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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2009

Holly Chen & Barry Chi
help others find success
Top Achievers converge
in the city of dreams

Your Dreams, Your Future

Earn an invitation to ACHIEVERS 09
achi e ve th i s

We are the answer to this economy.

Weve got the right products, programs and plan.
Thanks to you, weve got the right people.

Together, we are

And when we work together, no one can touch us.

Thats why we are at the top of this industry.

And thats true success.

Ev en t of the Year

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See the sights, the sounds, Achievers belt out the hits with
the memories. Rock Band at the Welcome Party.

CELEBRATING Amazing entertainment and

The best and the brightest stars in SUCCESS magical celebrations.

page 6
the Amway Global galaxy were shining
at the five-diamond Venetian Resort
in Las Vegas for Achievers 08
the biggest business conference
and celebration event of the year.

Guests enjoyed five days of star

treatment world-class entertainment,
exclusive parties, private shows,
glittering paparazzi and fantastic PERFECT Meet Holly Chen and Barry Chi, CROWNS

cuisine all in celebration of their

PARTNERSHIP plus more bright Amway stars.

page 14
spectacular, stellar achievements.

Who was invited? Only those

who achieved success as
Founders Platinums or above
an extraordinary accomplishment.


page 36
the once-in-a-lifetime event Find out how to make your
in Orlando that will celebrate dreams your future.

50 years of free enterprise.

See back cover
page 43
Bill Hawkins, Executive Diamond and
outgoing IBOAI chair learn his secrets
of success.


Las Vegas: City of Dreams

New pins had fun shopping for

FUN FACTS new baubles at The Grand Canal
Shoppes full of couture from
world-renowned designers.

The number of IBOs
at Achievers 08

Types of pasta served
at the Welcome Dinner

Number of celebrity look- The Venetian is the brightest
alikes at Achievers 08 star in Las Vegas a city that
can be seen from space a

Number of actual celebrities
fitting place to host our own
brightest stars.

at Achievers 08

Number of Rock Band
videogame stations where
IBOs could rock out like
their favorite musicians

Number of shops and
restaurants in The Venetian Achievers indulged in soothing
facials, rejuvenating massages,
and purifying wraps at the

Number of suites
Canyon Ranch SpaClub.

inside The Venetian

Glitz . G lam o ur . Ve g a s .

Guests were treated to

authentic gondola rides along
the quarter-mile Grand Canal
within the resort, an amazing
Amway Global Achievers captured
re-creation of Venice, Italy.
memories at The Venetian
Las Vegas, a five-diamond luxury
resort with the citys most
elegant casino.

With 19 remarkable restaurants

and six award-winning chefs, The
Venetian provided magnificent
cuisine for our deserving guests.

A cappella group Mosaic on

stage at Achievers.

Most Impressed
Best Part
Favorite Treat The hotel is unbelievable.
Spending time with other You could get lost in
Canyon Ranch SpaClub Achievers and our upline. here its just beautiful.
Pete and Lisa Herschelman Lisa and Conrad Hall Brian Griffith
Concord, California Hermosa Beach, California Barbados
Kick it up
Whats the most important part of tru
e success?
Realizing you have unlimited potentia

You cant buy a ticket to Achievers.

You have to earn it.
This is success you can feel.
This is achievement you can touch.
This you can take to the next level.


VH1 host, Comedy Central comedian, and Achievers 08

emcee Scott Bloom entertained IBOs with hilarious
anecdotes and celebrity interviews in which he
interviewed IBOs who loosely resembled celebrities
as if they were actually famous.

Musical phenom Michaelays hit musical
the Billy Joel sound-alike from Bro
s rushed the stage
Movin Out, rocked the house. Fan
amazing band.
for photos with the pianist and his

Compelling harmonies from MTV-award-winning
group Mosaic struck a chord with IBOs. The
a cappella mix of funk, jazz, hip-hop and
opera gave Achievers a live, exclusive
preview of the Groups red-carpet
Grammy 2009 performance.

Cost of 1,815 tickets

for an exclusive Phantom
show at The Venetian:
Experience of seeing it
with 1,814 of your
closest friends:
Phantom was awesome!
Two private Achievers performances Loved every moment Christine and Raoul
of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Phantom
sang together.
thrilled audiences with spectacular
special effects. Named the #1 Sonya and Jared Hoff
show in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Hanover, Pennsylvania
Review Journal, the production
was developed exclusively for
The Venetian.
Ready for
lets grow!
Jim Hunking
Managing director,
The business is about
Joe Markiewicz making money and achieving
IBOAI your dreams.

We can grow this baby like

never before. It is a brand
new day. Were attracting
the best and the brightest.


iboai VP SALES
Weve never lost sight of the
one element thats critical to
our success thats you. You
have the vision. You have
the leadership. You have the
power to effect change. The
Amway Global business is
propelled by the power of our
BOB ANDREWS partnership a partnership
iboai that has only strengthened in
the first half century. We look
forward to our journey with
you. And we are committed
to your success.
Were always better
if we work together.
When we do that
and have true
partnership nobody
can touch us.


VP and
Cindy SeeHase Money, freedom, friendship
and a challenge to
director, accomplish if thats
TRADE DEVELOPMENT what youre about, if thats
what it means to you to

Alison Hague be an Achiever and IBO,

then welcome. Youre who
Director, TRAINING we are looking for.

Right now, this is

the place to be. When
you ask the legends
in our business if they
had to do it over again,
what do they say? I
would dream bigger.


We may look back
several years from now
and remember today.
We have the perfect plan.
The perfect place.
The perfect time. The
perfect people to build
it big. To crush the
competition and to take
this opportunity wherever
we want to take it. To help
our friends become new
Platinums, Emeralds,

2009 IBOAI Chairman

Now is the time.

Now is the place.
Amway Global and IBOs are moving ahead together.
For a first-ever Las Vegas-style feat, Amway Global commissioned award-winning illusionist
Jeff McBride to celebrate top Achievers in a mesmerizing performance of magical acclaim.
With his unique theatrical blend of pantomime, Kabuki theater and world class sleight-of-hand,
McBride made the Chen-Chis, Duncans, Baes, and Shahs appear on stage in a sequence of
mystifying, dramatic, and deeply moving illusions.

Holly Chen and Barry Chi

This is a business of helping others. As leaders, we
assume added responsibility for the success of people
in our downline. Our only limits are those that we place Julie and Brad Duncan
on ourselves. Its my job to motivate IBOs and help CROWN
them break through their barriers!
Its powerful to see our friends recognized for their hard
work and achievements. When its us on the stage, with
people we love by our side and the audience full of people
who have helped us, its a fantastic feeling.

Albert and Monica Bae

Many of the things others take for granted can be huge
stumbling blocks for people new to the United States.
Because we faced those same hurdles while growing
our Amway Global business, our partners believe that
Raj and Sangita Shah
they can find the same success weve found.
This business the opportunity and the products allows us
to bring out the best in others and ourselves. We feel like were
kids again because every single day we do something better,
accomplish another goal, see the sparkle return to peoples
eyes who have lost hope in their future.

If you want to learn about building
a successful Amway Global
business, just watch Holly Chen
and Barry Chi in action. Holly is
an amazing leader, mentoring
groups of Crown Diamond, Double
Diamond and Executive Diamond
IBOs. Barry is a talented trainer,
teaching them how to improve
retail sales. Together, they are a
force. We are fortunate to have
them on our team.

Steve Van Andel, chairman of

Alticor Inc., congratulates Holly
Chen and Barry Chi on another
incredible milestone: achieving
Crown status in North America.

Amazing Leaders
Holly Chen and Barry Chi
As Amway Global Crowns in the United States
with an even larger business in Asia, Holly
Chen and Barry Chi move easily through their
busy schedules, often booked back-to-back
with meetings and international phone calls.
They light up the world around them with their
enthusiasm and passion for helping people
improve their lives and reach their dreams.

Their goal: partner with Amway Global to offer

the best business and product knowledge to as
many Independent Business Owners as possible
at every level of achievement. Along the way,
Holly and Barry continually inspire and challenge
even their most successful downline to keep
moving forward.

This is a business of helping others, says Holly.

As leaders we assume added responsibility for
the success of the people in our downline. Our
only limits are those that we place on ourselves.
Its my job to motivate IBOs and help them break
through their barriers.

We love Amway Global people, all of the products,

and the IBO Compensation Plan. Even more, we
love the happiness in our lives and being able to
help others find the same happiness and sense
of peace.
Fueling leadership in others To help children,
Theres no better way to learn about building a
successful Amway Global business than to watch
Holly and Barry have been
Holly and Barry in action. Hollys obvious enthusiasm
bubbles over as she tells how much she enjoys
projects to build
bringing groups of Crown Diamond, Double Diamond,
and Executive Diamond IBOs under her wings to
and furnish
conduct what she describes as concentrated training countless schools in
sessions. These IBOs are invited because they are
leaders in the business, but they are still hungry for
rural China and Taiwan
information on how to improve retail sales, motivate for many years.
and train new IBOs and inspire others to build
momentum in their organizations.

Achiever snapshot
Holly Chen and Barry Chi
Have the most Founders Achievement Awards
points at the end of FY08: 64.25
Are Double Crown Ambassadors in Taiwan as of
2003, Founders Council members in China, and
Crowns in the United States
Were an elementary school teacher (Holly) and
an engineer (Barry) in their former lives
Have come a long way. I was a child in poverty,
and then I was a mother in poverty, but now
Im a grandmother of abundant wealth. And the
change is because of Amway, says Holly


Family in action
Years of experience give Holly and Barry the confidence
to know that most puzzles can be solved with patience
and problems resolved with new perspective. Barry
and I have no room for negative thoughts, says Holly.
Why should we? Theres so much happiness in our
lives. Every day theres nothing but total happiness
within us.

With so much to be thankful for on the business side,

Holly and Barry turn thoughts to their two sons and
daughter all of whom are very active in their own
Amway Global businesses.

The business had a big and positive influence on our

children, says Barry. Early on, they learned about
Sweet life in Vegas. respect and politeness with adults, but also how to
reflect on problems in order to get through them. In
addition to developing excellent people skills, theyve
developed a strong work ethic. Today, the kids are
A dynamic duo driven to help others find success in the business. I
Holly and I are in complete harmony, says Barry. She have complete confidence that they will accomplish
leads, and motivates with her outgoing personality, and every one of their dreams.
I support her in every way.

They agree that good training and

education are vital to success. I
work hard to show others how to
use the products as sales tools, Holly and Barry with their daughter
says Barry. The key is to use the Annie and her husband Wayne.
products, follow the plan, never
give up, and always look for your
next dream.

Barry loves ARTISTRYproducts.

He marvels at the quality of the
products and revels in being able
to express his artistic talents
to guide instructors at training
centers around the world. He
teaches an intensive program
that includes a two-hour segment
on techniques for applying eye
makeup and the concepts of
color, lines and texture. Barry While Holly and
also teaches how to demonstrate Barry have a home
many other product lines, from the L.O.C. in Sparks, Nevada,
brand, DISH DROPS brand to iCook Cookware. they usually live
out of their suite
Brand new IBOs grow in their enthusiasm when they in the luxurious
learn about the science and technology behind products Bellagio Resort in
like the NUTRILITE brand, ARTISTRY brand, iCook Las Vegas.
Cookware, and other products, says Holly. When they
truly believe in our products, they will be rewarded and
their business will begin to take off. The goal is to help
IBOs get to this stage within the first three months.
The sooner someone experiences success, the sooner
theyll understand how our business, like no other, gives
back what you put into it.

Around the world. Holly and
Barrys business is global
in every sense of the word.
Based in both Las Vegas
and Taiwan, they also have
business in China, Hong
Kong, Japan, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Korea, Russia,
New Zealand, Spain, Vietnam
and Germany.

s to talk.
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g up co n
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tart les.
ove ser samp l e a re so u r next
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w whe e from
as w p i c a n e ver kno ty will com
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Be pre or busines

Jungah Han & Wonbo Shim


Taking pride in products, in ourselves.

When Wonbo Shim insisted that he and his
wife try out Amway Global products in order
to start a business, she was cautious. But
then, a product love affair began. Since I
started using DISH DROPSDishwashing
Liquid all those years ago, my hands look and
feel healthier even in our harsh Minnesota
winters. The difference is that our formula
contains AHA and moisturizers! Soon the
Shims were using and loving many other
Amway Global products, and expanding their
sales confidence. With all of the research
and documentation behind our products, its
not just our opinion that theyre good for us,
or that theyre the best, says Wonbo. People
respond to quality. Jungah Han says, Retail
sales are an important part of our plan, so
using and selling more is a regular topic of
discussion at our home meetings... using
products is the best way to understand what
we sell, and that knowledge boosts confidence
levels. When IBOs start retailing and seeing
the results right away, its a huge motivator
that helps them believe in themselves and
want to keep going. With three children,
Sandra, Catherine, and Kristin, the family is
constantly on the go always taking with
them a few NUTRILITEbars to share.

We gather together with our IBOs
on a regular basis
to tune up our skills,
which then
improves our groups
business performance.

Paula & Johnny Matos

Dominican Republic

In the business of uplifting others.

Johnny Matos says it revolves around two
wonders when you grow, and when you help
others grow. Supporting people in their group
is a priority Johnny and Paula share. Every
day, Paula blocks out time in her schedule
to meet or phone IBOs. Johnny responds to
impromptu needs. They travel often within
the Dominican Republic, the United States,
and Columbia, doing business and making
sure their people get the personal attention
they need to succeed. When IBOs dont make
money right away, they become discouraged.
Thats why, according to Paula, Immediately,
we teach people about building a balanced
business by using the products themselves,
retailing to customers, and sponsoring others
to do the same. We keep them involved and
learning through workshops and product
demonstrations. Johnny appreciates Paulas
enthusiasm for helping others and describes
her as the engine that keeps everything
running. He says, From the very beginning,
it has always been Paula who propelled us
forward. Theres never yet been an obstacle
too big for my wife to conquer. Paula
describes family life as happy and tranquil.
The Matos children Cesar Antonio, Eudy,
Jay Paul and Paola Johanna enjoy spending
time together and helping out with the
family business.

Perfect Alfaros e
entertain y world-class

pose wit
Garcias a n a u gh

Estela & Eusebio Alfaro


Listening and learning to succeed. Mentors make a big

difference. Just ask the Alfaros. Our upline proved to be a
master. He believed in us and he lit a fire inside us. Eusebio
and Estela responded, changing their approach from selling
any product to getting to know people and understanding
Maria & Pablo Garcia individual needs. Estela says, We ask more questions
New York and really listen. Were able to personalize our product
recommendations. Customers respect the difference, and our
Easy does it. You cant push people, says Maria Garcia sales are increasing. New listening skills bumped the Alfaros
about challenging downline IBOs to new levels of success. up to Diamond status. Its human nature to give someone we
Before she and husband Pablo became Diamonds, Maria know more of our time, and usually trust follows when actions
says she had a lot of growing to do: I needed to understand match our words. Thats why its not enough to just give away
people better and become a better listener, she says. The products, Estela cautions, Make sure to follow up, be ready
upline team plays an important role in providing steady, to listen, and ask a lot of questions. Today, three generations
gentle guidance. Knowing that upline IBOs would help them of Alfaros are IBOs and every one has discovered the link
through their new endeavor gave the Garcias the confidence between listening and selling.
to jump in. In three years they reached Emerald, and Pablo
closed his auto repair shop. Maria walked away from her
job as a home-care aide to the elderly. Using their light-
handed approach, the couple offers weekly workshops to
IBOs interested in specializing in a product line. Theyve also
gently encouraged their two sons to build businesses of their
own giving them room to grow at their own pace.

The Laus m
Marilyn looka So Ying & Dennis Lau
at Welcome California

Doors to opportunity. In 1980, Dennis and So Ying Lau left

China in search of opportunity. In the United States, the couple
took a variety of jobs and eventually opened a garment factory
in California and two machinery factories in China. When an
employee introduced them to the Amway Global Compensation
Plan, I fell in love right away, says So Ying. The more we
learned about the company the quality of the products, the
satisfaction guarantees behind them, and the environmentally
responsible policies the more impressed we were, adds
Dennis. Now, the more we work, the more we want to do. There
seem to be unlimited profit sources, and everything we do
yields results. All the Lau children are IBOs. And since family
is priority one, they create a family-like atmosphere at sales
meetings, sharing meals and building relationships. We want
to open that door for as many people as we can, says Dennis.

e more p
th e world ar
Few thing s in
than a positive p
A smile. pe.
m i s m and ho .
A world o
f o p t i
th i ng s are tough
yo u c a n do it w
If you have a dream, give it a
chance to happen.
Rich DeVos


Diva & La Pavel & Liliam

tha Divak es G mez
Corey Jon
O n ta ri o aran Fl or id a
D o lo re s &
N e w Yo rk

Living the dream: They wanted to earn Living the dream: They look for Living the dream: They enjoy mixing
enough to allow her to stay home with credibility they can sell and find it in pleasurable pursuits like working out
their two sons. Diva says he recognized products from Ribbon Gift Collections, together at the gym with their business
right away that this was the best business NUTRILITEand ARTISTRY products. agenda. The gyms a great place to
opportunity around. How can you get any better? asks promote NUTRILITE Sports Nutrition and
Dolores. Their answer an opportunity XS Energy Drinks, says Pavel.
Looking to the future: When we tried that also lets them spend time with
the products, the quality was obvious, their kids. Looking to the future: This couple
says Latha. Everyone is looking for ways loves to introduce people to new products
to make office and home environments Looking to the future: Theyre keenly and Amway Global. Itd be selfish of
healthier we provide opportunities they focused on two goals: leaving a legacy us not to share this helps people live
cant turn down. for our children and helping others have better lives.
the same choices we have.

Anish & A u a n & Shiu-Yuen Hs
C a li fo rn nita Aror
a Suei-Y ia
ia C a li fo rn Enriqueta
A ri z o n a & A nt o n i o

Living the dream: The couple works Living the dream: A major move and Living the dream: She believes their
around their kids school, play dates, hectic worklife had them stressed until mentors offered an answer to prayer. Our
zoo visits and art projects. they found some remarkable products. I Amway Global business has given us time
became a walking advertisement for the we were lacking time as a couple and
Looking to the future: Anish is still products we were selling, says Shiu-Yuen. time with our children.
employed as a computer engineer but I believe NUTRILITE products help me
looks forward to joining his wife full time. feel young, and ARTISTRY products help Looking to the future: We love helping
Anita enjoys great success with retailing, me look young. the people in our group! says Enriqueta,
especially with the new health and beauty who knows firsthand the benefits of
sales kits. We have many customers Looking to the future: We love mentoring. Antonios excited to spend
purchasing at retail. They love the building this business together, says more time writing music he performs at
products and service we love the PV. Suei-Yuan. We have the opportunity to local events and in Mexico.
shape our future with no limitations.

Evelia & J dy Rawlin
Leister o se n & Kens ne
Chad & Corrie Il li n o is Luis Clem
e nt e Joycelyin Is la n d
Pe nn sy lv an
ia U .S . V ir g

Living the dream: They started their Living the dream: They love working Living the dream: She saw unlimited
business a month after their wedding. as a team. Evelias knowledge of opportunity to build new skills and
We loved the people and lifestyle. Amway cosmetology makes ARTISTRY a natural develop greater self-confidence. He
Global products support a healthier fit. And Jose, a sportsman, promotes the supported her every step of the way.
lifestyle. NUTRILITE sports nutrition line.
Looking to the future: Instead of
Looking to the future: She says, Looking to the future: He says, our seeing us focused on accruing money
Amway Global provides us with a powerful business support system makes selling to get the life we want, our children will
vehicle to help us build our business its easy. She adds, Its really about so grow up in a business where focusing on
our job to steer it. Today, the couple is much more than money. Its about opening relationships and personal growth actually
building a family tradition: Thirteen-year- the possibilities for us as a family. Their generates success, says Joycelyn. That
old daughter Mackenzie is eager to join oldest child is a new IBO. difference is priceless.
in events and business trips.

Juan Anto a
ee nio & Dor & Mario Sos
Lora & Joon L Il li n o is a Cruz Ma rle ny
N ew Je rs ey O n ta ri o

Living the dream: While Joon is Living the dream: They say this Living the dream: Attracted to the
overseas on business, Lora has built business brings people together. Were business by the prospect of unlimited
their Amway business on her own. welcomed into peoples homes and we income, the Sosas have found great
My husband is my greatest supporter, get to show them how its possible to success with sampling and retailing.
says Lora. change their lives for the better. Once people try the products, they dont
want to use anything else, Mario says.
Looking to the future: This business Looking to the future: She specializes
has helped me connect with so many on retailing ARTISTRY and he, DOUBLE X Looking to the future: Weve grown in
different people, some of whom products. According to Dora, Once a ways that matter and become closer as
have become customers, if not IBOs customer falls in love with these products, family, says Marleny. All of the couples
themselves. Relationships have they keep ordering them. children are active in the business.
brought her happiness and plenty
of possibilities for the future.

Achievers 08 qualifiers
Aboytes, Marina & Marco Ames, Sandy Aube, Eugene & Aline Baron, Robert & Laura Berendes, Brad & Jodi
Acheson, Aaron & Lori Amin, Dinesh & Urvashi Augustine, Jose Barrera, Edson & Cecilia Berger, Amy & Charles
Ackley, Mark & Karen An, Jung Hee & Choi, Annie Aumont, Monic & Binette, Gilles Barrera, Rexanne & Ray Berger, Michael & Gayelynn
Acosta, Alejandro & Blanco, Karen Anaya, Isabel & Torres, Martin Autry, Betty Barrette, Nathalie Bergoffen, Paul & Phoebe
Acosta, Jose & Romero, Nectalina Andersen, Ben & Ancheta, Bev Avellaneda, Mariza & Julian Barrientos, Sixto & Berta Berland, Vince & Laurita
Adams, Joseph & Karen Andersen, Debbie Avendano, Jesus & Lourdes Barteck, Henry & Priscilla Berman, Don & Janice
Adams, Walter P & Sharon W Anderson, Scott & Laura Avila, Alberto & Cruz Bartlett, Mike & Cindy Bermudez, Gerardo & Delmy
Adhvaryu, Arti & Devang Andrew, Scott & Daphene Avila, Eleazar & Sara Barto, Robert S & Stacey L Bernabe, Deudiel Y & Angelica M
Agard, Jim & Vacher, Allison Andrews, Bob & Terry Avila, Rogelio & Herrera, Norma Bass, Alan & Teasha Bernal, Marina & Lezama, Israel
Agarwal, Tarang & Ekta Andrews, Cale L & Aura Avina, Jesus & Montenegro, Francisca Bateman, Michael & Connie Bernal, Modesto & Blanca
Ageeb, Greg Angeles, Abraham & Baltazar, Awad, Ramy & Dalia Bates, Thomas & Norma Bernard, Alain & Johanne
Aggarwal, Lalit K & Suparna Enriqueta Awte, Nitin & Khandekar, Shalaka Batt, Viktor & Olga Bernier, Yves & Desnoyers, Claudine
Aggarwal, Vineet & Jalan, Shivani Angiuli, James & Laurie Aya, Martha & Hernandez, Felix Bayley, Neville & Jan Berryman, Jacob & Lacy
Agnew, Thomas Angle, Alex & Laura Ayala, Armando & Maricela Bazan, Francisco & Leon, Geovana Besch, Thomas N & Peggy D
Agrawal, Shilpi & Rakesh Anness, Barry & Donna Aycock, Mike & Margaret Gomez Llanos Best, Philip A & Julia
Aguilar, Alex & Rosa Antoine, Veronica & Gerard Ayers, Gary & Nancy Beaird, Dallas Bhakthavatchalam, Ravi & Bhaktha,
Aguilera, Manuel & Camilo, Elisabeth Antony, John & Kelly Ayers, Toby J & Mia M Beaird, Dallas & Gordon, Dorothy Vidhya
Aguilera, Michele & Alberto Anzalone, Judy & Sal Ayuso De Maldonado, Erim Aremy & Beaird, Wayne Bhandari, Naresh & Vinod
Aguilera, Sergio & Diaz, Martha Apele, Mike & Denise Maldonado-Farias, Sergio Bean, April & James M Jr Bhatnagar, Sameer & Shalini
Aguirre, Arnoldo & Olmedo, Adelfa Aponte, Jose & Aleida Bae, Monica & Albert Bean, Jack & Carolyn Bhatnagar, Shashi & Om
Ahlowalia, Naresh & Hasmeet Ar, Viswanathan & Sellammai Bae, Myung Seop & Hyung Eun Beatch, Susan Bhattacharya, Subroto & Sangeeta
Ahmed, Maka & Ali, Yusuf Arambula, Jose & Alicia Baes, Francisco & Lopez, Carmen Beauvais-Rienert, Jennifer & Rienert, Bhattacharyya, Kankan & Samina
Ajmani, Sugeet & Kaajal Arellano, Juan & Margarita Bahumanyam, Uma & Prakash Shawn Bianchi, John
Akula, Surender & Patcha, Arellano, Maria & Angelberto Bak, Tania Y & Aleksandr N Becerra, Alberto & Francisca Bidwell, Patrick A
Nagasridevi Arellano, Polo & Amy Baker, Gary Becerra, Felipe & Norma Biegert, Brad & Cheryl
Alcantar, Eloisa Arellano, Renato & Marita Baker, Glen & Joya Becking, Larry & Shannon Binet, Martine & Michel
Alcott, Rod & Penny Arenburg, Patricia & Malcolm Jr Baker, Jake & Jackie Beckles, John Bingham, Sarah Lindsey & Singer,
Alexander, Ray A & Lauren A Arevalo, Edwin & Marina Baker, Trevor & Alexis Bedard, David & Riley, Kathleen Paul E
Alfaro, Eusebio & Blanca E Arevalo, Francisco & Veronica Balkema, Martin & Amanda Bedford, Al Bishop, Craig & Denise
Alfaro, Matias & Marta Argante, Judy Ball, Dawn & Chris Bedoya, Jose & Martha Bishop, William & Eden, Tracey
Ali, Shazam Argyris, A & Montagner, Nadia Ballis, John & Laura Beecher, Dennis & Kay Bissonnette, Remi & Noel, Michele
Ali, Syed & Jahan, Shamim Arifin, Robert & Irene Ban, Hyekyung & Seungpyo Beeman, Ray & Lois Bittner, Jeff & Mary
Allam, Jitendra & Rima Aristy, Jose Bang, Youngnam & Shin, Eunmi Behera, Manoranjan & Mahasweta Black, Lance & Carol
Allen, Don & Jeanette Armstrong, Stanley Barajas, Dora & Alvarez, Ignacio Behnke, Melvin & Bea Blackwell, Alex & Camren, Rose Mary
Allen, Kent & Jackie Arora, Anish & Anita Barajas, Jose Jesus & Herlinda Beisker, Nick & Lauren Blackwell, Earl & Toni
Allman, James & Diane Arreguin, Martha C & Daniel Barber, Jerry L & Becky Bell, Kevin & Beth Blank, Brett & Julie
Almodovar-Ramos, Annabelle & Arunasalam, Velauther & Thilaka Barber, Scott & Judy Bell, Mary Blanshan, Darwin & Angie
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Alsdurf, William & Nancy Aspericueta Bravo, Gustavo & Sillas, Barceinas, Hugo & Coda Mtz, Ana Bender, Reagan & Carey Blue, Steve & Valerie
Alvarez, Abdon & Ponce Munoz, Lupe Barlow, Beki & Brett Bender, Valonda Bluhm, Brian & Sherry
Bernardina Atamanchuk, Micheal & Peggy Barnes, William & Michelle Beneke, Dale & Marlene Blythe, Brent & Lesa
Alvarez, Julio & Santa Athanasakopoulos, Ioannis & Sherrie Barnett, James Benny, Pooran & Amla Bodalia, Lavanya & Mikir
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Amerman, Daniel & Amber Attalah, Samir & Theresa Barnhill, John & Jodi S Benson, James & Gwenlyn Boettcher, Dan & Martha

Bofenkamp, Dan & Stacie Bucio, Ulises & Rosa Carlos C, Abel & Najera, Aurelia Chawla, Ravi & Kapil, Charmy Church, Randolph & Jeanette
Boggus, Jerome & Peggy Buckley, James & Beatrice Carlson, Donald & Susan Chee, Say Teik & Diane Juit Cid, Leonel & Di Meglio, Lisa
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Bote, Rafael & Magda Bungaroo, Mahendra & Vimi Saturnino, Banos Cheng, Chosen & Carmelina Clark, Andrea
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Dion, Julie Burch, Rose & Francis X Cartagena, Jose & Noemi Cheruvu, Radhakrishna & Venkata Clark, Gary & Bonita
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Bowman, James Burgos, Hugo & Miriam Casillas, Maria Soledad & Castro, Chheda, Jinen & Pankti Clarke, Wayne & Donalee
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Boyson, Mark & Barbara Burnett, Lynn & Joanne Castaneda, Patricia & Blanco, Nubia Chi, Wei Clauson, Wayne & Dorothy
Bradfield, Chester & Nancy Burns, Jim & Karen Castillo, Beatriz & De Luna, Luis A Chiang, Eva Ii & Zhang, Wan-Ting Clem, Ray & Judy
Bradshaw, Charles & Martha Burns, Robbie & Kathy Castillo, Enrique & Socorro Chiange, Lily Frances & Yeh, Daniel Clevenger, Royal & Barbara
Bransford, Everett & Deborah Burt, Moses & Audrey Castillo, Pablo & Felicita Frederick Clickner, Craig & Bohlig, Carolyn
Braun, Audrey & Dale Burtoff, Louis M & Juliana Castillo, Ramon & Nunez, Alba Childers, Bill & Hona Cobb, James & Mary Charlotte
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Breon, B J & Faith Ana Bertha Cedeno, Belkis Cho, Yoon & Dong Coleman, Robert & Regina
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Britt, Robert & Jean Caceres, Matias & Marquez, Aymara Chakraborty, Tushar & Debjani Chon, Y Ok Colon, Cipriano & Remedios
Britt, Will & Sandy Cadenas, Dunia Chambers, Babs & Stan Chong, James & Kyung Colwell, Keith & Pat
Brodbeck, Cade & Kate Calderon, Austria & Pichardo, Luis Chamoun, Jacqueline & Carlotta Choudhary, Deepak & Shalini Combden, Casey
Brooks, James Calderon, Manuel & Rosalia Chaney, Marvin & Josey Chow, Thomas & Mimi Comins, Angela
Broome, Clarke & Diana Calhoon, Jim & Nancy Chang, Hyun Sil & Shin Dok Chretien, Mario & Normandin, Carole Compton, Brantly & Lisa
Brown, Coleen Callender, Wayne & Suzanne Charles, Julian & Ingrid Christopher, Ken & Mary Liz Conditt, Pat & Danene
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Brown, Gary & Jennifer Lee Campbell, Bill & Jan Charny, Gregory & Karen Chu, Mikyong & Jeong, Christian Constantin, David & Meloche,
Brown, Merritt Campeau, Yves & Renaud, Johanne Chau, Paul S Chu, Raymond Hk & Po, Yin Ling Veronique
Brown, Mike & Adriane Camposano, Maria L & Navarrete, Abel Chaussee, Pam Chua, James & Pam Consuegra, Barbara
Brown, Richard & Marlene Capoferri, Donald & Michelle Chavez, Luis Martin & Maria D Chui, Keith & Sandie Converse, Jeff & Joan
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Bryan, Sherri & Dean Cardinal, Peggy & Jim Jose Manuel Chung, Hee-Jeong Coon, Scott & Shellie
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Bryniawsky, George & Marian Carkner, Dave & Judi Chavira, Jose F & Maria I Chung, Myung Il & Connie Cooper, Mark & Erin

Elias, Lisa & Zachary Fernandez, Cayetano & Mari
Eliav, Oded & Raquel Fernandez, Richard & Maria
Ellard, Scott & Debbie Fernandez, Rosa & Suarez, German
Elliott, Jim & Sharon Ferreira, Epifanio & Azucena
Ellis, Kent & Donna Ferriss, Jay & Dawn
Elrod, James & Mary Ann Field, Timothy & Lynn
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Cooper, Tom & Connie Davidson, Marcus & Dawn Don Juan, Venancio & Elva
Emery, William & Susan Figura, Scott & Ann Marie
Cordova, Alejandro & Yolanda Davies, Phillip & Patricia Donnarumma, Anthony & Julie
Emlet, Andrew & Julie Fine, Jeff & Elecia
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Emmons, Esmon & Mari Anne Fischman, Steven & Margaret
Corriveau, Raymond Davis, Everett & Judith Doodnauth, K Dave & Shanita
Encarnacion, Cesar & Sanchez, Fisher, Cari & Richard
Corson, Len & Beth Davis, Mark & Janet Doogan, Daniel & Rebecca Jeovanny Fix, Roger & Joyce
Cortes, Jesus & Minerva Davis, Norman & Gayle Dornan, David & Jules
Encarnacion, Kismet & Burgos, Flanagan, Christine & Pat
Cosgrove, John & Karen Dawson, Bonnie Dornan, Jim & Nancy Fernando Flanary, Bruce & Betty
Cote, Luce & Gedeon De Blaay, Jerry & Karen Dorr, Tony & Melissa
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Cote, Stephane & Bolduc, Line De Blaay, Karen & Ross, Susan Dougherty, Brian & Jennifer
Eng, Fenton & Susie Fleming, Garrett & Jennifer
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Eng, Hye & Robert Fletcher, Carolyn
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Engstrom, Mike & Angie Floor, Jim & Margee
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Escalante, Salvador & Maria Flowers, Todd & Lisa
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Espinal, Froilan Flynn, Evan & Lisa
Crass, Kent & Allyson Degia, Hashim & Barbara Dumais, Raymond & Ginette
Espino Cruz, Maximino & Dothe Foglio, Joe & Norma
Craven, R Ken & Gail Dehmer, Eddy & Jamie Duncan, Brad & Julie Cruz, Isabel Foley, Tim
Crawford, Jim & Carolyn Deimler, Brett & Karen Duncan, Bruce & Diana
Espinosa, Ernesto & Gertrudi Fondren, Marnie
Crawl, Irving & Mary DeJournette, Norma Duncan, Greg & Laurie
Esquivel, Uber & Elizabeth Forde, Paulson & Suelie
Cray, Sonny & Kimm Delgado, Mauricio & Maria Dunham, Chuck & Carol
Estevez, Felix & Kenia Forehand, Lois
Crichlow, Gregory Deligio, Jeffrey Dunkle, Terri & Joyce
Estrada, Leon Omar & Eva Lidia Fortin, Celine & Dupont, Claude
Cristofoli, Jean Delisle, Dennis & Sharon Dunlap, Nolan & Hulda
Estrella, Fausto & Leda Fortin, Yvan & Mathieu, Karen
Crockett, Mark & Lisbeth Deng, Xu Dunn, David & Cheryl
Etheridge, Larry & Beverly Fournier, Andre & Lehouillier,
Croes, Leoncio & Yolanda Denker, Don & Tina Dunn, Jimmy & Harriet Sue Rejeanne
Etherly, David & Stephanie
Cromer, John & Penny Dennard, Leslie & Sheri Dupuis, Pascale & Hamelin, Jean
Eum, James Foust, John & Mary Ellen
Cross, Reese & Linda Dennstaedt, John & Shirley I Michel
Evans, Randall Francis, Gregory & Jacqueline
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Evans, Stan & Ruth Franklin, David & Angela
Crowder, Kate Deosthali, Shubhangi & Prabhat Durling, Robert & Pamela
Eveler, Jeffrey & Cynthia Fratantuono, Al & Mary Ann
Crowe, John Derejczyk, Stanislaw & Maria Durso, Charlie & Ann
Ewing, Kelly & Darci Fratarcangeli, Laurie & Stephen
Crowe, John & Jennie Belle Desai, Girish & Purnima Dusek, Charles & Claire
Fabregas, Fernando & Rose Fratello, David & Jeanette
Cruz, Juan Antonio & Garcia, Dora Ma Desai, Jagruti & Dhimant Duskin, Dale & Carol
Fahrenkrug, Diane Freed, Clarence
Cruz-Martinez, Filemon & Sanchez, Desai, Kulin & Mina Dussault, David & Kristin
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Josefina Perez Desranleau, Real & Belanger, Lyse Dutko, Igor & Raisa
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Cuccia, Jay & Jan Detta, Marci & Paynter, Geoff Dutt, Jere & Rochelle
Fairley, Tyson Fridbergs, Janis & Melissa
Cuevas Samaniego, Hector I & Hays Devane, Joseph & La Dawn Dutt, Jody & Gina
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Leyva, Guadalupe Devilbiss, Keith Dutta, Tirthankar & Suparna
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Farley, Brian & Jodi Fritz, Matthew & Rachel
Cummins, Christie Devulapally, Anand & Rajyalakshmi Dyer, Kathy
Farrell, Chris & Melody Fritz, Robert & Carol
Cunningham, James & Cindy Dhar, Vini & Sanjay Eade, Daniel
Farris, Thomas & Stacey Fritzjunker, Jeffery & Karen
Cunningham, Matthew & Blakely Dharamdeo, Dev A & Satya Eason, Richard & Christine
Curiel, Luis & Lina Dhawan, Sanjay & Benu Eastburn, Don & Marilyn
Currie, Roger & Bobbie Diamond, Mark Eatmon, Ann
Custer, Greg & Jill Diaz, Jacqueline & Frank Eaton, Kimberly & Tracy
Czubryt, Joseph & Carolyn Diaz, Luis & Rosa Pena O Echavaria Resendiz, Juan & Rosales,
D Appolonia, Doug & Rosy Diaz, Manuel & Gagg, Giselle Alejandra
Dagli, Paras M & Hetal P Dick, James & Merrill
Dahlheimer, Mike & Darlene Dieck, Kevin & Mary
Daidone, Mara & Marshall, Paula Diels, John & Jackie
Dale, Jeff & Darsi Digby, Richard & Susan
Damico, Angelo & Cindy Dionicio, Manuel & Gloria
Daniel, Bob & Anne Dipaola, John & Lori
Daniel, John & Allison Distaulo, Michael & Mary
Daniels, Maureen A Ditty, Vahne & J Kenneth
Echols, Ann Faudel, William & Shana Frumento, Marissa L
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Eckman, Howard Favier, Joe & Pat Fulcher, Rory
Danzik, Howie & Theresa Doan, Jody
Edeal, Russell & Kathryn Federico, Ronald & Susan Fuller, Kenneth & Linda
Dark, Henry & Julia Dobler, Alexander & Lora
Edwards, Bill & Jan Fein, Scott & Meryl Funk, Jake & Helene
Darski, Ian & Krystyna Dodanari, Murali & Archana
Edwin, Johnny & Jo Felber, Terry & Linda Furuichi, Karen & Fred
Datta, Deepak & Meenakshi Dodani, Ajit & Harsha
Ehn, Ronald & Taeko Felix, Julie Gable, Steven & Karen
Daugherty, Ron & Ann Dolan, John & Kimberly
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Dave, Mayur & Manila Dominguez, Rafael & Juana Florencia
Eiden, John & Elizabeth Fenlon, Tom & Mary
Davidson, Cheryl & Lindsey Dominguez, Wilfredo & Cruz, Dannelly
El-Amin, Luqman & Deenia Fernandez, Antonio & Brigida Gadberry, Jim & Debbie

Gaffey, Vince Golding, Abena & John Guldberg, Jim & Pattie Hauser, Lawrence & Pamela Hoff, Sonya & Jared
Gage, James & Gail Goldman, Ronald & Diane Gulick, Bert & Jackie Havener, Randy & Valerie Hofstatter, John & Rosanne
Gagnon, Carl & Malouin, Jenny Goldschmidt, Gene & Shawna Gunnett, Clare Hawkins, Bill & Sandy Hogan, Ananda & Rae Ann
Gala, Kanti & Hemi Goldstein, Daniel & Krista Gunter, Nancy & Gerald Hawkins, John Hogeveen, Kathy
Gala, Lata & Kanti Gomelsky, Ilya & Asya Gupta, Mukesh & Subarna Hayes, Brady & Julie Holguin Cruz, Felix S & Rosa
Gala, Mayank & Sejal Gomez Sanchez, Francisco Gupta, Pankaj & Archana Hayoo, Young Hee & Ha, Won Yong Holiday, Craig & Carole
Galan, Theo & Maribel Gomez, Adam & Vicky Gupta, Sanjeev & Deepa Hays, Brian & Marguerite Holland, Clay & Pamela A
Galatolo, Joseph & Roxana Gomez, Pavel & Martinez, Liliam Gupta, Shobha & Prakash Head, Jim & Judy Holland, Scott & Terri
Galindo, Abel & Marcela Gomez, Rosa Maria & Jose Gupta, Subhendu & Tina Heaton, Timothy & Linda Holman, Parker & Joyce
Gallegos, Gabriela Guadalupe Gupta, Tarun & Manjari Hebert, Mario & Charbonneau, Holpp, Fred & Madelon
Gallian, Donna & Terry Gomez, Salvador & Flores, Lorena Gurley, John & Robin Nathalie Holt, Roger & Roxanne
Gallo, Al & Kathy Carmelina Gurubel, David J & Tina Hegde, Smita P & Prakash Holton, Jeff & Judi
Galvin, William K & Amy Gonsalves, John & Nancy Gutierrez Torres, Nicolas & Rodriguez, Heineman, Joel & Tracy Holton, William & Georgia
Gamble, William Gonser, Thomas & Valerie Laura Held, Beverly & Tim Hong, Joyce & Sam
Gamboa, Guillermo & Idalia Gonzalez Cabanas, Tomasa & Gutierrez, Blanca & Elias Held, Donald & Janet Hopper, John & Margaret
Ganguly, Siddharth & Chakravarty, Angeles, Tomas Gutierrez, Carlos & Guadalupe Helsley, William & Renee Hopper, Richard & Denise
Ruplekha Gonzalez, Enrique & Del Carmen
Gao, Xiang Lan & Li, De Lin Rodriquez, Maria
Gaona, Maria Lucila & Juan Gonzalez, Heraldo & Rivera, Mayra
Garcia Nieto, Guadalupe & Guerrero, Gonzalez, Horacio & Irma
Marcos Gonzalez, Juan & Despecci, Gigliola
Garcia Yanez, Honorio & Trejo Chavez, Gonzalez, Raul & Nathalie
Gudelia Gonzalez, Rolando & Toledo, Indira
Garcia, Alfredo Gooch, Hal & Susan
Garcia, Antonio & Mariana Gooch, Ronald & Patty Gutierrez, Ignacio & Angelica Helwig, Ralph & Fran Horlander, Denise
Garcia, Enrique & Juanita Goodin, Gary & Pamela Gutierrez, Jose Luis & Teresa Henderson, Dennis & Tara Hossain, Mahbub & Shamim
Garcia, Fermin Claudio & Reyes, Goodwin, George & Renee Gutierrez, Rico & Maricar Hendricks, Jack & Michelle Hostetler, Michael & Condello
Celestina Gopalakrishna, Pat & Pattabhiraman, Guzman, Hugo & Ortega, Amparo Hendricks, Timothy & Anna Howard, Bobby & Bonnie
Garcia, Mateo & Patricia Kalpana Gymer, Gregory & Teresa A Hendrickson, John & Pat Howard, Greg & Pat
Garcia, Miguel & Rosa Goradia, Devang & Tejal Habib, Moazzam & Shehla Henning, Mark & Corrine Hoyos, Rodolfo & Carolina
Garcia, Olga Gordon, Gary & Linda Haigh, Campbell & Dianne Henson, Mike & Melinda Hsi, Judy & Hsin-Tsung
Garcia, Pablo & Maria Goscienski, Philip & Pat Hake, Richard & Armstrong-Hake, Heo, Hyunmi Hsieh, Jim & Lisa
Garcia, Vannia & Ruben Gosnell, Ross & Sandra Karla Heredia, Jaime & Martha Hsu, Hanchun & Sun, Caroline Chia-Li
Gardee, Britt & Solly Govea, Israel & Maria Hale, Ron & Toby Heredia, Martin & Aurelia Hsu, Hsu Sheng
Gardner, David & Ann Gover, Martin & Vera Hall, John & Pamela Herink, Dennis & Wachara Hsu, Ron-Hsin & Lin, Huei-Fen Bonita
Garrett, Alex & Meg Gowda, Jitendra & Neelam Hall, John & Teri Hernandez, Bibiana & Terhon, Pedro Hsu, Suei-Yuan & Shiu-Yuen
Garso, Bernaldo & Rosemary Goyal, Sanjay & Neelam Hall, Ross & Leslie Hernandez, Consuelo Huang, Chiun Nan & Yi-Hsuan Chen
Garvens, Jay & Marlo Grabill, Parker & Cindy Hals, Lon & Diana Hernandez, Daniel Huebner, Helen
Gatchenko, Vladimir & Milana Grady, Donna & Timothy Halsey, George & Ruth Hernandez, Francisco & Consuelo Huerter, James & Angie
Gerloff, Margaret & Don Graff, Glenn & Hilda Halter, Frances & Moser, Ruth Hernandez, Jose & Flor Huffstetler, John & Amy
Germain, Claude & Tousignant, Graham-Ulrich, Marian & Ulrich, Halverson, Paul & Shannon Hernandez, Julio Cesar & Castillo, Hughes, Roland & Molly
Veronique Stephen Hamilton, Alfred & Frances Leticia Hullender, David & Melissa
Germain, Valerie & Deault, Christian Grant, Holt & Melissa Hampton, Dave & Kathleen Hernandez, Laura Hummel, Jeff & Alisa
Gervais, Pierre & Diane Grant, Leo & Amy Han, Juye & Choi, Hyung Sup Hernandez, Maurilio & Perez, Maria Hunt, Charles & Christy
Gervais, Sylvain & Clavet, Sonia Grasmick, Belinda & Joseph Han, Lisa K & John Hernandez, Modesto & Santana, Hunt, Doug & Sheila
Gerwert, Gerardo & Valdez, Marta Graves, Gary & Jennie Han, Sang Lock & Kum Suk Yazmin Hunt, Penny E & Gary
Elena Gray, Thomas & Anne Han, Sun & Park, Se Keun Hernandez, Ramiro & Maria Hunter, Shannon & Gwendolyn
Getchell, Patrick & Janel Gray, Timothy & Teresita Han, Youngjo & Oksoo Hernandez, Roberto & Gonzalez, Hurst, Cynthia & Lee
Ghassami, Moe & Sharon Grayer, Stephen & Enid Hancock, Tim & Patt Juana Hutchings, Richard & Nancy
Ghosh, Suvasish & Sudeshna Green, Clayton & Karen Hangebrauck, John & Carol Hernandez, Ruben & Severino, Ana Hutchinson, Kelley A & Muniz,
Giacchino, Rosemary & Blaise Green, Tyler & CC Hanney, Paul & Janice Hernandez, Samuel & Francisca Roxanne
Giampola, Mike & Lita Greenway, Chad & Cherice Hannon, Jeff & Jo Ann Herosian, Brian & Deidre Hutton, B Forrest & Betty
Giannotta, Anthony Greminger, Sharon & Richard Hansen, Thomas & Lorre Herren, John & Maria Hyun, Gyu Ho & Ja Won
Gibbens, Noble & Kathy Gresham, Gary & Myra Hanson, Deborah Herron, Doug & Audrey Ibarra, Martin & Norma
Gibbs, Charles & Judy Griesbach, Richard & Diane Haratin, Valeria & Igor Herschelman, Pete & Lisa Ibarra, Vicente & Clarita
Gibson, Elmer & Nancy Griffing, Joel & Ardith Hardisty, Bradley & Valerie Herschelman, Peter & Rachael Ifft, Chuck & Kristi
Gidugu, Srinivas & Nagalakshmi Griffith, Brian & Dianne Hardy, Margaret & Terral Hersh, Scott & Sunny In, Kay & Hoh
Giguere, Mario & Girard, Annie Griffith, David & Shannon Hari, Anantha & Anita Herugu, Sreenivas & Rangaraju, Inamdar, Aditya & Kavita
Gil, Rafaelina & Radhames Griffiths, John & Janet Harimoto, Scott & Cris Kavitha Iniguez, Maria & Jaime
Gilbert, Forest & Susan Grijalba, Olivia Harles, Gerald & Judy Hess, Nancy & Nancy Kay Irwin, Fidelis & Willard
Gilbert, Jay & Dorothy Grill, Norman & Renee Harn, Jakyung & Myunghark Heuneman, Jonathan & Elizabeth Isham, Donald & Connie
Gilewicz, Hank & Alicia Grimmel, Bonita Harper, Lesia & Tommy Hevia, Guillermo E & Elina Isika, Nicholas & Sandra
Gilmour, Greg & Kathy Grogan, Robert & Wendy Harris, Arthur & Marilyn Hicks, George & Marilyn Ito, Floyd & Janice
Gilmour, John & Deanna Grosboll, Edward & Karen Harris, Brent A & Brenda Hilkert, John & Marcy Ito, Richard & Kay
Gioia, Butch & Debbie Grosvenor, David Harris, Robert & Priscilla Hill, Benjamin & Cindy Jackson, Kathy & Brad
Glascock, Randy & Corinne Grotewold, Matthew & Alana Hartmann, Donald & Sharon Hill, Gerald Jacobs, Colby & Meggie
Glasgow, Thomas & Kathryn Grove, Patricia & Barry Hartzler, Paul & Dorothy Hill, Terry & Sheila Jacobs, Vicki & Paul
Gleichman, Jeffrey & M J Grubbs, Timothy & Elizabeth Harvey, Dale & Evelyn Hinduja, Ramesh & Jaymala Jacobvitz, Michael & Laurie
Goe, Michael & Judith Grullon, Alberto & Carmen Harvey, Mike & Amy Hinojos, Ramon & Rosaura Jacquez, Juan & Ortega, Lucia
Golat, Vic & Debbie Grygar, Robert & Davis, Helen Harwell, Barry & Margo Hitchcock, Thomas & Pamela Jadeja, Ashok & Gharia, Rupal
Gold, Michael & Norma Guerard, Yvon & Bergeron, Johanne Hashmi, Qutubuddin & Farida Ho, Jennie & Marvin Kwok Jagannath, Madur & Anitha
Goldberg, Charles & Gwen Guerrero, Jose Luis & Silvia Haskett, Shannon & Maria Hoechlin, Don & Lori Jahnke, Greg & Cathy
Golden, Hal & Ann Guillen, Enmanuel & Sanchez, Anni Hathaway, Jeffrey & Mary Clarice Hoefer, Timothy & Kari Jain, Anup & Shweta

Jain, Sandeep & Shilpi Jung, Han Kyu & Young Lae Kim, Hee-Ja & Song, Ho-Juhn Kopecky, Paul & Morgan Ledbetter, Joe & Lisa
Jain, Vishal & Sonika Jung, Yongwoo Kim, Hyeseon & Kikuk Koppmann, Curt & Terry Ledbetter, Lennon & Suzanne
Jaleel, Abdul & Shobitha Junk, Ronald & Vicki Kim, Hyo Suk & Song, Jun Ho Kosage, Dean Lederman, David & Judi
James, Floyd & Margaret Juthani, Rahul & Priti Kim, Hyunhee & Bongsoo Kothapalli, Sarat & Lavanya Ledesma, Jose S & Martha
James, Francis & Beverley Jyotiprakash, Rashmi & Smita Kim, Hyunkyung & Cho, Uichung Kran, Anna & Andreas Ledezma, Adan & Francisca
James, William & Cherie Kakani, Chak & Uma Kim, Jae Krause, Todd & Pearson, Val Ledezma, Margarito & Angelica
Janardhanan, Shaju & Swamy, Ramya Kakar, Zeenia & Vishal Kim, Jeong K & Jai Koon Krazit, Charlie & Dale Leduc, Sue & Callahan, Scott
Jancuska, John & Lee Ann Kalavacharla, Rajkiran & Deepthi Kim, Jeong Min & Jeong Seon Kreger, Gregory & Cheryl Lee Choi, Suk Je & Choi, Young Sik
Janer, Mark & Kathleen Kalavapalli, Varudhini & Sreeranga Kim, Jieun & Lee, Chul Kreider, Gerald & Kirsten Lee, Amy & Chang
Jang, Sook Jin & Soo Y Kalnins, Grant & Courtney Kim, Jonathan Hyun & Cindy Hyunsuk Krishnan, Ramesh & Ramesh, Lee, Boseon & Ok
Jang, Sung Ye & Won Kalvala, Praveen & Anupama Kim, Kang Weol & Jhong Serk Thenammai Lee, Cheon & Mi Young
Jani, Sangeeta & Ramchandani, Kanady, Gary & Mary Kim, Karen Kyung Ja & John Krzycki, Mark & Suzy Lee, Choon Woo & Myungjin
Krishan Kane, Elliott & Lauren Kim, Kay & Michael Kuhn, James & Tammy Lee, Dae Il & Jun, Mi Kyeong
Jansen, Dirk & Karin Kanesananthan, Aiyadurai & Kim, Ki Young & James Kulishova, Lyubov & Kulishov, Petr Lee, David E & Mary Anne
Janz, Jim & Sharon Kirubhamalar
Jardine, Craig & Vickie Kaneshiro, Dayne & Ivanette
Jassman, Randy & Raye-Lynn Kang, Hanna & Sam Gwon
Jasso, Guadalupe & Flor Kang, Hye
Jay, Paul & Maria Kang, Hye Gyung & Yong-Sun
Jayasinghe, Palitha & Mala Kang, Jin-Ku & Hyun-Soo
Jedrlinic, John & Elizabeth Kang, Joshua
Jenkins, Woody & Diane Kang, Ki Young & Weon Hi
Jennette, Linda & Sharp, Josh Kim, Kyoung Hwan & Young Kulpa, Kurt & Patricia Lee, Eunock & Eonjoo
Kang, Kyung & Lee, Jaewoo
Jensen, Barton & Carol Kim, Kyung & Su-Ran Kumar, Pramod & Pallavi Lee, Heui S
Kang, Young-Shin & In-Hyung
Jensen, Chris & Kelly Kim, Leesun & Kwon, Byungwook Kumar, Saji & Sushma Lee, Hochang & Inkoung
Kanumuri, Praveen & Chandra
Jeon, Eul Taek & Hye Sook Kim, Min & Simon Kumar, Shivaram & Anjali Lee, Hong Kyu & Kyung In
Kapoor, Jaiprakash & Ritu
Jeon, Yongkun & Jang, Yoonseon Kim, Moon-Gu & Shin, Wonchul Kummer, Robert & Shelly Lee, Hyo Sang & Kim, Yang Hee
Kar, Purnananda & Subarna
Jeske, Douglas N & Karen A Kim, Myoung & Yong Kuntamukkala, Ashwini & Anuradha Lee, Hyun & Myung
Karake, Mark & Naomi
Jeslani, Vijay & Haswani, Garima Kim, Sarah & Paul Kunze, Frank & Trudy Lee, Hyun Mi & Gene
Karam, Ferris & Eugenia
Jesudian, Leonidas & Tiffany Kim, Seonghee & Ahn, Jaeok Kwan, Kai-Cheung & Menranda Lee, Jae Il & Young Soon
Karani, Prakash & Anjana
Jex, Theresa L & Jason Kim, Seongil & Hengjoon Kwee, Chris & Jacqueline Lee, Jason & Kim, Sung Duck
Karim, Frank & Nedra
Jimenez Zabala, Pablo & De Jimenez, Kim, Seung Ho & Hyunja Kwon, Jong Keun & Yunehee Lee, Jay & Hani
Karlewicz, George & Carol
Carmen Kim, Seung Soon & Chan Seock Kwon, Jung Won & Curtis Lee, Jeeeun
Karstedt, Bruce & Nancy
Jimenez, Ada & Roberto Kim, Soon Mi & Lee, Min Chul Kwon, Seung Hae Lee, Jenny & Jin
Kasten, Lois & Mark
Jimenez, Juan & Margarita Kim, Sun Sik & Sung Eun L Esperance, William & Carol Lee, Jeong Hye & Stella
Katt, Art & Jean
Jimenez, Luis A & Torres, Juanita G Kim, Sung Eun & Min Chin La Dow, Monte & Lola Lee, Jin Young & Jeong Hee
Katz, Barry & Catherine
Jimenez, Marco & Zaira Kim, Sung Jin Lach, Piotr & Beata Lee, Jong & Chaplak, Bohdan
Kaufmann, Betty & Pat
Jimenez, Pedro & Olivia Kim, Sunki & Yoon, Misun Lacitignola, Dominick & Linda Lee, Joosun & Sewoong
Kawamura, Rodney & Cherise P
Jiwani, Sal & Elita Kim, Yong Hui & Thomas Lagerquist, Loren & Donna Lee, Julia Mi & Daniel Pal
Keefe, Bob & Cheryl
Joachim, Tom & Estelle Kim, Young Hwan & Sun Hee Lahr, Jeremy & Michelle Lee, June & Chris
Keller, Darrell & Tami
Joell, Albert & Ellen L Kimbrough, Jimmie & Jamiylah Lai, Shia Fong & Fatt, Liew Mook Lee, Jung & Jong Yun
Keller, Jordan & Janelle
Johnson, Bill & Martha King, Don, Hannah & Warren Laing, Joan & Laing-Cutler, Stephanie Lee, Jung-Yun & Kim, Nam-Deuk
Keller, Ray & Karla
Johnson, Donald & Jennifer King, GW & Edna Lam, Benjamin & Bernadette Lee, Kyungmi & Jae Wan
Kelly, Barbara
Johnson, Leif & Bonnie King, Keithel & Barney Lam, Jenny Lee, Lora & Joon
Kelly, Donald & Lindsey
Johnson, Mark & Michelle King, Mary & Jeff Lam, Tommy & Wu, Hai Yan Lee, Myung & Yoon, You Lim
Kelly, Scott
Johnson, Marshall King, Roy & Sally Lamazor, Gene & Sheryl Lee, Rodney & Cheryl
Kemp, Danny
Johnson, Maryanna Kinsler, James & Beverly Lanctot, Michael & Kara Lee, Sally
Kendall, Carol
Johnson, Michael & Martha Kirschenmann, Phil & Aimee Land, Robert D & Lisa Lee, Sang Hoon & Jin Ha
Kendall, Carol & Jim
Johnson, Pat & Roger Kizirian, Norm & Pam Landeros, Ignacio & Erives, Violeta Lee, Sanglim & Han, Jihoon
Kendel, Jeff & Lynn
Joiner, Jeffrey & Kathy Klassen, Elaine & Paul Landry, Graham & Marcellene Lee, Seungjoo & Choi, Inja
Kenkelen, Steve & Tara
Jones, David & Sunila Klepel, Brant & Darla Langerman, Paul & Jeanie Lee, So Jong & Kwang H
Kennemer, Lavita
Jones, Dolores & Corey Kline, Timothy & Cindy Langille, Gene & Ann Lee, Sunglim & Kim, Jiyoung
Kenney, Michael & Michelle
Jones, Donald & Mechelle Knickman, Rose Lanza, Jorge & Maria Lee, Thomas & Pannapa
Kenyon, William & Lynnette
Jones, Lloyd & Julie Knodel, Ross & Terry Lapointe, Pierre & Bonnie Lee, Unkyu & Sungho
Kerr, Janice & Bill
Jones, Michael & Dana Knopp, Marvin & Sheryl Lara, Jose Luis & Hernandez, Maria Lee, Won Sun & Min Soo
Kessler, David & Christina
Knott, Mel & Micheline Estela Lee, Yong Ju & Hyeong Ju
Jones, Michael & Kelly Kessler, Frank & Sandy
Jones, Michele & Christopher Knotts, Arin & Randy Larochelle, Steve & Jolibois, Katia Lee, Yoon & Rae
Kessler-Hodgson, Lee
Jones, Steve & Laurie Knowlton, Lu Larrimore, Van & Carol Leeseberg, Chris & Connie
Khachroo, Santosh & Santosh
Jong, S Lan Ko, Mihwan & Kwalk, Yeongbeom Larrison, Christy & Kevin Leininger, Alan & Michele
Khare, Deepak & Arti
Joo, Jae Oh & Park, Kyung Ja Koeiman, Lionel & Reineta, Claudette Lascano Alvarez, Ramon & Garcia, Leister, Chad & Corrie
Khattri, Harsha & Swati
Kohler, Sean & Jennifer Maria Cristina Leith, Michael & Lesley
Joseph, Franklin & Debra Khor, Cindy
Joseph, Neil Kohlman, Ross & Moira Lassalle, Jennifer & Anthony Lenning, David & Sandy
Kill, Paul & Carlynn
Joynes, Albert & Judy Kolodko, Olga & Sergey Lastovskiy, Aleksey & Inna Lennon, Robert E & Geraldine
Kilmartin, Hugh & Susan
Juarez, Lucio & Alma Koning, Larry & Julie Lau, So Ying & Dennis Leno, Nick & Estelle
Kim, Gilhwa & Gi Hwan
Judy, Steve & Helen Koo, Eunjoo & Park, Hanjin Laughlin, Kathleen Leon Reyes, Joel & Quijas, Emelia
Kim, Grace Suhee & Lim, Jea Hak
Juhlin, Jerry & Fran Kooser, Staton & Joanna Lavoie, Daniel & Simard, Fabienne Lepper, Bill & Marty
Kim, Haeng & Jea Hwan
Lavrinenko, Viktor I & Olga Y Lesperance, Robert & Gagnon,
Laws, Karen & Bellhouse, Timothy J II Helene
Layman, Sheldon & Marilee Lessman, Myron & Jeanne
Leatherwood, Calvin & Sylvia Leung, Jim & Ying
Lebaron, William & Jan Leung, Loong & May
Lecointe, Susan Levi, Lori & Brian
Lecours, Julien & Whittom, Sylvie Lewis, Dave & Marge

Lewis, Diane Luther, Dean & La Vone Martinez, Manuel & Rosi Merris, John & Cathy Morales, Joaquin & Maldonado,
Lewis, George & Pam Lyhne, Peter & Marlene Martinez, Olivia & Ariel Merritt, William & Margaret Amparo
Lewis, Naml & Dilcia Lynn, Van & Jennifer Martinez, Pedro & Carmen Metcalf, David & Karalee Morales, Juan & Patricia
Lewis, Robert & Carol Lyons, Ken & Alanna Martinez, Roberto & Lorenza Metz, George & Lillian Morales, Oman & Liz
Li, Bizhao Ma, Li Tsing Martinez, Vicente & Cortez, Maria Metzker, Lucy Morales, Trinidad
Li, Yue-Ying Maaskant, Pat & Wauchop, Dana Martino, James & Jennifer Meyle, Susan & Roberts, Inez Moran, Bill & Sherry
Liljekvist, Gerald & Juelyn Macchiagodena, Michael & Giardino, Masood, Muhammed & Aamir, Farah Michael, Scott & M J Moreno, Esmeralda & Janet
Lim, Christine & Jong-Kuk Patrizia Mateo, Julio Cesar & Dirocie, Luisa Michael, Shirley Moreno, Jesus & Obdulia
Lim, Ock & Kang Eui MacDonald, Patrick & Suzanne Mateo, Marcelino & Maria Michel, Manon Morlock, John & Christine
Limas, Connie & Pankavich, Robert L Mace, Chuck & Cindy Matos Coronada, Johnny & Paula Mieses, Roberto & Iliana Morris, Donna
Lin, Jian & Wang, Cilong MacFarlane, James & Berniece Matovcikova, Marcela Mikolas, Frank & Lorraine Morris, Kirby R & Beverly Mundee
Linan, Jose & Maria Machado, Hugo & Rosalba Matthews, Dan & Pam Milette, Serge & Fay, France Morrone, William & Jeanne
Lincoln, Brian & Bobbie Machado, Lionel & Barbara Matticola, Brian M & Jill Millan, Damian & Carmona, Zaily Morrow, Jay & Barbara
Lind, Alexander & Lisa Machuca, Arturo & Concepcion Matz, Pete & Barb Millan, Santiago & Yolanda Morton, Dane & Nancy
Lindemuth, Kevin & Jodi Macias, Severo & Lorena Matz, Thomas & Elsy Miller, Albert A & Andrea V Morton, James Michael & Jami
Lindsay, Bryan & Lucinda Mackenzie, Alexander & Margaret Mauger, Paul & Ann Miller, Domonick R & Danielle Mosher, Lee
Lindsey, Nancy & Steve Maconi, Denise & David Mauk, Susan & Kwitkor, John Miller, Ken & Linda Moshurchak, Erle & Sandra
Lines, Thomas & Mary Jane Madhu, Chheda Mautanov, Oleksiy & Arkhipova, Vera Miller, Ken & Maureen Mosurinjohn, Jeffrey & Sondra
Lingan, Bheeman & Bheeman, Madrid, Juan & Antonia Maxwell, Judith & Jennifer Miller, Patricia Motorwala, Khalid & Rumana
Parvathi Madrigal, Ezequiel M & Madrigal- Mayagoitia, Alberto & Sixtos, Lilia Miller, Paul & Leslie Mott, Jeffery & Diana
Lippert, Jeff & Abbey Torres, Ofelia Mazza, Patrick & Suzanne Miller, Randall & Benioff, Julianne Muller, Richard & Karen
Lipscomb, Garland & Lorraine Madrigal, Ramon & Moreno, Maria Mazzeo, Frank & Joan Miller, Thomas & Alisha Mulligan, Mike
Little, Robert & Elizabeth Magnuson, Denny & Karen Mazzocco, K Gilbert & Koss, Kathleen Millington, Jim & Diane Mulliniks, Darren & Julie
Little, Roger & Janet Magnuson, Jacob Mc Anarney, James & Marcia Millios, William & Doris Mullins, Richard & Jasmine
Litton, Kip & Lisa Mah, Roland & Lily Mc Clintock, Peter & Dalia Min, Cindy & Lee, Boksoo Munjal, Akash & Chaudhari, Shalaka
Liu, Ching Hue & Ming Ching Mahadevan, Krishnan & Aparna Mc Cloy, George P & Stephani Minaudo, Maureen Munoz, Blas & Sanchez, Veronica
Liu, Chu-I & Sun, Wei Mahoney, Tom & Darlene Mc Collum, Paul & Jennifer Ming, William & Diane Munro, Calvin & Susan
Liu, Henry & Li, Mei Mainor, Jim & Bev Mc Coon, Larry & Sue Minino, Sonia & Matsunaga Minino, Munroe, Ron & Sue
Liu, Hongping Mak, Harris & Jennifer Mc Creery, Richard & Barbara Laura Munsif, Shaila & PK
Liu, Kuan Chun Maksymowicz, Gabriela & Dworzak, Mc Daniels, Michael Miriyala, Kanth & Shakuntala Mur, Marcia & Irwin
Liu, Yu Xiang Maciej Mc Dougall, Thomas & Christine Mishra, Sushil & Pushpa Murillo, Juan & Blanca
Liverani, Donald & Teresa Maldonado, Antonio & Juanita Mc Elroy, James & Shelley Mistry, Sudha & Dalpat Murphy, Mary & Kevin
Lizardi, Pedro & Patricia Maldonado, Omar & Marisol Mc Farland, Jim & Joyce
Llanas Hernandez, Jose S & Llanas, Maleno, Stephanie & Jarrod Mc Ferren, Stephen & Suzanne
Maria Malovic, Mike & Pinky Mc Kann, Robert E
Llanos, Alexander & Fabiola Mancuso, Joseph & Eileen Mc Kee, Kirk & Lana
Lloyd, Don & Lori Mangipudi, Ramalingeswara & Mc Laughlin, Greg & Laurie
Locascio, Joseph & Maureen Anuradha McAvoy, Michael & Shannon
Loewecke, Donald & Sureerat Mannarino, Victor & Karen Mccart, Tyler H & Amy J
Logan, Joe & Mary Mannava, Murali & Sirisha Mccarthy, Chase & Melinda
Logani, Sanjay & Sangeeta Mansfield, Judy & Ernest Mitchell, Raymond & Terri Murray, Charles
McCarthy, Kenneth & Lorrie
Lombardi, Richard Mantri, Sudhir & Viraja Mitchell, Stephen Murray, Kevin & Laura
McConnell, Brian & Judy
Lomeli, Adrian Manz, Roger & Cynthia Miura, Howard Muscroft, James & Melinda
Mccracken, Larry & Patti
Lomeli, Jose & Victoria Manzanares, Jose & Ana Mocharla, Rajendra & Dogiparthi, Myers, Anthony & Jody
Mccullar, Marilyn
Suvarchala Myers, Benjamin
Loney, Rod Manzano, Alejandro & Gisela Mceachern, Brian & Judy
Long, Bertil & Kathy Mapp, Michelle Mohammed, Robbie Na, Bonghun & Lee, Yoonsun
McGaughy, Tim & Ellen M
Long, Ron & Sherry Marceau, Denis & Baumann, Barbara Moisant, Rick & Judy Na, Sarah & Chong
Mcgrath, Brian & Caryn
Longenecker, Kevin & Shelly Marchant, Brad & Louise Monaco, Michael Nabi, Kazi S & Rukhsana
McWilliams, Patty
Loos, Terry & Marshall Marcus, Brett & Tracie Monahan, John & Jodi Nacionales, Gaudelia & Pepito
Meadows, Jerry & Cherry
Lopez, David & Herminia Marin, Erlinda & Rivera, Sandra Moncada, Manuel & Patricia Nafte, Danielle & Dennis
Meadows, Wayne L III & Paez-
Lopez, Felix & Taveras, Maricela Marinaro, W Robert & Mary Beth Meadows, Marcie Monolakis, Jim & Sonali Nagpal, Rajesh & Ritu

Lopez, Francisco & Rios, Olga Markiewicz, Joe & Marybeth Monreal, Ramon & Maria Elena Naik, Sharad & Meena
Medina, Alfredo & Dyer, Danna
Lopez, Gerardo & Elsa Marks, Dick & Sandee Monroe, Kevin & Lisa Najera, David & Torres, Maria G
Medina, Alfredo & Silvia
Lopez, Ma Isabel De Jesus & Imelda Marroquin, Juan & Enedina Monroy, Lindaura & Mendoza, David Nakagawa, Darin & Melissa
Medinger, Ryan & Amanda
Lopez, Maria & David Marsh, Charles & Elsie Monroy, Ricardo & Dalia Nalla, S & Gadhamsetty, V
Mediratta, Joy & Vandana
Lopez, Pedro & Guevara, Ines Marshall, Rick & Bonnie Monrroy, Guillermo & Alma Naluai, Clayton & Margaret
Mediratta, Sanjay & Namrata
Lopez, Salomon & Luz Maria Marta, John & Pam Montalvo, Apolonio & Elva Nalval, Paramesh & Bharathi
Medley, John & Kathy
Lora, Plinio & Tineo, Elena Martin, Jim & Dinah Montelepre, Joseph & Karen Nambiar, Sunitha & Rajesh
Meis, Mark & Julie
Lovett, Michelle Martin, Lowell & Karen Montes, Maria Angelica & Lagunas, Nanbu, Kevin & Teresa
Melillo, Raymond & Joanne
Javier Nantkes, Jeff & Sabra
Lowary, Gary & Dorothy Martin, Marie Claire Melukote, Balakrishna & Anitha
Loyola, Marcos & Acevedo, Martha Martin, Marvin & May Montesino Vazquez, Mauricio Narayanan, Hari & Jayanthi
Mena, Lissette & Cabrera, Manuel
Lozier, Bob & Kay Martin, Robert & Patrice Moon, Lucy & John Narayanan, Sasikumar &
Mendoza Gonzalez, Catalina &
Gonzalez, Roberto Moore, James & Janet Balasubramanian, Meenakshi
Lu, Lucy & Li, Charles Martin, Sylvia & Terry
Lua Valencia, Alvaro & Castillo, Rosa Martin, Wayne & Carol Moore, Jeff & Andrea Nardone, Angelo & Claudia
Mendoza, Irma & Abelardo
Maria Martinez Marquez, Jorge Manuel & Moore, Paul & Jeanne Narine, Mahadeo & Indrani
Mendoza, Jesus & Veronica
Luce, Jack & Billye Martinez, Monica Mora, Edgard & Baquero, Lucy Narine, Rabindra & Susan
Mendoza, Mario & Maria Elena
Lugo Perales, Francisco & Lugo, Lucia Martinez, Andres & Teresa Mora, Nicholas Naryshkin, Sonya & Sobolewski, V J III
Mendoza, Ramon & Sonia
Lugo, Juan & Lucia Martinez, Aristeo Morales Hernandez, Nemesio & Nash, Barbara & Harvey
Menezes, Michael & Joanna
Hoyos, Sibilina Natarajan, Sreekumar &
Luna, Juan & Vargas, Zoila Martinez, Arturo Menn, Stu & Charmaigne
Morales, Alberto & Maria Hariharasubramanian, Lakshmi
Luo, Yan Martinez, Carmen & Polanco, Luis Mercer, Terry & Mary
Lussier, Patrick & Gelinas, Line Martinez, Galindo & Carmen Morales, Frank & Barbara Nathan, Mark & Meredith
Mercon, James & Joyce
Luszcz, Edward T & Patsy Martinez, Manuel & Ildeberta Morales, Ignacio & Wilda Navarro, Alberto & Maria
Merriman, David & Jennifer
Morales, Ivan & Trias Garcia, Carmen Navarro, Vicente & Lopez, Juanita

Nealis, Jim & Grace Ortiz, Alfredo & Maria Norma Payne, Bob & Sue Potter, Clark & Mary Reasons, Diane
Nelsen, Theron & Darlene Ortiz, Jaime & Benita Payne, Richard & Teresa Potter, Thomas & Barbara Reavis, William & Elizabeth
Nelson, Dale & Sharon Ortiz, Salvador & Lupita Payne, Tom & Bergeron, Jean Powell, Warren & Sherry Reck, Kimberly & Gary
Nelson, David D & Sarah Ossinger, Rich & Dorothy Pearson, Linda Pratt, Bubba & Sandy Reddy, Manipal & Renuka
Nelson, Jerry & Barbara Osterdock, Dennis & Peggy Pecukonis, Paul Preciado, Ernesto & Leticia Reddy, Satish & Sreelatha
Neuenschwander, Allen & S Ostrander, Michael & Nancy Pedersen, Chad & Melissa Pribble, Earl & Bonnie Redfield, Lance & Cathy
Newball, Hal & Michele Otazu, Jose & Gonzalez, Escali Pederson, Mary & Bronemann, Katie Price, Donnie & Jan Redmond, Thomas & Jacquelynn
Newell, Gary & Tamela Ouellette, Peter & Lori Peelamedu, Saravanan & Periaswamy, Price, Vincent Reed, Don & Beverly
Newitt, Todd G & Patti Jo Outka, Troy & Linda Selvi Primsky, John & Sue Reeve, Dallas & Linda
Newman, Ira & Linda Overton, Clayton & Charlotte Peintner, George & Melody Prince, General W & Aileen Reid, Fabian & Bueno, Silvia
Ng, Calvin & Susan Owen, Elwyn & Dorothy Pena, Robert J & Laura Prints, Liliya & Sergey Reid, Talbot & Robyn
Ng, Chae Hwa & Yee, Chee Jiang Owen, Jonathan & Kathy Pena, Teofilo & Rosa Prior, Curtis & Dena Rein, Daniel & Brenda
Nguyen, Isabella & Min Li, Jonathan Owens, Robert & Betty Pennington, Jeffrey & Lisa Proctor, Jack Rek, Zbigniew & Sophia
Nichols, Bill & Val Padival, Vivek V T & Menezes, Nancy Peralta, Luis & Ventura, Teofila Puentes, Heraclio & Johana Rempfer, Kara
Nichols, Brian & Debra Shanti Peraza, Isidro & Antonia Purkiser, Lonnie & Heather Renard, Sue
Nicholson, Errol & Lawrence- Padmanabhan, Sundar & Sangeeta Perez, Antonia & Rubio, Catalino Puryear, Ron & Georgia Lee Renfrow, Rex
Nicholson, Nadine Paek, Peter & Inhye Perez, Eduardo & Garcia, Gladys M Pyo, He Sook & Kim, Ji Won Renney, Arthur & Elisabeth
Nicks, Leslie Page, Gary & Teresa Perez, Mario Pyo, Seungri & Yoon Yong Rex, Stephen & Kathleen
Nieto, Oscar & Maria Esther Paik, Munju Perez, Martin & Martinez, Idalid Qualm, Lee & Trudy Reyes, Andrea & Saul
Niranjan, Nadarajah & Thiruverni Paik, Yukyong & Luke Perez, Nestor Quick, David & Phyllis Reyes, Jose & Edith Yareli
No, Kwon Ho & Myung Soo Paiva, Paulo & Cindy Perez, Noe & Armida Quijada, Luis & Patricia Reyes, Yamile & De Leon, Sergio
Noble, Lyle & Donna Pak, Keesoo & Seon Song Permauloo, Subramani & Rajkumarie Radford, Franklin & Lynn Reynoso, Gilberto & Ana
Nunez, Nelly & Narciso Pak, Kyoung Bae & Lee, Sun Young Perry, Jonathan & Diane Raghavan, Ramesh & Ramamurthy, Rhee, Seong Yeon & Kun Jung
Nunez, Yeneiry & Alfaro, Ismael Pala, Prasanth & Raga Ranjani Persaud, Khamta & Nadia Vasudha Rhoades, David & Brenda
O Reilly, Sean & Kellie Palkovic, Kristy & Patrick Peterson, Eric & Renae Raghavan, Suresh & Madhuri Rice, Dan & Kim
Rich, Lawrence & Margaret
Richards, Dennis & Ann
Richardson, James & Tricia
Richer, Christopher & Shannon
Rico, Juan & Rocio
Riddle, Rick
Ridley, Stephen D & Julie
Rieger, Keith & Bev
Raitz, Gary & Mary
Rienks, Bert & Jodie
Raizman, Carmen & Jorge
Rieser, Frank M & Kimberly
Rajguroo, Jyoti & Hemendra
Rietema, Randy & Tammy
Raju, Pandu & Nisha
Riggan, Lew & Woodall, Darlene
Raman, Rajasekhar & Choudhury,
Riles, John & Cope-Riles, Grace
Rubina Roy
O Rourke, Thomas C & OBrien, Palmer, Brian & Sarah Peth, Derek Riley, Lawrence & Linda
Kelly Sue Pandura, Vladimir & Valenzuela, Ramanan, Kevin
Petrillo, Joseph & Ellen Riley, Scott & Pam
O Shea, Terry & Amy J Susana Ramesh, Kizhakalam & Prabha
Phadke, Atul & Gupta, Pratibha Riopel, Michel & Louise
Obregon, Fernando & Alexandra Pandya, Kanti & Anju Ramesh, Santhana & Ramaa
Phangoora, Narinder & Kaur, Rios-Nino, Ymelda & Jose
Ocampo, Jose & Hernandez, Oralia Panth, Hira & Harish Sukhwinder Ramirez Rosario, Nestor & Ramirez,
Ritson, Jonathan & Kasper, Carolyn
Ochs, Bob & Judy Pappalardo, Anthony Philip, Ralph & Brenda Rivera Torres, Benedicta
Ochs, Robert & Teri Pappalardo, Dayna & Vinny Ramirez, Domitilo & Maria
Phillips, Patricia & John Rivera, Artemio
Oenes, Jakob & Julie Parente, Paul & Barbara Ramirez, Felix & Norma
Picard, Sylvain & Darveau, France Rivera, Carlos & Sheilah
Offermann, Andrew & Erin Pargaonkar, Dileep & Vaishali Ramirez, Isidro & Manuela
Picarelli, John & Maryjane Rivera, Francisco & Ana Rosa
Offord, Elizabeth & Durwood Paripatyadar, Shirish & Radhika Ramirez, Juan & Herrera, Leticia
Pichardo, Gregoria & Sanchez, Rivera, Mario & Veronica
Ogden, Alan & Donna Parisio, Erin & Alexander Mariela Ramirez, Juan Carlos & Cortes, Ofelia
Rivera, Sandra & Velez, Fernando Jr
Ogeer, Imzan & Jackie Park, Hong Seok Ramirez, Juan M & Minerva
Pici, Joe & Dawn Rivera, Sergio & Charo
Oh, Hyekyong & Jang, Sukgu Park, Jungyoon & Choi, Youjee Ramirez, Leobardo & Erives, Selene
Pickrel, Craig & Jacki Ro, Sun & Mark
Oh, Kun & Jung Park, Kyung Ramirez, Lucas & Laura
Pierce, Jim & Nora Robeoltman, Chad & Susan
Oh, Kyeung Ho & Youn, Mi Hee Park, Seon Do & Myung Hyun Ramirez, Maria & Benjamin
Pilate, Millicent & Matthias Roberts, Carroll & Thomas
Oh, Mee Jung & Hee, Joo Young Park, Vivian Ramirez, Pedro A. & Martha
Pinnick, Kevin & Nicole Roberts, Christopher & Kanoelani
Ohri, Ajay & Alka Park, Yoon Nam & Sun Jong Ramirez, Salvador & Blanca
Pinon, Jose Alfredo & Nidia Roberts, Kevin & Angelica
Okunev, Mikhail & Olga Parker, Mike & Terry Ramos Lopez, Joaquin & De Ramos
Pipkin, John & Kenda Roberts, Linda & Curtis
Martinez, Concepcion
Olds, Harold & Ann Parker, Valerie Plascencia, Rogelio & Martinez, Robertson, Sandy & Karen
Olivas, Juan & Socorro Parks, John A & Janet Eladia Ramos Lopez, Santiago & Gomez
Robinson, Jeanette
Hernandez, Reyna
Olivo, Danilo & Juana Parnell, Halley & Debbie Plasencia, Fernando & Maribel Robitaille, Claude & Chouinard,
Oller, Rafael & Katiusca Parnes, Michelle C & Ford, Robert Ramos, German & Maria Nancy
Plischke, Randall J & Carol
Olson, Bryce & Liesl Patandin, Mahadaye & Bagaloo, Bhim Randall, Samuel & Cheryl
Plume, John & Katherine Roche, Sandra L
Olson, Maureen & William Patel, Harsh & Seema Rangel, Frank & Hilda
Plunkett, Eric & Rachael Rodee, Robert & Mona
Olson, Nate & Kelly Patrick, Robert E & Susan C Rao, Anjana & Chaitanya
Poland, West & Martha Rodriguez, Adelmo & Socorro
Olson, Richard & Deborah Patrocinio, Damaris & Mendez, Maria Rao, Balakrishna & Sarita
Pomares, Chris & Martha D Rodriguez, Anthony & Alice
Olynyk, Nick & Barb Del Genesis Raspa, Leticia & Vicente
Pontbriand, Paul & Roberge, Lucie Rodriguez, Carmen & Castillo,
Orellana, Julian & Rubenia Patterson, Janie & Rod Rastogi, Chetan & Vineeta German
Poon, Samantha
Orf, Sarah Patterson, Lawrence & Denise Raut, Swapnil & Uma
Pope, Michael & Dawn Rodriguez, Derrick & Jamie
Orlebeck, Bruce & Roseann Paullin, Jeff Rawlins, Kennedy & Joycelyn
Popovich, Michael & Barbara Rodriguez, Evelia & Clemente,
Orsini, Mario & Betty Pavlatos, Jimmy & Betty Rayburn, Eric & Amy Jose Luis
Porcayo, Ismael & Mariolina
Ortega, Leocadio & Germosen, Pavlides, Aris Rayniak, John & Mary
Porter, Larry Don & Jo Carol Rodriguez, Franklyn & Bencosme,
Sandra Pawlak, Jack & Jane Rea, Carrol & Norma Clemencia
Post, Deborah
Ortega, Leopoldo & Ana Hilda Payn, David & Caroline Reade, Martin & Susie
Post, Steven & Christine Rodriguez, Jesus & Teresa
Reardon, Carl & Marsha

Rodriguez, Jose & Rita Yowana Sanders, Kyle & Christina Sethna, Firdosh & Nilofer Smiley, Bob & Mary Stevens, Lawrence & Sandra
Rodriguez, Jose Luis & Magnolia Sanders, Marcy & David Setty, Omprakash & Manjula Smith Reyes, Gertrudis & Garcia Stevenson, James & Lynda
Rodriguez, Maria & Maxemin, Joaquin Sandilya, Biswajit & Sadhika Setzer, Rick & Sue Lynn Nivar, Wilson Stewart, Andrew & Anita
Rodriguez, Mario Sandoval, Alejandro & Juanita Severn, Dave & Jan Smith, Craig & Julie Stewart, Layton & Julie
Rodriguez, Mario & Medrano, Cirila Sandoval, Jose & Paula Shade, Traci & Terry Smith, Dan & Betsy Stewart, Tom & Mona
Rodriguez, Miguel A & Chavez,
Rodriguez, Wenceslao & Maria Elena
Rogers, James & Cynthia
Roggow, Kelly & Cooke, Cullen
Romanillo, Rigoberto & Yadira
Roque, Tomas & Sandra
Rosario, Ana & Jose
Sandoval, Jose & Rita Shaffer, Derek & Maria Smith, Margaret & David Stiff, Carl & Barbara
Rosas, Aureliano & Norma
Sandoval, Ricardo & Norma Shaffner, Cynthia & Richard Smith, Pat & Carol Stokes, Ken & Gail
Rosen, Mark & Paige
Sang, Sonia & Pushpendra Shah, Anant & Mamta Smith, Ralph & Margaret Stokes, Ron & Dinah
Ross, Gordon
Sanicola, Barbara & Robert Shah, Rajesh & Sangita Smith, Robert & Rita Stokes, Steve & Sue
Ross, Joel & Sherilyn
Santos, Isaac & Francisca Shanley, Donald & John Smith, Sharilyn & Michael Storey, Doug & Elise
Ross, Skip & Susan
Santos, Max Shannon, Rob & Olivia Smith, Thomas Daniel & Amy Stott, Greg & Sherry
Roumi, Suzy & Joshua
Sarin, Vishal & Usha Shannon, Tom & Jessica Snipes, Danny & Renate Stouffer, Bob
Routhier, Francine & Dubord, Johan
Sathyamorthy, Sriram Sharma, Rahul & Renu Sodhani, Anup & Preeti Stovall, Carole
Roy, Michel & Theoret, Manon
Saucier, Gail Shaw, Jerrell & Kay Sohn, Hee Ae & Hyeon Bin Strehli, Chuck & Jean
Ruan, Octavio & Morales, Veronica
Sauvignon, Yves Shay, Elizabeth & Wells, Patricia Solano, Oscar & Jimenez, Josefina G Stritzke, Elmer & Deanna
Rubio, Evaristo & Aracely
Savage, Gary David & Robin Shay, Patrick Solapurkar, Sudheer & Sulbha Strong, Gaylord & Connie
Rubio, Mayolo & Wendy
Savage, Steve & Jeannie Shearer, Heidi & William Solberg, Chris & Sheryl Struzyna, Dieter & Sally
Rucker, John & Elizabeth
Savard, Gilles & Mary Ann Sheasgreen-Hall, Lisa & Hall, Conrad Solodyankin, Nadia & Valeriy Stuchal, Scott & Ann
Rudd, George & Shirley
Sawhill, Patrick & Amber Shekhar, Anil & Neethu Soltero, Ruben & Lupita Suarez, Gerardo & Graciela
Ruelas, Juan & Alicia
Saxton, Nancy & Ruede, Stefano Shenoy, Ganesh & Acharya, Neha Somerville, Stephen & Deborah Subramanian, Kartik &
Ruess, Charles Shenoy Bhuvaneshwari
Say, Paul & Rose Sommers, Dorothy & Steve
Ruhland, David & Ann Marie
Sayed, Sajid & Sarwat Shenoy, Naresh & Sapna Son, Ho-June & Kwon, Hyuk Soon Sudduth, Allen & Kris
Ruiz Ojeda, Jorge Luis & Castro
Schaefer, Jamie & Lisa Sherry, Stanley Son, Kyusil & Kim, Yong Soo Suh, Jun Ae
Rodriguez, Hirlanda
Schaeffer, John & Jho Shick, Aaron & Holly Son, Ok Hyang & Hyong T Suh, Mike & Jenny
Ruiz, Eliseo & Maria
Schaeffer, John & Joy Shim, Brian Sonawala, Hetal & Dina Suhr, Sungae & Jaiwoong
Ruiz, Geronimo & Sofia
Schaible, Elizabeth & Mark Shim, Doo & Sim, Kyu Cheon Song, Brian & Rebecca Sula, Michael & Vanessa
Rulli, Steven & Shaunna
Scheerschmidt, Chuck & Sheila Shim, Wonbo & Han, Jungah Song, Eun Suk & Hae Sook Sullivan, John & Eleanor
Rummell, Scott & Terry
Schiebout, Tim & Rochelle Shimer, Robert & Pamela Song, Gi & Kim, Mee Sult, Charles & Lisa
Runge, Joshua & Rachael
Schieck, Stan & Margrit Shin, Changyong & Lee, Hyeyoung Song, Min Young & Moon, Ted Summerlin, Matt & Lindsay
Rupe, Darrel & Delaine
Schmidt, Aaron & Lisa Shin, Riran & Jisoo Soni, Nitin & Parul Sunaoka, Kai & Vaihere
Rush, Vincent & Amy
Schmidt, Bob & Joyce Shirer, Kay & Cristy Soni, Shashi & Vibha Sung, Jong-Kweon & In-Jung
Russell, Gregory & Tracey
Schmidt, John & Rhonda Shoffler, Glenn & Pam Soo Tim, Leo & Yasmin Sung, Kyung Ah & Chang, Hyung Ju
Russo, Jeffrey & Denise
Schmidt, Stewart & Gwen Shores, David & Debbie Sosa, Ildefonso & Alberta Sung, Mi Kyung & Yang, Rin
Rutledge, Dale & Brock
Schneekluth, Clark & Sherilyn Showker, Joseph & Deborah Sosa, J Hugo & Alicia Suresh, Partha & Sandhya
Ryder, Glenn & Mary
Schneider, Nana & Melissa Shuppe, Toni & Brian Sosa, Mario & Marleny Suresh, Tyagarajan & Lata
Ryder, Todd & Nicole
Schoepp, Rena & James Siatyee, Moy & Kim, Hock-Wong Souers, Denise & Brian Swift, Lloyd & Donna
Ryder, William & Elizabeth
Schroeder, Dennis & Alfreda Sicaeros, Angel Del Rosario & Southward, Claire & Cass, Coralyn Switzenberg, Joe & Kim
Saavedra, Lupe & Carlos Alejandrina
Schrumm, Lewis & Nancy Sowers, Eric & Colleen Swopes, Wayne & Nelva
Sabapathi, Ramesh & Shanti
Schulenberg, Roger & Judy Sicaeros, Pedro & Claudia Sparks, Matthew & Ana Taba, Toshi & Bea
Sabo, Brian & Lisa
Schuler, Mike & Malissa Sie, Thomas & Clara Speelman, Wade & Marinda Taher, Shehryar & Sameera
Sabot, Beverly & Roger
Schulhauser, Rod & Debbie Sierra, Dolores & Arias, William Spencer, Jack & Magee Taira, Richard & Gail
Sadden, Garry & Lisa
Schwartz, Matt Sierra, Martin & Eofrocina
Sahay, Sanjiv & Shauna
Schwartz, Nicholas & Sarah Sieverding, Jim & Betty
Sailer, Jim & Diane
Schwers, Kevin & Amelia Silva Acevedo, Miguel & Acevedo,
Sajja, Rajeev & Minoti Francisca
Scott, Lynden & Renee
Saks, Robert & Ryan
Scovern, Jeffery & Anna Silva, Martin & Angeles
Salazar, Felix & Carmona, Lizceldy
Seagren, Don & Gretchen Silva, Rigoberto
Salcedo, Julio & Maria
Seagren, Reuben & Lorraine Sim, Young
Salchert, Joseph & Janice
Sears, Randy & Sandy Simeone, John & Arlene
Saleta Gonzalez, Eduardo & Sanchez, Spencer, Jay & Lori Tak, Chang Sook & Jaehoon
Sedej, John & Michele Simmons, Wade & Teri
Carolina Spiegelberg, Dean & Kay Talbott, Paul & Anne
Seeraj, Seenath & Rajcoomarie Simonton, William & Annie
Salgado, Jesus & Maria Spier, Gerd & Patricia Tapia, Genaro & Claudia
Seidel, Eric & Dana Sindhia, Ravindranath R & Indumathi
Sallee, Beverly Sprencz, Paul & Linda Tapia, Juan & Tapia Garcia, Maribel
Seidel, Theodore & Michele Singh, Neelesh & Pratima
Salvigsen, Scott & Katy Squier, Ron & Ronald Taranger, Bruce & Lisa
Seipelt, Jonathan & Debbie Singh, Taramatee
Salvigsen, Stanley & Joelle Sreedhar, Sreedhar & Sowmyasri Taras, Jacek & Ewa
Sekar, Srini & Uma Singleton, Tammy & Dennis
Samaratunga, Tissa & Maithree Sreeram, Girish & Rashmi Tartaglia, Phil & Domenica
Selvakumar, Sunderam & Pushpa Sinha, Tanmay & Rashmi
Sambunathan, Vyramuthu & Sringari, Nanda & Sangeetha Tasker, James
Selvarajah, Jeyakumar & Jeyakumar, Sirmeyer, Patrick & Annalee
Thevaranjini Staley, Jaime & Matthew Tatipamula, Sreerama & Vidyadhar
Kausika Sitnyuk, Viktor & Oxana
Sanchez, Angel & Ana Stam, Rob & Chrisje Tay, Sho & Sherry
Semmens, Jack & Judy Sivarajah, Chelliah & Yogarani
Sanchez, Edmundo & Bertha Stanley, Steve & Sharon Tay, Sholin & Shuchen
Sengupta, Bijon & Mita Sivaram, Ravi Prabakar & Ravi, Usha
Sanchez, Francisco & Gabriela Steinlage, James & Janice Tay, Sloane
Sengupta, Sanjay & Sima Skinner, Henry & Candy
Sanchez, Gabriel & Taveras, Olaya Stephenson, Carl Tay, Wayne
Serra, Charles & Deborah Skipworth, Dan & Kali
Sanchez, Jose Rigoberto & Adriana Stergar, Gregory & Lynn Taylor, Bruce & Debra
Serulle, Elias & Lourdes Slagle, Nick
Sanchez, Luis & Ocanas, Mayra Stevens, Dan & Dineen Taylor, David
Sessions, Barbara & H A Slater, Ralph & Patty
Sanchez, Ramon & Ricarda Stevens, Dave & Elizabeth Taylor, Dirk & Laura
Sestina, John & Bobbi Slocum, Derek & Sarah
Stevens, Edward & Faye Taylor, Gregory & Sandra

Taylor, James & Cheryl Tucker, Brian & Susan Victor, Jenah West, Louis & Janice Xu, Keluo & Zhang, Liqun
Taylor, Scott & Linda Tucker, Sherrie Victor, Jody & Kathy Westlund, Milton & Darlys Yadao, Shane K & Joey
Taylor, Terry & Lorri Turner, John & Pat Victor, Joseph & Kelli Wheeler, Laurel Yager, Dex & Birdie
Tedesco, John & Martha Turner, Warren & Sue Victor, Steve & Marcia Wheeler, William & Joyce Yager, Doyle, Jeff & Steve
Tejeda, Juan & Aurora Turnipseed, Sam & Robin Vidakovic, Cviko & Jelica White, John & Julie Yalamanchili, Ramgopal & Haritha
Tenerovich, Frank & Marilyn Umstead, Michael & Elizabeth Viergutz, Jason & Katey White, Steve & Theresa Yamaguchi, Nobuhiko & Tomoko
Tepale Flores, Javier & Tepanecatl, Underwood, Frank & Marilyn Vij, Sumeet & Sonica White, Timothy & Krystal Yamamoto, Mandy & Ryan
Blanca Unger, Marcia & Andrew Villa, Esequiel & Salgado, Sebastiana Whitefield, Art & Connie Yandooru, Janardhan & Vora, Jeenal
Teroller, David & Lisa Upchurch, Stuart & Edith Villani, John & Barb Whitehurst, Rosanna Yang, Eun Mi & Baik, Jae Seung
Terrazas, Hubert Urbano, Martin & Eugenia Villanueva, Hector M & Farias, Wicks, Bill & Marilyn Yang, Ji Woong
Terry, Thomas & Debra Urena, Felipe & Raisa Consuelo Wiebe, Art & Vivian Yang, Seung & Hui
Thain, John & Sherie Usher, Merlyn & Ann Villanueva, Silvia & Thomas Wiechart, Chris & Katherine Yarish, Richard & Joyce
Thakkar, Harsh & Rita Utermoehl, Thomas & Amie Villeda, Margarita & Pacheco, Wierman, Richard & Maureen Yates, Robin & Melissa
Tharp, Gerald & Gayle Vadell, Thomas & Dana Fernando Wiertsema, Steven & Jane Yates, Taylor & Marsha
Theys, Timothy & Debi Vaidyaraj, Raj & Rajni Villegas, Gustavo & Marisela Wiese, Merritt & Beth Yeager, Ronald & Marthie
Thibault, Johanne & Cameron, Denis Vakil, Jwalant & Asha Vine, James & Shin, Ryeo Hwa Wiesner, Scott & Mary Rose Yee, Andrew & Lauren
Thill, Richard & Sharon Valdes, Angel & Robin Vo, Huong & Ho, An Wilcox, Janette & Milo Yen, Lance & Michelle
Thomas, Autumn M & Michael Valdez, Melido & Lidia Vreeman, Tiffany Wildes, Bill & Sharon Yermakova, Larisa & Pavel
Thomas, Bill & Paula Valerio, Runzie & Jean Vruno, Joseph & Alison Wilkens, Marilyn & Glenn Yi, Chil Ho & Ki Suk
Thomas, Brian & Vivianne Valiyamelathethil, Thomas & Wachter, Shawn & Catherine Wilkie, Dick Yi, Soung Hi & Kyong Mee
Thomas, Curtis & Nancy Varghese, Janet Wadsworth, Cal & Charlotte Wilkins, Devon & Renee Yim, Hee Kyung & Dongsoo
Thompson, Danny & Petrona Vallee, Serge & Michelle Waechter, Michael & Jana Williams, Dan Yocca, Mark & Stacey
Thompson, Lee & Kristen Van Alen, Carmel Wagner, Howard & Marilyn Williams, Jeffrey & Heather Yohey, Kenton & Andrea
Thompson, Phillip & Cynthia Vance, Dave & Beverly Wagner, Michael & Brandie Williams, Larry Yokely, Tim & Kaye
Walker, David & Elizabeth Williams, Ron & Sharon Yokome, Rick & Dianne
Walker, John & Karen Williams, Stephen & Theresa Yolton, Reina
Walker, Rhoda Williamson, Robert & Toni Yoo, Joseph & Yang H
Walker, Ricardo & Jamila Willis, Iserline Yoo, Karen Seonghae
Wallace, Mitzi & Tim Wills, Leah & Jess Yoon, Hyo Jeong & Jeon, Pyeong Sik
Wilson, Calvin & Sharon Yoon, Sangchul & Jihoon
Wilson, Glenn & Mickie Yoshino, Kevin & Debbie
Wilson, Larry & Patricia Yoshioka, Tricia & Ross
Wilson, Mike & Carla Youn, Sok Hoe & Sang Woo
Wilson, Richard & Julie Youn, Young & Sungshin
Wilt, Paul & Karen Young, Glenn & Lynda
Winckler, Donald & Mary Youngblood, Ray & Carroll
Winick, Deborah Yovich, Patricia & Alan
Thompson, Phyllis & Mattinson, Tom Vang, Paty Pashoua & Packor, Walne, James & Deborah Winklepleck, Don & Carol Yu, Julia & Simon
Thompson, Will & Karol Alexander Walter, Keith & Trina Winters, Larry & Pamela Yuen, Dan & Sandra
Thornton, Kenneth Vargas, Damiana & Refugio Walters, Michael & Andrea Wiseman, J C & Jennifer Yuhas, David & Debra
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Tsuruda, Kenji & Mildred Vicinanza, Eddie & Elise West, Dave & West Leisaunieks, Sue Xi, Liwei & Sun, Yajie
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s are not looking for a
Most people who go to Las Vega 2008, world-class
class to attend. But at Achievers ions got rave reviews.
training workshops and presentat
The training is one of the main
reasons we came. We cant wait to
share the training with our IBOs.
Barbara and Hashim Degia

Loved both the Creating Leads and the Art

of Presenting Seminars fantastic and
very informative will definitely keep
growing my business!

I came here for as much info as possible, cant

wait to get back to the group!! Awesome
week. Fired up!!!

The handouts and packages are

most generous and will give us huge
confidence in duplicating success
throughout our group.

Best Achievers ever! So much information.

New beginnings and new hope for all of
us, and new people we have yet to meet.
Thank you Amway Global.

I cant say enough about it. I cant wait

to go home and start training my people.
Thank you is not enough for what you are
doing for my business.

I will take with me better performance.

This has been extremely valuable
well done, informative and impressive
demonstration of the Corporation
responding to our needs and taking
action toward helping us to succeed.

Training plus mentorship helps IBOs

increase their customer volume. Period.
Sponsoring success improves as well.
We all know training builds confidence,
enhances knowledge and provides motivation.
But thats just the beginning. Training improves
productivity too and that means more money
sooner. Thats why Amway Global is committed to
training to help more IBOs make more money.
Alison Hague
Director, Training
moving ahead together...


A (re)discover slim featuring
Were excited about all of NUTRILITEdiet, healthy lifestyle
wonderful things the Cor and sports nutrition products

is doing to help us build

balanced business. May-Jun-Jul-Aug
featuring ARTISTRYand
True Beauty Skincare and Cosmetics

Plan to clean up with the
fall campaign

Investment in marketing signals
our confidence that the best
business opportunity in the world
can only get better in the future.
Its a future where engaging new
IBOs becomes much easier. Its a
future where we supply you with
the comprehensive marketing and
sales support that youve been
asking for.

Join more than 545,000 IBOs who completed Amway Global training in 2008. We offer courses
for the newest to the most experienced IBO.

For maximum impact, combine cutting-edge courses from Amway Global with training from your
IBO organization.

Attend an Amway Global National Spotlight event this year. With dates in more than 20 cities in
2009, youre sure to find one near you!

R Retail more products by attracting

more customers
Check out the new retail selling system its everything you need to get your retail business
started and keep it growing.

Stay energized and keep selling throughout 2009 by taking advantage of three retail campaigns.

Reach new customers with a personalized website.

U Utilize all income streams to earn more money

Sell products at suggested retail to maximize your profits.

Work with your upline and our experienced staff and online reporting to track your progress
toward the next achievement level.

Qualify for FAST TRACK incentives and help all of your newly sponsored downlines do the same.

E Enlist more IBOs and retain them

by helping each one succeed
Offer FAST TRACK incentives, the best way to introduce all new IBOs to
a business approach that emphasizes sponsoring and retailing and
delivers meaningful rewards, quickly!

Share integrated retail selling system.

Host or participate in a retail selling event.

to achieving true success

Buy and use the products. Love it. Vitamins? Sports

To represent a brand nutrition? Anti-aging
or an opportunity skin care? Determine for
successfully, you yourself what you are
must experience most passionate
it first. about, and focus
on what you love.

If you love it, you ca

n sell
it. Retailing is the
first step
toward building a ba tail
lanced, ggested re
sustainable busines Sell at su o fits
s. d a dd p r
prices, an
ttom lin .e
to your bo

Fresh from Achievers 08, true success is ready for you. To learn more, see your
IMAGINE guidebook. From FAST TRACK incentives to promotional consumer campaigns
to new product pricing, true success is designed to help all IBOs achieve greater
growth and bigger profits sooner than ever.
Generous bonuses and
incentives are available Remember that building
; a business is a unique
work the plan to quali
fy for opportunity, requiring
every dollar you can.
time, effort and commitment.

Take advantage of Amway

Recruiting happens
Global online and instructor-
naturally and easily
led training. Its a great way
when retail customers
to invest in your business
love your products and
without spending see your success.

a dime.

Invest in teaching,
training and developing unt.
ry day co
your downline, and Make eve sses,
help each and every b r a te your su ce
Cele ilures
m your fa
person succeed. learn fro oals.
on you g
and focus

Husband and Wife Team John Tesh and Connie Selleca
As host of Intelligence for Your Life, entertainer and author John Tesh has become one of the most
successful syndicated radio show personalities in the country. In 2009, Tesh joins Amway Global in
a new role: to develop products that will help people live better lives, and share them with his eight
million listeners in the U.S. and Canada. Actress and skin care entrepreneur Connie Sellecca is on
board as well. Her Sellecca Solution line for sensitive skin is now available to Amway Global IBOs
and customers throughout North America. Welcome, John and Connie!

World-Class Training: Amway Global National Spotlight
Coming to a city near you an amazing opportunity to preview new products, share new experiences,
and explore new training. Watch for dates and locations for National Spotlight 2009. Admission with
IBO card. You wont want to miss this!

Nominate a Patriot
In the next issue of ACHIEVE, Amway Global would like to recognize IBOs who have served their
country through the military. Please send your stories to:


Na me : Bil l Hawk ins
ou tgo ing IB OA I ch air

Ye ar sta rte d: 19 78
no w Ex ecu tive Di am
on d

Tu rn ing po int : Af ter

tw o we ek s,
I tur ne d to my wi fe
an d sa id,
We ca n do th is! Wi
th jus t five or
six mo nt hs , we de cid
ed to ma ke
it a ca re er.

Knew yo u wo uld ac
hie ve tru e su cc es s
when I ne ve r do ub
ted I wo uld .

Ma jor influe nc e: My
pa re nt s alw ay s ha d
fai th in me. Th ey d
is yo ur oy ste r! Live say, The wo rld
up to yo ur po ten tia

Wi sh yo u wo uld ha
ve know n when yo u
sta rte d: Th is is a re
a ge ne ra tio na l bu sin al bu sin es s
es s. We ca n give it
to ou r kid s; th ey ca
an d fin d su cce ss. n fol low us

Se cre t of su cc es s:
I th rive on sh ow ing
love, ap pr eci ati on an
for oth er pe op le. If d re sp ect
yo u have yo ur eyes
on ly on yo ur se lf, yo
we ll in th is bu sin es u do nt do

Favo rit e IB O sto rie

s: I se e so ma ny co
up les wh o ar e sa dd
led wi th de bt.
Wi th Am way Glo ba l,
a nu mb er of th em ha
ve be co me de bt fre
be en ab le to pay for e. Ot he rs have
th eir ch ild re ns ed uc
ati on .

What ha s Am way Gl
ob al given yo u? I fee
l ble sse d to be a pa
rt of tru e su cce ss.

Wo rd s of ad vic e: As
k yo ur se lf wh at it
is yo u re all y wa nt
in life an d go for
Were putting the size, strength, and resources of
this $8 billion company to work for you. We cannot
do what you do. We dont have three million people
on a corporate sales team. We have three million
independent business owners. We need you. Youre
the leaders of our business. And we want to help
you achieve even more than youve already done.

Steve Van Andel

Chairman, Alticor Inc.
Doug DeVos
President, Alticor Inc.
get ready

The once-in-a-lifetime event

in Orlando will celebrate
50 years of free enterprise.

And start planning now to

qualify for ACHIEVERS 10
in San Diego.

2009 All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. LA3911A

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