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Literacy Science

Reading seed packets, catalogues and CURRICULUM MAP What is Soil? Making compost.
gardening books discussing what to Role of earthworms in soil.
grow. What do seeds need to grow? Devise a
Write a seed diary with words and Numeracy simple experiment with the class to work
pictures. Write labels and instructions. Use a measuring stick to plant out out what seeds need to grow.
Write a water monitor timetable. seedlings at correct spacing. Count Bean dissection: soak bean for 24 hours,
Write invitation to parents for vegetable seedlings in a row. peel off coat and see parts of seed inside.
lunch. Write recipes. Use garden for Measure garden bed length and width. Grow a bean seed in a jam jar between
inspiration for stories, poetry. Measure growth of crops and produce blotting paper to see how seeds grow and
History a growth chart. learn about parts of a plant.
Placing plant growth in chronological Estimate, weigh and count harvests. Life cycle of weeds and vegetables.
order. Measure rainfall and temperature. Record minibeasts in vegetable garden .
Origins of vegetables, Romans/Anglo- Bag and sell produce handling Importance of a balanced diet to humans.
Saxons diet. money.

Sowing seeds, caring for plants & sharing the harvest.

Art/ Design and Technology ICT PSHE

Draw a plan of the garden Research prices of vegetables Introduce Healthy eating, 5 a day fruit
Design and make labels for crops, and photos for labels and posters. and vegetables.
using wood or laminated paper. Use data loggers and camera to record Learn where our food comes from.
Design and make a scarecrow, slug information. Care for the environment and living
trap to keep pests away. Present data from plant growth, rainfall things.
Design an insect hotel to encourage and harvest weights. Working together as a team.
beneficial insects. Design poster for lunch. P.E
Use vegetables for printing and batik Geography Exercise through digging and working
and vegetable dyes. Water cycle, weather, mapping of garden. in the garden. Coordination skills.
Music Foreign Languages
Natural sounds and songs linked to Learn familiar names of vegetables in
growing and counting. different languages.
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