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P.O.BOX # 428
Lemon Grove, Ca 91946
Cell: (619) 746-3486

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Mechanical Assembler or related position.

SUMMARY: Completed United States Naval courses in Jet Engine Mechanic while in the United States Navy.
Ten years experience as a Mechanical Assembler, Mechanical Technician III in Aerospace. Also, 6 years as an Aircraft
Engine Mechanic in the Navy and four+ years as a Master-At-Arms (Military Police) while serving in the military.
· Accomplished assigned tasks in a timely manner/effectively reduced cost and man hour(s)
· Performed detailed, precise, analytical work in accordance with Engineering Blue Prints and schematics.
· Always going the extra mile to accomplish tasks, positive attitude.
· Computer literate, Strong people skills. · Attentive, motivated to succeed and ambitious. · Bilingual - Spanish.

Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla 11/2008- Present
Security Officer – perform written reports when auto accidents occur, take photos as evidence, perform key assist for
medical staff or environmental staff personnel in non restricted areas, patrol all areas of the hospital facilities inside and
outside ground areas, respond to all codes. Assist nursing staff when patients/visitors are not conforming to hospital
policies. At occasions escort personnel off hospital grounds to the bus stop or a taxi. Assure that patient safety and care is
given throughout the hospital while on patrol, also attended the Non-Violent Crisis Prevention program.

United States NAVY 12/2003-02/2008, 12/1999-12/2001, 09/1985-09/1989

Aviation Machinist Mate – Removed/replaced jet engine components per the manufacturer specifications by inspecting
the combustion section inner components for cracks, worn parts and metal fatigue. Overhauled the engines combustion
hot section, which consists of completely tearing down the combustion section. Diagnosed aircraft reduction gears for
cracks, metal fatigue, and per operational function procedures’. Precise dimensional measurements were taken on the
turbine (assembly) blades and stators. Tools used such as calipers, micro- meters, (inside & outside), used a Boroscope
for inspecting the low and high speed compressors for damage. Daily inspections of the engine and aircraft were
performed as a daily and pre-operational safety inspection prior to and after every flight. Preserved jet engines prior to
shipment to the Naval Fleet and for short/long term storage. Performed duties as a senior plane captain; launched &
recovered aircrafts according to flight schedules. Supervised the night/graveyard shift while having six to nine junior

Pac Ord (L-3 Communications) 05/2003-12/2003

Outside Machinist Journeyman - modified U.S. Navy Ships per military specs for the installation of hardware such as
nuts, bolts, brackets and associated assemblies. Used various calibrated torque wrenches for proper final installation of
components. Aligned Naval ships engines per specs, as well as power Generators, and fire control pumps per engineering
blueprints. For the repair of the ships Fire Control Systems I removed & repaired salt water pumps, resurfaced &
resealed the pump(s) interior surface with special compound sealants. Certified forklift operator on powered industrial
vehicles: Toyota 4750LB Capacity and Mitsubishi 8000LB Capacity.

Rush Trucking Center 02/2003-05/2003

Mechanic Apprentice, heavy line - I performed light and heavy duty (lubrication, oil, and filter) maintenance on GMC,
Hino, Isuzu, Freightliner, Volvo and Peterbilt trucks. R & R suspension & related parts, alternators, starters, prepped
vehicles for customer pickup etc… and performed 120 point inspection to all vehicles prior to performing maintenance.
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P.O.BOX # 428
Lemon Grove, Ca 91946
Cell: (619) 746-3486

Aldela (Temp) 01/2003-02/2003

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic II - performed scheduled maintenance on golf club manufacturing machines.
Adjust mechanical linkages, R & R defective motors, R & R defective building lights and fixed basic electrical
wiring. Installed all plumbing drain lines for the runoff from the graphite machines.

Overland Storage (Temp) 09/2002-11/2002

Warehouse Receiver - received assembly & computer boards for data storage drives, inventoried parts for accuracy
of in house accountability and incoming shipments. Implemented a new inventory storage system which resulted in
100% accuracy, accountability and final inspection of computer storage devices ranging from $30K to $350K.

Delta Design, Inc. 03/1999 - 12/1999

Mechanical Assembler - the company’s product are Test Handlers and Environmental Chambers to the worldwide
semiconductor industry. I Reworked and manufactured a variety of the semiconductor logic pick and place test handlers
from the ground up. Manual & pneumatic tools were used for the assembly of the test handlers. Routed wiring harness
and ran cabling using schematic wiring.

Qualcomm personnel Electronics 01/1996-02/1999

Mechanical Technician / Inspector - performed final inspection of production cellular phones ranging from 1200 to
2000 phones per shift, built, programmed, debugged cellular phones using computer tooling fixtures. Total Quality
Management practices were totally implemented procedures by all personnel and ISO 9000 training. Worked closely
with engineering at the beginning (Research & Development) for the pre-start of the production phase, meanwhile
trained new personnel on all production practices per (TQM) Total Quality Management procedures. Inspected
cellular phones at the final inspection process prior to packaging and shipment to customers worldwide.

General Dynamics Convair & Space Systems 09/1989-01/1996

Lock-head Martin; Martin Marietta
Mechanical Technician III - worked in a 100K Micron clean room environment, installed/inspected Aerospace
components such as fuel, hydraulic, Pneumatic, Oil Lines on aerospace vehicles such as Atlas II, Titan Booster
Titan Booster Space Vehicles, per engineering blueprints for final installation. Installed aerospace aircraft engines on
space vehicles per detailed blueprints, assisted by Pratt & Whitney technical representatives. Used Precision calibrated
tools such as calipers, depth gauges, micrometers (inside & outside), used various types of torque wrenches from inch
pounds to foot pounds, applied adhesives & sealants, assisted electricians in routing electrical harnesses, installed
telemetry sensors, and numerous sealed Space Electronic boxed components. Trained new personnel of the aerospace
manufacturing practices and phases sequence of production. Manufactured, inspected the Tomahawk Cruise Missile from
beginning to end production.

Cabling Class - Cuyamaca College.
Master-At-Arms / Jet Engine Mechanic both Basic and advanced - U.S. Navy.
Air conditioning / Refrigeration - San Diego Community, Ca.
Electronic Technician Certificate - Manhattan Career Institute.
Automatic Heating Systems - Alfred E. Smith H.S.
California Security Guard Card & Basic Life Support class.