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M6 Biology: Lab Report Assessment Form

Ecology Lab, Modeling an Ecosystem: Investigating the Biosphere,

Ecosystems, and Communities

Student Names: ________________________________ Class: _____ Ecosystem:

Report due date: _______ Report turned in on: _______ First Draft Completed & Attached? Y/N Peer
Review Completed? Y/N

Report Criteria/Section Comments Point Points

s Possib
Earn le
Format / Writing
- All sections are present with proper section titles
- Complete heading in top right corner of first page
with student
names, class, date
- Title that is appropriate and interesting 5
- Report is easy to read and follows a logical order
- Language is appropriately detailed and correct
terminology is used,
writing flows well
- Each section is appropriate length
- Includes all necessary definitions to discuss the
biosphere, flow of
energy, and other ecological topics
- Background information explained clearly and with
appropriate 15
level of scientific terminology
- Gives clear purpose for this modeling lab
- Discusses general characteristics of chosen
ecosystem including
climate and geographical region
- Discusses different methods that ecologists use,
advantages and
disadvantages of each 10
- Explains the method used in this activity, including
any materials
used and the procedure that was followed
Data and Observations 30
Part A: Food Web
- Food web includes the appropriate amount of
- Food web is well-organized with clear and correct
showing the flow of energy
- Includes photos and all appropriate labels for each
Part B: Ecological Pyramids
- Includes one Pyramid of Energy, one Pyramid of
Numbers, and
one Pyramid of Biomass
- Each pyramid has four trophic levels
- Each pyramid has a title and appropriate units
- Data given in pyramids are reasonable and realistic
Part C: Climate
- A visual representation is given for the climate in
- Graph has appropriate title, labels, and units
- Graph includes both average temperatures and
precipitation on
an annual basis
- Appropriate analysis of food web and interactions
organisms, evaluation of energy flow
- Appropriate discussion of all three Ecological
calculations given and discussed for Pyramid of
- Discussion of different types of relationships in this
ecosystem, both non-symbiotic and symbiotic 35
- Analysis of climate data and biological adaptations to
that climate
- Examples of biological, geological, chemical/physical
processes, and human activity with analysis of
possible effects
- Analysis of labs purpose and what was learned
- Poses research questions for further study
- At least 6 resources listed
- No more than 2 chapters from the textbook listed as
- Resources cited in proper format

Total assessment 100