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Your name: Sara Gorman

Your classroom (Provide a brief description of your classroom/grade/subject/specialization, etc):

A first grade Language Arts class.

Based on the definitions provided by this week and last weeks articles, along with the
examples on p. 52 of this weeks article, complete the chart below to provide specific
examples of how you would encourage CT and problem solving in your classroom.

CT Principle How you would define it How would it manifest in your

(in your own words) class

A group of data about a certain Collect data on the most popular

Data Collection topic. books and have students
compare the genres to find
which are the most popular.
Looking over the data that was Comparing the genres of the
Data Analysis collected. classs favorite books and
looking to see what one is the
most popular.
Making a chart of graph showing Make a graph showing which
Data Representation the data that was analyzed and genres are popular in the class
the conclusions. and having students explain
what one is the most popular.
Breaking up a big problem into Have the students tell a story.
Problem Decomposition smaller pieces to solve it easier. First have them choose a
setting, then characters, before
coming up with a plot. Then
have them put it together. Make
sure they use an outline.
Taking one specific idea and Have them sound out words
Abstraction making it more general to where when reading and then bringing
it can cover other topics. the idea of sounding out to
spelling and writing words.
A step-by-step set of instructions Writing down the directions to an
Algorithms and Procedures on how to do something. activity or an assignment and
having the students follow them.
Using the tools that you have Using spell checker when they
Automation been given to problem solve and have finished typing up an
come up with solutions. answer to a story.
Looking at data with the same Have students look at the graph
Parallelization lens. of their favorite books and
compare it to another classs
graph of favorite books and
explain the similarities.
Being able to show students Act out a story that we are
Simulation what they are learning as reading in class.
opposed to just talking about it.