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Trabajo de reconocimiento del curso


GRUPO: 90121_85


1st Part

A. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE: Update your Profile in the virtual campus

and send the screen; it is mandatory to upload your picture
(Check the Knowledge Environment to look at the procedure)

B. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Record your personal presentation taking

into account the following information (You can use any tool to record
your presentation but the result must be a MP3 file - SVRecorder is a
useful option-):

El archivo de video se encuentra adjunto a este archivo PDF

2nd Part

After checking the virtual course, answer the following questions:

1. Where can you find the links of the web conferences developed in the course?
R//1- We can find Knowledge Environment

2. What do you find in the link Listening and Pronunciation Tools?

R//2- We can find activities, readings, and quizzes about different topics, that have
the course III English

3. Mention five topics at least - you can find in the Management Environment.
R//3- We can find political university Environment, virtual counseling, student
regulations, anti plagiarism UNAD

4. Explain with your own words, what is the purpose of the link
Agenda de Acompaamiento Docente in the Initial Information Environment.
R//4- We can find the teaching plan helps to organize teaching in the University
about the exercise to accompany students in their academic process to achieve the
purposes of training programs and courses

5. Explain what SVRecorder (Collaborative Learning Environment) is and how it is

used in the virtual room?
R//5- 1- Click on VRecorder
2- Click on Abrir and Aceptar
3- Double click on svrecorder10be.exe
4- Click on the red button
5- Select the name of the new record, where to save it, press Guardar and now you are
ready to record your voice.

3 rd Part
Answer the following question supporting your opinin (at least 10 lines):

How can you practice English in your daily life?

In my daily life, I practice english, listening music and watching animation movies,
besides of this activities, I practice english listening famous people's interview, my
cousins, Luisa and Carolina are an experts in the moment to talk english, my
cousin Luisa, learned english, in the school, and my cousin Carolina at the same
I practice with them, sometimes, when I talk in the phone or when they come to my
house for a familiar visit