farm Project

Proponent: Basilan State College, Lamitan City

Research Supported
Title of the study Institution
Small Ruminant Development Halal Industry in Maguindanao MSU-Maguindanao
Boosting Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Production Technology, MSU-Sulu
Development and Propagation of High Yielding Cultivars
Enhancing Productivity through Alternative Cropping Upi Agricultural
Architecture School
Establishment of Tissue Culture Laboratory and Nursery for MSU-Sulu
Abaca Development Program
Extraction and Processing of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) MSU-Maguindanao

Promotion and Production of Philippine Long Grain Aromatic DAF-ARMMIARC

Rice (Basmati) in the Province of Maguindanao
Promotion and Production of Integrated Farming System (Rice DAF-ARMMIARC
+ Fish) in Maguindanao
Promotion of Integrated Farming System (Rice + Duck) in the DAF-ARMMIARC
Province of Maguindanao

A. Ceramic Water Filter

Page 100
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Province Unit/s Barangays

Lanao del Sur 40 7

Basilan 40 13
Sulu 40 10
Tawi-Tawi 39 5
TOTAL 159 35

Distribution of Ceramic Water Filter at Sulu

B. Community-Based Capacity Building

No. of technologies transferred/introduced. 53

Province Technologies No. Of Technologies

Bangus relleno 16
Deboned Bangus
Healthy Snack foods
Kiddie Guinataan
Hearty dumpling
Squash maja
Nutri guinatan
Coco Jam
Maguindanao Coco sepal Pretzels
Squash Catsup
Banana Catsup
Coconut vinegar
Coco Jam
Coco Burger
Fish ball
Food Safety 3
Packaging and Labelling 1

Page 101
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Cassava Chippy 8
Cassava Shrimp sticks
Tapioca Chips
Cassava Cake
Fish Quekiam
Lanao del Sur
Salted Fish
Banana Chips
Jack Fruit Pastillas
Food Safety 2
Packaging and Labelling 1
Beef tapa, 6
Fish nuggets
Basilan Tocino
Squash Canton
Bread Production
Food Safety 2
Packaging and Labelling 1
spicy dilis, 5
Fish Nuggets
Fish Ball
Sulu Fish Siomai
Fish Kikiam
Food Safety 2
Packaging and Labelling 1
Fish Drying 3
Fish Siomai
Tawi-Tawi Fish Quekiam
Food Safety 1
Packaging and Labelling 1
C. One-Stop-Shop Product Development

Province Products Beneficiary Location No. Of Jobs


Maguindan Bakery Products Jinky Ebus Gen. SK 9

ao Pendatun
Lanao del Salted Fish Hadji Esmail P. Tubok, 21
Sur Tanggurak Malabang
Basilan Squash Canton Basilan Fisherfolks Upper 14
MPC Portholland,
Bakery Products Mun-in Hataman Sumisip 13
Bakery Products Mannan Jalaluddin Sumisip 12

Page 102
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Sulu Processed Fish Bansag Babae Inc. Bansag Babae 7

Products Women Center,
Tawi-tawi Dried Fish Parhimpunan Brgy. 8
Kabuhianan Gimba- Tumbagaan,
Higad Tumbagaan
Total Jobs Generated: 82


Province 2012 2013 2014 2015

Maguindanao 4
Lanao del Sur 4 2
Basilan 3 3
Sulu 1 2
Tawi-Tawi 1 1
Total No. of STAR 13 8
Books Installed

PHILIPPINE STANDARD TIME (PST)PROJECT. The installation of Philippine

Standard Time (PST) clocks is in consonance with the provisions of Republic
Act 10535 to establish official time devices and declare that Juan (Filipino)
time is on time.

Province 2012 2013 2014 2015

Regional Office 1
Maguindanao 1 1
Lanao del Sur 1 1
Basilan 1 1
Sulu 1 1
Tawi-Tawi 1 1

Total No. of PST 1 5 5

Clock Installed

Page 103
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Turn-Over of PST Clock to Turn-Over of PST Clock to

Provincial Capitol of Lanao del Sur Provincial Capitol of Basilan

Page 104
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

National Dengue Vector Surveillance Program (NDVSP)

Province 2012 2013 2014 2015

Maguindanao 5428 2,016 212

Lanao del Sur 5428 1,852 175
Basilan 5428 525 241
Sulu 5428 689 162
Tawi-Tawi 5428 376 153
TOTAL Number of 27, 140 5,458 943
OLT kits

Deployment Of Early Warning System (DEWS). In response to President

Aquinos instructions to put in place a responsive program for disaster
prevention and mitigation specifically to provide a 6-hour lead time warning
to vulnerable communities against impending floods and other disaster-
related incidents, the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH)
was launched in the ARMM last 27 November 2013. Through the Project
NOAH, automated rain gauges (ARGs), water level monitoring stations
(WLMs) and TANDEM (ARG with WLMS) devices will be installed in strategic
locations in the region particularly in major river basins.

The devices are already capable of transmitting data to PAGASAs central

station in real time thus helping the farmers and other sectors that are
dependent on weather and climate to pursue their chores.

Installed Hydrometeorological Devices. As part of DOST-ARMMs

response to calamity, the DOST-ARMM family donated relief assistance to
Typhoon Yolanda and Zamboanga siege victims. The relief assistance were in
the form of cash and non-cash assistance.

Page 105
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Deployment of Early Warning System (DEWS)

Number of Hydromet Installed

Province 2012 2013 2014 2015

Maguindanao 12
Lanao del Sur 11
Basilan 8 2
Sulu 7
Tawi-Tawi 4
TOTAL 42 2

Maguindanao Hydromet Equipment

Sultan Mastura ARG/WLMS
Fronting Municipal Hall, Parang AWS - Hybrid
Motorpool, North Upi AWS - Hybrid
Tunggol Bridge, Datu Montawal ARG/WLMS
Municipal Hall, Buluan ARG
Talisawa Bridge, Talisawa, Datu Abdullah Sangki
Dicalungan Bridge, Ampatuan
Municipal Hall, Talayan ARG/WLMS
Lower Taviran, Kabuntalan ARG
MSU Mag., Datu Odin Sinsuat WLMS
Mun. Bldg.,Sultan sa Barongis ARG
Alip Bidge, Datu Paglas ARG

*ARG Automated Rain Gauge

*WLMS Water Level Monitoring Station
*AWS Automated Weather Station

Page 106
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Lanao Del Sur Hydromet Equipment

Poblacion, Balabagan AWS - Hybrid
Capitol Complex ARG
Polo, Ditsaan Ramain ARG
Spencer Bridge, Matling, Malabang ARG/WLMS
Mini-Hydro Upperstream, Marogong ARG/WLMS
Maramal Buntalis, Masiu
Pawak, Saguiaran
City Hall of Marawi
Maribo, Sangidian Madiar, Lumba-Bayabao ARG
Bansayan, Poona Bayabao ARG
Buadiposo Raya, Buadipuso Buntong ARG

Basilan Hydromet Equipment Monitored

H2K Building, Quezon Boulevard, Lamitan ARG
Camanse Bridge , Sengal WLMS
Gubawan Bridge, Upper Balobo, Lamitan City ARG
Port Holland, Maluso Municipality AWS - Hybrid
Atong-Atong, Lantawan Municipality
Municipal Hall, Sumisip
Municipal Hall, Tuburan
Tipo-Tipo Municipality ARG

Sulu Hydromet Equipment Monitored

San Raymundo, Jolo AWS
Port of Jolo, Jolo WLMS
Municipal Hall, Jolo ARG
Seit Bridge, Panamao WLMS
Municipal Hall, Panamao ARG
Municipal Hall, Maimbung
Sub Port Maimbung

Tawi-Tawi Hydromet Equipment Monitored

Provincial Capitol, Bongao AWS
Port of Bongao, Bongao WLMS
Sanga-sanga Bridge, Bongao ARG/WLMS
Panglima Sugala ARG

Page 107
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Deployment of Early Warning System (DEWS),Number of Hydromet


Province 2012 2013 2014 2015

Maguindanao 12 12
Lanao del Sur 11 11
Basilan 10 10
Sulu 7 7
Tawi-Tawi 4 4
TOTAL 42 44

Technology Transfer & Commercialization. The Technology Transfer and

Commercialization Program of DOST-ARMM were mostly on the provision of
technology innovation support to micro, small and medium scale enterprises
(MSMEs). The projects that are targeted for implementation is 24 and the
funds will be sourced out from the Technology Investment Support Program
(TISP) fund of the Office of the President. The TISP is a stimulus program to
boost economic development in the ARMM.

Out of the 24 technology-based projects being targeted, all were

implemented with a total amount of THIRTEEN MILLION TWO HUNDRED
(Php13,212,449.18) thereby posting a percentage rating of 100%.

Breakdown of Number of Projects and Costs per Province

Province Number of Projects Amount

Maguindanao 7 7,700,000.00

Lanao del Sur 4 1,403,125.00

Basilan 3 1,104,410.50

Sulu 2 197,750.00

Tawi-Tawi 8 2,807,163.68

TOTAL 24 13,212,449.18

Page 108
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Breakdown of Projects Assisted by Sector

The bulk of the projects are in food processing sector accounting for 54%.
This best describes the impoverished status of the population who mainly
rely on food for subsistence. The TISP implemented projects are expected to
generate new jobs, improve the productivity level of firms assisted, give
opportunity for the development of new products and processes and upgrade
human resource capacity.

Regional Halal Standards and Testing Laboratory. The ARMM Regional

Standards and Testing Laboratory was funded by the Japan International
Cooperation Agency (JICA) under the Strategic Regional Infrastructure (SRI)
of the ARMM Social Fund. It was established to address the tests and analysis
concerns of the region as well as support its Halal Industry Development
Program. For 2013, DOST-ARMM was a recipient of laboratory equipment for
halal testing from the Department of Trade and Industry-ARMM worth NINE
(Php7,800,000.00) PESOS was earlier given by JICA for equipment.

Along with the acquisition of laboratory equipment, some RHSTL staff had
attended trainings, seminars and workshops to widen their knowledge and
skills on the protocol of laboratory testing, operation and maintenance.

Page 109
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

The RHSTL is now capable of providing microbiological analysis (Water),

physico-chemical analysis (Food) to its clients.

*ARG Automated Rain Gauge

*WLMS Water Level Monitoring Station
*AWS Automated Weather Station

Page 110
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Regional Halal Standards and Testing Laboratory (RSHTL).

Institutionalized Halal Industry Development Technical Working Group

(HID-TWG) by virtue of EO 20 series of 2015.

ARMM Halal Congress MOU Signing

Page 111
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

ARMM HELPS Convergence-Livelihood Component

No. of Livelihood Projects Implemented

Province 2014 2015

Maguindanao 1
Lanao del Sur 1 2
Basilan 1 3
Sulu 4 5
Tawi-Tawi 2 4
TOTAL 9 14

ARMM HELPS Convergence-Livelihood Component

Title of Project Location/Beneficiary Project Status
Barangay Pandag, Pandag,
Water Hyacinth
Maguindanao/Pamdag Agri-810,000 80%
Processing Project
Fishing Development MPC
Branggay Upper Bato-
Upper Bato-Bato
Bato/Kasambuhan Farmers &
Eatery and Bakeshop 780,000 90%
Fisherfolks Producer
Manggis Mangosteen Manggis, Indanan/Agricultural
Processing Producer Cooperative 715,000 90%

Barangay Bangas Hadji

Bangas Halal Salt
Panglima Tahil/PDC Bangas MPC
Production 695,000 85%

Barangay Tubig Tanah

Tubig Tanah Water
Bongao/Gausbaugbug 708,000 95%
Refilling Center
Livelihood Service Cooperative

Title of Project Location/Beneficiary Project Status

Barangay Pandag, Pandag,

Water Hyacinth
Maguindanao/Pamdag Agri-810,000 80%
Processing Project
Fishing Development MPC

Page 112
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Branggay Upper Bato-

Upper Bato-Bato
Bato/Kasambuhan Farmers &
Eatery and Bakeshop 780,000 90%
Fisherfolks Producer
Manggis Mangosteen Manggis, Indanan/Agricultural
Processing Producer Cooperative 715,000 90%

Barangay Bangas Hadji

Bangas Halal Salt
Panglima Tahil/PDC Bangas MPC
Production 695,000 85%

Barangay Tubig Tanah

Tubig Tanah Water
Bongao/Gausbaugbug 708,000 95%
Refilling Center
Livelihood Service Cooperative
Balindong, Lanao del Sur
Malaig Feeds
Malaig sa Balindong Farmers765,000 75%
Producers Cooperative
Jolo, Sulu
Bus-Bus Bakery
Barangay Bus-Bus Credit828,000 85%

Tandu-Bato Dried Fish Luuk, Sulu

828,000 85%
Production Allayon Fishermen Cooperative

Panglima Alari Dried
Kasambuhan Panglima Alari828,000 75%
Fish Production
Marketing Cooperative

ARMM HELPS Convergence-Livelihood Component

Page 113
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Province Project Name of Location Status

Lanao del Vermi Malinday Brgy. Daguan, Site Validated
Sur Composting Daguan Kapatagan TNA Conducted
Project Farmer MOA Signed
Vermi Radapan Pob.Radapan Pob., Site Validated
Composting Fertilizer Piagapo TNA Conducted
Project Livelihood MOA Signed
Basilan Bakery Project Switch YakalSwitch Yakal, Site Validated
Livelihood Lantawan TNA Conducted
Cooperative MOA Signed
Bakery Project Pusaka sinPintasan, Hadji Site Validated
Pintasan Agro-Mohammad Ajul TNA Conducted
Business MOA Signed
Producer Equipment
Cooperative Procured

Bakery Project Badja KahapanBadja, Tipo-Tipo Equipment

Cooperative Procured
Bakery Project Pusaka sinPintasan, Hadji Site Validated
Pintasan Agro-Mohammad Ajul TNA Conducted
Business MOA Signed
Producer Equipment
Cooperative Procured
Bakery Project Badja KahapanBadja, Tipo-Tipo Equipment
Cooperative Procured
Sulu Bakery Project San RaymundoSan Raymundo, Site Validated
Cooperative Jolo TNA
Bakery Project Laminusa MPC Puukan, Equipment
Laminusa Procured
Bakery Project Brgy. WalledWalled City, Jolo Site Validated
City Consumer TNA
Cooperative Equipment

Page 114
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Bakery Project Salam MPC Bilaan Pob.,Site Validated

Talipao TNA
Equipment Procured
Bakery Project Agri-Marine Baligtang, Equipment Procured
Producers Pandami
Tawi-Tawi Bakery Project Bongao Poblacion, Equipment Procured
Poblacion Bongao
Women Credit
Mat Weaving Balimbing MatBalimbing, For social preparation
Weavers Panglima Sugala
Association, Inc.
Mat Weaving Unas-Unas MatTong Tampakan,For social preparation
Weaving South Ubian
Mat Weaving Tong TampakanUnas-Unas, SouthFor social preparation
Fisherfolks Ubian

Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board

Through the years 2012 to 2015, the RTWPB-ARMM has successfully defined
its mandate to fix and determine Minimum Wage on Regional, Provincial as
well as in Sectoral levels and has promoted its productivity empowerment
and profit or gain sharing programs in all sectors through the implementation
of the T3K (Tamang Kaalaman sa Kita at Kakayanan) and TAVs (Technical
Assistance Visits) in small and medium establishments regionwide.

As per R.A. 6727, also known as Wage Rationalization Act, the Wage Board
has issued the Wage Order No. ARMM-14 at P232.00/day effective September
21, 2012 and the Wage Order No.ARMM-15 at P250.00/day effective February
01, 2014 to present. A New Wage Order No. ARMM-16 has been approved,
providing for a new basic wage rate increase, as follows:

Page 115
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Sector/Industry Minimum Wage Basic Wage New Wage

under Wage Order Increase Order No.
No. ARMM-15 ARMM-16

A. Non-Agriculture P250.00/day P15.00/day P265.00/day

e P250.00/day P5.00/day P255.00/day
B. Agriculture

Said Wage Order No. ARMM -16 will be scheduled for publishing this month of
February 2016 and will be implemented fifteen (15) days after its publication.

Last quarter of the year 2015, the Wage Board has successfully conducted
the Public Consultation on Minimum Wage Issue and on the Adoption of Two-
Tiered Wage System in ARMM,a reformed minimum wage fixing system in
order to get the opinions, pulse and other data from the different
stakeholders to support the Boards final decision relative to wage
adjustment this year.

The Wage Board also handled the Socio-Economic Profiling in ARMM

Provincial Level to examine how a proposed development will change the
lives of current and future residents of a community indicating changes in
employment, income and demographics.

Keeping abreast with the economic and investment policy of the present
ARMM Administration, the Regional Wage Board has maintained having the
lowest Minimum Wage Rate Nationwide, thus, attracting more and more
investors domestically and internationally to establish their business in
ARMM and generating more employment to Bangsamoro people until at

Cooperative Development Authority

Registration of Cooperatives. CDA was devolved in Autonomous Region in

Muslim Mindanao under Executive Order 316 on March 30, 1996, the twin
laws Republic Act 6939 and Republic Act 6938, creating for the organization,
promotion and development of cooperatives in ARMM region. Under RA 6938,
a total of 7,830 Registered cooperatives as of December 31, 2009 after the
new law came which is the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008 or RA 9520.
The CDA-ARMM implemented this law on January-March 31, 2010 to
cleansed inactive cooperatives registered in ARMM this was during the time

Page 116
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

of Administrator Mahendra Madjilon, he anchored to the new implemented

system of the CDA National on the registration of Cooperatives. The
deadline set by the central office for the re-registration of the cooperatives
from RA 6938 to RA 9520 was on September 30, 2010. Due to non
compliance of the mandatory reports and other administrative requirements
to the Authority, only 861 cooperatives are re-registered in new law RA
9520 which is equivalent to eleven (11%) of the total number of 7,830 . The
same year 2010, forty one (41) cooperatives were registered in RA 9520 with
a total of 902 cooperatives registered.

Status of Cooperatives in ARMM. From the period of 2010 after the

cancellation of certificates of registration of Cooperatives up to December
31, 2015 there are 5,027 duly registered cooperatives due to special
program of the government to the ARMM like DSWD-PAMANA, MNLF-PAMANA
and ARMM H.E.L.P.S.

Breakdown by province including Special Programs of ARMM Government

organized as cooperatives.

Graphical Registered Cooperatives (By Province), As of December


The table shown below the trend of cooperatives registration from

FY 2010 to FY 2015

Page 117
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Total Number of Members

Summary of Registered Coops by Category, Per Province

Page 118
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Category LDS Maguindanao Basilan Sulu Tawi-Tawi Total

1.Primary 2,183 1,602 384 512 337 5,027

2.Secondar 5 1 0 1 0 7
y 1 1 2
B . Union
Total Reg. 2,189 1,602 384 514 337 5,027
Total 12,381 68,689 50,148 28,249 10,766 170,233
Note: Fifty Six (56%) percent of the total registered coops are producers coops

B. Regulatory Services. As a regulatory agency, the office continuously

monitor, inspect and supervise the operations of cooperatives in the ARMM
using monitoring form, validation form and inspection form as a tool. Also
the Collected Cooperative Annual performance Report( CAPR) together with
duly Audited Financial Statement, Social Audit and List of Trainings attended
by cooperative officers is done continuously.

b.1. Coordination Linkages with Partner Agencies. The CDA-ARMMs

continuous coordination with the following partner agencies which provides
regulatory services/programs with cooperatives both in technical and
financial assistance:
a. BIR
h. NFA
j. LGUs
k. Coops Development. Councils

b.2. MOA Signing. CDA-ARMM have existing Memorandum of Agreement

(MOA) with partner agencies, LGUs for the organization of Municipal
Cooperative Development Councils, DAF-ARMM, BFAR-ARMM. The special
Program of ARMM Government thru ARMM H.E.L.P.S Convergence PMO,

Page 119
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

PAMANA DSWD-ARMM CLA, and PAMANA MNLF Communities-PMO. Recently ,

with Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-Ibig Fund).
MOA Signing for the Organization of MCDCs.

Kapit Bisig Kooperatiba Program. In FY 2015 a total of 12 MOAs were

signed by the Regional Administrator Dimnatang M. Radia, CESO V and the
LGUs represented by the Mun. Mayors.

Paglat, Maguindanao
GSKP, Maguindanao

Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Mag.

Datu Paglas

Rajah Buayan,Mag.

SSB, Mag

Binidayan, LDS,


Kapatagan, LDS

Malabang, LDS

Wao, LDS

Sumisip, Basilan

C. Promotion and Development Services. For the promotion and

development of the cooperatives in the region. CDA-ARMM also conducted
Provincial Summit and Regional Summit yearly, for updating the new
guidelines and memoranda issued by the Authority.

During the month-long celebration of Cooperative Month, several activities

were simultaneously undertaken with the participation of the cooperatives
members in entire region, in collaboration with the partner agencies, councils
and LGUs.

CDA-ARMM Undertakings for Special Program of ARMM Government

Assisted ARMM H.E.L.P.S Convergence Program

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Assisted Payapa at Masaganang PamayaNan (PAMANA) for MNLF


Assisted Cooperatives ARMM Social Fund Project infrastructures and


Gender and Development (GAD) Activity in Partnership w/ RCBW-ARMM

Regional Economic Zone Authority

The Authority begun its operation upon the assumption of the then ARMM
OIC-Governor Mujiv Hataman by appointing Atty. Loren Hallilah Lao as the
Executive Director on June 30, 2013. Atty. Lao subsequently hired personnel
and retrieved all the operating documents from provisional operation of the
office from the previous administration but in spite of all the coordination
with the previous Executive Director there was not much available records to
work upon. Hence, ED Lao conducted various benchmarking with other
established Ecozone and made a visit to PEZA main office for the
familiarization of REZA personnel on Ecozone operation.

REZA TWO-DAY Strategic Planning and Workshop for the formulation of the
REZA Strategic Plan 204-2016. The said workshop was attended by the REZA
Board member agencies and the output result was the formulation of the
REZA Strategic Plan, it was presented to and was approved by the Board and
shall be used as guide the authority for its Program and Projects for the year

Benchmarking with other Ecozone

Institutionalization and Strengthening/ Capacity Building for new REZA
personnel, such as Benchmarking and site-visit with other Freeport and
Ecozone to confer and familiarize with Ecozone operations and Fiscal

REZA Board of Directors Meeting

The first ever Board of Directors Meeting was convened on February 26,
2014, at Golden Lace Restaurant, Cotabato City, and The Board shall
regularly meet to set policy and guidelines for the full operation of REZA.

Consultation on REZA Personnel and Organizational Structure, March 21,

2014, Cotabato City. As part of its institutionalization program of the
authority, the REZA Board have the power to provide for an organization and
staff and employees of REZA, appoint and fix the remunerations and other
emoluments under the MMA 154, thus a consultation has been with the REZA
personnel and the Civil Service Commission to identify and formulate the

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

various personnel position that is vital to the

operation of the office. Result of such was
presented to and was approved unanimously
by the Board and shall be submitted to the
Department of Budget for the request of

Promotion and Marketing

REZA presented the Update of Polloc

Freeport and Ecozone on its Prospect and
Development. Laid down the guidelines
and process on Ecozone/Enterprise
registration and Fiscal Incentives to
prospected investors.

1st ARMM International Business

Conference, July 17-18, 2014, Bongao,
Tawi Tawi. REZA presented the guidelines of
the Ecozone Enterprise Registration and Incentives benefits for the locator to
the said conference.

2nd BIMP-EAGA Business Leaders Conference, October 26-28, 2014,

Davao City. The authority strenthened its marketing promotion thru
participation in the international Business Matching to package the Polloc
Freeport and Ecozone in the international business arena. Brochures and
flyers were dissiminated during the said conference

1st Quarter REZA BOD Meeting on March 06, 2015, Golden Lace
Restaurant, Cotabato City. Approval of the BOD Resolutions on the BOD

Page 122
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

House Rules, REZA Implementing Rules and Regulations, REZA Strategic Plan
2014-2016 and the REZA Citizen Charter. The approval of the REZA IRR and
its publication in the regional daily marked as a statement for the REZA to
fully function as one of locally created agency in the ARMM.

2nd Quarter BOD Meeting on June

16, 2015 at Golden Lace Rest.
Cotabato City. The Board Approved

the REZA Manual of Operation, the

Manual of Operation is a
consolidation of policies and
procedures in the operation of the two (2) major frontline services of REZA
such as the Manual of Operation for ECOZONE DEVELOPMENT UNIT and
ENTERPRISE REGULATIONS UNIT. The said Manual is essential in the
institutionalization of the authority to enable its services to the prospect
investors in the Ecozone within the region.

Review and Assessment of the ASSURE Master Development Plan on

June 2-3, 2015, at Golden Lace Restaurant, Cotabato City. The review was
conducted to assess the status of on-going On and Off-site development
within the Ecozone and Free port; To review the status of Priority investment
in the Ecozone as contained in the Ecozone Pre-feasibility study; review the
existing Ecozone development policies, assess the adherence or compliance
thereof and recommend appropriate action and policy for its effective and
efficient implementation, and Review the existing land use plan of the
Ecozone and Freeport vis--vis zoning plan as contained in the ASSURE Pre-
feasibility study, and assess the compliance thereof of all concerns as to
placement of locator industry and or business entity. Output of the said
review was presented to the REZA Board for policy review and intervention.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

The REZA enter a Joint

Memorandum between the
Bureau of Customs, the said JMO on
Mandatory Electronic Processing of
Transshipments of REZA Locators to
REZA Zones, and other custom
procedures. It was signed thru the
ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman and
BOC Commissioner Alberto Lina,
witnessed by Executive Director Eshan
Karl O. Mabang, REZA Board Chairman
Sec. Sakiran Hajan, ARMM officials and some district collectors attended the
signing held last Novemberr 6, 2015 at Park Inn Hotel, Davao City. The JMO is
envisioned to create employment opportunity leading to improve human
resource development index. It is also seen to generate micro and even
macro-economic benefits, attract domestic and local investors and will
promote e-commerce.

Ocular visit to proposed TAWI TAWI Special Economic Zone and

meeting with Tawi Tawi provincial government, The said site visit was
conducted to identify and lay down the pre-feasibility project design for the
propose Agro-Industrial Ecozone. It was during the 1 st Bangsamoro
International Business conference last July 2014 when Gov Hataman declares
that Tawi Tawi shall establish its Special Economic Zone in Brgy. Malassa,
Municipality of Bongao. The said Ecozone was an initiative of the provincial
government headed by Gov. Sahali, it shall be the growth center for the
Island provinces and will cater the Sea weed Industry that supplies the
Philippine market and hopefully to neighboring ASEAN countries.

REZA personnel undergoes understudy training. In line with the Joint

Memorandum Order (JMO) between the Bureau of Customs and Regional
Economic Zone Authority ARMM regarding the implementation of the
mandatory Electronic Processing of Transshipments of REZA locators to REZA
zones and other procedures, technical personnel from REZA, DTI and Polloc
Freeport and Ecozone undergoes understudy training at the Mactan
Economic Zone (PEZA-MEZ) on November 11-13, 2015 at Mactan, Cebu. The
team was aided by the MEZ Zone Administrator Sansaluna Pinagayao,
imparted his knowledge in the various aspect of managing an Ecozone. The
personnel were able to observe and did some hands-on training in the actual
exercise of the various application and operational processing on the regular
operation of different locators/enterprise inside the Ecozone. The said
understudy training equips and enable the REZA personnel to manage the
same service in the full operation at the Polloc Freeport and Ecozone.

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Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Department of Trade and Industry

Development of SMEs through Acquisition of Facilities (Shared

Service Facilities). Supportive to the growth of identified industries in the
Autonomous Region is the provision of Shared Service Facilities (SSF). The
Department under the ARMM Transition and Investment Support Plan (ATIP)
for 2012-2013 provided centralized services to the respective industries
aimed to help increase their output and boosts their competitiveness.

Various SSF projects were undertaken by the Department, among them were
solar dryers for the seaweed industry of Tawi-Tawi; equipment for coffee
processing in Sulu and Lanao del Sur; and equipment for abaca fiber
production also in Lanao del Sur.

On February 2013, DTI Sulu ProvincialOffice awarded 25 machines and

equipment to the Sulu Coffee Processing Center, LGU Maimbung and 14
cooperatives/associations in Sulu. DTI Tawi Tawi Provincial Office officially
turned over 9 seaweed solar dryer facilities to 9 cooperatives in the province
last June 15, 2013. DTI Lanao del Sur Provincial Office delivered 36 abaca
fiber processing equipment to 6 abaca producing cooperatives last July 2013.
And on October 2013, DTI Lanao delivered 32 various coffee processing
equipment to LGU Wao, Lanao del Sur.

Halal Industry Development. The ARMM

Regional Government under Governor Mujiv S.
Hataman Administration continued to push for
the development of Halal industry in the
region. It has been emphasized several times
by Regional Governor Hataman during cabinet
meetings to include halal industry in the
priority agenda of his administration, to be
spearheaded by the DTI-ARMM and DAF-ARMM.
The DTI-ARMM under the ARMM Transition and
Investment Support Program 2012-2013 was Halal Laboratory Testing Center in DOST-ARMM
able to access 9.8M from the Stimulus Fund
for the procurement of Laboratory Equipment
for Halal Testing and Capacity Development of
laboratory personnel of DOST-ARMM. Said
equipment has been 100% delivered and
installed at the DOST-ARMM Regional Science

Page 125
Turn-Over of Halal Lab. Equipment at DOST-ARMM
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

& Testing Laboratory. Also, the DOST-ARMM technical personnel were

capacitated in a training held in Malaysia last May 2014.

International ARMM Business Conference. In 2014, for the first time in

the ARMM, an International ARMM Business Conference was held in Tawi-Tawi
that was attended by 450 businessmen from Malaysian, Brunei, Indonesia
and Japan. This resulted in investment pledges with combined amount of
P974 million for various industries, such as palm oil industry, power
generation, and seaweeds trading. This also gave rise to exploratory
discussions on investment ventures on the importation of grains, coffee and
coconut products, among others.

As to date, we have already two (2) realized businesses out of the pledges
during the conference.
Registered Nature Investment Job Generated
Business Generated
1. TAWI-TAWI Importation P121 Million 56
TRADING distribution of
2. Tawi Ecozone on Economic 280 Million
Pipeline zone and free
TOTAL P401 Million

*Tawi-Tawi Petroleum Trading Corporation is registered under the

Regional Board of Investment (RBOI)-ARMM.

Page 126
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

*Tawi Ecozone on Pipeline is registered under the Regional Economic

Zone Authority (REZA)-ARMM.

ARMM Ramadhan Trade Fare 2015. The Department spearheaded the

ARMM RAMADHAN TRADE FAIR 2015 held at the ORG Compound, Cotabato
City from June 17 to July 16, 2015. The month long activity generated a total
sales of Php 7,868,096.50, 18% higher from last years figure of Php
6,664,065.00. A total number of 49 exhibitors participated in the event with
39 food and 10 non-food
sellers. The fair was
highlighted by the conduct of
short program every night
dubbed as the Nightly
Presentation participated in
by the different ARMM line
agencies. The event was
rounded out by the closing
program on July 16, 2015
wherein awards and prizes
were given to exhibitors who
showed exemplary
performances. A plaque was
awarded to Samra Maguindelli
for being the Top Seller with total gross sales of Php 791,575.00 including an
award for being the three-time-consecutive year winner on the category of
Best Dressed booth. For 2015, the Best Dressed Booth was awarded to Babo

ARMM Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project ( AICCEP). The

ARMM Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project is a component of the
Comprehensive Capacity Development Project (CCDP), a technical
cooperation between the Autonomous Regional Government and the Japan
International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Project aims to develop and
enhance the regional capacity for industry cluster approach through the
establishment of models of industry clusters in ARMM. By regional capacity,
this means the capacity of all the relevant people for the industry cluster
approach including those in the leading/supporting government agencies to
promote and support the approach and the stakeholders in the target model
clusters to take advantage of the industry cluster approach for their

The DTI-ARMM, as the lead agency in the AICCEP, implemented 18 action

projects out of the 34 approved action projects funded by JICA.

Page 127
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao 2012-
Top 10 Milestones/Achievements 2015

Cluster Action Projects Implemented

Coffee Production Farmers Field School
Coffee Industry Cluster
Benchmarking Mission to Cavite
Establishment of Pilot Nurseries (3 sites)
Skills Training on Abaca Handicraft Weaving
Abaca Industry Cluster
Preparation of Farmers Manual on Abaca
Production in Maranao Version
Farmers Field School on Diversified Coconut
Coconut Industry Cluster Farming System (2 venues)
Educational Benchmarking of Coconut Nursery
Benchmarking Mission on Oil Palm Farm
Technical Training on Oil Palm Farm
Palm Oil Industry Cluster
Management (2 venues)
Advocacy on Oil Farm Growing and
Rubber Industry Assessment and Database
Local Benchmarking Mission
Enhancement of Tapping Techniques and
Rubber Industry Cluster Rubber Quality Improvement Advocacy
Rubber Production Management Training
One-Day Orientation on Quality Management
System (QMS)
Seaweeds Industry Cluster Seaweed Industry Assessment and Database

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