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lo ca l gr e e n s b un s

se rve d with frie s, sub a side salad | 2

add marys chicken | 7 add shrimp | 8 add salmon | 9
S E A R E D A H I T U NA | 18 brandt beef, local brioche, caramelized onion jam,
hydroponic butter lettuce, all natural cheddar cheese,
furikake, togarashi, mixed greens, romaine, red onion, carrots,
pickle chips, 1000 island dre ssing
pick led rad i s h, s nap peas , s c rat ch- made ginge r- soy dre ssing
SUMMER 2016 WESTROOT SALAD | 1 1 brandt beef, local brioche, maytag bleu cheese,
shaved seasonal root vegetables, mixed greens, butter lettuce, organ ic arugula, bacon , caramelize d on ion s
go at chees e, cher r y t o m at o es , citrus-herb vinaigrette *G F
sh ar e plates 2 WAY CAESAR SALAD | 1 2
all-natural turkey, local brioche, fresh avocado, pickled chilies,
HOISIN CALAMARI | 1 2 grilled romaine, crisp romaine, herb croutons, parmesan crisp, hydropon ic bu t t e r let t u c e, le mon aiol i
hand-batte r e d p a n ko c al a m ar i s t r ip s , s n ap p e a s , s c allions, caesar dressing
t oasted sesa me seed s, micr o cil a nt r o LETTUCE WRAP BURGER | 1 3
K A L E SA L A D | 1 3 brandt beef, avocado, hydroponic butter lettuce, fresh tomato,
CHARRED BRUSSELS & PORK BELLY | 1 3 re d on ion , pickle chips, 1000 island dre ssing (no bun) *GF
green apples, celery, shaved carrots, candied walnuts,
c it ru s-herb v i na ig r ette, ch ive s , cot ij a che e s e * G F
cher r y t o m at o es , m ay t ag bleu cheese dressing *G F GRILLED LOCAL WHITE FISH SANDO | 1 6
MAC & CHEESE | 12 white fish, local brioche, hydroponic butter lettuce,
roasted poblano beer cheese, sharp cheddar, provolone, panko, cotija cheese B U T T E R L E T T U C E W E D G E | 12 jalape o tartar sauce, le mon peppe r se ason ing
BE ER-BRINED ALL NATURAL WINGS | 1 3 hardwood-smoked bacon, cotija cheese, cherry tomatoes,
choice of chinese five spice & garlic, housemade buffalo, lemon pepper pickled red onion, house pickled chilies, PORK BELLY BLT | 1 5
homemade butterm il k ranch *G F pork belly confit, local sourdough, all natural bacon,
POKE NACHOS | 19 hydropon ic bu t t e r let t u c e, organ ic t om at o, on ion , le mon aiol i
wonton ch ip s , o r g a n ic avo c ado, s c a l l io n s , c u c u mb e r, red onion, A RU G U L A S T E A K SA L A D | 1 8
f ur i kake, seaweed , sa mb a l cr e a m SOY-BRAISED FRIED CHICKEN SANDO | 1 4
all-natural skirt steak, shaved radish, carrots, red onion,
hand-battered all-natural chicken thigh, local brioche,
CA R N E A SA DA F R I E S | 1 5 organic avoc ado, hard-boi led e gg, che rry tomatoe s,
hydropon ic bu t t e r let t u c e, garl ic aiol i, pick le chips
all-natura l s k ir t s t e a k , s p icy c it r u s g u ac a mole, l i me crema, pick led c uc umber, bals amic vin aigrette *G F

far m
pic o de g a l lo, c otij a chee s e
ponzu sauce, scallions, toasted sesame seeds, brussels, snap peas, mint
ocean (available after 5pm) (available after 5pm)
MUSSELS | 1 8 cauliflower pure, garlic bok choy, snap peas, chives, short rib demi-glaze
CRUDIT | 18 carlsbad mussels, spanish chorizo, fried garlic, shallots,
s e a sonal raw & pickled lo ca l ve gg ie s , hu mmu s , ho us em ade ranch, SOY-BRAISED FRIED MARYS CHICKEN | 24
m ic ro c ilant ro, t om at o, chili-butte r, local focaccia
s un-dried tom ato moj o * G F hand-battered all-natural chicken, apple-fennel slaw,
WHITE FISH & SHRIMP CEVICHE | 1 6 SAL MON | 26 mac & che e se, garlic aioli
house root juice, organic coconut water, radish, cucumber, jicama, line-caught salmon, quinoa, kale, seasonal vegetables,
avocado, lemon, lime, grapefruit, chives, cilantro, blue corn tostada *GF c it rus c ream emuls ion , le mon oil *GF
charred green onion, warm mint vinaigrette, broccolini,
PRETZELS & DIP | 12 LOCAL FISH & CHIPS | 20 roaste d pe e we e potatoe s *GF
roasted pobl a no b e e r che e s e, whole g r a i n ho ney-p orter mustard hand-battered local white fish, apple-fennel slaw, STEAK FRITES | 1 8
C H A RC U T E R I E & C H E E S E | 2 6 s eas oned fries , ja lape o tartar all-natural skirt steak, seasoned fries, apple-fennel slaw, garlic aioli
spanish cho r i z o, ar t i s a n s a l a m i , p r o s c iu t t o, che f s select cheeses,
house-pick le d ve get able s , s u n- dr ie d t o m at o moj o, pesto,
c ro sti n i , sh aved r o ot veget able s
beverage s s ide pie c e s
soda pop | 3 regular or passion fruit iced tea | 3 M ARYS CHICK EN B REAST | 7
STREET TACO TRIO | s ele ct a ny t hr e e | 1 3 |
short rib: pickled onions, cilantro, cotija cheese cafe moto coffee | 3 cold brew coffee or nitro | 6 APPLE- FENNEL SLAW | 4
grilled fish: cabbage, radish, cilantro, pico de gallo, lime crema evian still water, 750 ml | 6 badoit sparkling wate r, 750 ml | 6 SAUTED QUINOA | 6
veggie: smashed potato, guacamole, radish, lime crema, cilantro ROASTED SEASONAL VEGGIES | 6
Chemical-free shellfish | Nitrate-free bacon
*G F= Gluten Fr ee Happy hour pricing is not available on holidays or special events | Westroot offers eggs, burgers & steaks that may be cooked to order | Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness
co ckta i ls

old forester bourbon or wild turkey rye, allspice and orange bitters, 10.00
orange zest

el jimador silver tequila, fresh lime, agave nectar, tajin salt blend 10.00
add grand marnier 2.00

titos vodka, all natural olive juice, blue cheese-stuffed olives 12.00

red wine, cinnamon simple syrup, peach, lairds apple jack 10.00


skyy vodka or jameson irish whiskey, lime juice, house bitters, 10.00
maine root ginger beer, fresh mint

bulldog london dry gin, wild turkey 101 or el silencio mezcal, 12.00
campari, cinzano sweet vermouth, orange zest

sazerac rye, cinzano sweet vermouth, house bitters, luxardo cherry 13.00

bourbon, honey, fresh lemon juice, peach bitters, fennel flowers 12.00


malahat spiced rum, mount gay silver rum, cointreau noir, 12.00
orgeat, fresh lime juice

skyy vodka, giffard peach, lemon juice, champagne, lemon zest 12.00

sailor jerry rum, white chocolate, banana, fresh pineapple juice, 12.00
coconut cream

espolon reposado, licor 43, cointreau noir, fresh lime juice, 12.00
agave nectar, watermelon, cucumber

bulldog gin, fresh lime juice, cucumber, mint, soda water 12.00

wild turkey bourbon or absolut oak, lemon juice, simple syrup, 12.00
egg white, house bitters

remy martin vsop, fresh lemon juice, cointreau, lemon zest 14.00
h a ndles
coors light | american lager | golden, co | 4.2% abv 6.00
bud light | american lager | st. louis, mo | 4.2% abv 6.00


firestone walker 805 | blonde ale | paso robles, ca | 4.7% abv 7.00
dos equis lager | pale lager | mexico | 4.3% abv 6.50
stella artois | euro pale lager | belgium | 5.0% abv 7.50
st. archer blonde | kolsch blonde ale | san diego, ca | 4.8% abv 7.00
lost abbey devotion | belgian blonde | san marcos, ca | 6.5% abv 8.00
coronado seacoast pilsner | pilsner | san diego, ca | 4.9% abv 7.00


new belgium heavy melon | watermelon-lime ale | fort collins, co | 5.0% abv 7.50
coronado easy up | pale ale | san diego, ca | 5.0% abv 7.00
karl strauss 6 suits a-hangin | imperial brown ale | san diego, ca | 9.5% abv (goblet) 8.00
rogue | hazelnut brown | newport, or | 6.2% abv 9.00
mother earth cali creamin | vanilla cream ale | vista, ca | 5.2% abv 7.00

CIDERS (gluten free)

angry orchard | cider | walden, ny | 5.0% abv 7.00


blue moon | belgium white | golden, co | 5.2% abv 7.00
hangar 24 | orange wheat | redlands, ca | 4.6% abv 7.50
anchor mango wheat | wheat ale | san francisco, ca | 4.5% abv 7.00
boulevard ginger-lemon | radler | kansas city, mo | 4.1% abv 7.00
modern times lomaland | saison | san diego, ca | 5.5% abv 7.50


ballast point sculpin | ipa | mira mesa, ca | 7.0% abv 9.00
ballast point mango even keel | session ipa | mira mesa, ca | 7.0% abv 8.00
lagunitas | ipa | petaluma, ca | 6.2% abv 7.50
stone delicious | ipa | escondido, ca | 7.7% abv 7.50
bear republic racer 5 | ipa | healsburg, ca | 7.0% abv 7.50
karl strauss mosaic | session ipa | san diego, ca | 5.5% abv 7.00
latitude 33 blonde orange ipa | ipa | vista, ca | 7.3% abv 7.50
alpine duet | ipa | san diego, ca | 7.0% abv 8.00
port brewing mongo | double ipa | san marcos, ca | 8.5% abv (goblet) 8.00
alesmith .394 | pale ale | san diego, ca | 6.0% abv 7.50


belching beaver milk stout | nitro stout | vista, ca | 6.0% abv 7.00


coors light | american lager | golden, co | 4.2% abv 6.00
bud light | american lager | st. louis, mo | 4.2% abv 6.00
michelob ultra | pale lager | st. louis, mo | 4.2% abv 6.00
pacifico | pale lager | mexico | 4.8% abv 6.50
corona | pale lager | mexico | 4.6% abv 6.50
budweiser | american lager | st. louis, mo | 5.0% abv 6.00
buckler n/a | low alcohol beer | netherlands | .5% abv 5.00
not your fathers hard root beer | ale | wauconda, il | 10.0% abv 8.00
maui brewing | coconut porter | maui, hi | 6.0% abv 8.00
modern times fruitlands | sour | san diego, ca | 4.8% abv 10.00
ballast point pineapple sculpin | ipa | mira mesa, ca | 7.0% abv 9.00
omission | ipa | san diego, ca | 6.7% abv 7.00