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25 Echo Bay

Caitlin Gilmore Winnipeg, MB

(204) 223-4518
Early Years Teacher Digital Portfolio:


Experience as a leader in a work

Career Trek Wonder Of Work Group Leader/ Education
Instructor/Criminal Justice Instructor environment.

October 2013 - Present Able problem solver with ability

Multiple roles within the program that teaches career fields to middle to work independently or as
school students. As a group leader I was responsible for supervision of part of a team.
students as they went from class to class. As an instructor I am in
charge of teaching the lessons in my designated career field. Energetic, reliable, hardworking
and enthusiastic.
Career Trek M Program -Contracted Instructor/Group
Experience working with people
of all ages and backgrounds.
February 2016-Present
Extensive experience with ESL
Contracted Instructor to teach multiple lessons over the course of two learners.
years as well as substitute Group Leader for the group of young
mothers learning about careers.

University of Winnipeg Bookstore Associate
July 2016 - Present Archwood School Fifth year
Store associate mostly responsible for cash position and training practicing placement in Louis
temporary associates for the year. Riel School Division. Grade 1/2.

Canadian Tire Cashier Clifford International School

November 2011 - September 2016 Practicum placement for Block
Multiple cash positions within the store; self-checkout, help desk, II in Guangzhou, China.
and service cashier. Grade 3.

Victor Mager School Practicum

placement for Block I in Louis
EDUCATION Riel School Division. Grade 3/4.

Dr. D. W. Penner School

University of Winnipeg Integrated B.Ed and B.A. Practicum placement for third
September 2012 - Present year integrated in Louis Riel
Bachelor of Arts with a history major with a focus on Canadian School Division. Grade 4/5.
history and an english minor. Integrated Bachelor of Education with a
Marion School Practicum
focus in early years education stream.
placement for second year
integrated in Louis Riel School
Division. Grade 2/3.

Clifford International School - Fun Club Coordinator

Developed and ran a lunchtime program for students in grades one to
five that gave them the opportunity to try different activities like
dance, zumba, games, and tae bo.

Victor Mager School - Classroom Volunteer (2016)

After finishing my practicum with the school I continued to volunteer
my time as a classroom aid, on field trips, and with special events.

Jumpstart Charities General Volunteer (2014-2015)

Helping out with Jumpstart day and other fundraisers. Helped out in
events connected with CSI Summer Program.

Frontier College -Program Volunteer (2013)

Volunteered with two separate programs within the organization. One
was a homework club for kindergartens to grade 12, another was a
literacy story hour with a daycare each week.

Career Trek Junior Staff (2009-2012)

Phase II of the Career Trek program let me spend three years gaining
valuable volunteer experience and being able to both be a mentor to
elementary students and mentee to university student.


Contact to Contract - 2016-2017

Series of seminars about professionalism in education.

Indigenous Perspectives in the Classroom - 2016

Professional development day that worked on understanding what
perspectives students may be bringing in with them to the classroom.

SAGE Day - 2016

Multiage Multiple Ways, Art for K-3. How to integrate art into
curriculum in a classroom with a large spectrum.

Data Analysis for the Classroom - 2016

How to collect data and utilize it in teaching and student progress.

SAGE Day - 2015

Teaching Diverse Learners , Literacy through Storytelling. Bringing
aboriginal storytelling and culture into the classroom and connecting to
to the English language arts curriculum.
Mariam Small Eyes on Math - 2015
Professional development day exploring the Mariam Small method of
teaching math with visuals and problem solving.

Homeschooling Effect - 2014

Professional development day that explored the growing use of
homeschooling and what it means for professionals and the schooling


Danielle Hollinger - Program Manager, Career Trek Inc.

Phone: 1 (204) 944-1800 ext. 157

Kelly McDonald - Grade 3/4 Teacher, Victor Mager School

Phone: 1 (204) 228-6912

Valerie Froese - Grade 1/2 Teacher, Archwood School

Phone: 1 (204) 952-2915