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Web Page design vocabulary

Bandwidth- amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time from
your web site
Blog- short for weblog; a journal that is frequently updated and intended for
general public consumption
Domain Name- easier alphabetical name to identify a IP address
Download- transfer a file to your computer from elsewhere
Form- a set of input fields for the viewer to fill out
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)- a set of rules for transferring files between
computers on the internet
Full path- lists the route to a file starting with the drive name and naming all
folders/directories like c:\documents\memos\123197.doc
HTML (hypertext markup language)- the source code for web pages
HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol)- the underlying protocol used by the world
wide web
Hyperlink- part of a web page that has a URL attached so that clicking it opens
another document
Hypertext- text which has a URL attached
Index Page- the first page that loads when the domain name if typed in the web
Internet- the worlds largest network; a worldwide collection of networks that link
together millions of computers and other internet ready devices (like cell
phones) by means of modems, telephone lines, wireless technology and other
communication devices and media
IP Address- used by internet protocol to identify each computer on the internet
Javascript- scripting language often used to make web pages interactive
Protocol- set of rules that computers use to communicate across networks on the
Tag- HTML code that labels the start and end of the logical parts of the document
such as heading or paragraph or of the effect you are applying such at italics or
Upload- file transfer from your computer to another
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)- the address of every single document page of
other resources from the world wide web
Virus- a computer program that performs tasks without your permission or consent.
May be harmless but annoying or may be highly damaging
Web Host- a business that provides server space
Web Page- electronic document on the web that can contain text graphical images
videos and sound as well as links to other pages
Web Server- a computer that delivers web pages
Website- a collection of related web pages
Wiki- a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to
World Wide Web- one of the many services available on the internet. It is a
worldwide collection of web pages that have built in links to other web pages
WYSIWYG- What You See Is What You Get