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The Effects of Teen Motherhood

Jazmyne Pink

Georgia Southern University

PRCA 4339 C: PR Campaign Strategies

September 30, 2016



A copious amount of studies have been conducted on teen pregnancy and the effects it has on the

teens future in order to develop a better understanding of the health, social, and economical risk.

The risks are constantly evaluated to further the understanding specifically how to implement a

better system to avoid becoming or to help teen moms. Many communication studies have been

studied to examine and explain the effects of teen pregnancy on an adolescents life. The studies

allows for a better understanding of the factors that play into teen pregnancy like the

effectiveness of sex education, mentor and parental influences, and financial assistance. This

study aids in creating a framework for understanding effects of motherhood on an adolescent,

family and mentored influence, and includes a discussion of the relative influence of educational

attainments through the school system. This will aid to help the organization Choice of the Heart

in implementing effective ways to communicate their organizational purpose to adolescent girls.



Choices of the Heart Pregnancy Resource Center provides women at childbearing age

with the answers and options they need when they find themselves pregnant. Choices of the

Heart help to provides services to women through counseling, health programs, and medical

assistance that is needed. The organization offers a safe and confidential setting for local teens

and women to gain knowledge of the options they have before choosing termination. The

organization can not currently meet needs of women between the ages 15-18 because a majority

are minors and face legal circumstances when it comes to entering the schools. The organization

seeks to expands its services to high school aged girls to better meet the needs of these teen

mom to be, but cannot expand their services due to peoples preconceived notions teen

pregnancy. The misunderstanding of branding of the organization is leading to an obstacle

between the building their clientele and organizations real mission. This misunderstanding must

be resolved through Choices of the Heart educating not only these girls but their mentors,

parents, and teachers. Choice of the Heart needs to show that the organization is pro-life and uses

their services to explore other options if or when a teen becomes pregnant.


Teenage motherhood is a phenomenon that is constantly prevalent and socialized through

media and can be very disruptive to a young adolescents future. Research studies have shown

teen motherhood can lead living in poverty, low educational attainment for the mother and child,

ill health and poor parenting (Ellis-Sloan,2014 ). According to Manlove (2008) the influence of

dropping out of school on teen pregnancy is especially strong for younger teens. This shows that

age does matter that teen pregnancy happens and affects a persons future. Chase-Landsdale,

Brooks-Gunn, and Palkott (1991) conducted research that approximately 75% of single

adolescents mother join AFDC (Aid for Families with Dependent Children) in order to financial

support themselves and their child. This finding was also supported by the AFDC that as children

move from adolescents into young adulthood; they encounter dramatic physical, emotional, and

lifestyle changes.

In many teen pregnancy cases in the United Sates, a teens response to the unplanned

pregnancy is influenced by a myriad of conditions such as her school ambitions, relationship

with the father of the baby, perceived family support for keeping the baby, and how many of her

peers have become parents (Chase-Landsdale, Brooks-Gunn, and Palkott ,1989). Despite the

debate over pro-life and pro-choice there need to be strategy to reduce the high levels of teen

pregnancy. What needs to change is the fact-driven dialogue of ways to prevent teen pregnancy

and options that can be implanted if the adolescent finds herself in the situation of being or

becoming a teen mom. Implementing programs like a once a year seminars in school systems are

a great way to prevent and give advice on handling teen motherhood.


The planning that must take place in order for these teen moms to be able to use the

resources is through the communication of parents, mentors, and also teachers. Choices of the

Heart must communicate their cause through the people that these girls look up to or see on a

daily basis. Manlove (2008) conducted a study in which they found that programs that aim to

keep at-risk teens in school as long as possible may thus be associated with both positive

educational outcomes and high opportunity cost associated with having a teen birth (p.210). In

order to get involved in the life of these adolescents the organization must tackle the parents and

mentors, teachers. This can be done by setting up educational seminars to inform them of the

reason as to why the cause matter and the benefits of letting them speak to their children or

students. Creating a relationship and understanding between them will create a better

understanding and acceptance which will open up communication between the organization and

the young women.

In order for the situation of teen motherhood improving there needs to be involvement

and programs in place for the teen mother to feel as if she is not alone. Research had found

schools with greater resources may provide teens with the skills and encouragement necessary

to achieve educational advancement and realize high opportunity costs associated with having a

teen birth (Manlove, 2008). They schools implemented a yearly seminar by allowing Choices of

the Heart to have a speaker from the organization come in and do not only a sex education talk to

the students but le the girls know of their option and services that the organization offers if they

do find themselves pregnant can improves these adolescents futures and give them hope for a

better future, despite their circumstances.

The goals of the services offered by Choices of the Heart for a teen affected by teen

motherhood are to counteract the negative consequences of being or becoming a teen mom with

skill and knowledge. Chase-Lansdale, Brooks-Gunn, and Palkoff (1991) found that programs

designed to benefit the child indirectly by improving the teenage mothers own life options

through education and employment opportunities; or programs that provided direct intervention

to the child, thus enhancing cognitive and social development through specialized enrichment

programs (p.399). Most of the available program are not directed at helping the mother

educationally and financially but, look at the consequences. By offering Choices of the Heart

counseling and medical assistance to the mother this can help improve their future outcomes this

will give them the confidence needed to continue with school.


By forming these relationship with parents, mentors and teachers the organization can use

their budget to send out emails, letters, and also information packets to them. The organization

can also hold seminars for parents or teachers who have pregnant teens in their classes or at

home to inform them of ways to communicates and give options to them through Choices of the

Heart. Also, the organization can use girls they have helped as guest speakers to give insight to

options as giving the real life experience to the girls that may or may not become teen moms.

The budget can be implemented to help with a small stipend for their time and any travel

expenses need.


The way in which the organization can see if they are helping improve the girls effected

by teen motherhood is by sending out evaluation surveys and continuing email communication.

This will help them gain feedback and analyze data to see ways in which they need to improve

and the effectiveness of the programs they are offering.



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