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Your Thought Patterns Determine Your Reality

Everything in the physical world is made of atoms. Atoms are made of

energy. And energy is made of consciousness. The Law of Vibration
states that EVERYTHING vibrates (everything moves). Everything ever
created from the smallest atomic particle to the largest skyscraper; is in a
constant state of energetic motion.

The following is an excerpt from The Magic in Your Mind by U.S.

Anderson. I highly recommend finding a copy of that book.

You are capable of becoming anyone and doing anything you can visualize. You are your own
impression of yourself. A man changes the state of his outer world by first changing the state of his
inner world. Everything that comes to him from outside is the result of his own consciousness. When
he changes that consciousness he alters his perception and thus the world he sees.

For inasmuch as your mental imagery propels you into action, that action is always true to the picture
in your mind and will deliver you its material counterpart certainly.

If ever you have known the overwhelming power of mental imagery to influence your attitude and
perception, then you will quickly see that the salvation of each of us is to train his image power to
obey him. In this manner it is possible to become free from the promptings and urgings of nature,
from death and disease and destruction, from ineffectuality and frustration. For the man whose inner
power of vision transcends the constantly distracting stimuli of the outer world has taken charge of
his own life, is truly master of his fate.

The man who lives through reaction to the world about him is the victim of every change in his
environment, now happy, now sad, now victorious, now defeated, affected but never affecting.

It is a mental world we live in, not a physical one at all. The physical is merely an extension of the
mental, and an imperfect extension at that. Everything we see, hear, and feel is not a hard and
inescapable fact at all, but only the imperfect revelation to the senses of an idea held in mind.
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The Magic in Your Mind, U.S. Anderson

We become what we think about Earl Nightingale

Whatever you think about, whether its good or bad, you always attract into your life. Your thoughts,
magnified by the EMOTIONS behind your thoughts, equal the things that you attract into your life.

The creation process is how you manifest reality in your life to make your dreams come true. In
simple words everything you can see including yourself. The creation process is a fundamental ability
of your consciousness. Every person on earth has the right to free access to Information about
sovereignty, wealth, and freedom. We should not live our lives in fear of constant competition,
instead we must cooperate.

The most common reason why people fail to manifest what they want is because they are holding a
belief that success is not real tangible. Never having been successful, its hard to feel what its like.
However, the key is to lock into the feeling of being successful as if youve already attained it. It
could be laziness or, not being able to change their thoughts or guilt from religion. In order to
change, you must give up things you dont need. For example, you must stop wasting attention on
things you dont really need. To start, you need to realize that you always have a choice and that you
must choose your goals and dreams for yourself. Next, you must equip your mind with the right tools
for success.

This world is illusion. Reality is created and altered by observing it with our consciousness. The
outside world is a reflection of the hidden, invisible world. Thoughts are blueprints of reality.

Your thoughts not only matter, they create matter! Thought is where everything material comes
from. This also means that facts are opinions, and often limit your beliefs. Question the facts you
were told.

So, Step into your best self! Follow your energy and your bliss!

Decide today to change beliefs for a better you. Decide what you want,
create the thought in your head, and act upon it with strong desire.

I am attracting more money into my account than I can spend

Money follows me like a puppy dog.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you
will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will." - George
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Bernard Shaw

Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have.

-Philip Appleman

Success Requires Constant Teachability

The first ingredient to success is to always remain teachable. You are always observing and learning.
Always be teachable. Once a student always a student. Be prepared and ready to learn new things
every day. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Once you think you know it all, you
are no longer teachable. This philosophy should keep you humble since you know that you dont
know everything and what you do know requires continual learning for personal growth.

The four steps of learning are:

1. Conscious incompetence: you know that you dont know.

2. Unconscious incompetence: you dont know that you dont know.
3. Conscious competence: you know that you know - how becomes irrelevant. You have no clue
how its going to happen but whatever you want you know will happen.
4. Unconscious competence: Auto pilot - you know and it happens automatically (you know it
automatically) - you know that you know.

The goal of learning this material is for you to get to stage four where you not only know the material
but memorized and practiced it such that it becomes an automatic mechanism. In your continual
quest for knowledge, Its not what you know that matters, its what you remember.

The four basics above are a success formula to win at everything throughout your life and must be
mastered within a lifetime.

To measure your teachability, rate your willingness to learn and willingness to accept change, or to
give up what you love the most, on a scale from 1 to 10. Are you willing to accept change? How
teachable? Are you willing to learn today? If you want to change, consider what you can give up.
Change is the hardest part of being teachable. Its up to you to understand what the degree of being
teachable means to yourself.

Universal Laws

Everything is governed by laws, agreements and contracts. Once you know the invisible laws,
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agreements that are in place, you know the system. You must understand all the laws and bring them
together in your mind in harmony to work with you.

A law works the same way all the time for each person all the time no matter what. Like God, It is

Knowing the universal laws saves you many questions in why, how everything works; why and how
your life works, and existence works. The laws of success are a series of immutable, time tested
codes. The book, The Law of Success in 16 Lessons by Napoleon Hill describes many of them.

Regardless of the chaos outside, as long as we maintain order and peace on the inside, we will be
exempt from trouble. To live is to master the fundamental laws and to remain focused on you rather
than on the noise or impulse. This can be summed up in the simple formula: Everything = You +
Everybody Else.

An easy practice is to imagine a big ball of positive energy surrounding and protecting you while the
ball of negative energy is getting smaller and smaller and think The positive ball of energy is getting
bigger than the negative. Its helpful to close your eyes and take a deep breath while doing this

One important law is the Law of Resistance, which states that whatever you resist persists. That if
you govern your emotions, thoughts and actions by resistance to what you dont want, you will always
get it. Instead of resisting, accept and shift towards what you want. Sowing anger, resentment, and
hatred will not remove the offense.

The Law of Forgiveness says to let go of what you dont want. The art of surrendering to God and
letting go of negative energy is essential to master.

The Law of Sacrifice means giving up something of a lower degree to get

something of a higher degree. This is the law of life, as you can truly get anything
you want in life, simply ask and it is given. However, every gift comes with a price.
Its your job to consider the price of every request. Sometimes you have to
practice delayed gratification to get what you want.

The Law of Attraction is what this book is primarily about. Most people are ignorant of these laws,
you must not be. You attract into your life everything that is in a harmonious vibration to you.
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The Law of Thought: Thoughts Are Things

It is a joy to think positive thoughts, think thoughts that match your dreams and goals. Why is it a joy?
It is a joy to do so because you feel better and happier as you think about the dream about what you
really want feeling as if you already have it. Knowing it is coming to you because you have sown the
seeds of its manifestation. As you receive manifestations back that are a mirror image of your
positive thoughts, you have found gratification and success in your life. When you know that you put
it out there and created it then this is more than joyful it is freeing to know you have the power over
your life.

In the law of thought it is stressed to think deliberately and that true thoughts are not just thoughts
that run through our heads, or the cross talk going on in our heads.

A simple trick is to practice daily mini meditations. You do this by (1) stop what you are doing (2)
Close your eyes (3) focus on your breathing and breathe in slowly, hold your breath and then exhale
slowly. (4) Repeat a positive phrase or word, like Im okay, Im feeling good or I like myself. Pay
attention to the sensation of your breath entering and leaving your body. You may also count (5) Do
steps 3-5 several times until you are calm and then reopen your eyes to resume your work.

Thoughts are contagious. Up to ninety-percent of the thoughts we have are not our own at least to
some extent and we are just picking up on the vibrations of someone elses thoughts. So think
deliberately, and the thoughts you give credence, emotion, and feeling to be the ones you empower.

Eliminate Resistance

The law of allowing is key to moving out of and beyond any illusions, interference, and challenges
that get in the way of your goals and dreams.

Resistance comes with the false understanding that there are two powers in this world, Good and
Evil. This duality brings forth resistance that we must resist that bad power. When we understand that
there is only one good, universal power, and that the bad power is just an illusion created by people
not understanding the reality, then we see no necessity to be resistant against something that really
doesnt exist and is nothing but smoke and mirrors. When we understand this and to work with the
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one and only power that exists, and we are non-resistant, we win. A non- resistant person always
wins. Resistant people alway struggle and get frustrated as a result. The resistant person fights with
imaginative negative powers and ends up nowhere because nowhere these imagined negative
powers exist, they do not actually exist.

Any negative person or thing cannot influence you as long as you hold the truth of only one power
working for all, all the time. God is love and truth. If you hold the truths within, then only the truth
expresses itself in your life.

Bless those who seem in the illusion be bad for you, against you. Bless your enemies for all is from
the one good power and is for our success and betterment. In a really good way even if we cant see it
all is for good. The illusion of evil is just an illusion. Love your enemies, love those who are against
you, love those who persecute you. With the law of non-resistance, that which seems to be bad for
you, against you, only makes the good stronger. Believe that everything will work out for your

There is only one power so everyone in your life is a link in the golden chain for good.

Everything works for my benefit and ultimate good.

When we resist the thing, we do not want we are focusing on it. By focusing on it we are adding more
power to the potential of that creation. When we let go of all negativity and bad things and focus on
the good, only good comes into our lives and the duality illusion is broken.

Refer to the law of thinking. If you keep on thinking about things you dont want you inject more and
more power into what you dont want. Think about and focus on the one power giving you all the
good you could ever dream by knowing that the goods power comes from God that is unlimited and
infinite, then you live a life of true reality in the good. The law of non-resistance is also relates to the
law of harmony, the law involved in being in harmony and balance with all things.

Always remember: Do not react, always respond with a conscious aware choice

Understanding The Source

Source, Causeless Cause, God, The Supreme Being, many names and many aspects and beliefs,
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dogmas, religions, and doctrines have been made regarding this. Within humankind the giant sleeps
to be awakened. The way to source is simple and outlined below:

1. Keep the way clear, if there is a mess or blockage to source you have created by breaking
any of the universal laws then clean it up.

2. Keep with what source is in your mind, emotions, feelings, behavior, morals, ethics,
values, and reality model. Source as stated earlier is: That which always was, is, and always will be,
that is perfect, oneness, absolute awareness. Having the afore written be your core values, morals,
ethics, reality model, and be the core of your thinking, feeling, and emotions; keeps you in affinity to
source causeless cause.

3. Make the choice now. You can hold onto the illusionary world of outer things or you can let
them go and hold to source causeless cause. The Eternal Is One Perfect Absolute Awareness is the
cause behind ALL in ALL. Within The Eternal Is One Perfect Absolute Awareness is all things, and The
ALL makes up The Eternal Is One Perfect Absolute Awareness.

4. The outer world of creation only holds one constant. Change! To assist us in all the changes
and have an endless supply to draw from so we can evolve, adapt, and live; the only true freedom
and life comes from The Eternal Is One Perfect Absolute Awareness.

5. You can live in illusions and at effect and be a victim of your circumstances and events. Or
you can surrender to source cause God within you and find the victory that has always been won even
from the very beginning.

6. Whatever excuses your life and mind makes up to not be at source is just part of the outer
illusions still playing out you have not let go of.

Only God can give us everything we need. The material world will never give us the juice we need
unless it is handed over to God. Let God within me be in charge, follow the truth and the law and I
would have the perfect vehicle for heaven as my reality.

Relax and have fun. Non-resistance to the lies and deceptions of the world is key. You build,
grow, and create your own life taking responsibility for yourself. Once you gain your freedom then
you let it grow and fill the world.

Your Chief Aim in Life
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A chief aim is the single, primary goal of your life. It sums up all your dreams and goals into
a single, believable, attainable statement. Its the biggest thing in life you want and its
the single thing you think about most of the time.

A chief aim is the single thing you are thinking about MOST of the time. Its the most intense, focused
intention of your life. It leads you to live an unbalanced, zealous life that will cause you to sacrifice
anything to reach it. In a simple phrase, Its your magnificent obsession (you can talk, think, live,
taste, touch, and see it as if its already yours).

Now take a piece of paper and write down all your dreams and goals. On the left side of the
page write from a scale of 0-10 how much you desire and are passionate about each goal. Then
on the left side on a scale from 0-10 how much you believe you can achieve it within the next 6
months. On how much you believe you can achieve it is most important. Any goals that are 7 or less
cross them out. Then out of all the goals you believe 8 and above, pick the one you are most
passionate about, and desire the most. Now you have one goal. Only pick one, narrow it down to the
one goal as per the directions described above and this is your chief aim. You have only one chief aim
and you must put all your focus on this one chief aim.

Be obsessed about your chief aim. Think about it all the time. Draw it, write about it, find pictures of
it and print them out and put them on your wall for you to focus on, if its an object to buy or touch, go
find it and touch it, feel it, get the energy and feel of having it. Think about your goal all the time and
it will come rushing to meet you.

Most importantly, make it bigger than yourself. Avoid self-serving ego driven goals.

Your Definite Major Purpose

Following your chief aim, you must develop a major purpose to your life. Write it down and follow it.
Everything in your life should be directed towards fulfilling it. Do you do this by actively living an
intentional life.

Any definite purpose that is deliberately fixed in the mind and held there, with the determination
to realize it, finally saturates the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the
physical action of the body toward the attainment of that purpose The Law of Success in 16 Lessons
(1925), Napoleon Hill.
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The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Paul Valery

Following your purpose, you should have clearly defined goals. Someone without a goal is a ship
without a rudder. Set goals so that you always win. Make it easy for yourself. Always set yourself up
to win whatever I set as a goal I achieve!

Kindle a desire to feel good now and choose actions that make you feel better. Instead of following
large goals, set short-term goals that put you in the now moment and immediately improve or
enhance the present moment. Gradually, over time, build up more and more momentum through
excitement to make that goal a reality. Tell yourself that you are excited about achieving your goals.

Your goals should be big enough to motivate and small enough to be reachable so that they make you
feel good. Always feel good now. If you feel bad, do whatever it takes to gradually feel better.

The Game of Life

Life is a game in which you are in charge of the rules. Change the rules so you can
always win. You get to make your own rules so that you always win. To win, only go as
far as you can see and when you get there, you will see more. Know the next step you
need to take, dont stay idle. Know what you want. Roll with the punches and it will all
work out in the end. Know the difference between activity and accomplishment.

Since 90% of life is off the radar, you cannot expect to get what you want exactly how you envision it.
The universe will always give you whats right at the right time, therefore, you have to desire the
feeling behind what you want and not worry about the detailed outcome. Creating your own luck is as
simple as feeling good and believing and claiming that you are just a lucky guy.

Take charge of life by consciously choosing your attitude. Look like you mean it even when you dont
feel it. Be happy because youre singing. Fake it until you make it.

Most people dont take personal responsibility for their present results. They honestly believe the
cause of their current results lies outside of themselves, due to self-imposed conditions or
circumstances they have no control over. The Law of attraction states that nothing is your fault and
everything is your responsibility. You cause everything. To grasp this, you must let go of the victim
mentality and accept responsibility for your own life. Everything thats coming into your life, you are
attracting into your life. And its attracted by virtue of the images youre holding in your mind. Its
what youre thinking and feeling that matters. Whatever is going on in your mind, you are attracting
to you.
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The key to mastering the Law of Attraction is to understand that you are responsible for everything in
your life. EVERYTHING. At some level consciously or unconsciously, you attracted every person,
every job, every idea, every illness, every joy and every bit of pain into your life.

Focus on your goal and where you want to be, measure it with quantifiable metrics. Create
a chart to track your progress towards a particular goal or want and hang it on your wall.
Look at it daily and measure the results. Your results should improve as your look at it and
think about it every day.

Think about the next logical step for you to take right now.

Im a good luck generator!

Be Motivated

You must attach driving motivations behind everything you do. These motivations must be bigger
than you. How do you get a burning desire? You must set clearly defined goals that cause you to feel
good about yourself. Ask yourself, what gives you a sense of accomplishment? Begin to change your
self-talk through personal affirmations. To empower yourself, you must use the right words. To
change your words is to change your perception of the world. Your language and the feeling you
attach to your words determines your success.

Remember your chief aim!

Get a dictionary and learn terms that expand your mind and sense of the
world. Develop an improved vocabulary for yourself. Verbal Advantage has
an excellent set of vocabulary building tools. Use the Pimsleur Method to
quickly learn a new language.

Question Everything

The quality of your life depends on the kind of questions you ask. A successful life is all about the
strategies you employ. Computer code is summed up in a series of profitable strategies to achieve
profitable results. A positive mind comes up the desire to achieve positive results.

Meaningful thoughts and understanding come from asking the right questions. One way is by being
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more curious and asking better questions.

Before you go to bed and when you wake you always ask God this question as if you will receive an
answer: How can I become wealthier and increase my abundance? Ask your unconscious mind to
solve the problem! Just ask, knock, seek, and receive!

How about this problem? How can I make money while I sleep? In asking questions to yourself you
can find the answers you seek to your progress. Asking questions has a law. It always requires an
answer of some kind.

Ask the right questions in the right way and you will find great wisdom. All truth is circumscribed as
eternal. Is, was and always will be. This is also source, God. God is omnipresent the source behind all

And behind all things is the truth. So the truth is within you, about you, and all around you. Ask the
right question, in the right way and you will receive the truth that you seek.

So how do you find the right question? And what is the right way to ask it?

Think of the result you want. State and write down what that is. Now look at what decisions you have
made in your life and reflect on them. This requires being intentional, retrospective. Be willing to
forgive yourself.

Just by asking the question in how to change your creations and from being cause produce the
creations and results that you want you can easily come up with an answer to any question and get
real truth.

If it is some piece of information that you want, but you cannot seem to find it in a book or its secret
information. On the other hand, some piece of man-made information that is important in your own
matrix of survival at this time there is another way to ask questions and get answers.

Ask the question without holding the question as a thought. But hold it as a void in your mind to be
filled expecting an answer, knowing it will be answered.

The universe abhors an empty vacuum of void in the universe and must fill it.

Dream Bigger Dreams

How bad and big do you want it to be? Unlimited! What inspires you? Goals are short
term. Passion matters - Passion inspires you, sense of accomplishment. Objective: GET
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PASSION! DREAM BUILD...But be realistic!!! If you dont think big, your brain shrinks.

Always have to be reaching further - always need another bigger dream

They must take multiple lifetimes to achieve. Must be able to picture it and feel good about it.
Challenges - Align all desires to be in harmony (no conflict) and must be prepared

Always expand your dream to expand yourself.

If you are not expanding, you are trying to save what you already have in fear which leads to loss.

Clearly define your dream. Be as specific and write it down on paper. Believe
it before you see it. Define a worthwhile dream, think about it all the time,
write it down, read it in the morning and evening.

Create a "unique ability statement" for yourself then find a way to make
money with it! Start by writing down what your values are. The reason you do
what you do is because if your values.

Focus on what you want, feel good about it.

Dream Building

Participate in active dream building. The best thing you can do for yourself is to
take time to be quiet, calm, relaxed and shut down the mental voices.

Rhythm Consciousness

Everything in life follows a rhythm. Practice detecting the rhythms in life, particularly your heartbeat.
What is all around you is constant rhythm, the easy flow of repeating actions. Money is an aspect of
the rhythm of cosmic energy. To flow with money is to flow with natureto flow naturally.
Conversion also has a flow and ebb. You begin to work with the flow by observing it. Look around and
make a mental note of all the repeating actions. It can be man-made rhythms like motors and music.
It can be rhythms of your body like breath, heartbeats, or walking. It can be from nature like birds
flying and leaves waving. It can even be larger cycles like seasons, days, and tides. The Rhythm
Response is a practice highlighted in the book, Wealth Consciousness by Roger G. Lanphear. The
purpose of The Rhythm Response is to open you to your environment. Wealth is all around you. It
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pulsates endlessly. Until you feel apart of it, youll never allow it to pulsate with you and for you.

68 Seconds of Perfect Desire

Close your eyes and think about what you want. Eliminate all negative thoughts. Picture yourself
achieving it with moving pictures, sounds, colors in your mind. Do this for 68 seconds having only
pure, positive thoughts and feelings towards your desires. Its Christmas. During this time, slowly
increase your excitement levels until you reach the climax.

Make sure you have 100% pure focused thought on what you want for at least 68 seconds once - that
plants the seed. Then forget about it and focus on the next logical step which is FEEL GOOD NOW.

Picture Your Perfect Life

Go alone to a quiet place that you can meditate. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a doll figure.
Clothe it and give it a look, lifestyle, career and friends you want that doll to have. Avoid everything
that does not bring you toward that goal.

You focus on what you want for 68 seconds and focus on feeling good now thereafter as well as keep
thinking about it all the time or most of the time throughout the day utilizing the techniques such as
hanging up a physical dream board and writing dream book with photos and affirmations.

Consider doing the "Breathing of the Universe" exercise:

Stand in a relaxed position with your knees slightly bent and your feet shoulder width apart. Or, sit
on a bench or patio chair with your back straight and your feet firmly on the ground in front of you.
Draw your chin back and drop your shoulders. Open your fingers and shift your elbows outward a

Close your eyes and lips, and say in your mind, "I am in the universe. The universe is in my
body. The universe and I are combined together." Feel the emptiness and stillness of the
Raise both hands so they are facing each other in front of the lower dantian or naval area,
keeping a space between the body and the hands and between both hands. With your
awareness on your lower dantian, take three deep breaths.
Then, as you inhale, move your hands open to the sides; exhale as you bring your hands
close together. Use your hands and body to feel the energy while you use the elbows to
guide the action.
Use your whole body to breathe. While you inhale, visualize pure universal energy flowing
into every part of your body and gathering in the lower dantian.
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While you exhale, imagine any sickness or pain turning into air or smoke and shooting out
from every part of the body to the end of the universe.
Stay relaxed. Gently rest your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Wear a smile.

Try learning Qigong for additional energy poses.

The Purpose of Your Life

Your purpose should be to wake up every day full of wonder, to enjoy life and be happy and to
experience fulfillment, joy and bliss. Your aim in life should be to achieve great things in this life, to
surpass expectations. Whenever youre a focusing in your life, instead of on your life, you are losing
this great purpose. Whatever you do, remember to work on it, instead of getting caught in it.

Master Your Feelings

When you think about, work towards, feel about, and project to achieve your chief aim you must feel
good. If you do not feel good about your dream and goal then you must change that. Feel and
imagine all the time that you already have your desired dream, and chief aim.

The Law of attraction says, what you put out is what you get back. When you imagine, think about,
and feel about your dreams and goals as if you already have them, feeling good, then what you want,
definitely wants you, and comes rushing to meet you.

If you feel bad and the lack of having it then it gets further and further away from you. If you are
happy with your life now, and knowing its coming to you, then you are lined up for your dreams and
goals to manifest and come to you.

If youre not happy its time to get happy. Enjoy the simple things, go for a walk in the sunlight, dance
in the rain, sing a song, smile until you feel happy, enjoy some flowers, buy some flowers; look at
photo albums of happy memories. We are not smiling because were happy, were happy because
were smiling. We dont sing because we have joy, we sing to have joy, we dont dance because were
excited, were excited because were dancing. When you feel and think the good, you receive the
good. Feel good and think about your chief aim and it will come to you.

If you feel bad when thinking about your chief aim, goal, or dream; it is an indicator that you are not
lined up with the universe to get it. Change your thinking and open yourself, your mind, emotions,
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and feelings to a new place with the universe. Tune into and focus on the energy, reality, and the
thing you want. You will feel a difference when you are tuned in and lined up, like an inner knowing
and feeling of receiving it. Keep on focusing on this; enlarge and feed the feeling and energy until it
consumes your life to manifest as your new life and reality.

Desire is an empty vessel, it is a vacuum to be filled by the universe. As you make an empty space
within and without in your life to for the universe to fill, you have true power. The universe cant
stand a vacuum and the nature of the universe rushes to fill it and maintain balance once again.

The major saying to live as a reality in your mind, emotions, body, and reality in achieving your goals
and living your dreams is: If its going to be its up to me, and Im getting this thats it period! When
someone gets to thats it period! with something the universe seems to work like magic. They know
its up to them, and they made the decision to do it thats it period! And the universe says okay get
out of their way!

The radar screen of an airport tower is what life is like in achieving goals and dreams. On that screen
you can only see what you can see. You may not see how or why you will achieve your goal and
dream, but beyond what you can see in the radar screen of life there is trillions and zillions times
more stuff that you dont know. The how and the why doesnt matter. Using the Universal laws
accordingly in this book along with this success formula the universe will give you wonderful things
that you never saw on your radar screen. Just because you dont see the why or the how, doesnt
mean its not there. Its always there. The universe is infinite possibilities going on all the time.
Apply the laws and the possibilities you dream of will come true. Always remember the radar screen
analogy. The how and the why isnt important because there is no way you can see and know all that
is possible and how it will come together. Just practice the law of success and the other universal
laws. Line it up and circumstances and events, and people will come to you in ways that you may have
never seen before.

Thomas Edison and Einstien both said that the brain emits frequencies and when properly focused
can influence physical matter and peoples behavior. But the heart, the area near and around the
heart, has many times more energy than the brain. The heart itself has five times the amount of
electromagnetic energy than the brain. The heart is structured in sacred geometry form that results
in us having access to fourth dimensional energies through the heart.

When you think and feel from the heart, line that up with your mind, feel good, and think and focus
on having your chief aim as if you already have it; you are putting out powerful waves of energy and
what you want. It wants you in such a way that it shifts events, people, and circumstances come
together in miraculous and marvelous ways to give you the fulfillment of your chief aim.

What you wantalso wants you!
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Never Fail Again

Failure is never final. In fact, you should fail a lot and fail fast, then learn from your mistakes, grow
and evolve. This is what it means to be teachable. The length of failure should decrease over time. In
fact, to win in life means to learn faster than others. Most people dont succeed due to low teach
ability. People fail because they dont learn and change patterns, thoughts. Therefore, you have to
be intentional about rebuilding your neuron pathways in your brain toward better habits of thought.

Realize there are no problems, just situations. No problems, just opportunities, situations and
challenges. Change your words, change your world.


Fear is just energy that has not been defined. Define all fear as excitement to generate positive
momentum. Close your eyes and realize that fear is a condition everyone has. You are no longer
afraid of anyone when you realize everyone is afraid of you. You must choose to love over fear.
Excitement overcomes fear. Action overcomes fear! If you ever find yourself stuck with a decision,
dont second guess yourself. Make lots of quick decisions and learn from them.

What is Success?

There are no secrets to success because all the secrets are simple and in plain sight for
anyone to observe. The nature of things is to hide complexity in simplicity. All secrets
are fundamental, and take five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.

Its not what you earn but what you say that brings you wealth. Its not what you learn, but what you
remember that makes you wise. So, remember to utilize these two powerful weapons: your words
and memory. Define your integrity and carry the conviction that your word means something to
others. What you say creates contracts and agreements. So, always agree to win. Find your passion by
changing your self-talk.

Success is always a decision away. Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile ideal. Your
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mental state determines your success. By deciding to be successful, you have already made a
successful decision.

When your problems become bigger than your reasons to succeed, you being to procrastinate.
Therefore, your reasons to succeed must be bigger than your problem. Take a large sheet of paper,
and draw small circle on the left side. Then draw a much larger circle on the right side. Envision this
picture in your mind when you get discouraged. The smaller circle, which is your current present
situation, or the now, must be constantly drawn to the gravity of the much larger sphere, which is
your future big dream. You must be constantly expanding by taking risks.

Success is 99% thought process, the thinking you think and your critical thinking process and
strategies. The quality if your life depends on the type of questions you ask. Ask the right questions
to get to better questions

Success is having a massive dream and goal and taking progressive steps in your life to achieve it.
Success is the successive progress towards a worthy goal and dream. Success is also looking at what
you are capable of doing and what you have actually done and how to two meet up.

The Success formula

1. Listen and work with people who have what you want and have been where you are now.

2. Be teachable. You dont know what you dont know. Never rest on your own accomplishments.

3. Think for yourself. Thoughts are things: Its 99% the right mental, emotional, and spiritual attitude
and 1% of what you do that makes up success.

Do you want to become happy? Walk and talk with people who are happy. Do you want to become
better at your job? Spend time with people who are smarter than you. Find the person you want to
become like and learn from them.

Shift your thoughts towards what you want. Its a gradual shift, with small incremental boosts in your
self-belief. But once you get started, youll notice that the positive thoughts begin to come faster
and easier as you go along.

Do something new every day. Take a different path to work. Dont do the same things over and over
again. Build new brain patterns to keep your mind sharp. Start something new every week, just start
something and finish it. Get it done.

If it is to be, its up to me.
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If you seek success, you must value initiative.

Your Identity

As you get clear of judgments, blame, fault, and anything contrary to the purity of truth, a new world
will open up for you. Many have identified with their past actions, limitations, labels, and things that
have happened in their lives as their identity. Who you truly are (a deeper truer self-full of light), a
life that never changes, can never be something less than purely what we call God. God is in you and
God is in me.

You are a leader because you are always leading yourself. Leadership means you are in charge of your
thoughts, emotions and action. You dont blame anyone or any outside influence - get your thinking
right and get results.

Take responsibility for everything in your life. You are 100% responsible and in charge of your
circumstances. Taking responsibility is the 5 minute miracle, when you say, Im gonna do it! A real
man avoids passivity.

An excuse is an addiction. Be an opportunist NOT an optimist. Define your identity

Perceptions create stress, negative experiences. (Yes, its all in your head). Anchored and powered
by identities. Genes do not control identity, perception controls. What about changing your
perception permanently?

Stop identifying yourself with what you dont want. Identities is key and connected to every disease.
Can have hundreds of belief systems. When someone says "My Cancer"...they are identifying with
their sickness and have an illness identity. Never say "my... disease."

Craft your champion identity. What's your champion identity?

How are you labeling or judging yourself? Make a list of how you judge yourself. Notice anything that
is unpreferred

Surround yourself with positive words, place sticky notes of positive words around your
home. Constantly read about good things. Focus on good things. build a physical library
with books that will edify you. Get physical books not digital editions to program yourself
for positive thinking. Edify others.

Listen to the stories of successful people who have what you want

I become what I think about most of the time

How you get up in the morning? Get up and say Im a champion! - march to the mirror and
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say WOW! Im a champion!

Systems Stimulate Success

To be successful, you have to define success on your own terms, not how society or peers see
success, but what you deeply feel good about. Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile
ideal. Success is progressive. Therefore, allow yourself the gift of time to make success a reality.
When you know what youre doing, why youre doing it and know where you're going, you're already
an instant success! This is what getting into the right mindset for success is important.

We are not just optimists, but opportunists. We never see a problem as a limiting factor. There are
not such things are problems just situations. We don't wish or hope for a solution, we take
responsibility for our reality create a solution.

Remember the following words to help you with your dreams.

BE - Think Right. Remember what you listen from audio books and what you read from
hardcover books.
DO - Daily Action. Doing the right things long enough consistently.
HAVE - Recognition and Relationships. Go to events, seminars to find friends. Build
masterminds. Its important to have friends and to recognition each other on a regular basis.

The language you use sets you apart from others. What sets you apart? Use language to your
advantage and be intentional to get results. Be specific and accurate enough to get the right results.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is a field of study that concentrates on the psychology of
personal success.

The five NLP principles For success are:

Know your outcome.

Take action.
Have sensory acuity.
Have behavioral flexibility.
Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence.

NLP is very practical and the philosophy is based on a results driven, practical world view. Essentially,
there are not right and wrong or good and bad things, only things that cause a certain result.
Therefore, to change the results you want, you have to create achievable outcomes towards those
intended results. To practice this, state your outcome in the present as if you already have it with
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positive language and positive emotions associated with the words you use. Always state the positive
side of what you do want, instead of the negative side of what you dont want. Words only have
power when they are stated positively and have a high belief index.

NLP also states that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have. People are not
their behaviour therefore forgive yourself and others.

Desired Outcome Exercise

The quality of your life is based on the questions you ask yourself. The following exercise will help
you with asking the right kind of questions.

1. Find out your present situation. Ask yourself,"where are you now in relation to your
2. Get the specific outcome. What will you see, hear and feel when you have it? Make it
3. Is the first step specific and achievable?
4. Future pace it, "It is now January 12, 2012 and" Then state the desired outcome.
5. Write it present tense, "I have" "I am" or "I do"
6. Ask yourself, "how will you know when you have it?" Is it congruently desirable? What will
this outcome get for you or allow you to do? Are you sure you want it? Is it self-initiated and
self-maintained? Is it only for you? Are you the only person in charge of your results? Is it
appropriate in all contexts? Where, when, how and with whom do you want it?
7. Establish resources. Ask yourself, "what personal resources do you have that will allow you to
achieve this?" "Do you know anyone else who has achieved it? What resources did they
8. "Imagine you have it now. Other than those mentioned, what resources did you use to get
9. Check for ecology. "For what purpose do you want it?" "What will you lose or gain if you get
10. What will happen if you get it? What won't happen if you get it? What will happen if you don't
get it? What won't happen if you don't get it?

In order to be most achievable, your outcomes should match these guidelines:

Stated in positive terms.

Initiated and maintained by only you.
Specific sensory-based description of outcome and the steps needed to get there.
More than one way to get the outcome.
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First step is specified and achievable.

Abundance Is The Right Mindset

Abundance is everything. Success is found in your backyard. Success is not about resources, but being
resourceful. Riches is a right and gift from God.

The Law of Supply: Be Resourceful

As you make choices in your life and get the results, you want, and you use the law of supply
correctly. God never intended for us to always be satisfied. The law of supply dictates that we are
expanding and always getting better and greater within and without in our lives. There is always
more, and if you desire it, somewhere somehow what you want is available. The law of supply also
works based upon how you feel, think, and act with what you already have. If you use your current
supply well, you have used your current supply to plant the seeds/investments to get more and
more. Use up your supply to where you have nothing to plant from, you could have quite a trouble
getting your supply going again. The law of supply means if you are good to what you have and
thankful for it then you are using the law of supply to increase what you have.

The law of supply also goes with demand, and on a true basis with the universe whatever increase
you mandate and demand holding a space for its arrival the law of the universe to fill that supply is
absolute. The universe cant hold a vacuum where there is something not filled. As life demands
more life the law of life must swing forward and bring more life. As someone out of energy holds the
open space in mind and emotions and feelings to feel more and waits to receive more energy,
focusing on that, and by focusing on that just feels stationary and not tired. The law of supply
dictates that the energy must come. Supply from the universe comes in a definite and exact way.

Remember mans nature is perpetual increase, progress, and growth, so there is always a demand
from supply of the universe. The universe will always give it if you are able to expand and hold a
space for it to be filled.

While you grow more towards the good and get rid of the bad, you will need to know this law more
perfectly. This law is directly based on the eternal supply of the universe, some call it source, some
call it fourth dimension, and some call the eternal supply God. Going to the direct endless supply of
all creation directly is what this law is about.

It is a lack of awareness and lack of applying the laws of the universe that brings poverty. When
you become aware of the eternal supply of source cause that is behind all things, and apply the
universal laws then the light is apparent. When you shine light there is no longer any darkness. If
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you see lack, it is just a lack of awareness of this law .The Universe is always abundant.

When you tune into the truth of the universe and the possibility of the Law of supply perfectly in
action to give you everything you need, this will increase your awareness, you will feel it, you will
start to see it, and the light will come forth. To initiate what is discussed in these paragraphs refer to
the law of creation.

When we feel good about using our supply of what we have and a thankful and joyful with what we
have then the universe will give us more. If we worry about how we spend and where the next one
will come, this perception cuts off our supply.

Imagine and believe you receive your supply of abundance. If you have trouble with this go through
the bio energetic sync technique and the other, clearing technique videos included in the package
with this eBook. Also review the law of thinking.

Always Take Immediate Action

Action cures fear and depression.

Take long walks and find a place that lets you view long distances. Always look towards the horizon to
a far away distance to cure depression. Write down why you are depressed then action items to fix it.

Always take action after 48 hours of a decision. The more to wait to act on an idea, the great the risk
of never acting on your idea again. Thats why its vital to take some kind of action within 48 hours,
even if its just writing it down.

I KNOW I CAN DO IT - The way you feel about yourself is key to success. Must believe in
yourself. Must feel really good about yourself.

Focus on What You Want
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It's hard to do because maybe, just maybe, that next piece of information will be the key to our
success. But our success actually hinges on the opposite: on our willingness to risk missing some
information. Because trying to focus on it all is a risk in itself.

Your very essence is one of a spiritual nature with the ability to attract into your
life that which you focus your attention on.

What you focus on and see in your reality is what you are creating. The magnetic
and electrical fields of your body are what your consciousness is. What you have
a co-harmony with is what you are experiencing. The universe is infinite possibilities and infinite
realities going on all the time. What you are a resonant frequency match for out of all those infinite
possibilities; that is the manifestation, and reality of your life that you experience now. As long as
whatever you manifest comes from foundation of truth and justice and follows the golden rule, you
are in alignment with the powers of heaven.

Get completely focused on what YOU want. Create a reality that is intentional and outcome based.
Everything must have an outcome. Put your desire into everything. Get focused! Turn OFF the noise.
Get excited! Get physical! Combine emotions and physiology.

Dont waste your energy trying to save what you already have. Dont worry about loss, constantly
focus and zero in on improve and expanding yourself, your life and dreams.

Write down the answer to the question "What do I really want?"

How can you improve or enhance the present moment?

How do you want to feel? How can you improve right now?

You Are Worthy

Just like yourself. Start loving yourself by investing in yourself and money will love you, people and
life will love you. The more you love yourself, the better your business will do. Loving yourself will
raise your vibration. Show interest in others. When selling your idea or brand, remember that Its not
about YOU. You should listen of the time you speak. God gave you two ears and one mouth. Must
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make them comfortable, as if they always have the chance to exit. Must prepare for success to
execute to when the right time is Dress like you believe in yourself. Always Dress for success. Dont
ever speak what you cant deliver.

Hard Work is Really Fun

Its worthless to do anything without feeling good about it. Hard work, if its not enjoyed, does not
produce anything worthwhile.

You organize with the end in mind first. When working on a solution, always start backwards from the
result you want. If this is what you want, then I need to do this. You don't get into free enterprise by
procrastinating. In order to make money, you have to provide value. Value comes from within.

Hard work is only worth the effort if you are feeling good about what you are doing. Have fun when
youre working. Having fun is a gift from God. Do everything in your life in a joyful way - thats feeling
good. Dont underestimate the amount of hard hours needed to produce greater value. If you are
going to get paid, you must PRODUCE! However, avoid multitasking. You need to focus on one thing
at a time.

first thing to work on is your thoughts (thoughts right first) What will you change and what will you
give up? You can have anything in life, all you need to do is pay the price for it. So, understand the
cost of a dream.

Surround yourself with positive words, place sticky notes of positive words around your
home. Constantly read about good things. Focus on good things. build a physical library
with books that will edify you.: get physical books not digital editions (energy. program
yourself for positive thinking

Listen to the stories of successful people who have what you want

I become what I think about most of the time

How you get up in the morning? Get up and say Im a champion! - march to the mirror and
say WOW! Im a champion!

What kind of value do you want to offer? How would you become more valuable?
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While you are taking notes you are not listening - choose one or the other. You benefit if you have
the recording to listen to it again. Take short, brief notes on white paper with blue link.

Rewrite notes on clean sheet of paper after end of lecture to help lock it in by rewriting while its still

Take recording and listen to it again. Carry around physical mass of the cd if possible.

Listen to baroque music while reading book to enhance your mind.

The Secrets of Attraction

Be grateful for all that is in your life good or bad. Remember, universal law shows us that all is from
Source God, anything bad is just undeveloped truth. Find the golden nugget of truth and light behind
every bad thing and you will find the purpose of God; you can turn this twisted unqualified
undeveloped creation into the original thought of God and create and manifest it as heaven on earth.
In these ways, we grow and qualify all as heaven on earth.

If you have trouble being grateful. Praise your hair, eyes, carpet, Im Alive. You will feel a
momentum and your life will begin to change. If you are not grateful then you are perceiving some
sort of lack: Significant other, health, wealth, car and so on.

This disconnects you from the source, refer back to the law of supply. In lack consciousness that
causes non gratitude it affects your emotional and mental state. This in turn causes you to attract
what you dont want. Refer to the Law of Attraction.

Praise and Gratitude build confidence. Your health improves! You bring more good things into your
Life! You give thanks for what you have and you are thankful for what is coming. Begin and end your
day with: I am so happy and grateful now.

The intelligence of matter, molecules, cells, and all life. All is alive and consciously aware at some
level. As per its affinity to other things and its nature and intelligence, and life force. The
organization of matter into molecule, and molecule into the first cells and cells into the first animals
and animals into the human level of intelligence, awareness, consciousness; this process is certain
and will always happen in the universe. The law of increase of entropy, law of increase of chaos, and
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law of increase of order dictate and control this whole process. The law of entropy and
thermodynamics is also part of the law of evolution. If we resist the bad and chaos in our lives then
we get less energy for our evolution. It is matter unorganized, undeveloped life, and undeveloped
energy that is our meal source. We are the creators. The more order we have within the
system of our lives the more chaos we need coming into it to keep it alive. This is the hidden part of
the law of increase. To increase we need chaos and resistance. It is our job as creators and people at
source causeless cause to create and evolve to higher and higher levels. All is truly for our good!

Your Happy Thought

A general, basic thought that you can think all the time that you know is a 10 that will achieve 100%,

Examples: I just want to talk to a girl today, I just want to talk to prospects, I want to have a great
day. Favor 100 leads vs. 1 quality lead. You dont know whats off the radar.

Get into your dream life in the real world - have fun - feel what its like in the real life - get
physically close to it

Change how your wake up in the morning

Be an expert at finding the gold in EVERYTHING! find the good at everything!

I KNOW I CAN DO IT - The way you feel about yourself is key to success. Must believe in
yourself. Must feel really good about yourself.

What you put out is what you get back. Like attracts like. This law also works upon the basis of what
you desire and expect is what you are attracting. Dont ever expect something you dont desire and
ever desire something you dont expect. The Law of attraction is also about the exact tuning of your
emotions to what you desire. If your emotions and thinking is an exact match with what you desire,
then you will certainly get it. Thinking, feeling bad, or in lack is contrary to the law of attraction.
When you feel and think good you are in alignment with your goals and dreams, if you feel bad, this
is an indicator to change something and quickly.

The Law of attraction is truly a vibration ally based in what vibration you put out you gets the same
matching events and circumstances that match that vibration back. When you truly desire something
you alter your vibration and when you alter your vibration to what you desire it comes rushing to
meet you. What you want, wants you. The new frequency your true desire brings you to tunes you
into people; circumstances, events, resources, and information that will help you achieve your

Doubting or non-belief cuts you off from the flow and that part of the universe that will give you what
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you desire. Constant attention to your goal will ensure you are aligned and broadcasting to the
universe. When the time is right for you to get your desire it is determined by your effort, focus, and
by the law of gender.

It is a law of gender that states that every seed has a gestation period. So according to the
harmonium of the womb and seed of your desire and how you have placed it; depends on how long it
takes, also the nature of what you desire, it may have a certain length of time that it takes to

Focus, energy, building, energizing, establishing, strengthening, then energizing. This is a pattern to
build something into physical form, even a pattern to rebuild the body from sickness and disease.

The key to remember from this book is as you follow this pattern, through the gate there is infinite
possibilities, and infinite energies available, you can plant your seed in the past and bring forth and
pattern, program, and flow for it to build over time until it wallows in the present moment; it is
manifest as if instantly. But since we can go beyond time and space we can plant our seeds anywhere
in the past and future and set up exactly our dreams and goals to happen when we want, and even to
happen seemingly instantly by setting things up in the past.

Therefore, by using the law of attraction, and working with the dual energies of yin and yang in the
law of gender, and in the law of gender engineering the seed and gestation period properly, we can
find ourselves in a living heaven of every need, desire, and want met at record speed.

Fourth Universal Law, the Law of Creation. The Law of Creation says that all things are truly possible
and that we can create whatever our minds can conceive as long as we follow the exact laws needed
to create it. The Law of creation has many parts to it in how to create anything, as I know it. I will only
give the basics here.

First law of creation is to wish to exist, or i.e. to wish to exist in the way you want to create, or wish to
exist whatever you want to create.

Second law states that you, your creation, and your new existence you want does actually exist
already in the universe as a wave of potential, the universe is an infinite limitless wave of potentials
with all possibilities of everything and anything. All you must do is crises cross and interact your
mind, emotions, and feelings with that potential of reality/existence/creation. If you are in tune it
will feel good and you will know you are on the path to creating it.

Third law that all is the one and the one is the all meaning all that exists and all that did exist, and
all that will exist and all that could exist is the great perfect one, in oneness consciousness you can
access the full potential of your creation that you want to come into being. {This is where mystics and
saints have had visions of heaven. This is how they accessed source God; from their divine ideal of
Heaven, they saw the full potential and had the vision. From their rapture of vision, faith, and zeal
they performed miracles and did great things in creating the reality; because there whole being was
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enraptured in the potential in what they saw.}

What most people have failed to realize is if you can pull a potential reality/creation/new existence
out of the infinite possibilities and manifest it, then you can take anything in the world and put it in
storage; back into the infinite possibilities if it is not in everyones best interest? In the law of
harmony, things are limited at times, at what we can do for others, and to the world. The best and
highest good always prevails upon the law of life is always an upward spiral into the light. 4th Law of
creation the only constant is change, so we must always be creating and changing with the path of
life, the path of life and humanity has certain trends, and bench marks along the way, if we know the
path, then we know what to expect and way before a change happens we are prepared, if we take
responsibility and consciously create our lives then we have no big surprises, we can predict the
future, because we are creating it. The constant change law also reminds us that we cannot be
stagnant, we cannot stay the same, and we are either growing or dying. Create or go home!

Removing All The Clutter

When you let go and let God all is easy and brought forth in perfection. Letting go is the law of
non-resistance and allowing. Resist not, what you resist persists. Let go and focus on Cause source
and effects will not touch you anymore.

If I sense or experience something I do not want the fastest way for it to leave my life is to starve it of
my attention, energy, and power let go of it and then focus and take hold on what I do want. The
earlier mentioned is also the law of allowing. Part of the law of creation is it is our energies that
interact with a potential creation and reality that brings it into physical experience. If I give what I
dont want no energy and let it go, it will not manifest nor exist at least for me in my reality.

If I get rid of any susceptibility to what I dont want, that I dont hold anything within me that in
contrary or incongruent with what I want then I wont get contrary and incongruent creations and
realities to my desires, and preferred reality. The afore statements in this paragraph should be a
major motivation for you to clear, clear, and clean , clean until you sparkle the life you so desire. This
is why I dedicated an entire chapter to clearing, and cleaning out anything contrary to the heaven you
so seek for.

In the law of allowing realize that nothing can hurt you. The true you, the God within cant be hurt or
damaged or abused. Practice this with the law of allowing and always just let go no matter how bad it
is. Starve it out let it pass and never be attached to what you dont want. Hold true to the God, Christ,
and Holy Spirit within you and let go and let it create the life you want for you. The truer deeper self
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has no limits in how it can assist you to create your life and live in Heaven right now.

One more tool in your tool belt is needed for clearing. Some of this stuff in this book may seem
overwhelming and thoughts of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence to do, and negativity may creep in
as I am guiding you to these practices to do.

Get a book that is your trash book. Everything you write here is your negative, limiting thoughts that
hold you back. Every time you have a bad, limiting, or negative thought write it down in the trash
book. Then write in your journal the good thoughts, manifestation, and reality you do want in your
life. Do this regularly every day until you find your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in congruence
with the truth that you have always known. This cleaning technique really works and makes it so your
inner self and mind can sift definitely what to throw away and what to keep.

Ho'oponopono entrains your consciousness to be at cause, never be a victim or aggressor, clearing

out all patterns so they never manifest again.

To practice Ho'oponopono, simply think of the person you are angry at and repeat the words: I love
you, I thank you, please forgive me. This simple statement, when fully meant, provides vibrations of
love and gratefulness towards your opponents will attract nicer people into your life.

When you feel bad, its because you are focusing on the lack of something. Consider your problem an
empty vacuum in the universe that must be filled at all cost. Now, imagine that the answer to your
lack or need always exists and will be fulfilled.

Act like you feel good, youll feel good by acting your part.

Here is the catch. Human beings have all kinds of weird idiosyncrasies, limitations, diseases,
problems, behaviors, etc... Etc. We can choose to either be this way or change it. The basic path to
getting a clear and healthy mind that is aligned with the universal laws and the laws of life so one can
live a long happy, joyful, and healthy life is outlined here.

Focus on your goal and where you want to be. Create a chart to track your progress towards
a particular goal or want and hang it on your wall. Look at it daily and measure the results.
Your results should improve as your look at it and think about it every day.

Think about the next logical step for you to take right now.

Change body posture. Think I'm happy because I sing.

When dealing with worry, say: I care, but not that much
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Transcending Time and Space

Many events and circumstances in this world are actually highly correlated with events happening in
real-time throughout the rest of the universe. This becomes more relevant when observing their
frequencies in mathematics. Each orbiting planet has numerical frequencies associated to them that
affect earth. The stars, sun and moon are actually very important. I would recommend studying
Astrology and coming to your own conclusions.

The sun is time, and the moon is space as an actual thing of vibration and energy. Combining space
and time together creates a virtual gate beyond space and time. The moon is the energy that creates
the illusion of space on this planet at this octave, and the sun is the energy that creates time at this
octave on this planet. The big trick to remember is that the sun and moon do not create time and
space for us unless our energies vibrate through time and space interacting with the sun and the
moon to create this illusion of reality. The heart has many times the amount of power as the brain. So
putting this through the heart tunes the body soul to the gate. The heart is very special that the heart
is made in a specific structure so it is even more powerful than the brain.

The following practice opens you up to greater realities beyond space and time.

1. Sit down or lie down.

2. Visualize the Sun and the Moon in the sky.
3. Now visualize that the Sun and the Moon merge together as one body. The Sun and the moon
have moved together physically as one body not just merging where they over lap each
other, but the sun and the moon have moved through space and have collided. See what this
looks like as if like a curious observer.
4. Now as you relax more and more observing this merge that has happened Take this
visualization and watch the sun and the moon together come down through your head and
right behind your heart. As you see the sun and the moon right behind your heart you
observe the numbers and letters written their on 2442 777 3.14 11:11
5. Feel your heart beat the energy of this that you have put just behind your heart . As this
energy increases your awareness of your heart beat increases. You even now feel your pulse
with the two fingers gently on your arm or neck.
6. As you shift fully into this energy the energy goes through your blood and out into your body.
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You feel this and your awareness goes further and further into your heart, and your body and
experience goes further and further into the energy of this gate.
7. Now you experience yourself at some point going through the gate. You will know once you

Some people say they sense the past, present, and future just like they sense the present moment.
Some say they just feel like they went to another place outside of the one they normally live in.

This practice moves you beyond space and time. So you can create any result instantly. You can plant
something in the past to activate in the present so you get instant results and manifestation. The
seeds you sow in life no longer need to take time, because time is an illusion.

The best way to access this gate and produce things from this gate experience is to produce things for
your freedom, empowerment, peace, and heaven. Producing things that have an attachment to the
lower planes will only bring about enslavement to the lower realms. Heavens gate is to supersede
and overcome all limitations not be attached to them and feed the demands of the world.

The heart has greater power than the mind. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of our
time, got divorced twice, went insane, and it is said, he died a lonely old man. He believed, that we
only use 10 percent of our brain. He was wrong, the brain is only 10 percent of who we are. If he
accessed the heart, and the soul along with the brain he would have surpassed what any scientist
would have been able to do in history.

Tapping Into Energy Fields

The Callahan Technique, or EFT (emotional freedom technique), is a powerful and easy way to
remove negative emotions in your life. The technique allows you to eliminate negative feelings by
tapping on nine active pressure meridian points while thinking about a negative thought which
causes the brain to release negative emotions about a particular thought. Meaning, you will still have
the thought, but the emotions behind them will be gone. Tapping while imagining or thinking about a
stressful event cancels out the stress and negative emotions about that event, therefore preventing
physical anxiety.

Curse Clearing
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You may recite the following curse clearing statement as often as you want, especially when you are
feeling bad or harassed. Lee Beymer also hosts several quantum emotional clearing conferences if
you want to do this live. Saying the curse clearing phrase three times while tapping is very powerful.

By the power of God, ...And absolved in the Light,

All curses, interference, antagonism, Once and for all,
and repeaters are bound and defeated Right now!
And must leave me now!
So be it;
To return to the Source,
Let it be done;
To be revealed in the Truth...
And it is so

Final Thoughts: Simplicity

All of this really isnt hard to master when you think about. Remember the KISS principle: Keep It
Sweet and Simple. Be a little more consistent than the average person. Do a little more little by little
day by day. You can get anything you want as long as you help everyone else get what they want.
Think about what others want to get what you want. Most conflicts are value conflicts.

Remember that life is all about mastering the basics, the FUNdamentals. Be responsible for your own
life. Do not depend on others. Always remain at cause. Start doing whatever your desire is, even if it
means just reading about it. Dream big, dont let anyone get in your way.

Youre either happy or hating what you are doing. Better not do it if you are unhappy. When you are
happy, you are guaranteeing your future success.

Remember who you are, what you love to do.

What you put out there is what you get back!

You have something wonderful to give!
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99% of the things if life YOU must do. Dont have an attitude of entitlement, get it done yourself!
Dont rely on poor leadership

If you dont govern overself, someone else will govern over you.

Nobody can love you better than yourself.

Enjoy what you do!

Remember, its not about pursuing perfection, or even getting what you want. Dont idolize yourself
or exhaust yourself trying to attain the entire world. Let God love you, be yourself, accept grace. Love

Enjoy simplicity and foolishness and laugh because wise people can laugh at simplicity.
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