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Defect Explanation Severity

A skewed or bias Condition where filling yarns is not square with Major or Minor
warp yarns on woven fabrics or where courses are Depending on severity
not square with wale lines on knits.
Back Fabric seam Backing fabric is often used to cushion fabric Major or Minor
Impression being printed. If there is a joining seam in the
backing fabric, and impression will result on
Defect Explanation
printed fabric. Severity
Sanforize Pucker Usually caused
Bowing Resultsbyfrom unevenWoven
finishing. wettingfilling
out onyarns
or Minor Major or Minor
lie in an arc acrossbyfabric
width;spray heads.
in knits Fabric will appear
the course
lines lie inwavy
an arcoracross
width ofwhen
goods.spread on cutting table.
standards of acceptance.Critical on stripes oron inspection
Difficult to detect while inspecting
patterns; not withon
as critical fabric
colorroller tension.
Scrimp The result of fabric being folded or creased when Major
Color out The resultpassing
of color running
through printlow in reservoir
machine. There on
will be areas Major
printing machine.
Color Torn
Smear The resultUsually
of color caused by excessive
being smeared duringtension
printing.while processing
Major or Minor Major
through tenter frames.
Crease Mark Differs from crease streak in that streak will Major
Water spots Usually caused by wet fabric being allowed to remain Major
probably appear for entire roll. Crease mark
too long before drying; color migrates leaving blotchy
appears where creases are caused by fabric final
pressing may not be able to restore fabric or
original condition. Often discoloration is a
Crease Streak Occurs in Tubular knits. Results from creased Major or Minor,
fabric passing through squeeze rollers in dyeing Depending on the
process. product; usually Major
for fashion outerwear,
Minor for underwear.

Dye Streak Results from a damaged doctor blade or a blade Major

in printing not cleaned properly. Usually a long streak until
the operator notices the problem.
Mottled Color applied unevenly during printing. Major or Minor
Pin Holes Holes along selvage caused by pins holding fabric Major, if pinholes
while it processes through tenter frame. extend into body of
fabric far enough to be
visible in the finished
Printing Machine Dye smudged along width of fabric as a result of Major
stop the printing machine stopping.

Print out of Caused by print rollers not being synchronized Major or Minor
Register properly; results in various colors of the design not
printed in proper position.
Puckered Selvage Usually caused by selvage being stretched in Major or Minor
finishing or by uneven wetting out in sanforization