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EDCO 630 Secondary Internship-Practicum

Spring 2017

Math Lesson Plan

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Student: Iman Ayyas
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EDCO 630 Secondary Internship-Practicum
Spring 2017

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Subject Area: Math

Concept/Topic: Algebraic Representations of

Grade Level: Grade 8

Date: Wednesday, Feb.15,2017

Big idea/Conceptual Statement:
The big idea is to compare and contrast the attributes of a shape and its
dilation(s) on a coordinate plane. Students will be able to describe the
dilation using a scale factor, using graph and using algebraic rules. They
will also solve real life word problems related to the concept.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can you describe the effect of a

dilation on coordinates using an algebraic representation?

Standards: CCSS. 8.G.4

Understand that a two-dimensional figure is similar to another if the second can be
obtained from the first by a sequence of rotations, reflections, translations, and
dilations; given two similar two-dimensional figures, describe a sequence that
exhibits the similarity between them.

EDCO 630 Secondary Internship-Practicum
Spring 2017

Represent algebraically the effect of a scale factor applied to two-dimensional

figures on a coordinate plane with the origin as the center of dilation
Graph an image of dilation using a given scale factor.
- Analyze a given coordinates to deliver the algebraic rules.
- Solve real life word problems using dilations.


Scale factor- ratio proportional similar figures-congruent angles

Materials and Technology:

Educational Apps: Padlet and Edmodo Quiz- Popplet for mind mapping
Coordinate Plane
Frayers Model to summarize the lesson.
Visual routines

Differentiation is implemented in the process, content and product.
In the approach, three different activities are given depending on the level
of readiness of each group.( Guidance in instructions differ from a group to
In addition to its presence in the product throughout all designed activities.
In the assessment part of the lesson, students will be given the opportunity
to choose the assessment.
EDCO 630 Secondary Internship-Practicum
Spring 2017

5E Inquiry Cycle:
Although these lesson phases are listed separately, we expect that students
will be engaged in and exploring the content throughout the lesson; that
they will be explaining their ideas and thinking throughout the lesson; and
that teachers will be evaluating students performances and learning
throughout the lesson.

Engagement activity will be done on padlet app. Students will use visual
thinking routines to warm up and write what they observe, think about and
How will students explore the problem or activity?

Activity sheets with differentiated instruction are given to the different

groups, (where each has a task related to the objective.

See attached sheets

EDCO 630 Secondary Internship-Practicum
Spring 2017

Students will explain their findings, they will conclude that the algebraic
representation uses the scale factor multiplied by the coordinates of the
pre-image. Hence, students will explain their thinking and understanding.


Students will have some application independently. Early finishers will

search for real life examples in Dubai showing dilation.


Closure activities : Three choices upon students interest.

Popplet mind mapping - Frayers Model Error Analysis.


EDCO 630 Secondary Internship-Practicum
Spring 2017

Edmodo quiz
Activity sheets-Boards of coordinate plane-