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Hearts Etheric Fifth Chamber by Bradford Riley

All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that
knowledge become a fragment of Lifes heart. But if in your fear you would seek only loves
peace and loves pleasure, Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of
loves threshing floor, Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your
laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears. Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

In our time there are certain changes taking place in the heart, by which
gradually a fifth chamber will develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new
organ which will allow him to control life forces in a different way than is
possible at the moment. All that happens in the moral life, and all that happens
physically in the worldthe moral and the physical.are found in their real
union when we learn to understand all the configurations of the human heart.
Rudolf Steiner

The radiation from this etheric organ of the heart is

actually developing into a spiritual sense organ. A new
sense organ is developing in this etheric heart, and this
is the only organ by which man is able to sense and to
recognize the Etheric Christ.
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer December 17, 1950
Our first hurdle in opening the window to the occult understanding
of THE FIFTH CHAMBER of the human heart is to grasp where in nature we have found a five
chambered heart. It so happens that Bees have a five chambered heart. This sets the tone of our

Cardiac Stimulus the Blood and the human I AM

This ego-organisation is active in the blood; actually, it brings the blood into movement, and in
accordance with the movement of the blood, the heart beats. In text books you will always find
the facts quite falsely stated, for it is represented as though the heart were a kind of pump, and
that this pumping of the heart sends the blood all over the body. This is nonsense, because it is
in reality the blood which is brought into motion by the ego-organisation, and moves throughout
the body. If anyone asserts that it is the heart that drives the blood, then he must equally assert
that if he has a turbine, it is the turbine that sets the water in motion, though everyone knows
that it is the water that drives the turbine. Man has the same kind of points of resistance in his
heart; the blood comes up against them and sets the heart in motion; thus it is that the ego-
organisation works directly in the circulation of the blood.

Now it is actually the case that this ego-organisation is in a mysterious way present in the
poison of the bee; it is a similar force to the force that circulates in your blood that is present in
the bee-poison. It is of great interest that the bee should have need of this poison within her. The
bee does not merely need it in order to be able to sting; that is merely incidental. The bee
needs the poison throughout its whole organism, for it must have the same force of
circulation that man has in his blood. Rudolf Steiner

There is a stage by stage upgrading power that is on its way to lift the human heart up to its
fifth chamber. However this will cause immense problems in how we feel and how we connect
to reality. In other words as we embark on the awful and necessary task of evolving a Fifth
Chamber to our human hearts we encounter shattering, earth changing difficulties.

Honeybees have an open circulatory system formed by the heart and the aorta. The blood is
pumped from the five-chambered heart into the aorta. The chambers of the heart have ostial
valves which allow the blood to enter into the heart but backward movement to body cavity is

prevented. The blood is poured into the body cavity

below the brain at the anterior opening of aorta. The organ systems freely bathe in the blood
in the body cavity. The muscle movement of dorsal diaphragm helps in pumping the blood,
whereas ventral diaphragm beats in backward direction.

One of the hurdles in developing a five chambered heart in humanty is that our powers as
human beings would be spiritually and morally altered. Our connection to the living forces of
nature, as the Bees experience the living forces of nature, would plug us into our own feelings
of LIFE and Etheric life and the critical psychological, emotional and karmic health of our
fellow human beings and the poisoning effects we have inflicted into nature due to our sterile
emotional, intellectual distance we maintain, as the safe guard to our freedom to think in
which ever way we please about anything. Even if the way we think about nature and the
human heart is a grotesque error of education and judgment. (CLICK LINK FOR

There are sensitive forces of etheric light, plants and the lymphatic system of humans respond
to forces of light that are linked in kind, in the moral sciences with the Sun Forces and these
Sun Forces can but hardly ever penetrate into the deeper layers of our etheric, astral and
physical body system. That is the moral streaming Light and Love, not decayed lower
Devachan light, but the streaming of higher light and love that arrives in an invisible, thought
and emotional, even religious experience.

Experiencing the damning up of the flow of living love and light from entering recesses in the
human heart and also experiencing the crippling and contracting soul pain that others are
strangled by, because of a lack of Living Light in both attitudes and emotions is to still
celebrate our darkness. Also crippling mental standpoints laced with lies, cannot, by merely
paying lip service to a simple born again Jesus Saves entrenched dogmatic solution, solve
anything without an opening of the heart. In fact such false solutions fail to penetrate down
into the deeper layers of our psychology and in reality surrounds the soul with stifling
subjective dogmas.

Since humanity presently, with few exceptions, and there are a few, with few exceptions most
of humanity have a four-chambered heart. We can move up from cold blooded to warm
blooded creatures and as we do we can move from two-chambered hearts to three chambered
hearts to four chambered hearts and of course our considerations presently, of an etherically
sensitive five chambered heart. The Fifth Chamber being a new flux and influx of etheric
streaming forces which catch the higher forces of etheric nature and human nature in its

Now I have some answers, not all, though! In 1932, Harvard

University scientist, Bremer, filmed blood flow in embryos
before the heart was formed, but did not realise its great
impact in demolishing the pump pressure theory. Steiner
of Goetheanum in Switzerland used to teach his medical
students that the heart is not a pump even as early as the
1920s. He alluded to the blood flow in vessels before the
development of the heart in the embryo as a spiral flow
propelled by its own biological momentum in the same
tubes that later became the heart. The heart, he taught,
was only aiding this process. Pressure, he thought, was not
making the blood to flow but was only interrupting the
flow! Etherisation and pneumatisation (or ensoulment) of
blood flow was thought of by thinkers centuries ago but
was all but laughed at in the last three hundred years by
the champions of the mechanical pump theory. The
power of God (Gods energy) sends blood into all parts of
the body through the aorta was the description of the
cardiac physiology in the Narayanasookthani of the
Dashasookthanis in Indian wisdom of the Vedic times. One
could visualize the similarities of wisdom at all times!
Lots of simple questions should baffle anyone when told
that the heart, an organ which weighs about 300 grammes,
could pump about 8,000 litres of blood daily at rest, which
goes up exponentially on exercise, without tiring.
Converted to mechanical energy, this amounts to lifting
100 pounds of weight to a height of a mile, write Ralph
Marinelle and colleagues in that remarkable article in the
Frontiers Perspectives [will appear later as link with reference to the heart as a pump]. They
have given
extensive literature references to substantiate the claim
that the heart can not, by any stretch of imagination, be
just a simple muscular pump. More amazing is the
concept that the heart could pump blood, five times
thicker than water, through millions of miles of capillaries
where even a single RBC might not pass through those
capillaries but for its capacity to change shape. More
intriguing is the idea that a central organ, which weighs
around 300 grammes in all, could generate so much
pressure as to maintain pressures for blood to flow millions
of miles down the stream through capillaries.

Since the Bee family already have Five-Chambered hearts, we have before us a remarkable series
of insights called, Nine Lectures on Bees by Rudolf Steiner. These are highly unique and they
bring before us what we are and what we arent as human beings with a four chambered heart.
The Bees have a five chambered heart and the descriptions of the Colonies of Bees and the Hive
life are simply stunning as Steiner reveals it as a science that makes us wish that every scientist
had the good sense to understand Spiritual Science.
Key to the life organization of the Bee is the reality of what the Bee represents as a physical
organic creature here with us on Earth, sharing the etheric, blossoming, nectar bearing and
essential honeycomb, HEXAGONAL life system and cellular foundation structure of matter
itself. Nine Lectures on Bees span a vast swath of insight into the insect colonies and
communities, but stunning to considerations of THE FIFTH CHAMBER of the human heart, is
that the Bee is locked into having its roots in The Sun itself.

In considering the Hexagonal systems structure that runs through the blood and through the
plant and through crystal structures and bee honeycombs, we have to pause and consider the
tiny miracle of the six legged insect. This is such an astonishing design, so that while observing

the six legged insects, not so the eight leggeds, but the six legged
insects, we are looking directly at a walking, living, specific servant and tool of the hexagonal
flow of life and light through the system of nature and the system of the plants chlorophyll and
green blood and our own circulating human red blood.

All of these forces and systems are dominated by the vast hexagonal structural basis of life
itself and the very hexagonal eyes of the bees.
The Bee community is rooted and locked into the Sun forces circulating in the Earth and the Sun
processes in the plant communities.

The Sun takes approximately 25 to 27 days to turn once on its axis. 25 to 27 Earth days is
considered one rotation or one day of the Sun and our gestation cycles on Earth and in
particular the Bee community are set on the basis of the rotation of the Sun.

Our Earth turns on its axis in 24 hours. So the Bee sets its life functions, not by the facts of
Earth exactly, but through the fact that the Bees are literal Sun Beings in our midst. The entire
wisdom of the hive and the Bee colony and the five-chambered bee heart is locked into
the wisdom of and efficiency and reality of the Sun forces streaming and hidden in the matrix
of the Earth.

The Sun

Diameter. 1,392,000 km
Mass (Earth = 1). 332,830
Rotation period (length of day in Earth days). 25
Mean surface temperature. 5527 (C) 9981 (F)

This erupting and eroding Sun Force in the Human Heart sourced as the Risen Christ, the Sun
Being that is commonly dismissed as a made up story, patched together out of human error
and church dogma, cannot be dismissed because it is an actual new force in the lexicon of
forces that will continue to grow and disrupt the complacency of human beings. The Christ
Being is not a faith it is a fact of the spiritual nature of the Earth.

The Sun Life of the Bees, is documented by Steiner in his Nine Lectures on Bees with such
vividness and clarity that we are obliged to make a bridge from the Sun-Life of the Bees
themselves and bridge over to the central mystery of the human heart.

Michael shield of the Sun

We have called this book the Book of the Bee, because we have gathered of the blossoms of
the two Testaments and of the flowers of the holy Books, and have placed them therein for thy

benefit. As the common bee with gauzy wings flies about, and flutters over
and lights upon flowers of various colours, and upon blossoms of divers odours, selecting and
gathering from all of them the materials which are useful for the construction of her
handiwork; and having first of all collected the materials from the flowers, carries them upon
her thighs, and bringing them to her dwelling, lays a foundation for her building with a base
of wax; then gathering in her mouth some of the heavenly dew which is upon the blossoms of
spring, brings it and blows it into these cells; and weaves the comb and honey for the use of
men and her own nourishment: in like manner have we, the infirm, hewn the stones of
corporeal words from the rocks of the Scriptures which are in the Old Testament, and have
laid them down as a foundation for the edifice of the spiritual law. And as the bee carries the
waxen substance upon her thighs because of its insipidity and tastelessness, and brings the
honey in her mouth because of its sweetness and value; so also have we laid down the
corporeal law by way of substratum and foundation, and the spiritual law for a roof and
ceiling to the edifice of the spiritual tower. And as the expert gardener and orchard-keeper
goes round among the gardens, and seeking out the finest sorts of fruits takes from them slips
and shoots, and plants them in his own field; so also have we gone into the garden of the
divine Books, and have culled therefrom p. 3 branches and shoots, and have planted them in
the ground of this book for thy consolation and benefit.
The Sun Being Christ apparently is a bridge point to the human heart
and how the human heart, in order to enter the Sun Community of the Risen Etheric Christ,
will eventually shift from a Four-Chambered heart to a Five-Chambered heart and humanity
will slowly and painfully reconnect through their hearts to the very core of the etheric forces in
nature. Now contrary to sentimental beliefs, this will not be entirely pleasant.

A beautiful story tells us that when Christ hung on the cross, bees came and drew
honey from his bleeding wounds, as from red roses otherwise. The bloods
composition had changed through the sacrifice and had become like the sap of red
roses. Rudolf Steiner

Will this be a pleasant transition? No. Will it happen anyways? Yes. What are some of the
symptoms of suddenly or slowly beginning to tap into the very healing and etheric forces,
karmic forces, thinking errors, LIFE ISSUES that connect to both Nature and Spirit? Well for
one thing, and this is certainly part of the painful change that is in store for us, the painful
change that humanity will go through entails that we slowly start to experience the immediate
sufferings of any human being in our proximity. JOHN COFFEY AND THE FIFTH CHAMBER
OF THE HUMAN HEART (Click Link to grasp the Etheric changes in the Fifth Chamber of the
Human Heart) We gradually lose the intellectual distance, the sterile icy vacuum we rely on
to compartmentalize and isolate others woes and sufferings from our own as if all life were
merely a t.v. screen in front of your couch potato eyes.

Bee Boy Born With Bee Heart

Posted by Cole Gamble When new parents are awaiting their first child, they get very
concerned about numbers. All they want is a child with five fingers on each hand, five toes on
each foot and five chambers in their heart.

Oh, wait a sec.

Russian baby Vanya Maryin was born with a five chambered heart, a structure only found in
bees. Oddly enough little Vanya comes from a family of bee-keepers.
Of course, such a condition is not a desirable one. Being perpetually doubled over was the
only way Vanyas heart could pump oxygen to the rest of his body.

Fortunately, a six hour heart surgery was able to transform Vandas bee heart into a four-
chamber and little Mr. Maryin into a normal boy.

Already there is a preparation and build up to intercept the etheric and astral forces slowly
changing in the foundations of human experience. Sterile materialistic distance from our
crimes against our selves, our children and humanity and objective laws of nature and nature
herself, let alone the crimes against the Spirit itself, will be medicated and vaccinated to
prevent people from experiencing this new alteration of the Heart.

Through sudden disruptions of the currents of the flow of the Etheric Heart, through karmic
shocks, and biographical incursions of stroke, the flow of the etheric life forces in the entire
aortic geometry at the very core of the heart, can be temporarily shattered. There is a living,
spinning core of Angelic geometry in the core of the heart, but up to now it had only been
observed clairvoyantly. That is until Frank Chester slowed down the process so we could see and
understand it. Therefore a shock to the heart obviously can come from without and from within.

In the film Kill Bill such a karmic shock returns in the form of a karmic lesson that runs
straight to the heart of the very forces that make motherhood, love and destiny anchored to the
stars and the organic form of humanity. Bills heart is stopped by the very karmic forces of love
he tried to kill. It rebounds back on him hits him directly in his heart.

In Kill Bill Vol.2, there is a death move called the Five Pointed Exploding Heart Technique and
it is said to be quite simply, the most deadliest move in all of martial arts

If you havent seen the movie, this is how it works. The person hits you with his fingertips in
certain pressure points in your heart and lets you walk away. But once you take your first five
steps, the power of the punch and the location of the punch causes your heart to explode inside
of you.

Here is the nature of the problem, the new forces developing in our hearts will press forward
and opposing powers are already prepared to push back with opposing measures to insure
that the magical Fifth Chamber of the human heart is oppressed. If human beings begin to
experience the Sun Like flow of compassion out from their beings to all creatures and
especially to the nearest, our own human family in brother and sisterhood, the entire power
and scope of nature and the effect that humanity can have on nature will change and whole
new forces in nature and in humanity will start coming to the surface.

To let flow from our hearts to our hands forces that the Etheric life of the Earth need, and that
the Heart forces of human beings experience with such shattering forces OUT than we will
all become healers and experience, not in sentimental Biblical terms, oh it was a

miracle! No we will experience rather the amount of forces of love and

shattering compassion that will literally alter the axis and position and interior structure of
the heart itself.

Crack by creaking crack the hidden underpinnings of Nature that were left
completely out of the equation of nuclear physics will come rushing up through the human
heart. (Click Link)

And as the new etheric chamber in the heart arises the suppression, the medical vaccinations,
like mercury that has disturbed the astral/nervous system, amounting to autism and whole
segments of children being disrupted from HARMONY OF THE HEALTHY HEART AND
NERVOUS SYSTEM will slowly become governmental policy to prevent hallucinations, Post-
Traumatic Stress Disorder and whole hosts of uncomfortable disruptions of the status quo.

The battle against humanity enlarging and encompassing a vast change in cultural
consciousness and values as well as a concrete psychic and psychological reality emerging
from a change of heart, a change in the structure of the heart, is already underway and the
entire disasters ahead for humanity are due to the failure to grasp the Science of the Etheric
Christ as a reality existing in the new Sun Forces of nature and the Human Soul.

In the future all children will be inoculated against encountering such disturbing new sets of
insights and this will be part of the beasts attempts to stifle and suppress, divert and deny
that such changes in the structure of the heart are not only possible but we will show in what
follows, how this comes about.

Rudolf Steiner had made indications of a fifth chamber of the heart. He spoke of a time when
certain changes would take place in the heart, by which gradually a fifth chamber will
develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new organ which will allow him to control life
forces in a different way than is possible at the moment.

The radiation from this etheric organ of the heart is actually developing into a spiritual sense

In researching the geometry of the human heart, Frank Chester has discovered how a fifth
chamber can evolve. The heart will have to rotate just five degrees and a new valve will form.

Balancing says Frank, is the primary function of the heart. Our inner work improves
balance. When we are able to see periphery and center simultaneously; when we see self
and other with equal equanimity, then we give the heart a loosening quality of balance that
allows it to evolve etheric forces.

Frank summarizes some of the details:

The heart is not a pump, but an organ in which etheric space is created, so that the blood is
sucked into the heart rather than pumped(1). January of 2000 a new form was uncovered
with 7 equal surfaced areas. After four years of study it was found to be the geometry behind
the human heart. Based on the precise objective nature of geometry it can now be shown and
validated by this lawful 7-sided form that many of Rudolf Steiners statements concerning the
human heart are true.

THE HEART FORM IS PRECISION IN BALANCE between inversion and reversals, suction
and pressure, concave and convex, right and left, backwards and forwards, below and above,
three and four, asymmetrical and symmetrical, acceleration and deceleration, clockwise and
counter-clockwise, geometric and organic, and two different vortexes, all of which today can
be demonstrated to be lawful. These polarities are found to be active in the human heart.

1.The heart is a brake, The heart is not a pump; it is a sense organ, a damming up organ(2)
You can observe the chestahedron in a vortex generator balancing itself between accelerating
and decelerating.

2. The apex of the heart is paper-thin. The apex wall is so soft and weak that it can be pierced
with the index finger(3) The geometry of the mitral valve opening will not allow a moving
vortex to reach the apex inside the chestahedron. If the heart is a pressure pump, the apex
would balloon out. The new form shows why this ballooning does not occur.
3. The chestahedrons geometry consists of two vortexes, one inside the other. The
musculature of the heart and arteries all the way down to the pre-capillaries is spirally
oriented, and both the heart and arteries move spirally to augment the momenta of the

4. After creating a vortex in a clear receptacle of water with the chestahedron on the end of an
electric drill, there remains three spiraling vortexes. Dr. Pettigrew found three columns of
spiraling blood in the left ventricle.(5)

5. By using the chestahedron geometry of 22.5 degrees of arc found in the center of the conical
form, we now have an answer to myocardial layering design that has eluded Dr. Pettigrew,

Lawrence Edwards and all present-day heart researchers. A design

that allows counter clockwise and clockwise forces to work together in a balanced way and at
the same time promote blood vortex movement.

6. The chestahedron was developed from a tetrahedron turning inside a cube whose axis is
centered at the squre root of 3, and the square root of 3 in the cube is 36 degrees of arc from
the horizontal plane. This explains for the first time why the heart is located on the left side of
the body. The human heart position in the body is 36 degrees, which is the perfect balance
between above and below, right and left and forward and behind. Not knowing about
geometry, many studies indicate the heart sets at 45 degrees.

7. When the tetrahedron reaches the midpoint of the cube the resulting form is an octahedron
with one invariant point. Putting this form back into the original tetrahedron and spinning
both at the same time in the cube again, you get the inside left ventricle geometry.

8. The inside left ventricle geometry turns 40 degrees during systole and sits in the cube at 15
degrees. Altogether you have a 55-degree spiral
movement. If the ventricle twists another 5 degrees a fifth
chamber develops complete with a tri cusped valve.

9. In our time there are certain changes taking place in the heart, by which gradually a fifth
chamber will develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new organ which will allow him
to control life forces in a different way than is possible at the moment.(6) All that happens in
the moral life, and all that happens physically in the worldthe moral and the physical.are
found in their real union when we learn to understand all the configurations of the human

Stage by stage by stage the discovery of a whole new dynamic form of geometry, living
geometry, has been applied and discovered, so that Frank Chester, in particular, has
penetrated to a mystery of how the active dynamic of the heart flow, the blood flow, the actual
precise geometry of the heart is actually a higher dynamic form resonator that is, by the
actual flowing form of the blood and heart together a spinning oscillator of higher developing
The Heart is a profound micro-field of higher dynamic forces which are linked to human
spiritual development. Yes but this discovery has shattered the deadening concept of the heart
as a pump. It isnt, it is an active spinning, kaleidoscope of individual human karma, a vortex
of consciousness and an Angelic/Human Time System bridging the Etheric Life worlds, the
Holy Grail of the Blood where the I AM of the Christ Being reside, (were not done yet) the
entire time codes of both the inner and outer starry/astral worlds, a fountain-head for both
artistic/poetic and scientific realms of emotion and thought. In other words the Heart the
Frank Chester Heart Form is one of the central mysteries of the new human Grail Community.

From Verses and Meditations

by Rudolf Steiner

In the human Heart

there lives a part of Man

which contains matter

more spiritual than in any other organ;

also a part of Man

of which the spiritual life

is made more manifest in matter

than that of any other organ.

Hence in the Microcosm that is Man

Sun is the Heart,

and in his Heart is Man united

most of all with the deepest fount-

the fount of his true Being.

Frank Chester, as humble a guy, and quietly working out of Spiritual Science and Sacred
Geometry has opened a riddle into the seven sided spinning cathedral of the heart, where all
paths and all roads intersect because we stand as living, pulsing, human spirits on the earth.
All the worlds come together, not with a dull dead drop of a static stone or a
simplistic mechanical pumping mechanism, or the dead tick of an uncaring clock or
pacemaker, but rather a central point where all cosmic and earthly roads merge.
All roads meet at the center of the Human Heart and
precisely and accurately retrieve and transform intimate data hidden from any external
source but gathered up from the heart vortex of the human soul. Forces of the soul, hidden
nature mysteries, Karma threads and streams, imprinted forces in the ethers, a refined record
and reading library of emotions, thoughts, impressions, higher beings, deeds, imprinted in the
sensitive akashic ethers of the eternal records of each human incarnation, meet at the
crossroads of the human heart.<

But all we see is a static pumping system that can indeed be jump started like a car when the
battery is dead. We certainly have managed to comprehend the use of jumper cables. But we
are afraid to consider the living super system that our blood is powerfully, immediately,
constantly imprinted and tagged in a continuous flowing Time Organism that bridges past-
present-future physics and Angelic worlds even as we move through the present.

The swirling living geometry, the cathedral in every human heart, that is the living thinking,
feeling and willing resonator, that FRANK CHESTER rediscovered has a remarkable reference
point to which we are obliged to pay homage. Christian Rosenkreutz (link here) and the early
scientists had awakened the key to what Frank Chester has re-discovered for us.

It is not that this was completely unknown, this magnificent spinning SEVEN SIDED
GEOMETRY of the human heart is now something that can be delivered openly to humanity. It
is the striking portal to the Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart, but the strange and amazing
details of being able to translate and utilize as well as study the powerful dynamics that Frank
Chester has opened to us, can also be approached through another doorway. Through this other
doorway is the passageway to understanding the foundation of Goethes Theory of Color and
the deep bridge to the seven-fold spinning form, that we now know is the inner Cathedral and
gateway of each human heart.

The Tomb of CRC

The Symbolism of the Seven Sides

by Jack Courtis

The seven sides are all alike in size, shape and subdivision, and the forty squares on each side
bear the same symbols. But the colouring is varied in the extreme, no two sides are alike in
tint, and none of the squares are identical in colour excepting the single central upper square
of each wall, that square bearing the Wheel of the Spirit. The Seven Walls are under the
planetary presidency, one side to each planet. The subsidiary squares represent the colouring
of the combined forces of the planet. The symbol of each square is represented by the ground
colour, while the symbol is in the colour contrasted or complementary to that of the ground.

Each of the 7 walls is attributed to one of the astrological planets. The wall attributed to Venus
is actually the door through which we must enter. That is because Venus symbolises desire. We
usually misinterpret that as sexual desire. In fact it is desire for life which ultimately, is desire
for God. Note also that each wall has 8 horizontal rows. They can be attributed to the Ptolemaic
spheres of the fixed stars (top row) and the astrological planets from Saturn for the second row,
through to the Moon for the bottom row. The five vertical columns can be attributed to the
alchemical elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the Quintessence. Thus the astrological and
alchemical attributions form a grid which can give extended meanings to the symbols.

Now these planetary sides are found to be in a special order, neither astronomical nor
astrological. The common order of the succession of the planets is that defined by their relative
distances from Earth, putting the Sun, however in the Earths place in the series thus: Saturn,
Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon. Saturn is farthest from the Earth, and the Earth is
between Mars and Venus. Beginning with Saturn in the case of the Walls of the Vault, the
order is Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon. Here Mercury and Venus are
The order of the planets is very significant. The order given here is not the usual order, but a
different order. Why is this important? The planets are a blind for the chakras and this is not
the usual attribution of planets to chakras.

But there is something more than this. For Saturn, the farthest off, is neither the door nor
the East, nor anywhere else that is obviously intended. For it is the corner between the South
and the southwest sides. Nor is Luna, at the other side of the scale, in any notable position on
the old lines.
There is, then, a new key to their order to be found and used, and such as are very intuitive see
it at a glance. The planets are in the order of the rainbow colours, and in colours because of
the Adeptus Minor grade is the especial exponent of colours.

We dont want to confirm that nature, our dogs and cats, plants and everything living in and
through us, are not dead to the sympathies and forces passing through our human hearts. And
that such tsunamis of compassion could so change the flow of humanities perception of others,
through the suffering of others that we would change the structure of the heart. Will we
remain static as a dumb mechanical pump? If not are we destined to press matter and human

life to the complete oppression and denial of reality to the extent that the
forces of the human heart rebound on itself and crack a mighty new current in the heart that
becomes shattering compassion and powerful I AM truths?

That is the ultimate reality of our wrestling match with the new Etheric Christ forces, which
are not likely to remain peripheral, rather there is just so far that the human soul can push
itself out of and off the grid of the Logos and the living forces of nature and the Risen Christ,
without the pivotal and most sensitive human system, the blood and heart system, recovering
the balance of the human abuse and denial of its soul and spirit roots and realities.

That is why, such a Fifth Chamber of the human heart is such a deadly threat to the general
beast forces, so that the heart must be dumbed down, medicated and diverted away from the
truth of the Etheric Christ. Tsunami like sensitive disturbances arising in the human psyche
and emotions will be channeled to more and more brutality.

Medical intrusions and entire fascist plagues, against what is certain to arise in the heart of
humanity sooner or later must be pre-empted and stopped (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST
FIFTH CHAMBER OF THE HUMAN HEART). External culture will make up any excuse,
poverty, pandemics, nuclear war, invented terrorism, RFID chips and drug tracking identity
and crime balancers, the heart is a mechanical pump and there is no immortal I AM and if you
imagine such a thing it should be medicated out away and into oblivion in order to preserve
societies sanity. Which amounts to preserving the insanity we see arising in society. Pre-crime
potential, like pre-emptive war protects a minority. That minority are those whose interest is
best served by denying that there is any kind of true spiritual world or that human beings are
living imaginations of the Gods themselves.

The math and Geometry reveal its reality and the expansion and elaboration of those intimate
forces of the human heart, are set to incorporate into themselves an even higher resonation of
the ethers in order to produce, not without immense emotional maturity and disturbance of
our settled, dense and static materialistic theories, shattering new

changes. If one thing is for certain the heart and the

spinning forces that meet in the heart, they are not ever static, nor is the universe we live in
and the spiritual impulses around us ever static, dead or mechanical. They are dynamic,
dramatic, surprising, sometimes incalculable, but for certain the human heart hides a mystery
that will open, with painful truth to all, The Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart.

Our worst enemies today and in the future to come will be the medical professionals who have
been educated to consider and believe that the heart is merely a pump. Both the
pharmaceutical industries and the medical and military communities will find ways to numb,
distort and control the new forces that will rise from the unused portions of our consciousness
which cause shattering alterations in our hearts and our psyches.

This means that currents running in the Etheric foundations of the Earth and Christ Sun
experiences will gradually creep into our astral and etheric

experiences. We will encounter nature in an entirely new integration

and relationship. When the Queen of the Sun meets the elemental spirtus-loci queens of nature
we shall awaken to a whole new perception of living nature awakening from the fifth chamber
of our human hearts. We are going to become or fight becoming Sun Beings in the Community
of Christ.

We have lost in this country alone in America, about five million colonies, each one of them
having 20 to 50 to 60 thousand individual honeybees, he said. The bees are always telling us
all kinds of things we have to learn. They are giving us messages and their crisis is our crisis
definitely. We could call it the CCD of the human being, too.
Our teachers in the interconnected efficiency of an invisible
and etheric current of reality behind nature, connecting everything to the healthy forces of
human Body-Soul-Spirit, will be tiny beings who live for and by the invisible Aura of Light
shed by the Queen, within the hive colony. Steiner reveals how a tiny revelation of etheric
light, borrowed from the Sun itself, is part of the hive Queens emanations. (CLICK

Let us Review some of the issues Frank Chester has raised

The chestahedron was developed from a tetrahedron turning inside a cube whose axis is
centered at the square root of 3, and the square root of 3 in the cube is 36 degrees of arc from
the horizontal plane. This explains for the first time why the heart is located on the left side of
the body. The human heart position in the body is 36 degrees, which is the perfect balance
between above and below, right and left and forward and behind. Not knowing about
geometry, many studies indicate the heart sets at 45 degrees.

In examining the position of the heart at 36 degrees we come to how the human being as a
Star form represents the position of the heart, and why the heart sits at 36 degrees and not 45
degrees. This contemplation of the Star Form and how the human form is in a mathematical
star form, presents us with the amazing understanding of the Christmas Star and the human
heart. Since the heart is at 36 degrees and Frank
Chester has brought these insights clearly in the video tapes you can review, and review his
research sites, we are faced with how to confirm this 36 degrees and how the Human Form
represents a Star Form.

When a five pointed star is drawn using points of equal length along with 36 degree angles at
each point, then the five pointed star is often referred to as a golden five pointed star. The
pentagram is the simplest regular star polygon, containing ten points. Five points make up the
tips of the star, and five points make up the vertices of the inner pentagon. The pentagram or
five point star also consists of fifteen different line segments. By joining the collinear edges of

the five point star together, a pentagon is produced.

So the human heart will set at 36 degrees in the human chest with the human being standing
erect and his arms and legs stretched out like a star. The flow of etheric forces
that arise through Eurythmy and Waldorf class room work, promote the flow of the new
etheric forces of the heart and prepare the human being, who by the time they are mature
enough to understand Spiritual Science and choose to do Eurythmy or open their cognitive
forces in order to grasp the foundational science and reality of The Etheric Christ in our
environment, are also prepared to understand the Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart as a
new opening into the hidden etheric forces that underlie Nature Herself.

In my first play produced at the Old Reliable Theater off, off, Bway, I brought out the five
elements. The Fifth Stage of Humanity would incorporate, Fire, Air, Water, Earth and the
new element of the Etheric Christ. Since that play was produced in 1970, the film, The Fifth
Element starring Bruce Willis, was an expansion of the themes of my original off, off Bway

When we place the human Heart as the central Sun of the flow of the etheric forces within the
single human body, we begin to grasp a model of the mighty forces of Etheric life that circulate
out from our souls to the whole of humanity. Not only do we have Twelve Cranial nerves, but
the Human Heart as the Sun force in the body reveals, just how the Five Pointed Star, the
Heart, sitting at 36 degrees, and the Heart in a human beings known as Jesus Christ, could
shrink and radiate into the TWELVE disciples the potent healing and etheric forces of the
cosmos condensed into the anatomy and structure of the human form.

Immense consolidated and condensed divine forces swept through the Words that were
spoken, the hands that touched the sick and healed them, these new forces were elaborated by
the Christ when He flooded through the human form of Jesus.

The Human Heart in human form, the human form within the 12 fold Zodiac

For three years these forces flooded through and re-adapted and remodeled the human form
so that from the head, in Aries to the feet in Pisces, to the outstretched arms, of Gemini, to the
Chest and heart of the Lion and our legs as Sagittarius, the entire micro form is a condensed
model of the vast, vast Zodiac where the Sun creates the TWELVEFOLDNESS of Months,
hours, minutes and seconds, and the entire integration of the Star forces hinge as well on the
vast measurement of the circle.

36 degrees is 1/10 of a complete circle. Ten fingers, ten toes and our heart placed at an angle of
36 degrees to the frame of the star form of the body reveals just some of the striking math and
geometry that Frank Chester, Spiritual Science and Sacred Geometry bring to the journey of
our discovering ourselves as Imagination in Artistic Sensual forms individually hand crafted
and designed by the Gods themselves.
Verse by Rudolf Steiner

Sun, thou bearer of rays,

Thy lights power over matter
Magics life out of the earths
Limitless rich depths.

Heart, thou bearer of soul,

Thy lights power over spirit
Magics life out of the human beings
Limitless deep inwardness.

If I gaze upon the Sun

Her light speaks to me in radiance
Of the Spirit, filled with grace,
Wielding through the beings of worlds.

If I feel within my heart

The Spirit speaks its own true word
About the human being, loved by him
Through all time and eternity.

Looking upwards, I can see

In the Suns bright disc
The mighty heart of worlds.

Looking inwards, I can feel

In the hearts warm beat
The human Sun ensouled.

These Imaginations of the new etheric forces of the heart and its delicate unfolding captures
something of the secret hidden in the breast of humanity that no one yet understands. The first
is THIS ONE, watch it now. And next try a different perspective. Watch this Animation. Bluebird
animation based on Charles Bukowskis poem.

Before we get to the 12-lead electrocardiogram which is a very fancy heart monitor; before we
leave you with the deadening terminology of our current medical and life saving techniques,
even as the electrocardiogram has TWELVE leads, even in this unique electrical monitoring
device, of the TWELVEFOLD ZODICAL micro-sun system of the human heart, medical science
makes attempts to follow the flow lines and outreach of the mighty etheric blood system with
rather primitive but essential apparatus for those who prefer to cling to materialism. So
before we leave you with that note, there is one last Etheric Portal that reveals the strange
mystery of the 36 degree angle of the human heart and our relation to the vast worlds of the

Here is something that is right out of The Foundation Stone and the Dodecahedron all
wrapped together into the secrets of the human heart and the secrets of the hidden Fifth
Chamber of the Etheric Heart.

Figure 1.
Left: Poincar Dodecahedral Space can be described as the interior of a kind
of sphere tiled with 12 slightly curved pentagons.
Center: There is however a big difference with a soccer ball to which the
left figure might be compared: when one goes out from a pentagonal face,
one comes back immediately inside the ball from the opposite face, after a
36 rotation.
Right: Such a space is finite, although without edges or boundary, so that
one can indefinitely travel within it. As a result, an observer has the illusion
to live in a space 120 times vaster, made of tiled doecahedra which duplicate
like in a mirror hall. As light rays crossing the faces go back from the other
side, every cosmic object has multiple images.

Our Repeating Pentagonal Universe

From New Scientist via StumbleUpon comes a

finding that may be just weird enough to be true.
Here arises the strange understanding of an etheric gate, seemingly a watery, shimmering
etheric portal to the otherside of the universe.

This is what the film StarGate was all about. This is what
the film CONTACT (SEE LINK) was all about as well. Now since science is betting on the 36
degree angle of the powerful portal into the etheric universe that is coming alive in the Fifth
Chamber of the human heart, if the military and medical sciences and the beasts fascists
representatives do not resist the flow of mighty streams of compassion, cognition, precise
etheric sciences, with how the Etheric and lymphatic system functions in conjunction with the
physical form; how the nervous system and the astral body functions in relation to feelings,
thought and the starry destiny of sleep; how the I AM in humanity functions as it is saturated
with the Etherization of the blood itself; providing that medical science grows up and begins
educating students and humanity in the Fourfold Structure of the human being Physical
body ~ Etheric Body ~ Astral body ~ I AM, there is a strong potential that humanity can make
the transition to the Etherization of the blood and the harmonization and integration of the
Soul and Spirit without a hitch.
Under the rich tapestry of all the depth of our research into the human heart there is an
aggressive attack on the hearts of our Children,(CLICK LINK HERE) it is lethal and part of the
Anti-Etheric poison designed to suffocate the forces arising in humanity as the Fifth Chamber of
the Human heart. HERE IS A SONG (click link) that thrusts us once again into the core and
matrix of all we could be if we didnt misunderstand the depth and virtuosity of our hearts. This
essay answers the riddle the song poses, a riddle every human heart as it progresses must face.

Materialism and the Heart

What is claimed is:

1. A method of deriving a standard 12-lead electrocardiogram

comprising the steps of:

attaching a plurality of electrodes for sensing and measuring body surface potentials on
positions that constitute a subset of a standard 12-lead system;

measuring electrocardiographic waveforms for said subset from potentials sensed by said
plurality of electrodes;

calculating waveforms of remaining leads of said standard 12-lead system from said
measured electrocardiographic waveforms; and

deriving the standard 12-lead electrocardiogram based on said measured

electrocardiographic waveforms and said calculated electrocardiographic waveforms,

wherein a heart vector is obtained from said measured waveforms based on an inherent
relationship among said heart vector, lead vectors of said subset, and said measured
electrocardiographic waveforms, and

wherein said electrocardiographic waveforms of said remaining leads are calculated based on
said heart vector and lead vectors of said remaining leads.

Electrocardiographic (ECG) Scanner is a new patented instrument for non-invasive cardiac

diagnosis. Lets see how it works.
An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a record of the electric activity of the heart. A
standard ECG is produced by sensing electric potentials in six leads from the
limbs (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF) and six leads from the chest (V1-V6).

Electric signals of the heart spread in all directions. However each standard
lead can accurately represent only a small spatial sector around its axis
(axes are shown as green arrows). When projected onto an imaginary sphere
surrounding the heart, such a conic sector would look like a small circle or an

When an ECG is taken, twelve standard ECG leads may produce normal
tracings (gray ovals) while a pathologic focus (black spot) may remain
unnoticed. This happens, because electric signals (red arrow) from the
pathologic focus do not propagate along (are not collinear with) the axes of
any of standard ECG leads and therefore their magnitude does not reach
diagnostic thresholds to be properly detected. In such cases a correct
diagnosis is missed.

// <![CDATA[//

Arizona man is first to go home with a total artificial heart

May 28, 2010 by Lin Edwards




The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart

( An Arizona man has left hospital with a

completely artificial heart beating in his chest. Father of three
Charles Okeke, 43, from Phoenix is the first person to leave
hospital with a Total Artificial Heart keeping him alive until he
receives a donor heart.

This is the most important research on THE ETHERIC HEART we have on record. And next to
it, along with our other references that are linked in the above text there is Mr. Pfeiffers
magnificent research on the HEART HERE.


This is a warm hearted look at the wonderful work of Bees, Pollination, their dances, hive life
and the workers are all girls. It could be a Waldorf School skit on the study of the Bees. It is
lovely, simple and charming. (CLICK LINK HERE)

ADDENDUM 3 The result of Ahrimanic forces penetrating the fortress of the

Etheric Heart reveals this and for further study in relation to the Ahrimanic forces
that infect the Heart, we can study this link: The first is Dick Cheneys New Heart
and the Second link is a crystal clear tale of the Heartless Giant that applies to all
servants of the Ahrimanic forces of the Earth.


The heart by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer from 1950 are an absolute must have. HERE THEY ARE.

Heart Lectures December 17, 1950

The human heart and blood constitute one of the most far reaching of subjects. Dr. Steiner
spoke of the etherization of blood that takes place there, i.e. the transformation of matter into
etheric forces. One can quote Dr. Steiner, but one would like to understand why and how he was
able to speak of such things. Today the science of physiology has only very little evidence
regarding the function of the heart. But occult groups other than the anthroposophical know
these secrets of the heart, and some groups do not want them made known to others, so we feel
it a kind of challenge. Also, Rudolf Steiner, in the Spiritual Guidance of Mankind, speaks of the
need for a science which will be able to observe the working of Christ in Nature. This is
something far in the future. So as an anthroposophical scientist one feels that one wants to study
the human heart as an organ where a bridge is being built between mans physical body and
spiritual entity.

Sixteen years ago I met a leading occultist (he is not publicly known). He works in a realm
which is not anthroposophical, nor is it a realm of black magic but rather gray, in between and
nearer to the dark than the light forces. This man, a medical man by profession, told me a story:
He said that Dr. Steiners illness according to research of himself and his associates was due
to the fact that Dr. Steiner wanted to tell more regarding the spiritual function of the human
heart, and other occultists did not want this known at present. So they brought to bear on
Rudolf Steiner forces against which he was unable to defend himself, and he became ill.

This knowledge which Rudolf Steiner had concerns the fifth chamber of the heart. The idea is
that in our time there are certain changes taking place in the heart, by which gradually a fifth
chamber will develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new organ which will allow him to
control life forces in a different way than is possible at the moment

It is known that there is a kind of endocrine action in the blood. There have been found traces
of a sort of suprarenalin, like adrenalin, indicating that the heart has a kind of gland function.
Rudolf Steiner was willing to tell more regarding etherization, and the heart as a dual purpose
organ, both physical and spiritual. The heart is not a pressure pump, but an organ in which the
etheric space is created so that the blood is sucked to the heart rather than pumped. He also said
that it was important to change the scientific concept from the idea of the heart as a pump to
something else. It is difficult to bring evidence on this point, which can be presented. The matter
needs more study; it is no help to quote Rudolf Steiner.

The key to the problem can be found. I want to try to make a gradual approach to it in several
lectures. Among the things that Dr. Steiner gave on the subject is what he said to the workmen
on the Goetheanum in a lecture on June 6th, 1923. In discussing the blood circulation and the
motion of the heart, he said that with some people the heart is not quite in its proper place. He
said that in the case of dancers, the heart is moved from its proper position on the left to the
right side. When this happens it makes man more perceptive in an inner way to the influence of
his surroundings. He also said that in modern man there was such a disorganization of the blood
circulation that he was able to go to the movies and not faint. And old Greek would faint
immediately in the movies because of their disturbing influence on the circulation.

Together with the wrong concept of the heart as a pump is connected the fact that we have a
wrong social life today. A healthy social life can develop only if the old pumpconcept is removed
and is replaced by the proper one. So this is a subject that should interest the student of social
problems. Rudolf Steiner said that a true cognition in this regard would also make it possible to
build machines that are in accord and in harmony with the human being and not destructive to
him. He said that only when people know that it is the invisible in man which moves the heart,
will it be possible to construct proper machines and to solve social problems.

In Nature there are three principles. One is the principle of form, the second is the principle of
substance, the substance that builds form and this includes color. We can describe any object
by looking at its form and color. This is true as long as we are merely looking at an external
object. However, there is the possibility also of abstract geometrical thoughtforms. But these
are not found in Nature, in Nature there is always the marriage of substance and thought form.
In Nature we see the two principles of the Creative Entity. In the form pattern we see the
thought of God, and since forms are in a constant process of change and development it is a
picture of Creative Thought. In substance we begin to find our way find our way into another
realm of Creation, because substance is a realm which has been emanated (with the help of the
Thrones) out of the Spiritual Substance of the Creator. Thus every substance was the Spiritual
Substance of the Creator. The Creator is not matter, but is the power which acts in matter, i.e.
will. In every substance we find the emanation of the Will of the Creator.

These are deep problems, which we neglect. Approaching them requires an attitude of worship,
of beginning to sense the holiness of the problem which we approach. If we have such an
attitude we are able to discover the Will of the Creator in matter, and the Thought or the Creator
in the forming of matter. Only if we are able to approach the holy of holies in Nature can we
overcome, and begin to transform matter. Then we realize that in taking substance, in breathing
and eating, we are moving into the holiest realm the human being can perceive.

Form and substance in Nature are brought together by a process of growth. Form is filled out
by matter through nourishment, metabolism. Thus there is a third entity which brings about the
moving and changing of substance into form. this is the principle of motion in its widest
meaning. It lives in the background wherever there is growth and development, it is Cosmic
Motion. This Cosmic Motion exists in every body and organism, animal and human. This
Motion is the Third Power of God into which we look if we look through metabolism and
circulation into what is behind them. If we look into the Spirit we see this motion as something
embedded in the Feelings of the Creator, say rather the Heart of the Creator. There is nothing
buy harmony in the Heart of the Creator, out of it comes every motion that exists.

In the human form which is the image of God we find the Thought of the Creator, the
harmonious Heart of the Creator, and the emanated Substance of the Creator. Goethe said that
if our eye were not of the sun nature we could not recognize the sun, and if were not of Gods
Nature we could not recognize God. There is in our though the possibility of perceiving the
Thought of God in our organs. In the exchange of substance, metabolism, we participate in the
Will of the Creator. And in circulation we perceive something of the harmony embedded in us by
the Creator. But all these are given to man to be used by him. Nobody is influenced by the
Creator. This implies responsibility: we will use them properly or misuse them. The fact is that
we can all do both.

Now to the heart problem: Physiologically it is an outstanding organ of the body, anatomically
it is a system of muscles. We have muscles in our arms, legs, etc., these are fibrous tissue which
bears up our structure, for it is due to our muscles that our skeleton is held together. The heart
also is definitely a system of muscles and as such connects with the astral body. But the heart is
a different muscle because its fibers are laid down differently, and also it is a hollow muscle. I
think it is the only hollow muscle in the body. The fact that it is a hollow sphere brings about an
inner motion, because there is empty space inside.

I have spoken in the past of Rudolf Steiners exercise for learning imagination: You form the
image of a sphere, metamorphose it to a central point, and from this center again out to a
sphere. You can think of concentric circles getting smaller until they become a point and then
enlarging again. One day you will try to apply this to the outermost cosmos. Then you will feel it
concentrate, with everything into the earth, and then the earth itself will contract finally into the
central point of the sphere. Then you will experience the central point of your own heart as the
central point of the sphere. This has to be experienced, just thinking about it is of no value. If
you have this experience, you then expand again, and what expands is not the vast cosmos but it
is you. Then if you are objective and are strong enough, you find that you face yourself on the
Threshold of the Spiritual World. And if the Guardian allows you to pass you then see how small
you are. This new sphere which expands is an incomplete and spotty cosmos, some parts of it
more outlined, some less so. This is not depressing but is an objective experience. You see
everything that is spiritual radiating out, you feel its radiating power; and you also experience
other, dark spaces.

What you have done is to concentrate your entire Godmade Cosmos to a center, and from this
center radiate outward what will someday be a new cosmos. This is what makes the heart move,
the motion which radiates out from the heart. This is what Rudolf Steiner was ready to give and
what the occultists opposed giving out. In fact, Rudolf Steiner has given it in a meditation.
The same occultists to whom I referred earlier said when we were wrestling about these things:
We have discovered since the death of Rudolf Steiner that unless this knowledge of the center
of the heart is made known, there will be no salvation for the human race but only destruction.
One can call this sensational or one can say, How deep a secret that even the dark forces have to
recognize it.

The etheric center of the heart draws the blood towards it and then pulses out again. Here is
where substance is transformed into ether, and Dr. Steiner says forms rise up to the etheric
brain and thence to the physical brain so that it can function and so that there may be harmony
in the organs of the body. The organs and their functioning are regulated by what takes place
between the etheric heart and the etheric brain. Through this heart muscle, with a hollow sphere
and etheric center inside it, pulses the blood. The blood enters the heart with its four chambers.
Between the second and the third chamber it goes to the lung to be regenerated, and from the
fourth it goes out to the body again. There is no pulse in the main vein which brings blood to the
heart there is no pressure it is taken from every vein by suction.

In the lung, with its oxygen, the blood is touched by the outer world. The old, poisoned, used up
blood goes back from the lung as regenerated blood. There is really a constant dying and
regeneration. New blood is really born. This is a marvelous process of which we know practically
nothing. The heart is the only muscle that only gets tired once (except if diseased) and that is in
the moment of death. This shows the eternal youth force in the etheric heart; the heart lives
entirely in cosmic rhythms. It lives in relation to the time of the cosmic migration of the sun in
the zodiac. In addition, the heart also takes up nourishment from the blood. What we eat goes in
part to the lymph system, and in part to the liver, but finally, all that we eat goes into the blood.
So this human blood (except proper and the lymph) bears nourishment and takes away the
breakdown products of the body, and also it is the regenerated substance that pulses from the
heart into the body.

What we eat has a tremendous influence on the heart. For example, if we drink alcohol this
passes unchanged into our blood and can be measured exactly. This alcohol circulates through
our entire body as a foreign substance. This substance imposes something on the heart. Red
wine for instance has the effect of opening the capillaries to the head. Thus more blood comes to
the head so that it, in a minor way, is illuminated. People have more life in their head, so they
get a lot of ideas and have warm feelings. If they pat you on the shoulder at such a time, you do
not take it seriously, because you know that it is simply that these capillaries have been opened.
On others, it has other effects; for instance, Goethe liked a little red wine and wrote some very
good poetry when he had had it.

We see that alcohol brings a change, that it distributes the entire heart function. Also, with
alcohol we impose something on the liver which hardens it. Changes in the heart take place with
everything we eat. The secret of digestion is that we do not take foreign matter into our system,
but all foods are broken down and their forms are changed. Indigestion takes place when this
process has not been carried out. This imposes action on the heart. The heart has the task of
regulating everything and the blood mirrors everything that happens in our body. The kidney in
a healthy person is able to filter out sugar from the blood. Then at another point, in the
glomeruli, the blood reabsorbs the sugar. It is necessary that the sugar be out while the blood is
being purified in the kidneys, then it is returned. Through the lung the blood is regenerated,
through the kidney the blood is purified, and the heart cooperates in both these processes.

Dr. Steiner said that in older times the spiritual experiences took place mainly through the
lung. In the lung man took the other world into himself, so that God could be a concrete concept
for him. This relationship ceased in the 19th Century. Since the 19th Century man no longer
experiences the forces of God through breathing in. So he finds in matter a Godforsaken world.
Dr. Steiner added that since the 19th Century man experiences something of the spiritual world
through the kidney. The kidney does not experience the outer world directly, but by way of the
inner world. Dr. Steiner once called the kidney the brain of the metabolic system. If the kidney is
disturbed, the retina of the eye is disturbed, and also we get high blood pressure. High blood
pressure occurs when the astral is drawn too much into the blood system. This process can be
influenced by medicines, but medicines cannot help the underlying spiritual and regenerative
forces that are needed. So it is a good idea to learn how to behave so that we do not tax our
kidneys too much.

Rudolf Steiner said that through our kidneys we perceive only our own selfcreated spiritual
world. Therefore kidneyideas, if not spiritualized, are ideas full of fear, ideals of incompatibility,
ideas of clairvoyance. If we trust the kidney without learning about the etheric heart, the
regulator, we learn only about atomic destruction of man and the world.

If the kidney does not purify the blood, it means an accumulated burden on the heart. Hence a
proper diet, with not too much sugar, etc., is important. But you meet people who keep to a
proper diet and follow the book in everything and still look worn out, passive and the like. This
condition is caused, not by diet, but by lack of spiritual activity. This is the disease which
eventually breaks down the heart. The blood is affected not only by external impressions but by
every emotion, fear, joy, etc. Adrenalin production is changed by fear and rage. It is now
recognized that short tempered persons have their adrenalin function affected by this condition.
Joy in turn has other effects, and our blood is influenced if, for instance, we are not able to feel
joy when someone speaks objectively well of us or others. Moral effects work on the contraction
and expansion of the capillary vessels, and the emotional, moral, soul life influences the
composition of the blood.

The there is the question of spiritual experience: At the moment when a person becomes
spiritually active (this means not only to think logically but to be spiritually active) at that
moment the composition of the blood changes again. Rudolf Steiner once suggested in this
connection that one might measure the nitrogen content in the blood and kidneys of a dozing
person and a person who is trying to solve a mathematical problem. Furthermore, in proper
meditation there is a spiritual process which breaks down used up products in the blood. A basis
for life and health lies in there being enough spiritual activity to be able to transform used up
substance into etheric substance. Moral joy and pure thought can do a lot of good in this

With every pulse of the heart a certain amount of substance is absorbed, is taken away as
physical pressure and added to the etheric substance. This then begins to radiate outward. Dr.
Steiner said that a clairvoyant could see the amount of radiation that goes up from the heart to
the brain, and that if a person knew this they would be ashamed to fall asleep at a lecture in the
presence of a clairvoyant. The radiation from this etheric organ of the heart is actually
developing into a spiritual sense organ. A new sense organ is developing in this etheric heart,
and this is the only organ by which man is able to sense and to recognize the Etheric Christ.

I can think: Not I, but Christ in me. Such a thought might stimulate us to healthy feelings, but
in itself this is not enough. There has to be something which goes through our will, and since our
will is combined with metabolism to produce etheric substance, so Not I, but Christ in me has
to work through the etheric heart, transforming substance into pure ether, pure radiance.

For us there is an experience of the heart similar to the way in which, in the old mysteries, the
sun was experienced. We experience in every heart a sun. The sun shines on all people, it shines
on the fields of the earth, it shines on other planets. And all the time it is consuming its own
energy. The sun dissolves matter and transforms it into radiant energy. Its light can be seen
everywhere in our earthly cosmos. The same power that dwells in the sun wills to live in every
human being.

If you become aware of the heart as a spiritual organ, you begin to develop the power to see the
Etheric Christ. You do this by realizing that the force in the heart is the same as the force in the
sun, physically as well as spiritually. If you take this as a reality, there will still be conflicts but
there will also be the realization that your entire picture of the world changes. The force from
the heart is a force which will be good.

Now, daydreaming a little, let us imagine what would happen if all those responsible for the
political future of the earth, war or no war, etc., if all these were not to use kidney thinking but
the radiant power of the heart. How different the future would be. But of course, this had not
been developed yet, and we have to suffer the consequences of kidney thinking.

All that we can do is to be aware of the forces of the etheric heart. Because this will shine, they
will be perceived from other planets and will increase the brightness of the earth. In fact the
earth will only become a star through that process. In regard to making anthroposophy live in
our own selves, not just as something abstract, I would say that if we only just glimpse at this
etheric organ of the heart we will have begun to make anthroposophy live.

It is a peculiarity of the heart that it is the only bodily organ which is selfmaintaining. This is
because the blood going through the heart also nourishes the heart. The coronary vessels around
the heart are like hands holding it. These coronary vessels nourish the heart and take away the
used up substance. They must be the most overtaxed vessels of the body. In modern man
scleroses and thromboses, diseases of the coronary vessels, are most widespread. This is because
the etheric is not able to take up the impact of physical things on the heart. So it becomes stiff or
clogged. We suffer a sudden end. Modern scientists also know that fear or despair bring about
an increase of these diseases. These diseases come because the heart does not get proper
spiritual nourishment.

(At this point, the speaker showed a painting of the etheric heart.)

He ended by saying: I have been working on this lecture for about nine months and it is still
incomplete. I received the possibility of speaking at all from working on this sketch. If you forget
everything else I told you today and only experience the fact that you have in you a creative sun
which actually radiates light and warmth, you have already achieved a lot.