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specific topic, chooses one has chosen about more about more
well known to specific topic one than one than one
the student, to that specific specific topic specific topic
write demonstrates topic to and and
paragraph on. knowledge of write demonstrates demonstrates
topic about, but little no knowledge
throughout his demonstrat knowledge about the topic.
or her es little about the
paragraph. knowledge topic.
about the
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five sections of successfully completes completes completes two
hamburger competes all four three sections or less sections
worksheet with five sections of sections of of the of the
supporting the hamburger the hamburger hamburger
details. worksheet. hamburger worksheet. worksheet.
Transfers The work from Most of the A few Students
writing from the hamburger sentences sentences are sentences are
the hamburger worksheet is in the in the correct not in the
worksheet to a copied over paragraph order and correct order
lined sheet of accurately to a are in the student has and have not
paper with lined sheet of correct added a title been
sentences in paper with a order and to the transferred
the correct title for the there is a paragraph. accurately from
order. Student paragraph. title added worksheet. No
has added a Sentences are to the title has been
title for their in a reliable paragraph. added.
paragraph order to
related to demonstrate
topic. understanding
of paragraph