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Paytm KYC Form | Become a VIP Customer

T&C Version1.3
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Wallet Details

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1.I hereby consent to One97 for obtaining and authenticating my Know Your Customer" (KYC) information with relevant authorities (e.g. NSDL, UIDAI,
State Transport Dept. etc.), for fulfilling KYC requirements for Paytm Wallet issued to me by One97. Further for biometric authentication, I understand
that my biometric information will not be stored/shared and will be submitted to Central identities Data Repository for authentication
2. Permanent Account Number (PAN) submitted above is required for under-taking certain transactions under Income Tax regulations. By not providing
PAN above, I hereby declare that I am not a existing PAN holder.
3.Promoter of One97 Communications Limited has received in-principle approval ( Release Display.aspx?
prid=34754) from RBI in August, 2015 to open a Payments Bank. I consent to migrate my Paytm Wallet Account (including the KYC information) to the
Paytm Payments Bank, upon Paytm Payments Bank receiving final approval from RBI.
4.I hereby consent Payments Bank, its affiliates and / or partners to direct offers for bank accounts and financial products. My acceptance of such offer
(s) shall be communicated through acceptance of specific terms and conditions either physically or digitally. My acceptance of such products will imply
consent to share KYC information with the specific service provider of the product as per the guidelines laid down by RBI under Know Your Custom-
er (KYC) Master Direction, 2016 (
5.Information relating to my account may be shared as required under local law and regulation.
6. I declare that I am an Indian resident, Indian citizen, & Tax Resident of India and of no other country. I agree to submit new details within 30 days if any of
the above information has undergone changes.
7. I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and copies of POI (Proof of Identity ) and POA
(Proof of Address) are true copy of originals.

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