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Carley Standish
Professional Growth Plan

Name: Carley Standish
Semester: PSII Semester
School Year: January April 2017

Goal 1: KSAs (Instruction):
To improve the strength and effectiveness of KSA #5: Teachers identify and
transitions and closures throughout my respond to learner differences
lessons KSA #9: Teachers use a broad
range of instructional strategies

Strategies: Indicators and Measures of
Ensure learning objectives are Achievement:
revisited at the closure and that the The transitions are taken
students are assessed on said positively by students; the
objectives directions were understood and
When planning, plan accordingly to put into action by students
the time allotted and be clear and The material in my closure clearly
precise on timing for each section to links back to the learning
ensure smooth transitions and closure objectives in my lesson plans
Plan more than necessary and ensure while assessing students
that my closure is solid with questions learning
and transitions into the following I will choose three different
lesson(s) lessons, one at the beginning
Keep a post-it note of transition middle and end, to specifically
sequence with me at all times to reflect on the effectiveness of my
touch back on and ensure all steps are closures and transitions, which
being followed will show improvement in those
Planning out my transitions ahead of areas overall
time to ensure I am able to move
from one section of my lesson to the
next in a fluid fashion
Time Line: Resources:
Practicum time (March 6 April 13th,2017) Transition Sequence post-it
note (learnt in PSI)
University Consultant and
Teacher Associate
Curriculum Lab resources on
having successful transitions and

Carley Standish
Goal 2: KSAs (Assessment):
Improve my assessment skills (formative and KSA #11: Teachers gather and use
summative) and apply them to the music information about students
curriculum learning needs and progress and
assess the range of learning

Strategies: Indicators and Measures of
Discuss and observe assessment tools Achievement:
with my Teacher Associate Students react positively towards
(specifically for music) assessment tools
Return to assessment tools learnt Assessment accurately
throughout PSI and PSII, pertaining to represents the objectives set out
formative and summative (ex: in lesson plan and POS
assessment in music journal articles) (curriculum)
Reflect on the effectiveness of Assessment is laid out clearly and
different assessment tools in the easy to follow for students, TA
classroom by noting and recording and myself
evidence of student learning

Time Line: Resources:
Practicum time (March 6 April 13th,2017) Curriculum and Instruction
Evaluation professor(s)
Teacher Associate
Music assessment journal articles
PSII peers


Goal 3: KSAs (Classroom Leadership and
Improve on my classroom presence while Management):
developing effective classroom management
KSA #7: Teachers create and
skills and strategies
maintain environments that are
conducive to student learning
and understand student needs
for physical, social, cultural and
psychological security
KSA #8: Establishes relationships
with students that respect
human dignity

Carley Standish
Strategies: Indicators and Measures of
Allowing students to feel comfortable Achievement:
with turning to me with any Positive reaction from students
questions/concerns participation in class activities,
Developing a set of classroom rules following instructions with an
and procedures appropriate attitude
Following through on my Students come to me without
expectations and goals for students reluctance with any
Learning about my students questions/concerns
thoroughly and adjusting to their Feedback from Teacher Associate
learning styles/needs and University Consultant on
Connecting with my Teacher classroom management
Associate and University consultant indicating successful classroom
to mesh ideas and opinions management
Time Line: Resources:
Practicum time (March 6 April 13th,2017) University Consultant and
Teacher Associate
Students feedback
Resources on classroom
management (Curriculum Lab,
online, professors)

Goal 4 (health and wellness):
Go to the gym at least four times a week at
60 minutes minimum
Strategies: Indicators and Measures of
After 100+ pound loss I achieved last Achievement:
year, referring to my strategies I used: Feeling positive (mentally and
o Logging food and exercise on physically) with the mind break
MyFitnessPal physical activity will give
o Posting on my weight loss Slight changes in my body
Instagram losing weight and building muscle
o Using social media as

Touching back on the medicine
wheel learnt from Dawn Burleigh in
Using my boyfriend/friends as

Carley Standish
Time Line: Resources:
Semester (January 9 April 13th ,2017) University gym
Social Media