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Associate Teacher's Summative Report

Wyi,iYfir:tr ( Year
Reporting Period: November 30, 2016 - December L6,20t6
Practicum 3

Teacher Candidate (TC): Lauren Mailloux

Assoclate Tcher (ATl: Chantal Lucarelli

School: ucc
Grade(sl & Subject{sl: 5Bl 3U - Gr 11 Biology, University

To the Associate Teacher:

Please provide oncloincl feedbac;k to yolt Ter.iclrt:r Cnciidate. At the trlri of tlrts prac;trcurl
use tirs fornr to provicle sunrlratrve feedbar;k to vour leacller Cndrlate. Assess Vour
Teacher Candtrlale.s l)roqress by rtrarktnq th) Prqress Clrart below

Developing As Expected
Teacher Candidate displays the appropriate level of skill develo_pment,
Needs Further Development
Teacher Candidate displays slghtly below the appropriate skill development.
At Rlsk
Teacher Candidate does not display the appropriate skill development for their level of
rience and progression through the program. External support and intervention required.
Not Applcahle (On Formtve Assessment Only)
Teacher Candidate has not had an opportunty to show this skill during the frst two weeks of this
practicum OR Too soon to evaluation the Teacher Canddate on ths item in the Progress Chart.

Progress Chart:
Professionalism: DAE NFD AR
Demonstrates professionalism in attitude, appearance,
aol {) ^
Has a strong work ethic (e.9., shows ntiative, enthusiasm,
and interest in improving professional practice);
-; i]
Demonstrates consistent and attendance; c r\ (l
Upholds OCT standards of respect, integrity, trust, and care; e
Establishes supportive, respectful and professional
relationships with students, teachers, staff, and Q] tl

Takes initiative to,lean about the schoot co-mmyqlty; . . .. i'' ...

Takes initiative to learn about the classroom, students and
lesson planning; {D *
Observes and supports individual and small groups during
AT's lessons and other classroom activities
Collaboration and Assistance DAE NFD AR
Assists AT in planning and co-teaching a variety lessons and
activities for students;
Assists AT in o ut-oclassroom dutie-s and supervision; 0;r C
Assists in extra-curricular activities in the school (* '! ',

Classroom and School Environment DAE NFD AR

Helps to maintain a safe and respectful classroom
environment through personal example and positive
interaction wth students;
Shows awareness ofand begins to develop effective ( L,'
classroom m skills;
Handles nd maintans classroom/school scheduling routines
Displays the abilty and willingness to be flexible and
adaptable when changes arisej 'l
Displays and models good time management skills; i- i_)
Dlsplays and models good organization al skills; i _l

Planni and Preparation DAE NFD AR

Consults with AT to identify topics and lessons to be taught;
Makes lesson plans available for AT review in time for
feedback an d revislon if neessary;

Prepares detailed and complete written lesson plans; o ri {-l
Lessons have appropriate curriculum expectations, learning 6\ ('t
goals and success criteria;
Prepares appropriate and relevant instructional resources;
Plans engaging and meanngful introductory and culminating
i n ti
i:'rr-to-date, wetl-organized reache Day Bok i . (:;

Pedagogy and Lesson Execution DAE NFD AR

Presents material in an accurate and meaningful manner to
Sets clear instructional expectatons;
Utilizes a variety of strategies to engage and motivate i)
students and capture their lnterest
e] \.-J

Uses a range of instructional approaches to support the

needs of all learners;
t L-

Uses technology as appropriate to enhance instruction and

) \l
student learning;
Demsnstrats flexibility nd adaptability in lesson delivery
and pacing;
a] if t _-J

Utilizes a variety of questions with fluidity within the learning

e (.1 o
Responds appropriately to students' guestions 0 t"
Communication DAE NFD AR
Speaks with clarity, and with appropriate volume and
Models appropriate oral communication including phrasing,
cal form, and enunciation;
Displays sensitivity to individual learners by tailoring a variety
of nonverbal strategies to enhance learning
O rl

Assessment DAE NFD AR

Uses a range ofeffective strategies to assess student learning
(as, of,
i.i Li
lessons; &) ()
Provides specific, meaningful and timely feedback and
C' ,: (- .l
individual attenton;
Records/tracks assessment and provides to assocate teacher (- U

Self-Reflective Practice DAE NFD AR

ls self-reflective; l1
Accepts constructive feedback; rl
lncorports ATs suggestions nto profssiol prctice; e t.,

Associ dte Te ach e r Co m me nts :

Strengths Areas of ment
Lauren is a fun, well organized and approachable teacher Lauren is off to a great start and has definitely
candidate. She works hard and ensures student learning is
found her vocation in life. lt was a pleasure
occurring. She utilizes a variety of teching methods in
delivering curricular content and reaches out to
having her in my classroom.
community professionals for additional resources and class
presentations, Lauren is ambltious and truly enjoys being
in the classroom, so much so, that she extended her stay
with us an extra week.

Please Check ONE

t/ Overall, this practicum placement has been satsfactory.

il Overall, this practicum plcement has not been satsfactory.

Dts of Absnse(s|: Detes of Make-up Day{s}:

December t4,2Ot6 Dec 19-23rd

Associate Teache/s Signature: Date: .c. Z l, 7*ot L

Teacher Candidate's Date:

Dec .73t 2o(
(Teocher Candidote's sgnaturc indicates he or she has reviewed and received a copy of ths report)