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In the story Slip or Trip the wife Queenie is in front of the dead husband .

has claim to see everything that happen upon his death. She seems more like the
murder than a alibi.
To start off she has very little behavior of seeing his husband dead. She has no
real emotion like she was expecting it to happen to him. The way she is precision is also
a dead give away. If you experiencing that happening to your husband you would be
freaking out and not putting your hand on you mouth.
Continuing is that behind them is a cooking stove. This is very suspicious
because of the fact it is almost ready from the steam. She could have use this as a
weapon by hitting him with the frying pan and moving his body with the adrenaline that
is in her body and to hide to evidence of her fingerprints and the bump of the head in
the pan.
Most suspiciously is the that everything is neat! The floors are neat the mirror is
still right side up and even the victim is neat. The robe is in place the, positions of him is
neat, not even a hair is out of place. Such as before she could have knock him out and
moved him with her adrenaline.
All the clues fit together. The lack of expression the food cooking and even the
neatness of the place. This is leading to one conclusion. That Queenie killed her
husband. I rest my case.

Advanced Proficient Partially Proficient

Introduction Lead is a grabber or offers Includes a lead Claim just repeats the prompt, no
*Lead/grabber background information, Claim is clear and answers the clear claim, or does not answer
*Claim/Thesis along with a clear claim prompt the prompt
Includes all necessary titles References titles and authors of Does not include titles
and names, referenced literature in question; or Includes reasons or evidence in
correctly necessary background the claim, pronouns, I think
information statements

Body More than 3 specific 3 specific reasons support the Less than 3 specific reasons
*Reasons reasons support the claim claim support the claim
*Evidence (text Specific, compelling text Specific text evidence is Specific text evidence not
support, evidence for each reason provided for each reason provided for each reason
details) includes a mix of cited Provides justification for how Little or no justification for how the
(quoted) and paraphrased the reasons and text evidence reasons and text evidence support
*Justification text support the claim the claim
Provides justification for how Maintains order, logic and/or Maintains little or no order, logic or
the reasons and text transition words between transition words between reasons
evidence support the claim reasons
and elaborates beyond the
Maintains clear order, logic
and high-level transition
words between reasons

Style and Advanced, precise Vocabulary appropriate for General word choice; occasional
Fluency vocabulary appropriate for audience and purpose errors in word usage
audience and purpose
Lots of descriptive Some descriptive language: Mostly common or dead verbs (is,
language: active verbs, active verbs, figurative did, go), imprecise or colorless
figurative language, language, imagery, adjectives verbs or adjectives, common
imagery, effective Some variety of sentence phrases
adjectives beginnings, structures, and Little variety of sentence
Fluent variety of sentence length beginnings, structure, or length;
beginnings, structures, Mostly legible, neat, and error- contains run-on or incomplete
length free sentences
Legible, neat, and error-free Sloppy or full of errors

Conclusion Ties the claim to a larger Ties the claim to a larger idea Repeats the claim statement or
idea: self, the world, other but is clumsy or forced. the supports
literature No conclusion