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(Simplifie Pinyin English

a ah
i short; low
i love
irn husband; wife; sweetheart
njng quiet; peaceful
npi plan; arrange
b eight
b bunch
b (function word)
bba pa; dad; father
ba (modal particle ending a sentence)
bi white; blank
bi hundred
bi put; put on; sway
bn class; team
bn move; carry
bn half; halfway
bntin half a day; a long time
bn do; deal with
bnf way; means; measure
bngngsh office
bngzh help; assist; aid
bo be full
bo hug; embrace
bo newspaper; gazette
bi cup; glass
bizi cup; glass
bi north
bibin north; north side
bi times; -fold
bi by
bn book; root; capital
bnzi book; notebook
b emulate; compare; than
bjio compare; contrast; relatively
bsi match; competition; game
b pen; pencil
bx must; have to
bin side
bin change; become
bin chng change into; turn into
binhu change; vary
bin time
bio () watch; () table; meter; chart
biosh show; express; indicate
bioxin show off; express; display
bioyn perform; act; play; demonstrate
bioyng praise; commend
bi don't
bide other; another
biren other people; others
bng disease; illness; sickness
b not; no
bcu not bad; pretty good; correct
bdn not only
bji soon; not long after
br not as good as; better to
btng different; not the same
byo don't; don't want to
byng need not
b cloth
bfen part; section; component
c wipe; rub; spread on; scrape
ci just
ci dish; course; vegetable; greens
cngun visit; look around
cnji join; take part in; attend
cochng playground; sports ground
co grass; straw
cng layer; story
ch tea
ch examine; investigate; look up
ch short of; differ from; poor
chng often; frequently
often; frequently
chng long
chng field; scene
chng sing
cho toward; face
ch vehicle
chzhn station; stop
chng town; city
chngsh town; city
chng accomplish; become
chngj success; achievement; score
ch eat; live on; annihilate
chdo be late
chu take out; take from; grow; inhale
ch go out; exceed; issue; vent
chf set out; start from
ch li come out; emerge
ch q go out; get out
chxin appear; arise
except; besides
chun penetrate; go through; put on
chun boat; ship
chung window
chunghu window; casement
chung bed
chu blow; brag; fail; break up
chn spring
chntin spring; springtime
cdi magnetic tape
c word; expression; poetry
cdin dictionary
c time
cng from; since; through; ever
from to
cng q
from on

cngqin before; formerly; in the past
cu wrong; faulty; mistake; error
cuw mistake; error; fault
d beat; hit; smash; play; stir
dsun plan; intend
d big; great; loud
dgi probably; general; broad outline
dji everybody; all
d shng loudly
dxu university; college
difu doctor; physician
di put on; wear; support; respect
di take; do; lead; have
dibio represent; representative; deputy
dnsh but; however; yet, nevertheless
dng at (a time or place); facing
dng act as; accept; administer; stop
dngrn of course; certainly
do knife; sword; blade
fall; collapse; resell; exchange;
do arrive; reach; go to; leave for
do road; doctrine; speak; say
dol principle; truth; reason; argument
d get; obtain; result in
d do get; obtain; gain; receive
de particle to form an attribute; of
de particle to form an adverbial
de particle to introduce a complement
dehn very much; quite
di have to; be sure to
dng lamp; light; lantern
dng wait; when; till
dng and so on; etc.
d low; droop; hang down
d the earth; land; field; ground
dfang place; space; part; respect
() d (dy) used to form ordinal numbers
ddi younger brother
din dot, point; dot stroke
din a little; point
din put a dot; count; select; light
dinxin pastry; light refreshments
dinzhng o'clock
din electricity
dinch tram; trolleybus
dindng electric light; electric lamp
dinhu telephone; phone; phone call
dinsh television; TV
dinyng film; movie
dio fall; drop; lose; reduce; turn
di lose; throw; put aside
dng east
dngbin east
dngxi thing; creature
dng winter
dngtin winter
dng understand; know
dng move; stir; use
dngw animal
du all; both; even; already
d read; read aloud
dun short; brief
dunlin take exercise; physical training
dun segment; period; paragraph
du towards; treat; compare; aim at
du right; correct
dubuq sorry; excuse me; let down
dn used for meals or scolding
du much; many; more
du how; what
du a little or few more than
dume how; what
dushao how many; how much
hungry; starve
rqi moreover; in addition; but also
rzi son
r two
f send out; discharge; issue; rise
f sho have a fever; have a temperature
fshng happen; occur; take place
fxin discover; find; discovery
fzhn develop; recruit; development
( fy(fwn
French; French language
) )
fn turn over; rummage; capsize
fny translate; translation; translator
fndu oppose; fight; be against
fn meal; cooked rice or other cereals
fndin restaurant; hotel
fngbin convenient; make convenient
fngf method; way; means
fngmin respect; aspect; field; side
fngxing direction; orientation
fngjin room
fngwn visit; call on
fng let go; put; lay; have a vacation
fng ji have a holiday or vacation
fichng very; highly; extraordinary; unusual
fi fly; flit; hover; flutter
fij aircraft; airplane; plane
fn divide; distribute; distinguish
fn minute; point; mark; a money unit
for expression of a fraction number

fnzhng minute
fngf rich; abundant; plentiful; enrich
fng for letters
fng wind
frn Lady; Madame; Mrs
fw serve; service
fwyun waiter; waitress; attendant
fdo coach; teach; tutor
fx revise; review
fz complex; complicated
fqin father
fz be responsible for; conscientious
fjn nearby; neighboring area; vicinity
gi should; ought to; owe; sb.'s turn
gi change; transform; rectify; correct
gibin change; alter; transform
gnjng clean; neat; tidy
gndo feel; sense; think
gnmo common cold
gnxi thank; be grateful
gn dare
gn do; work
gnb cadre
gng just; barely; only just
gngci a moment ago; just now
gngb pen
go tall; high; of a high degree
goxng glad; cheerful; be happy to
go do; cause; make; get hold of
gos tell; let know
gge elder brother
g song
g (a general measure word)
g each; every; various; different
gzhng all kinds of
gi give; grant
gn root; foot; base; origin
gn with; and; follow
gng more; still more, even more
gngchng factory; mill; plant; works
gngrn worker; workman
gngy industry
gngzu work; job
bus (for public transit)
gngjn kilogram
gngl kilometer
gngyun park
gu be enough; be up to; reach; quite
gniang girl; daughter
gshi story; tale
() scrape; shave; smear with; ()
gu hang; call up; ring off
gun shut; lock up; turn off; close down
gunx relation; relationship
gunxn be concerned with; care for
gun an indoor place for activities
gungb broadcast; be on the air
gu expensive; costly; dear
gu xng your honorable family name
gu country; state; nation
guji country; state; nation
gu pass; spend time; go through
guo (indicate an action in the past)
gu lai come over; come up
guq the past; former times
gu qu go over; pass by
hh ha-ha (the sound of laughing)
hi still; yet; even more; also; fairly
hish still; nevertheless; had better; or
hizi child; children; son or daughter
hi sea
hnji winter vacation
hn shout; cry out; yell; call sb.
hny Chinese; the Chinese language
hnz Chinese character
ho good; nice; be in good health
ho so as to; very; quite; so
hoch delicious; tasty; good to eat
hochu good; advantage; benefit; gain
hokn good-looking; nice; pretty
hoxing seem; look like; be like; as if
ho number; date
h drink
h and; with; to
hsh appropriate; right; suitable
h river
hi black; dark
hibn blackboard
hn very; quite; awfully
hng red; symbol of success
hu back; rear; behind
hubian back; rear; behind; latter
hrn suddenly; all of a sudden
h lake
hxing each other; mutual
hu flower; blossom; blurred; dim
hu spend; expend; cost
hu draw; paint
hur drawing; picture; painting
huxu chemistry
hu word; talk; speech; remark
hui bad; go bad; spoil; ruin
hunyng welcome; greet; favorably receive
hun give back; return; give sth. in return
hun exchange; barter; trade; change
hung yellow; sallow; fall through
hu return; turn around; answer; reply
hu (for times of an event or action)
hud answer; reply; response
hu li return; come back; be back
hu q return; go back; be back
hu can; be good at; be likely to; meet
hu meeting; gathering; conference
huhu conversation; converse with
hu live
hu work
hudng move about; relax; activity; shaky
huch train
huzh or; perhaps; maybe
jbn basic; fundamental; on the whole
jch foundation; base; basis
jchng airport; airfield; aerodrome
jhu chance; opportunity
jq machine; machinery; apparatus
j chicken
jdn chicken egg
j le extremely
jh gather; assemble; muster
j rapid; impatient; irascible; urgent
j crowded; cram; jostle; squeeze
j how many; a few; some
jsh technology; skill; technique
j send; post; mail
jhu plan; project; program; map out
j mark; remember; jot down; record
jx continue; go on; continuation
( ji (suffix) -ist; family; home; household
jitng family; household
ji add; plus; increase; put in
jinch persist in; persevere in; stick to
jin (measure word for rooms)
jinch check up; inspect; self-criticism
jindn simple; commonplace; casual
jin meet; see; be exposed to
jin min meet; see
jin (measure word for clothes, affairs)
jinkng health; healthy; sound; wholesome
jinsh build; construct; construction
jingli future
jing river
jing tell; speak; explain; discuss; stress
jio hand over; deliver; associate with
jio teach; instruct
jio foot
jio one tenth of one RMB Yuan
jiozi dumpling
jiosh classroom; schoolroom
jioy education; educate; teach
jio call; greet; order; name; shout; cry
jio (used to make a passive sentence)
ji meet; connect; catch; take over
jizhe then; afterward; follow
ji street
ji festival; section; length
jim program; item (on a program)
jir festival; holiday
jigu finally; at last; result; outcome
jish end; finish; conclude; wind up
jiju resolve; settle; solve
jijie elder sister
ji borrow; lend; make use of
jisho introduce; recommend; let know
jn half a kilogram
jnnin this year
jntin today; present; now
jn tight; urgent; hard up; tighten
jnzhng nervous; tense; in short supply
jn enter; come or go into; recruit
jnli come in; get in
jnqu go in; get in; enter
jnxng be in progress; go on; carry on
jn nearby; near; close
jngci brilliant; splendid; wonderful
jngshn spirit; mind; gist; essence
jngchng often; frequently; constantly; usually
jnggu pass; go through; as a result of
jngj economy; income; economical
jngyn experience
ji for a long time; long
ji nine
ji alcoholic drink; wine; liquor
ji old; past; bygone; used; worn
ji with regard to; even if; at once
jzi orange; tangerine; mandarin
j lift; heave; raise; hold up; cite
j (measure word for sentences)
jzi sentence
jude feel; think
judng decide; resolve; decision; resolution
kfi coffee
kch lorry; truck
ki open; operate; turn on; hold; boil
kish begin; start
joke; crack a joke; make fun of
ki xu school begins; term starts
kn see; look at; watch; read; think
kn bng see a doctor; see a patient
knjin see; catch sight of
kosh examine; test; examination
k (measure word for plants)
kxu science; scientific
ksou cough
knng possible; maybe; possibility; may
ksh but; nevertheless; yet; indeed
ky can; may
k thirsty
k gram
k a quarter of an hour; carve; cut
kqi polite; act or remark politely
k lesson; class; subject; course
kbn textbook
kwn text
kngq air
ku mouth; (measure word for people)
kuy spoken language
k cry
k bitter; miserable
kui piece; Yuan (the basic RMB unit)
kui fast; rapid; sharp; hurry up; soon
knnn difficult; difficulty; trouble
l pull; drag; haul; play; draw in; shit
la (modal particle ending a sentence)
li come; arrive; crop up; take place
ln blue
lnqi basketball
lodng work; labor
lo ji excuse me; may I trouble you
() lo(lo'r) old; aged; tough; of long standing
losh teacher
le (modal particle ending a sentence)
li tired; tire; strain
lng cold
l leave; without; off; away; from
lki leave; depart from
l in; inside
l half a kilometer
lbian inside; in; within; interior
lw gift; present
lsh history; past records
lyng use; utilize; exploit; make use of
lr for example; for instance
lk immediately; at once; right away
li two people (used in oral Chinese)
linx integrate; link; contact; connection
lin du
() (y)
lin face
linx practice; exercise; drill
lingkuai nice and cool; pleasantly cool
ling two; a few; some
ling (measure word for vehicles)
ling bright; shiny; light; shine; show
lio finish; end; settle; be able
lioji understand; know; find out
lng zero, 0
lngdo lead; leader; leadership
li remain; stay; keep; grow; leave
linin accept or keep as souvenir
foreign student; overseas student
li flow; stream; drip; shed; trickle
li six
lu storied building
l road; path; way; journey; route
lyn record sound; sound recording
lxng travel; journey; tour; trip
l green
lun in a mess; indiscriminate; random
mma mummy; mom; ma; mother
mfan troublesome; put sb. to trouble
m horse
mshng at once; immediately; right away
ma (modal particle expressing urging)
ma (modal particle making a question)
mi buy; purchase
mi sell
mn full; filled; complete; fill; expire
mny satisfied; pleased
mn slow
mng busy; fully occupied
mo one tenth of one RMB Yuan
mozi hat; cap
mi not have; there is not; not
mi gunxi never mind; it doesn't matter
mi ysi uninteresting; dull
miyu not have; there is not; not
mi every; each; per; every time
mimei younger sister
mn entrance; door; gate
mnku entrance; doorway
(pngyoum (particle forming a plural pronoun)
() meter (measure word for lengths)
mfn (cooked) rice
minbo bread
mintior noodles
mnz nation; nationality
mngnin next year
mngtin tomorrow
mngzi name
mqn mother (used in written Chinese)
mqin current time; at present
n take; hold; seize; capture; with; at
n/ni which; (used for rhetorical questions)
nli(nr) where; wherever
n that
n then; in that case
nge that
nli(nr) there
nme like that; in that way
nme then; in that case
nxi those
nyng of that kind; like that; so; such
na (modal particle ending a sentence)
na (modal particle ending a sentence)
nn south
nnbian south
nn male
nn difficult
ne (modal particle ending a question)
ni inside; inner; within
nirng content; substance
nng can; be able to; be capable of
nnggu can; be able to; be capable of
ng (interjection expressing what or huh)
n you (the singular form)
nmen you (the plural form)
nin year; New Year
ninj grade; year
ninj age
ninqng young
nin read aloud, study, attend school
nn you (in respectful form)
ni ox; cow; bull
nini cow milk
nngcn rural area; countryside
nngmn peasant
nngy agriculture; farming
nl try hard; be hard at work or study
n female
n'r daughter
nunhuo warm; nice and warm; warm up
p crawl; creep; climb
p fear; be afraid of; perhaps
pi clap; pat; beat; shoot; send
piqi volleyball
pi send; appoint
pngbin side
po run; run away; run about doing sth.
po b run
pngyou friend
png touch; bump; meet; run into
ppng criticize; criticism
pji beer
pin (measure word for articles)
pinyi cheap; inexpensive; small gains
pin (measure word for pieces of things)
pioliang pretty; beautiful; remarkable
pio ticket; ballot
pnggu apple
png (measure word for bottles)
p broken; damaged; break; destroy
q seven
q ride (an animal or bicycle)
q remove; pull; appear; rise; raise
q chung get up
q li stand up; sit up; rise to one's feet
qch automobile; motor vehicle; car
qshu aerated water; soda; soft drink
qinb pencil
qin thousand
qin money; fund; sum
qin front; forward; before; preceding
qinbian in front; ahead
qin shallow; simple; superficial; light
qing wall
qio bridge
qngnin young person; youth
qng light; small in number, degree, etc.
qngchu clear; distinct; be clear about
qng clear; sunny
qngkung circumstance; situation, condition
qng please; request; ask; invite; engage
qng ji ask for leave
qng wn Excuse me; May I ask
qi autumn; fall
qitin autumn; fall
qi ball; anything shaped like a ball
qd gain; acquire; obtain
q go; leave; send; remove; get rid of
qnin last year
qun complete; whole; entire; full; total
qunb all; without exception; complete
qunt all; whole; entire
qush true; reliable
rnhu then; afterwards; after that
rng give way; give ground; invite; let
r hot; popular; heat up; warm
rqng warm; fervent; enthusiasm
rn person; man; people
rnmen persons; people; the public
rnmn the people
rnh any; whichever; whatever
rnshi recognize; understand; cognition
rnwi think; consider
rnzhn conscientious; earnest; serious
r sun; day time; a day of the month
ry(rwn) Japanese (language)
rzi days; date; time; life; livelihood
rngy easy; easily; apt
ru flesh; meat
sn three
sn b take a walk
shn mountain; hill
shngdin shop; store
shng upper; up; upward; preceding
shng get on; go up; go to; submit; fill
shngbian above; over; the higher authorities
shng k attend class; give a lesson
shng li come up
shng qu go up
shngw forenoon; morning
shng xu go to school; attend school
sho few; little; less; lack; lose; reduce
shhu society
shnt body; health
shn deep; difficult; thoroughgoing; dark
shnme what; whatever; why; something
shng (measure word for sound); sound
shngdio tone; the tone of Chinese character
shngyn sound; voice
shngchn produce; manufacture; production
shngc new word
shnghu life; livelihood; live; exist
shngr birthday
shng province
shng surplus; remnant; leave (over)
shngl victory; triumph
shfu master worker; master; teacher
sh ten
shfn very; fully; utterly; extremely
shhou time; when
shjin when
shtng dining room; canteen; cafeteria
shjin live up to; carry out; practice
shxin realize; achieve; bring about
shyng make use of; use; employ; apply
shji world
sh matter; affair; thing; business
shqing matter; affair; thing; business
sh be
sh city; municipality; market
sh try; test; attempt
shu put away; collect; harvest; receive
shushi put in order; tidy; punish; repair
shu hand
shubio wrist watch
shud capital
sh transport; convey; lose; be beaten
shfu comfortable
sh book
sh ripe; cooked; done; familiar
sh count; be reckoned as
sh tree
shxu mathematics
shung pair; twin; dual; double; di-; bi-
she/shu who
shu water
shugu fruit
shupng standard; level; horizontal
shu sleep; go to bed
shu jio sleep; go to bed
shu speak; talk; say; scold
shumng explain; illustrate; show
sxing thought; thinking; idea; ideology
s die; pass away; dead; inflexible
s four
sng send; give; deliver; carry; escort
ssh hostel; living quarters; dormitory
sun sour; sick at heart; tingle; acid
sun calculate; compute; include; count
surn though; although
su years old (for a person's age)
suy so; therefore; as a result
suyu all
t he
tmen they; them (for males and females)
t it
tmen they; them (for things, animals, etc.)
t she
tmen they; them (for females)
ti lift up; raise; carry
ti too
tiyng the sun
tidu manner; bearing; attitude
tn talk; chat; discuss
tng soup; broth
tng sugar; candy; sweets
tng lie; recline
toln discuss; discussion
tbi special; particular; especially
tng ache; pain
t kick
t carry; put forward; draw out; raise
tgo raise; heighten; enhance; increase
ty physical training; physical culture
tin sky; heaven; weather
tinq weather
tio strip (measure word for long things)
tiojin condition; qualification; requirement
tio jump; leap; spring; beat
tio w dance
tng listen; hear; heed; obey
tngjin hear
tng shu be told; hear of; hear about
tngxi dictate; dictation
tng stop; cease; be parked
tng straighten up; stick out; very; rather
tng open up; lead to; understand
tnggu by way of; through; pass through
tngzh notify; give notice; notice; circular
tngsh at the same time; simultaneously
tngxu fellow student; schoolmate
tngy agree; consent; approve
tngzh comrade
tngkuai very happy; delighted; forthright
tu first; leading
trn sudden; abrupt
tshgun library
tunji unite; rally
tu push; shove; turn a mill; grind
tu leg
tu return; give back; withdraw; fade
tu take off; cast off; strip
wzi socks; stockings; hose
wi outer; outside; external; foreign
wibian out; outside; exterior
wigu foreign country
( wiy(wi
foreign language
) wn)
wn use up; be over; finish; complete
wnchng accomplish; complete; fulfill
wnqun complete; whole; full; at all
wnr play; have fun; employ; resort to
wn bowl
wn late
wnfn dinner; supper
wnhu evening party; social evening
wnshang evening; night
wn ten thousand; a very great number
wng go
wng to; toward; in the direction of
wng forget; neglect
wixin dangerous; perilous; danger
wi do; act; be; become
wid great; mighty
wi hello
wi (measure word for people of status)
wi (indicating the cause or purpose)
wile for; for the sake of; in order to
why; why (or how) is it that
wnhu civilization; culture; education
wnxu literature
wnxuji literatus; writer
wny literature and art
wnzhng essay; article; hidden meaning
wn ask; inquire
wn ho send one's regards to
wnt question; problem; issue; trouble
w I; me; our; ourselves
wmen we; us; our
w shu shake hands; clasp hands
wzi room
w five
wfn midday meal; lunch
wl physics
x west
xbian west (often used in oral Chinese)
xwng hope; wish; expect
xgun be used to; usual practice; habit
xhuan love; like; be keen to; be fond of
x wash; bathe; develop
x zo have a bath; bathe
x department (in a university)
x thin; fine; thin and soft; meticulous
xi descend; fall; issue; go to; put in
xi below; down; under; next; second
xi (measure word for times of an action)
xibian below; under; lower level; next
xi k finish class; get out of class
xi li come down
xi qu go down; descend
xiw afternoon
xi summer
xitin summer
xin earlier; before; first; temporarily
xinsheng teacher; mister; Mr.; sir; gentleman
xindi modern times; the contemporary age
xinzi now; at present; today
xingxn believe in; have faith in
xing fragrant; savory; be with relish
xingjio banana
xing think; suppose; recall; want to; miss
xing make a sound; ring; noisy; loud
xing be like; resemble; picture; such as
xing towards; to; face; be partial to
xioxi news; information; message
() xio small; little; petty; minor; young
xiohir child
xiojie young lady; Miss; miss
xiosh hour
xio smile (at); laugh (at); ridicule
(measure word for unspecified
xi shoe
xi write; compose; describe
xixie thank
xnk hard; toilsome; laborious; tire
xn new; fresh; up-to-date; newly
xnnin New Year
xnwn information; news
xn the heart; heart; mind; feeling
xn believe; trust; profess faith in; letter
xnfng envelope
xngq week
( xngqr(x
) ngqtin)
xng all right; O.K.; capable; competent
xngf happy; happiness
xng be surnamed; family name
xixi have a rest; rest
xyo need; want; require; demand
xdu many; much; a lot of
xu study; learn; imitate; mimic
xusheng student; schoolboy; schoolgirl
xux study; learn; emulate
xuxio school; educational institute
xuyun college; institute; academy
xu snow
y ah; oh; creak
ya ah
ynji study; research; consider; discuss
yns color
ynjing eye
ynch perform; put on a show; performance
ynhu banquet; feast; dinner party
yng sheep; goat
yngzi shape; appearance; manner; model
yoqi demand; require; claim; ask
yo medicine; drug; remedy
yo want to; wish to; must; shall; ask for
yoshi in case; if; suppose
y also; too; either
yx perhaps; probably; maybe
y page
y night; evening
y one; once; as soon as
ybn general; ordinary; common
at the same time; simultaneously
ydinr a bit; a few; a little
ydng fixed; definite; given; necessarily
ygng in all; altogether; in total
yhur a little while; a moment
y ji as soon as; once
ykuir the same place; together
yq the same place; together
yqi all; every; everything
yxi one time; once; a little while
yxi a number of; certain; a few; a little
yyng the same; equally; alike; as as
an emphatic sentence structure to
yy describe the smallest unit of the
yzh always; all along; straight
yshng doctor
yyun hospital
yfu clothes; clothing; garment; coat
yzi chair
yjing already
yhu after; afterwards; later
yqin before; formerly
ywi think; consider; believe
ysh art; skill; craft
y a hundred million
yjin opinion; view; objection
ysi meaning; idea; wish; appreciation
yy meaning; sense; significance
ynwi because; on account of; because of
ynyu music
yn cloudy; overcast; sinister
ynhng bank
( yngy(yn
English (language)
) gwn)
ynggi ought to; should; must
yng win; beat; gain
yngxing influence; affect; effect
yngyun for good; forever; ever; always
yng use; employ; apply; by means of
yuq especially; particularly
yuj post office
yupio stamp
yu yng swim
yu have; possess; exist; there be
yude some; some of
yumng famous; well-known
yu shhou sometimes
yuxi some; some of
yu ysi interesting; enjoyable
yuho friendly; amicable; close friend
yuy friendship
yu the right
yu again
y fish
ykui happy; cheerful; joyful; delightful
y rain
yf grammar
yyn language
ydo meet with; run into; encounter
yx preview; prepare lessons
yun Yuan (used for money)
yunli original; former
yunling excuse; forgive; pardon
yun round; circular; circle
yun far; remote
yuny be willing; be ready; wish; like; want
yu month
yuliang the moon
yuqi the moon
yn cloud
yndng be in motion; move about; sport
zi again; not until; then and only then
zijin good-bye; see you again
zi exist; be living; at; on; in
zi (indicating an action in progress)
zn we; us; our; I; me; my
znmen we; us; our
zng dirty; filthy
zo early; for a long time; as early as
( zochen(z
(early) morning
) oshang)
zofn breakfast
znme how; why; however
znmeyng how; (a polite formula)
znyng how
zngji increase; raise; add
zhnln put on display; exhibit; show
zhn occupy; seize; take; constitute
zhn stand; be on one's feet; stop; halt
zhn station; stop; service center
zhng piece
zhng grow; develop; acquire; increase
zhngw grasp; master; control; have in hand
zhoj worry; anxious
zho look for; return the balance of money
zhog look after; give consideration to
zho xing take a picture (or photograph)
zh this; this moment; now
zhge this one; this
zhl(zhr) here
zhme so; such; this way; like this
zhxi these
zhyng so; such; like this; this way
zhe (indicating an action in progress)
zhn true; real; genuine; clearly; really
zhnzhng genuine; real; true
zhngq in good order; neat; tidy
zhng straight; upright; honest; pure; just
zhngqu correct; right; proper
zhngzi in process of; in course of
zhngf government
zhngzh politics; political affairs; political
zh (measure word for one of a pair)
zh (measure word for stick-like things)
zhdo know; be aware of; realize
zhshi knowledge
zhjin between
zh point at; point to; point out; refer to
zh only; merely
zhho have to; be forced to
zh paper
zhng center; middle; in; among; China
zhngjin center; middle; among; between
zhngwn Chinese (language)
zhngw noon; midday
zhngxu middle school; high school
zhng bell; clock
zhngtu hour (mainly used in oral Chinese)
zhng kind; type; sort; breed; race; strain
zhng heavy; important; serious
zhngyo important; significant; major
zhu week; round
zhuwi around; round; about
zh pig; hog; swine
zhyo main; major; chief; principal
zhyi idea; plan; decision
zh live; reside; stay; stop; cease
zhy pay attention to; take notice of
zh express good wishes; wish
zhung act; pretend; load; assemble; fit
zhnbi prepare; get ready (for); intend
zhuzi table; desk
zj oneself; closely related; own
zxngch bike; bicycle
z word; character
() zng(sh) put together; general; chief; always
zu walk; visit; pass; leave; go away
zqi football game; soccer ball
zgu motherland; fatherland; homeland
zzh organize; form; organization
zu mouth
zu most
zuch first; initial
zuhu last; final; ultimate
zujn recently; lately; in the near future
zutin yesterday
zu the left; the left side
zu make; do; cook; be; be used as
zu do; make; compose; write; act as
zuy homework; operation; task; work
zu sit; take a seat; ride; put on a fire
zu (measure word for cities and so on)

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