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Fascination in everyday Life

Dear Friends,

How may we use fascination in our life life?

1. In everyday life and in the sphere or relationships: The reason why a certain
person makes an impact on us, and seems to us alive, lies in the self-confident
mastery exuded by a look which seduces, attracts, enchants. Our eye can be educated
in this respect and guided to the attainment of those effects.

2. Within the therapeutic field: Since ancient times, healing power has been
attributed to the look. Both Hippocrates and Dioscorides , as well as Theophrastus ,
1 2 3

forcefully maintain that healing power could be exercised through the look, gestures
and specific rituals.

Our own master Erminio from Pisa, therefore, perpetuated such tradition by causing
the instant healing of pains of the muscles and the skeleton, tinnitus, and several other

At our institute, we keep a very beautiful video like these one below which shows how,
within the space of a few seconds, he was able to remove pains and a wide array of

A theory that might provide justification for such results is the one set out here under:

The mind is sometimes caught in the grips of what is usually referred to as fixed
ideas. We keep on thinking the same things, and we let ourselves be constantly
chased by the phantom of old thoughts and go round and round the same set of

The charming attraction of the look, therefore, smashes such deeply engrained ideas.

It is as if through the means of fascination, moreover, we succeeded in entering the

other person. Every persons world is fenced off by a limiting boundary consisting in
the narrow space of what his sight encompasses and reaches up to.

Accordingly, by meeting such persons look we simultaneously penetrate inside the

interpersonal reality of our interlocutor, and we are then able to help him from within.

Even the phase of concentration and meditation techniques that one passes through
with the aim of strengthening the eye contains within itself a practical usefulness in the
field of personality reinforcement.

3. Within the arena of personal growth: We must possess awareness of the look.
The exercises that are utilized for the sake of fascination might additionally prove to be
of great avail if one seeks to acquire a clearer, neater and more magnetic personality,
as well as to attain greater "Presence".
4. To induce a hypnotic trance in a natural way. Fascination might represent the
key to develop a specific form of instant hypnosis. Besides, all hypnotic techniques are
speeded up by prior recourse to the use of fascination.

Learn and using fascination in everyday life increase wellness and wellbeing.

Dr. Marco Paret and his Institute in Nice are glad to invite you to an experience of total
inner transformation.
WHEN? 16- 27 May 2017
WHERE? NICE (France)
6 Days Professional Training Magnetic Path
6 Days Advanced Professional Training
1 Cf. Hippocrates, De Sacro Morbo de Magis.
2 Cf. Dioscorides, Book ii, chapter 10.
3 Cf. J Theophrastus, De Histor. Plant, Book IX, chapter 4.