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What is the Cobra Breath?

The Cosmic Cobra Breath, simply put, is the most

powerful single psycho-spiritual technique I have
encountered. The official name is the Tantric Kriya
Kundalini Pranayam. It is often called Babajis gift to

At the pinnacle of each of the systems influenced by

Babaji, there is a Cobra Breath technique whose
vibration matches the frequency of each given system.
I have experienced the Sufi Cobra Breath, the Egyptian
Cobra Breath, the Kriya Cobra Breath, the Tantric
Kriya Cobra Breath and the Taoist Cobra Breath. Each
is powerful, yet each has a different focus.

From my experience, for the purpose of developing spiritual awareness as part of a functional
and fulfilling life here on Earth, the Tantric Kriya Cobra Breath is the superior choice. It is
the most balanced and integrated of the five. Its effect is multidimensional.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath or Cobra Breath (the common name for the Tantric Kriya Cobra
Breath) effects us both energetically and physiologically. Its practice utilizes and balances the
feminine and masculine energies. Physiologically speaking, those are the right and left
hemispheres of the brain.

The Cobra Breath also electro-magnetizes the cerebrospinal fluid and causes it to flow more
dynamically, bathing the brain in this charged fluid. This fluid stimulates the third ventricle of
the brain, known as the Cave of Brahma to the Hindus
and the Crystal Palace to the Taoists. The third
ventricle contains the pineal, pituitary and
hypothalamus glands. When the pineal and pituitary
are sufficiently activated, they form a special
connection called the Tantric Marriage.

The Tantric Marriage opens higher levels of

awareness. It activates the corpus callosum, which
allows both hemispheres of the brain to function at
once. Bathing the brain in electromagnetic
cerebrospinal fluid awakens thousands of dormant
neurons, an experience known as the opening of the
Thousand Petaled Lotus, the Crown chakra. These
newly awakened neurons form new neural networks,
allowing your nervous system to perceive, experience
and exist in new levels of awareness.
This is why we call this practice a Spiritual Science. You dont have to believe in anything or
worship anyone. Doing the practice will alter your physiology, which will alter your
consciousness, which will alter your perspective, your experience and your participation in life.
You will know the spiritual. You will be the spiritual. You wont have to believe in it.

Practice of the Cosmic Cobra Breath will also clear the psychic debris from the nadis (energy
circuits) that interpenetrate your body. Emotional wounds will be brought to consciousness to be
healed, and limiting behavior patterns will be resolved, removing those obstacles to manifesting
your true purpose. Your psychic sensitivity and intuitive faculties will become stronger and
more clear.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath also transmutes sexual energy. It is a most potent Tantric
technique. Sexual life force energy is generated through single (by yourself) or dual (with a
partner) cultivation and transmuted to the vibrations of love and spirituality. This high vibration
energy then pours back down through your body and that
of your lover to fill and fully charge your
multidimensional beings.

The Cosmic Cobra Breath is the central technique

practiced by the Spiritual Science Society. All other
techniques either prepare the body and being for the
energy of the Cobra Breath, or are enhancements to its
effect. A regular practice of as few as 7 Cobra Breaths a
day will substantially accelerate your personal growth and
catalyze deep change in your life. It will help you
become You more quickly than you imagined.

Cobra Breath is a technique, from the Ipsalu Tantra Kriya

Yoga tradition, which due to its high power, has been
kept a secret. Because of its powerful technique of self-
development, it is also called the Royal pranayama.

It has been passed down orally through initiation and has

been kept a secret until today, when it is available in order to help people awaken dormant

This technique is considered to be one of the most powerful techniques of self-development on

the path to elevated vibration and to enlightenment.

In many cultures of the world, the serpent is considered to be a symbol of Kundalini. The Cobra
Breath Cobra Breath uses Kundalini energy to expand the mind, and awakens dormant parts of
the brain, so that it can be felt as a cobras cocoon that expands around you with your breath.
The Cobra Breath practice consciously activates Kundalini and Pineal gland, clearing shadows
and raising your vibration. Through this you become a strong and free individual, ready to
expand your consciousness into the realm of unlimited possibilities. Practicing Cobra Breath
awakens dormant parts of your brain and speeds up your evolution. Practicing Cobra Breath
daily for a few minutes induces a deep state of consciousness. One inhalation and exhalation of
this pranayama equals 12 month of meditation.

There are four levels of Cobra Breath taught in seminar/retreats. Level 5 to 7 are transmitted in
dreamtime or meditation.

Level One Cobra Breath, opens the third Eye and activates the pineal gland and awakens
sexual energy and Kundalini. It provides clarity and objectivity of consciousness. You
become an observer of events around you, rather than being pulled in.
Level two Cobra Breath opens the lower Chakras and harmonizes male and female
principals of energy in the individual.
Level three Cobra Breath opens the heart and throat Chakra and awakens Kundalini.
Level four Cobra Breath balances microcosms and macrocosms, heaven and earth.

Effect of Cobra Breath in your daily life

When you start practicing Cobra Breath, you will be able to see the world around you in a
completely new way. Weight and uncertainty will disappear and you will gain a new drive to
perform your daily activities and tasks. It will allow you to have more vibrant and joyous
relationships and to be more fully engaged in life. The Cobra Breath improves memory and
concentration and rejuvenates body and mind. You will look younger and more vibrant. Through
the Cobra Breath you will enhance
and deepen the relationship with
yourself and with others.

Just as a plant needs regular loving

care and watering and feeding to
yield fruit, so do the mind and body
need regular practice to produce
results. Only through regular
practice can we achieve the
stability of the mind, transform
consciousness and widen the spirit.
No one has achieved something by
doing nothing this applies to all
areas of life, and also to spiritual
growth. To achieve any goal, work
and visualization are required.
Kundalini is the dormant energy that awakens and falls back to sleep. To achieve a lasting effect
of the awakening, we need regularity. Regular residences (intensive workshops where spiritual
techniques are practiced) and a technique checking lead to a stabilization of energy and
determination of your own potential. This way we are safely and steadily climbing to the infinite
field of our own possibilities.

There are various techniques of awakening the cosmic energy and becoming enlightened beings.
An enlightened being is the one, that lives a completely fulfilled life and develops toward the
field of infinite potential and possibilities, lives in harmony with natural laws and acts in unity
with all. To evolve like this, we need to be introduced into this technique by a teacher who has
been initiated into the sacred traditions. He will then
awaken a spark of divine intelligence and the regular
practice will fan this spark into a flame of infinity of
the inner self.

Cobra Breath

Kundalini is the energy that spreads throughout the

universe, creates and permeates it. This energy is called
Shakti. When the universal energy Shakti manifests
itself in the being, it takes on a different name and
becomes Kundalini. Kundalini inside a human lies
hidden at the base of the spine and waits to shine forth.
For our physical and mental activities we mainly use
only a small percentage of this energy, while the rest is
hidden, unconscious and dormant.

According to ancient texts, Kundalini takes on the form

of a snake that is three and a half times curled up at its
seat in the pelvis. The snake is sleeping, waiting to soar
through the spine to the higher centers at the top of the
head. When it touches this center, a person achieves
super-mental evolution and a state of cosmic consciousness. Kundalini is the energy that gives
and sustains life. With the help of Kundalini, we can see, hear, feel, breath, walk and live. This
energy governs all physical and spiritual functions of our being. It represents the aspect that
sustains our lives and is all pervading.

Inside a person, the main switch and the force of Kundalini is at the base of the spine, the first
Chakra. When this subtle energy is activated, we become aware of our true divine nature and our
connection to the universe. We understand that consciousness is omnipresent and infinite, and
we expand beyond the limits of the mind and intellect. One of the most powerful techniques of
the awakening of Kundalini and consciousness is the Cobra Breath technique (Royal
Cosmic Cobra Breath

The Cosmic Cobra Breath is an ancient tradition employed by Tantric yogis for thousands of
years for the purpose of harnessing sexual energy to expand and elevate consciousness.

This powerful seven level technique must be learned from a master with due observation of
precautions. The benefits of individual or partnered practice have the potential to promote
positive influence in the broader lives of the practitioners.

Tradition and today

The teaching of the Cobra Breath is an oral lineage passed from teacher to teacher for
thousands of years.

Learning the Cobra Breath is a powerful Tantric practice

that really supports and greatly enhances deeper pleasure connection

The Cosmic Cobra Breath tradition is passed on by word of mouth and has never been fully
written (even on Google). The reason for this is one of responsibility. Because of this oral
tradition, the teacher must always meet the student in person, rather than it being freely available
via the written word.

This tradition is strictly adhered to for reasons of safety in manipulating Kundalini energy.
Kundalini energy is the most powerful energy in the body and accessing it needs to be
respected. This ancient breath technique was long held secret because of its great power.

Traditionally, one had to live and study in an ashram with a guru for 12 years before this
technique was taught. Today, in Western culture, we teach this method after a short period of
study and personal contact. No compromises are made with safety or responsibility and our
students results have been excellent.

The Symbolism in Cosmic Cobra Breath

The Cobra snake is chosen as the symbol of the Cosmic Cobra Breath.

Kundalini energy has often been depicted in ancient drawings as a serpent coiled three and one
half times at the base of the spine. Kundalini is Life Force, or Consciousness, and it is also
sexual energy.

When sexual energy is aroused, the serpent may climb up the spine to the higher centers of the
brain, expanding the consciousness. The cobra snake is chosen specifically because it flares its
head before striking.

This act symbolizes the expansion of consciousness. A corollary of this symbolism is found in
traditional depictions of the Hindu God Shiva.
He is always shown with a Cobra snake wound around his body, usually around his neck, but
sometimes around his arm or waist. He and his followers, the wandering Saddhus in India, often
carry a trident or three-pronged spear.

The three blades represent the male, the female and Divine union, which relates to the circuit of
breathing used in the Cobra Breath.

Seven Levels

There are seven levels (or styles) of the Cobra Breath. Teachers teach the first four levels. The
other three must be intuited by the student and confirmed by teachers of the lineage.

What is Cobra Breath all about?

Harnessing sexual energy- When sexual energy moves upward it enlightens you. In normal sex
the energy flows downward to drain you. Cobra Breath reverses the flow of sexual energy to turn
it into your most valuable resource. Kundalini energy can rejuvenate the body, empower the
mind and awaken the soul.

Shakti life force energy

The Breath pulls Shakti (magnetic) energy into the spine, changing the electro-magnetic
properties of the cerebro-spinal fluid, allowing Kundalini to move up the spine.

As the brain is bathed in this magnetized fluid, the nervous system is transformed. You awaken
to a new consciousness.

The first level Cobra Breath can be used solely as a meditation practice. However, only Level
One is used in lovemaking as well.

It is a safe, secure, comfortable, easy and reliable method of postponing an orgasm or ejaculation
that allows one to remain totally present. Thus, you can become the master of your sexuality
instead of the slave you have been to it all your life.

This technique, combined with other Tantric practices, will improve the quality of your sex and
intimacy for the rest of your days (and nights).

Orgasm with or without Ejaculation

We say orgasm or ejaculation because once this technique is mastered it is one of the ways a
man can have an orgasm without having an ejaculation, or he can have an ejaculation without
having an orgasm. This effectively eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation.

It magically allows men and women to have their bodies, minds, and spirits in the same place at
the same time. When you are totally present, have your hearts open, and dissolve your egos, you
will go to a Divine place.
Most of us have been there for a few moments sometime in our life,
and we all want to go back. For women, it can lead to becoming multi-
orgasmic. For both sexes it allows one to postpone orgasm and to
build the energy higher and higher.

Bliss and Enlightenment

Eventually, one can lapse over into the state of what has been called
Satori, Samadhi, Bliss or even Enlightenment. By riding this Wave of
Bliss, you can achieve a state where the mind, body, and spirit remain
in an orgasmic state of being for significant periods of time (10-20
minutes, an hour, 8-12 hours or more). Even though the benefit of
postponing orgasm is a fabulous side effect or by-product of the
Cobra Breath, the main purpose of the Cobra Breath is to transmute the Kundalini, or
sexual energy to higher consciousness.

That is one reason Tantra is considered to be the fast path to spiritual progress. We believe that if
more people are able to raise their consciousness to a higher plane, it will improve the quality of
life on this planet.

This technique will enable you to bring back into your life the realization and insights gained
while in a higher consciousness state. Integrating these insights into daily life can make the
world a better place.


If you have high blood pressure and it is not under control by medication, consult a Doctor
before practicing.
If you have a headache, practicing the Cobra Breath will make it worse.
If you are menstruating it may increase the flow of blood. You may practice lightly, accept the
possible consequences, or choose not to practice at this time.
Note: The above warnings are due to the fact that long holding of large breaths may slightly
increase the blood pressure.
Do not mix the Cobra Breath with other mind-altering substances such as over the legal limits
for alcohol, marijuana, etc. In other words, avoid Cobra Breath cocktails.


Use common sense. If you experience any unpleasant or discomforting side effects, discontinue
the practice.
If you are getting too spaced out to operate a motor vehicle or function in your life, back off,
or choose an appropriate time to practice. Eating always helps to ground.
Ideally, one should have a long, slow inhale, a long holding of the breath, and a long, slow
exhale. This can be practiced to a count of seven for each of the parts. Shallow, rapid breathing,
which is common in our stressful society, puts the body in the constant state of alert of the
fight-or-flight response. Many health benefits will derive from having a slow, measured breath.
Individual Practice: How to Learn for Yourself

Meditation: To set up the breath circuit in your body, we recommend practicing 21 Cobra
Breaths each day. You can make this part or all of, your individual meditation practice.

You may wish to divide this into three groups of seven Cobra Breaths, or any sequence you

An amazingly powerful circuit of energy may be set up in your body if it is practiced daily for
three months.

Fire Breath Orgasm and Cobra Breath

Use of The Fire Breath Orgasm, in conjunction with the Cobra Breath, will accelerate removal of
blocks preventing the flow of your life force energy through the Chakra energy centers (Inner

The longer you maintain your practice, the more powerful it will become, for example 3 breaths
in year 3 may be as powerful as fourteen breaths in year one.

The Inner Flute

The knowledge of opening up this Inner Flute (the channel through the chakras) will be retained
by the body no matter how long one may discontinue the practice.

It is like learning how to ride a pushbike; the body/mind knows how to do it and never forgets.


Wonderful experiences and excellent practice can occur when using the Cobra Breath in self-

As you self-pleasure, when you feel the glow of an orgasmic rush approaching, take 1-3 Cobra
Breaths. The urgency for the orgasm will dissipate and you can go back to self-pleasuring.

Repeat this process as many times as you like before having an orgasm. You will be acquiring
valuable skills for use in lovemaking with a partner.

Specifically, you will learn very well how to go to the brink of orgasm and postpone it, and how
to transmute your sexual energy.

Couples practice during lovemaking

Always let your partner know if you are going to take a Cobra breath or two, especially if you
are new to it, or are in a new relationship.
We recommend trying to take the Cobra Breath together. You want to be going to the same place
together. It doesnt matter who is on the brink of orgasm, you will both have the same results
because in lovemaking both parties are encased in the Auric Egg, seen in Tantric illustrations.

Your auras and energy are totally intertwined and connected. At first, you might try taking about
14 Cobra Breaths during the whole of the love making time, always taking the breath together.

Incorporate the Tantric Kiss (touching the Third Eyes together), when you can. Eyes may be
open or closed.

Heterosexual couples follow the womans breathing cycle, so both stay within their comfort
zone. You may take 1 to 3 breaths after the brink of an orgasm.

Later, when you are resting in lovemaking, you may wish to take a few more Cobra Breaths
together just to get higher or to feel closer in a sweet meditation.

The Cobra Breath, amongst many other energy movement techniques, including the Fire
Breath Orgasm, is taught in many of our workshops and retreats.

Bandhas: The Energy Locks

The human body has three natural locks that control the movement of pranic energy, two of
which are worth mentioning here that you might like to try:

Chin Lock

Sit in the easy pose (lotus style), knees touching the floor, if possible, with palms on the knees.
Relax and close your eyes. Keep your attention on the throat chakra.
Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Move the head back and drop your chin a little. Hold as long
as is comfortable.
Raise the head, relax the body and exhale. (Dont exhale before you release the chin lock or you
could hurt yourself).
Repeat, after the breath has returned to normal, up to 10 repetitions. This is a valuable
preparation for meditation as it slows the heart rate, calms the mind and relieves stress. It also
massages and stimulates the thyroid which affects many functions of the body, including sexual
functions. This is another way to work with the throat chakra, if communication is a problem for
CAUTION: Anyone subject to strokes, high blood pressure or heart problems should not do this

Root Lock

Sit in an easy pose, ideally with your perineum or clitoris pressing on your heel, palms upon
thighs. Move your attention to the base centre.
Inhale deeply. Perform the chin lock.
Contract the Pubococcygeus Muscle (PC), the one you use to stop the flow of urine. Press down
and forward on the floor until you feel a twitch in the vagina or a pull in the testicles. Use a
moderate squeeze held for as long as is comfortable.
Release the contraction and chin lock, take a sniff of air, and exhale. Feel sexual energy rising
from the base centre to the brain (or to the heart).