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Support Technology &

Vibration Control Systems

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Table of content
MPRO - A brief summary

The special areas of MPRO

MPRO project management

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A brief summary

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MPRO - A brief summary

MPRO is a world-wide active manufacturer and trading company of support systems
with 45 years of experience in the market

MPRO offers
ff th
the iinstalling
t lli craftsman
ft an assembly
bl system
t with
ith th
the solution
l ti ffor nearly
all attachment assignments including the essential structure-borne vibration de-coupling

MPRO produces system-solutions brand-products Engineered in Germany

MPRO is situated with its headquarter in Wallau near Frankfurt a.M.,

with further presence:
6 further service-centres in Germany
10 subsidiaries in Europe
16 sales partners world-wide

Our slogan:
MPRO - a concept for progress and quality

Our market positioning:

Premium products
Modular system-approach
Oriented towards problem-solving up to the realisation of large scale projects

Clearly focused on support technology and vibration control

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The special services

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System thinking is the goal of the MPRO
product strategy
The most important points of the product The product groups
t t Vibration control
System thinking linked with security and Fire protection
quality as our main guideline Pipe clamps
Compatibility of products Anchor and expansion
Generation of expedient
Heavy duty
product families
pipe supports
Guarantee of highest functionality Support channels
Use of different materials for Ventilation
special purposes Accessories
Enabling of versatility and flexibility in Nameplates
the fields of use Anchors and p plugs
Solutions for technically Stainless steel
challenging tasks Pipe connector
Mastic sealants
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The core competencies of MPRO
Production and sales of modular pipe clamp fixing systems for use in all areas of home
and industrial installations with particular regard to technologies for noise and vibration
p g of the construction body y

Individual and special construction following customer specification

Development and supply of planning software for the planning of fixing solutions for
complex pipe routes; including anchor and expansion assembly positioning
and its dimensioning

Planning and composition of special mounting tasks

Static calculation of pipe route-substructures

On-site support by MPRO specialists

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The outstanding characteristics of MPRO are:
MPRO - system-solutions brand-products Engineered in Germany
Long term market-experience - 45 years of dedication to the value-add of our clients as
a pioneer in the development of pipe-clamps
pipe clamps and vibration control
World-wide presence
Explicit focus of MPRO on support technology and vibration control
Permanent improvement and expansion of our systems through
value-generating innovation
High-quality products
Customer-oriented logistics
Complete customer service by:
Technical advice
Individual solutions tailored to customer needs in all service-aspects
(Quality, on-site delivery, logistics, individually tailored products, etc.)

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The special areas of MPRO


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Special areas

MPRO has know-how

know how in areas of expertise
in support technology
CustomServ (pre-assembly):
MPRO puts together the assemblies following your specifications

Clean Room:
The MPRO product range as well as individual products and soldering constructions up
to 6m of length fulfill the clean room requirements

Tunnels and mining:

MPRO offers support technology for individual demands and strains: corrosion
ressistent, adjustability, temperature resistance and electric decoupling

MPRO has developed absolute reliable support in corrosion resistant materials for use
under various atmospheres and strains

The MPRO know-how is your advantage in selecting the right surface finish for your
requirements, ranging from outdoors applications to other high corrosive atmospheres

Fire protection:
MPRO offers firefire-tested
tested attachment systems

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MPRO project management

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MPRO refers to a specific procedure at realisation of
large scale projects
Process of MPRO process management

If necessary
Project briefing and Comparison development of
Calculation and according to Comprehen
precise analysis of all Exact milestone with present products,
selection of specifications sive project
requirements and planning product production and
products and milestone controlling
specifications portfolio preliminary

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