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Yogasana Sequence to Effectively Manage Stress

Be on your knees, keeping the knees together.
Bring the big toes together and heels apart.
Sit on the heels.
Sit tall and upright
Keep the palms on the knees
Close the eyes gently
Breath normally

Adhomukha veerasana
Sit in veerasana as explained above.
Have some distance between the knees.
Lift the spine up from the tailbone.
Extend the torso forward, keeping the
head up.
Walk the hands forward till you reach
your maximum without lifting the
buttocks from the heels
Relax and release the head down.
Bring the forehead down on the floor if
you can.
To release the pose, walk the hands
Lift the torso up, without losing the
extension in the spine.
Be in the veerasana for a while.

Sit on the floor cross legged.
Let the gravity pull the knees down
Extend the spine up by pushing the sitting bones
down firmly.
Keep the palms on the knees
Close the eyes gently.
Breath normally.
Change the cross of the legs
Follow the above instructions.
Adhomukha swastikasana
Sit in Swastikasana as explained above.
Extend the arms up towards the ceiling.
Extend the torso forward keeping the head up.
Walk the hands forward till you reach your maximum
without curving the back.
Relax the head and neck down.
You can use support for the head as shown in the


Sit on the floor or a mat.

Prepare a blanket to support back of the head
Bend the knees
Bring the palms on the floor behind the hips
Lie back, keeping the legs bent.
Turn the buttocks under so that sacrum is on the floor.
Straighten the legs one by one keeping the sacrum on the floor.
Extend the arms along side the torso, so that shoulders are turned under and
sternum lifted.
Extend the neck, so that the spine is straight right from the tailbone to the
The shoulders are off the blanket and the back of the head is supported by the
Relax the feet without losing the alignment of the body.
Relax the arms.
Curve the fingers gently.
Let the thumbs fall towards the floor.
Close the eyes.
Rest the eyeballs in their sockets.
Bring the gaze of the closed eyes on the tip of the nose.
Breath normally.
Follow your breath as it enters the nasal cavity into the throat, chest to the lungs
and out.
Be with your breath
Slow soft smooth inhalation
Slow soft smooth exhalation.
After 20 rounds of normal breathing, increase the duration of the in-breathe and
out breath.
Slower, softer, smoother inhalation
Slower, softer, smoother exhalation
Continue for 20 rounds.
Come back to the normal breathing.
Do 10 rounds of normal inhalation and exhalation.
Bend the left leg
Bring the right hand along side the right ear.
Turn to the right side.
Rest the head on the right arm as a pillow.
Use the left hand to bring yourself up.
Sit in Swastikasana
Sit tall.
Bring the palms together in front of the chest to do namaskar.
Bow your head down and surrender to the lord.