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School of Economics
Economics 100.1
Intro to Macro Theory & Policy
Reading List

Dr. Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista First

Semester, 2015-2016

Main text:
Samuelson and Nordhaus Economics, 19th Edition, 2010

1. Part One Basic Concepts

Ch. 1-3

2. Overview of Macroeconomics
Chapter 19

3. Measuring Economic Activity

Chapter 20

4. Consumption and Saving

Chapter 21

5. Business Cycles and Aggregate Demand

Chapter 22

Exam 1

6. Money and the Financial System

Chapter 23

7. Monetary Policy and the Economics

Chapter 24

8. Inflation
Chapter 30

9. Government Taxation and Expenditure

Chapter 16

Exam 2

10. International Trade

Chapter 18

11. Exchange Rates and the International Funancial System

Chapter 27
12. Open-Economy Macroeconomics
Chapter 28

13. Unemployment and the Foundations of Aggregate Supply

Chapter 29

14. Frontiers of Macroeconomics


Chapter 31

Exam 3
Rules of the Game:

1. Examinations:

There will be three (3) long tests. There will also be a final, comprehensive
exam for those who are not exempt from the final, and those who opt to take the
final despite being exempt. To be exempt from the final exam, a student must
meet both of the following requirements: (i) take and pass each of the three long
tests, i.e., get at least a score of 50, equivalent to a grade of 3.0 and (ii) have an
average of at least 70 points for the three long tests, equivalent to a grade of
2.5. A missed test without a valid reason and proper notice (no later than one
day after the test) given to the Professor and/or the Teaching Fellow will have a
grade of zero. No make-up test will be given for an unexcused absence.

Students are required to bring their ID during tests. Those unable to do so

will not be permitted to take the test.

2. Grade Equivalents:
Raw Score Grades Raw Score Grades

<50 5.00* 80.0-82 2.00

50.0-62 3.00 83.0-86 1.75
63.0-69 2.75 87.0-90 1.50
70.0-75 2.50 91.0-95 1.25
76.0-79 2.25 96.0+ 1.00

*No grade of 4.0 will be given (you either pass or fail).

3. Computation of Final Grades:

For students exempt from the fourth long test:

Average of 3 long tests 100% of course grade

For students who are not exempt or who decide to take the fourth long

Average of 3 long tests 50% of course grade

Fourth long test (comprehensive) 50% of course grade

4. Office hours: Dr. Gochoco-Bautista holds office in UPSE Room 233

and will be available for consultation on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
1-3 pm or by appt.