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Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement is quite a signicant part of the current

world-wide New Age Spiritual Revolu on. It is a MOVEMENT leading humanity

from violence to non-violence .. from blind religious beliefs to sane scien c
experimenta on and spirituo-scien c logic .. from bankrupt materialism to
M E D I TAT I O N for
Magnicent Middle Path .. and nally from insensi vity towards other living beings
to becoming compassionate towards all life-forms i.e., adop ng vegetarianism. THE Whole of Humanity
More than ...
10,000 Meditation Centers 25 Years
25 Years of Spiritual Service 20,000 Meditation Pyramids of
144,000 Meditation Masters Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement, India
& counting ...

Kings Chamber
Maitreya Buddha
Pyramid is one of the
largest meditational
A Grand New Age pyramids in the world
where more than 5,000
persons can meditate
at a time comfortably.
The Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement Designed to be an
is spearheading International
Meditation Center
a world-wide NEW AGE MOVEMENT with its Headquarters in India. serving individuals,
societies and
Beyond the Year 2020 .. organizations in their
all human / animal / plant / ecological issues quest for self
will be considered from spiritual science point of view alone. realization and spiritual
There will be spiritual agriculture, spiritual sports and spiritual arts all over the world. wisdom, it helps them
unlock their hidden
And there will be spiritual communes everywhere. potential.
By the Year 2030 ..
There would be a PERFECT PARADISE on the whole of the planet MOTHER EARTH.
Hail unto New Age Pyramids suppor ng this great transforma on !
Hail unto All Pyramid Masters who are carrying out this great and seless work !

-Brahmarshi Patriji
Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement
"The PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT " started by the great spiritual A few years back, when I was invited to the Pyramid Valley, I never had an iota of knowledge
master Pujya Brahmarshi Patriji has been contribu ng to the welfare of mankind about PSSM or pyramid valley. My first experience when I called on Pujya Patriji was highly
through its propaga on of medita on and encouraging vegetarianism so that the enlightening. Fortunately, by the divine grace, I had the opportunity of having Darshan of
masses understand how they can eec vely discharge their du es to Mother many, many of spiritual scientists from the world over in the Pyramid Valley. Virtually, it was a
Earth, while at the same me enjoying Holis c Health of the mind, body and spirit. whole new world of spirituality which was highly secular which enhanced my interest in me to
My hear est congratula ons to the PSSM for their having completed 25 valuable proceed further. Later, on many occasions, I had the honour of addressing very large
years in this endeavour. May their work in transforma on of individual gatherings in Kadthal and the only thing which I could see was Spirituality and Spirituality ! Me,
consciousness into mass consciousness con nue with greater vigour under the as an Engineer, tried to analyze this great pyramid mission which has a hidden Agenda of
dynamic Leadership of Patriji. National Integration based on Spirituality. Government of India and many institutions have
been trying many many methodologies of national integration through culture, music,
I consider it my privilege to be associated with this great Socio-Spiritual Movement. language etc., but I found PSSM and Pyramid valley as the real integrating factors of our great
Aravind Jatti nation through spirituality. Looking back at the history of our nation, the clear indications are
President, Basava Samithi, Bengaluru
that the backbone of our nation is spirituality. In other words, Pyramid Valley mission is
Padmashree D.R. Kaarthikeyan nothing but "A Socio-Spiritual Revolution". Honestly, I wish and pray for the prosperity and
Former Director, C.B.I., Govt. of India.
success of PSSM Mission and its Vision.

It gives me immense pleasure to be part of PSSM and be associated with a great Spiritual
Master Brahmarshi Patriji since 1998. PSSM stands for the pure spiritual science message I am very happy to note that, the PSSM is celebra ng its Silver Jubilee Year 2015. PSSM has
that We are Gods and we create our own respec ve reali es. played a major role in changing the mindset of people to accept peace and love, promo ng
Ever since I was introduced to Medita on by Patriji 17 years ago, my life became a real joy. vegetarian food habit, to give up worldly a rac ons and to accept spiritual living of happiness
PSSM helped me grow and serve in various projects. I had the best opportuni es to work and health. PVI/PSSM is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming a movement
closely with Patriji, and have seen thousands of people benet directly. which needs to be applauded by one and all.
Twenty ve years on, Patriji and The Vast Army of Pyramid Masters con nue to spread this Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA), a non-prot organiza on having similar
core spiritual message relentlessly. My saluta ons to one and all for their seless service. ideology working for the wellbeing of the mankind through Yoga, Naturopathy etc
My associa on with Pyramid Valley Interna onal has been very fullling. With the grand Shreans Daga congratulates PVI/PSSM with great pleasure on the eve of its Silver Jubilee Year and Dr. H. R. Nagendra
vision of Patriji, every person on the Earth will become a Meditator and Vegetarian in a very MD, Betul Oil Group of Companies extends its best wishes and con nued support in all the endeavors of PVI. President VYASA, Bengaluru
short span of me. Founder & Vice Chairman, Chancellor S-VYASA University
Pyramid Valley Interna onal

While I was young , I always felt that I should have someone to guide me .. and one ne I extend my hear est congratula ons to PSSM on comple ng 25 years since its incep on. I rst
day in the Year 1998, Patriji visited Raipur. Since then I have been working with came into contact with Brahmarshi Patriji in the Year 1989 and learnt Anapanasa Medita on.
pyramids , bringing awareness within me and to people around me .. about I have seen how PSSM has grown from just six people to millions across the globe and has
spirituality, medita on and vegetarianism. become one of the largest movements to teach Medita on and Vegetarianism. In PSSM, there
With Patriji's vision and team work, Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy (PSSA) was is no guru / disciple hierarchy and no cult status. It believes in developing every individual as a
started in the Year 2010 .. to spread spiritual science educa on in an organized master in an atmosphere of friendship and con nuous learning.
manner. Today there are over 200 schools in which PSSA books are being taught. PSSM has brought about a revolu on in the area of health by crea ng awareness about the
There's a special teachers training ins tute where Spiritual Science teachers are being benets of medita on. Teaching of Medita on, is the greatest gi that PSSM has given to the
trained. My ul mate wish is that the PSSM grow mul -fold and along with that other world. PSSM is responsible for popularizing Spiritual Science. It encourages people to be
ver cals like PSSA take be er shape and grow in parallel for the benet of the whole of open-minded. It urges them to listen to the spiritual experiences of others and learn from
Shailendra Jain mankind. Dr. Newton K., M.D. them. PSSM is unparalleled in promo ng the use of Pyramids for medita on and cosmic
Founder, Life University
Founder, PSSA energy.
Founder, RITEE Group of Ins tutes Long Live the ideology of PSSM and Patriji and the joys of Anapansa Medita on in
Pyramid Spiritual Societies
Movement (PSSM)
Brahmarshi Patriji realized the power of medita on through his own profound experiences and founded Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement in the Year 1990 ..
with the twin objec ves of spreading the basics of spiritual reali es and fundamentals of spiritual science to one and all.
Patriji likes to call his approach as that of a "SPIRITUAL SCIENTIST" .. which means involving in Direct Soul-level Experimenta on.

Triangle the whole of the totality of our Greater The essence of all our experiences which
" Triangle " represents the Overself. Self from any earthly point of view. At we call 'WISDOM' is a cumula ve total
best, we can perceive an out-line part of from ages bygone. Wisdom is the
Overself is the ' triune-self ' consis ng of it. The rest has to be understood condensed essence; a jewel of all our
the doer, knower and thinker parts. A theore cally and intui onally. past knowledge and past experiences
doer part comes down as ' under-self '. In throughout aoens.
medita on we always see the Overself as Meditator with Auric Sheath
a pulsa ng triangle .. a 3-D prism. and Chakras The essen al purpose of each life- me of
"Triangle" also represents a face of a The PSSM EMBLEM depicts a person an underself is to increase its E-C-W.. that
pyramid. si ng in medita on. is the meaning of evolu on .. spiritual
Half-Sun with Rays "Auric Sheath" .. is the sheath enclosing
all the individual energies of an en ty. Open Book
"Sun" represents, again, the Overself.
"Chakras" .. are the principal nodal points "Open book" .. refers to "Swadhyaya" ..
The Underself is one par cular ray of the i.e. studying right spiritual books.
Overself. Every person on the Earth has of pranic energy in the etheric body.
his/her own Overself in the higher Energy-ConsciousnessWisdom Be a Light unto Yourself
worlds. The Overself is the totality of our We are all E-C-W units. In the whole of We alone are responsible for our physical
own self with all its rays in their par cular existence, there is nothing which is not .. existence. Only we can be lights unto our
PSSM Emblem dimensions. The goal of every Underself own selves. We have to understand that
has the following Energy, Consciousness and Wisdom. All
is to regain as much of the wisdom of its beings vary only in their E-C-W contents. we keep crea ng our own reali es ..
features: own Totality as possible, while s ll being constantly and inevitably .. moment to
in the physical body. These three, Energy, Consciousness and moment.
Wisdom are directly related and directly
"Half-Sun".. because we cannot perceive propor onal to each other.

Founded in the Year 1990 by Brahmarshi Patriji, the Pyramid
Spiritual Socie es Movement (PSSM) has the twin objec ves of
spreading the basics of spiritual reali es and fundamentals of
spiritual science to one and all.
Like all MOVEMENTS, PSSM too had a humble beginning as "The
Kurnool Spiritual Society, way back in the year 1990, in the town
of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Today, PSSM comprises of hundreds
of independent and autonomous Pyramid Spiritual socie es
involving millions of ac ve members and volunteers across all
states in India and twenty other countries including USA, Canada,
UK, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croa a, Belgium, UAE,
Kuwait, Chile, Egypt, South Africa, Mauri us, Sri Lanka, Nepal,
Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand,
Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Fiji Islands.
PSSM is a non-religious, non-cult, not-for prot spirituo-scien c
organiza on / spirituo-scien c movement with an ever-growing
expanse of genuine seekers.
The CORE MESSAGE to everyone is that, We are not just physical
en es experiencing random existence. Instead, we are 'eternal
Energy Consciousness-Wisdom (ECW) en es .. constantly
choosing and crea ng our own respec ve on-going existen al
reali es.
We realize God-hood in us through four simple things:
Using Breath for Prac cing Medita on
Understanding the Essen al Teachings of all the world's
Spiritual Masters
Being a Vegetarian and being compassionate to all the other
godly members of the Animal Kingdom
Apart from the above, we can build pyramids everywhere, for
u lizing pyramid energy for medita on.

Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement DhyanaMahaChakras : Every year, in
constantly carries out many ac vi es the month of December, PSSM organizes
towards crea ng awareness about a mega spiritual congrega on called
Medita on. "DhyanaMahaChakram a ended by
Free Classes: Across India, hundreds of hundreds of thousands of meditators.
thousands of medita on acquaintance During the year 2013, over ve hundred
classes and workshops have been held at thousand people a ended the 14-day
various Pyramid Centres and public event in Kailasapuri , Kadthal, near
places. Hyderabad.
So far, PSSM has reached out to more Be Vegetarian Rallies: PSSM has
than y thousand villages/ towns. No conducted in-numerous "Vegetarianism
money is charged for the ac vi es of Rallies'' to create awareness on satvik
PSSM. Everything is done as a spiritual food.
duty to the mankind.
Forest Treks/Spiritual Tours: People
PSSM believes in free and compulsory are encouraged to explore nature and
exchange of knowledge and wisdom. Group Medita on during organized
Medita on Camps : PSSM forest treks and spiritual tours to na onal
con nuously organizes large-scale mul - and interna onal high energy spiritual
day medita on camps. Till date, places like the Himalayas and the Great
hundreds of medita on camps have Pyramid of Egypt.
been held in over seventy ve major
ci es of India and hundreds of other
district-level towns.
Global and Na onal Conferences :
PSSM regularly organizes Na onal and
Global level conferences, for New-Age
Spiritual Scien sts to share their research
on a common pla orm. So far seven
Global Spiritual Congresses of Spiritual
Scien sts have been organized.
Meditation Centres
PSSM has established hundreds of spiritual care centres
across India. These centres have in-door and out-door
pyramids where people can prac ce intensive
medita on.
Many large-sized pyramids have been constructed in
dierent towns where each pyramid has a capacity of a
hundred people or more for group medita on sessions.
In Bengaluru, Karnataka State of India, "Maitreya-Buddha
Pyramid'' in Pyramid Valley Interna onal campus, can
facilitate over ve thousand people to meditate at a me.
An even bigger pyramid has been built near Hyderabad,
Telangana State, "Maheshwara Maha Pyramid", with a
capacity of about six thousand people.
Across India, more than ten thousand small sized roof-top
pyramids have been built by individuals on their
respec ve house roof-tops.


Publishing New Age spiritual literature and wisdom is an ac vity

that is very close to Patriji' s heart.
PSSM has printed and distributed tens of millions of copies of
spiritual literature in the form of pamphlets, brochures and
Signicant work has been done by PSSM in transla ng and
publishing over a hundred books of world-level spiritual masters
like Richard Bach, Torkom Saraydarian, Lobsang Rampa, etc. into
many Indian languages.
Over three hundred spiritual books, audio and video CDs/DVDs
of Patriji and other Pyramid Masters are readily available.
The society publishes monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly spiritual
periodicals in English and eight other Indian languages.
PSSM website '''' is available in nineteen
dierent languages for one and all, and has over ve hundred
hours of spiritual audio and video content.
Focus Groups
Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement has successfully created focused pla orms for
dierent sec ons of people for greater interac on.
Pyramid Spiritual Health-Care Centres have been established in various towns where
licensed medical doctors prescribe vegetarianism, medita on and spiritual reading as
the basis for curing all ailments.
Dedicated programmes for women called ''DhyanaMahila Yagnas''are held every month
by a very mo vated group of women across most pyramid centres.
Programs are also held regularly for senior ci zens in most centres.
Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy conducts cer ca on courses in medita on. It has
published ''Basic Spiritual Science Text-books which have been integrated with CBSE
curriculum in a few schools across India.
Indian Federa on of Spiritual Scien sts, promoted by PSSM along with a few other
like-minded organiza ons to align the energies and eorts of all budding Spiritual
Scien sts in India. It has conducted eighteen na onal level spiritual scien st conferences
so far.
PSSM has a Special Wing called ''Pyramid Party of India" to educate people of India on
aspects of good and enlightened governance, through the methodology of ac ve
par cipa on in the electoral process.

Pyramid Masters and the New Age

PSSM is a commi ed and dedicated New Age Spiritual Science Movement whose special mission is to
promote Anapanasa Medita on, Vegetarianism, Spiritual Science and Pyramid Energy to one and all.
Thousands and thousands of PYRAMID MASTERS are doing this sincere work all over India and also many
other parts of the world, under the Leadership of Patriji.
The count of PYRAMID MASTERS is increasing day by day.
For all those people who are yearning for SPIRITUAL TRUTHS .. PSSM is extending a great helping hand.

PSS Movement Timeline 2012
Visits to Croatia,
Visits to Spain,
Egypt, Italy,
Switzerland, France,
Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, Vietnam
New Zealand,
1992 - 94 1998 2002 2010 Australia and
V DMC in
1984 - 86 forty days of
Kailasapuri, Kadtal
N. Sampath Kumar Groups in Bengaluru, Mysore, Betul, Second visit to Manasarovar;
First Group in Hyderabad: Pratap Reddy, Raipur, Bhopal, Mumbai, Tadipatri, Visits to Indore, Aurangabad, 2005 Visits to Sri Lanka, meditation VII GCSS in PVI
Dwarakanath, Chander, Trivandrum, Goa, Thane, Singapore, Malaysia, sessions in U.S.A.
Vijaya Kumar, Kadapa, Mahbubnagar, Nandyala, Seven days of
SwarnamalaPatri, Gnaneswar Egypt,
G. Venkatesh, Gudivada, Jaggayapet, Ongole, 2000 Faridabad, Chandigarh, meditation sessions with Cambodia, IIIrd DMC in
Expansion of Group in Muralidhar, Kavali, Vijayanagaram, Dehradun, Pantnagar, Kasipur, forty pyramid masters in
Meditation sessions in Athmakur, Sholapur Thailand Kailasapuri, Kadtal
Hyderabad: D. Srinivasarao, Narasimha Reddy Srikakulam Sri Lanka; meditation classes in
Badarinarayan, N.J. Rao, Allagadda, Dhone, Nagarkurnool, Australia, New Zealand and
Wanaparthi, Banaganapalli, 3rd DMY in Vijayawada Ist Dhyana Mahachakra V GCSS in PVI
Shreyans Daga, S.K. Rajan, Malaysia;
R.V. Ramamurthy, 1993 - 96 Girija Rajan, Sheela Mehta, Gudur, Naidupeta in A.P.; (DMC) in Amaravati,
Y.J. Sharma Jammu, Thimpu (Bhutun),
Uravakonda, Guntakal, B. Shivaramappa, Narasimha Rao, Jalgaon, Jabalpur, Ahmadnagar, Munger (Bihar), Darjeeling,
Malegaon, Dhuliya, in Maharashtra III GCSS in PVI
Proddutur, Anantapur, Shailendra Jain Gangtok (Sikkim)
Dharmavaram, Kadiri, and Jaipur (Rajasthan) 2003
Tirupati, Hindupur, Madanapalli, 6th DMY in Kurnool,
1st Dhyana Maha Yagnam (DMY) 4th DMY in Tirupati
1990 - 91 Peeleru, Chittoor, Tenali,
in Kurnool
Kalahasti, Nellore Groups 2013
Kurnool Spiritual Society
registered, Shiva Prasad, Kanchi Raghuram, Visits to Egypt,
Construction of Buddha Keshavaraju, M. Ananda Rao South Africa,
Pyramid Dhyana Kendram, Mauritious, Dubai
2011 IV DMC in
Kailasapuri, Kadtal
2006 - 09 Visits to New Zealand,
Dubai, Singapore,
1999 2004 Visit to Australia Vietnam, VI GCSS in PVI
Groups in Chennai, Rajahmundry, Visits to Jalandhar,
1996 - 97 Kakinada, Amalapuram, Meerut, Roorkee; Visit to Andaman,
United Kingdom II DMC in Vishakhapatnam,
Eluru, Bhimavaram in A.P., Siruguppa, two months of meditation
Groups in Vizag, Delhi, Jaipur (Orissa), Yanam, Kolkata, sessions in U.S.A
Visits to Egypt, IV GCSS in PVI
1991 - 92 Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Nasik; Meditation sessions 2001
Bellary and Hospet in Karnataka .. in Singapore and Hong Kong 5th DMY in Secunderabad New Zealand, Dubai
2nd Group in Kurnool, Sangli in Maharashtra First visit to Manasarovar;
Dr. K. Newton, Group visits to Pune, 7th DMY in
Dr. Yugandhar, Dr. GK, Raghava Rao, Amaravati, Kathmandu (Nepal), Srisailam,
1980 - 83 Paul Vijay Kumar, P.V. Reddy Naidu, Erode in Tamil Nadu
B.V. Reddy, Sai Kumar Reddy 8th DMY in Bengaluru,
First Group in Anjaneya Sharma, 2nd DMY in Kurnool
Kurnool: Gunakar Reddy, 9th DMY in Thiruvannamalai,
Janardhan Rao, N.G. Shoury
Ramachenna Reddy, I/II Global Congress of
Venkataratnam, Spiritual Scientists in
Suryamohan Pyramid Valley International, PSS MOVEMENT 7
Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation Meditation

Experiencing Bliss in







With regular prac ce of medita on, our intellect
becomes sharper and wiser. Our mind becomesmuch

more peaceful and collected. The physical body becomes

and more energe c.
more nourished

- Brahmarshi



Enlightenment Anapanasati
predominant emo on in this stage; this
Enlightenment is not a New Age concept.
It is an Age-Old Wisdom and Experience. zest overrides all other worldly
emo ons and needs. The word "Anapanasa in Pali
All of us are seeking enlightenment
k n o w i n g l y o r u n k n o w i n g l y. What eventually follows as we begin to language .. means to direct one's total
Enlightenment cannot be understood as MEDITATE more and more is the Second a en on and awareness only on one's
a single event or mental state. It is quite a Phase of Enlightenment. This is the normal, natural breathing process.
drawn out process which can be stage of Self-Realiza on and Master- ana means in-breath
understood in terms of, roughly, three hood. We understand that we are not apana means out-breath
stages : just our physical body and we do have ''sa '' means ''be-one-with''
many more subtle dimensions. We In "Anapanasa ", a en on of the
Disciple-hood stage - Enlightenment mind should constantly be on the
begin to have varied third-eye visions
before Enlightenment normal, natural breath. The task on
and we truly experience separa on of
Realiza on and Master-hood stage - our astral body. hand is joyful oneness with the breath.
during Enlightenment No "mantra is to be chanted .. no
A er this, the MEDITATION con nues
Researcher-hood or Teacher-hood form of deity is to be entertained in
more intensely. And, it is also carried out
stage - Enlightenment a er the mind .. no hathayogic pranayama
in dierent bodies. When we meditate
Enlightenment kriyas. Prac ces like 'kumbhaka' or
in the Astral Body, we go into the Causal
holding the breath .. should never be
W h e n we d e c i d e t h at we WA N T Body. When we meditate in the Causal
a empted!
enlightenment at any cost and go from Body, we go into the Supra Causal Body.
Any comfortable si ng posture can be
pillar to post that is the star ng phase A s w e t ra v e l t h r o u g h d i e r e n t taken. The posture should be as
of Enlightenment for us. dimensions, hitherto unknown, we comfortable as possible.
The enthusias c and thrilling search for meet other Enlightened Masters from Hands should be clasped and all
the Truth ..that takes us from book-to- across the CREATION and turn to ever- ngers should go into all ngers. Eyes
book and from master-to-master .. is the expanding exci ng soul-level research. should be closed.
First Enlightenment stage of Disciple- This is the Third Phase of Enlightenment The crux of the ma er is to resist .. to
hood. .. the Phase of "Researcher-hood or the best of our abili es .. the rou ne
A burning hunger for the Teacher-hood. wanderings of the mind. All STRAY
knowledge/experience of Truth is the THOUGHTS SHOULD BE CUT right
away, as and when they keep arising.

Three Grand Happenings T h e re a re t h re e wo n d e r f u l a n d g ra n d
happenings that we encounter during the

in Meditation process of prac cing Anapanasa Medita on.

First Second Paradise To Be Regained

When we are with the simple, normal, When the mind is rather empty, a huge Culmina on of medita on prac ce lies in the ac va on of our "Inner Senses" or the
easy and natural ow of the breath .. the amount of cosmic energy oods into the "Third-eye"along with ac va on of our extra-sensory-percep on (ESP).
mind becomes rather empty. '' physical body. Finally, medita on helps in the realiza on of our OVER-SOUL consciousness.
Medita on is silencing of the naturally A "jungle-like mind" doesn't allow cosmic Normally, an average man, is not acquainted with his own SOUL-CONSCIOUSNESS.
exis ng incessant cha er of the worldly energy to enter into the body-system and Only the physical-body consciousness exists.
and restless mind. The mind has to shed acts like a great barrier. A "jungle-like
Thus, in a sense, for an average person, the paradise has been lost.
all its unscien c, socio-religious, mental mind is very impermeable, solid and
images and meaningless props. opaque. However, in medita on, the This paradise of Soul Consciousness on Earth has to be regained and that can be
opaque mind becomes a transparent, or achieved only through medita on.
For that to happen, we must begin with
the Breath. a rather see-through mind.

When we a une ourselves to the "easy And, in the end, through constant
breath", the mind becomes less tense prac ce of medita on, the jungle-like
and less dense .. and sooner than later, it mind gets transformed into a garden-
becomes rather empty. like mind.

BREATH is the ambassador of pure Through medita on, the impermeable

consciousness in the magnicence called mind becomes more permeable and
as the "PHYSICAL-BODY" system. cosmic energy oods the physical
system, following the simple laws of
Being with the simple, natural ow of the natural physics!
Breath is the" alpha" and "omega in the
prac ce of medita on.

When sucient amount of cosmic energy enters the physical system, it results in the
ac va on of the poten als of the third-eye.
When the physical - body system gets rather saturated with cosmic energy .. when the
black patches in the etheric body are dissolved .. the SOUL'S innite poten al is
gradually realized.
Vegetarianism Vegetarianism

beings, towards

towards fellow

animal beings, towards
fellow bird-beings and towards fellow sh-beings is
Vegetarianism Vegetarianism





one's fundamental

spiritual dharma.

- Brahmarshi

Vegetarianism Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism Vegetarianism

Be A Vegetarian
Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement Vegetarianism is absolutely essen al for Society, has beau fully said :A physical with impure mental and astral bodies. All
strongly advocates Vegetarianism as the spiritual life. Quantum vibra onal body nourished on impure food will three bodies are thus inter-dependent.
single most important point in all its science is slowly recognizing the ill eects produce a correspondingly impure astral Carnivorous diet is fatal to anything like
ac vi es. of animal food in human systems. body, whilst a physical body fed on clean real occult development, and those who
food and drink will help to purify the adopt it are throwing serious and
Religions, world leaders, scien sts and The cardinal principle of any religious
astral vehicle. It is impossible to make the unnecessary dicul es in their own way
eminent personali es from past and movement is LOVE. Love is nothing other
physical body coarse and at the same .. for, esh and blood intensies all the
p re s e nt h ave a l s o o bs e r ve d a n d than being kind to our co-animal-beings
me to organize the astral and mental undesirable elements and passions of
a d v o c a t e d Ve g e t a r i a n i s m a s a of the Earth.
bodies for ner purposes ... neither is it the lower planes.
fundamental must for spiritual growth. Arthur E.Powell of the Theosophical possible to have a pure physical body

Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis

Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis
" Everyone in the business : the one who

the one who cuts, the
one who kills,

the one who sells, the one who prepares,

Paramo Dharmaha
the one who eats ...

all are killers!"

Sri Krishna

Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis

As long as there are slaughter houses, there will be

battle elds. A vegetarian diet is the acid test of

"For fearAhis beings Ahis

- Leo Tolstoy
Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis
of How can one, "The greatness All living

causing terror to
who eats the
of a nation and desire to live
People who eat meat are
responsible for all the pain

living beings ... esh of others to its moral and
that grows out

of meat-eating, and which is

let the swell
his esh,

progress can be
are afraid to

necessitated by the use of sentient

as food. Bodhisatva
who judged by
the die. We

himself to attain - Thiruvalluvar
animals are
-Annie Besant is disciplining compassion? way its want to be
Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis Ahis
by a
treated." tiger, so why
from - Gandhiji
should animals
I am in favor of animal rights as well as human

eating esh!"

be eaten by

rights. That is the way of a whole human being.
- Abraham


- Buddha humans.

- Ching Hai

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Pyramid Energy Pyramid Energy Pyramid Energy Pyramid Energy
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Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy

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Pyramid Energy

In Everyday Life
Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy Pyramid Energy
mid Energy

Pyramids assist us in healing .. in preserva on .. and in going into deep states of medita on.
The quality of whatever we do inside the pyramid is enhanced three mes more.
- Brahmarshi Patriji



Pyramid Meditation Pyramid Power
Medita on done inside a Pyramid is thrice more powerful. Pyramids are store-houses of energy drawn from the universe.
Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their The Power of the Pyramid is obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that
medita on sessions inside a pyramid. of the gravita onal force of Earth. To maximize the focus of cosmic energy a pyramid should be
People who have experimented with Pyramid Medita on describe themselves as experiencing aligned towards the true North South at an angle of 51 51' 51".
a total relaxa on of their body, followed by the shu ng out of unnecessary external s muli and Several experiments conducted in man-made pyramids have revealed generalized pyramid
irrelevant thoughts and nally achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to powers. These can be classied as:
concentrate on deeper inner levels. Pyramids provide most eec ve high-energy environments PRESERVATION: Pyramid energy preserves fruit, milk and other perishables; enhances taste of
for beginners of medita on. Pyramids help to reduce the levels of stress and tension in the coee, wine, fruit juices, etc.; used razors, knives get sharpened ; acts as a room freshener, foul
physical body. smells disappear.
HEALING: Wounds, boils and bruises heal quicker; reduces over-weight and increases resistance
A er reading the book The Secret Power of Pyramids wri en to diseases ; gives relief to and cures asthma, toothaches, migraine, common cold, high B.P.,
arthri s, palpita on of heart, epilepsy, insomnia etc.
by Bill Shull and Ed Pe t in the Year 1982, Patriji asked his
Drinking pyramid energized water cures conjunc vi s, other eye problems; helps diges on;
carpenter to make two Pyramids. He kept a 'brinjal' (egg plant - a gives the skin a healthy and youthful glow.
kind of vegetable) inside one Pyramid and kept one outside. The OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES: Out-of-body experiences are much easier if done inside a pyramid.
brinjal kept inside the Pyramid stayed fresh for about thirty days Dreams become clearer and they take the quality of normal wakeful state.
while the brinjal kept outside the Pyramid got spoiled a er a We can even sleep under a Pyramid and get refreshed.
couple of days. Similarly, he kept his shaving razor inside a
Pyramid. The razor's sharpness lasted for a month or so. Thus, he
experimented and veried the pyramid energy himself.

Veera Brahmendra Pyramid,
Jail Pyramid, VIZAG, A.P. Bethamcherla, A.P. Buddha Pyramid Dhyana Kendram, Kurnool, A.P.

Atma Sai Pyramid,


Jangareddygudem Pyramid, SriKrishna Pyramid,

WEST GODAVARI dist, A.P. Vempa, West Godavari dist, A.P.

SriUmaRameshwara- Gollala Mamidada Kamadhenu Pyramid, Mahaveer Pyramid Dhyan Mandir,

Pyramid-Achanta-WestGodavari Pyramid, EAST GODAVARI, A.P. Kotala - Chi oor dist, A.P. Raipur, CHATHISGUD

SOME PYRAMIDS Tyagaraja Nagara Pyramid,

Chellikere, KARNATAKA

Manasa Sarovar Siddhartha Prakri Valley, Nirvana Chaitanya Vishwakanthi Pyramid,
Pyramid, Vijayawada, A.P. Pyramid - near Vizag, A.P. Madugula, Vizag dist, A.P. Vaitarini Pyramid, Saphale, Near MUMBAI, Maharashtra

Swami Vivekanand Pyramid,

Acharya School, Near Pondicherry, TAMIL NADU Ludhiana, PUNJAB
Ramana Maharshi Pyramid,
Sri Krishna Pyramid Goshala - Ongole, A.P. Rampa Pyramid, Uravakonda, A.P. Gudivada, A.P.

Govind Sai Pyramid, Bhandara, Maharashtra

Dev Jyothi Pyramid, Mulund, MUMBAI,
Omkareshwara Astadasha Pyramid, Brahmanapalli , Mahabubnagar dist, Telangana Da atreya Kshetram, Vetapalem, A.P. Maharashtra PYRAMID ENERGY 17 15
What is Spirituality ?
Understanding of Spiritual Science is essen al for individual enlightenment.
PSSM promotes the teachings of Spiritual Science by way of publishing and distribu ng Spiritual
Science literature of world masters in the form of brochures, pamphlets, magazines, books,
websites and audio/video CDs/DVDs in various languages.
The Science of Medita on is the
science of energy maximiza on. The
science of medita on is the true
PSSM also rou nely publishes medita onal and transforma onal experiences of Pyramid science of physical health. The science

Masters and Spiritual Scien sts in its various magazines and encourages every master to publish of medita on is the true science of joy.
and share their experiences with others.
- Brahmarshi Patriji

Your heart must be Spiritually we can extrapolate it and The subject of death is taboo.
The chakras are the psychic generators
transparent, like glass, understand that our percep on creates We feel,perhaps only
of the auric eld. The aura itself is the
with spiritual light our reality. Parenthood is a good subconsciously, that to be in
mee ng point between the core pa erns
within illumina ng the example. The important paradigms we contact with death in any way,
generated by the chakras and the
whole world. need to understand are that we are soul e v e n i n d i r e c t l y, s o m e h o w
inuence of the external world.
- Sai Baba consciousness, and that we are not actually limited confronts us with the prospect of our own
- Anodea Judith by me and space. We have far richer inner senses deaths, draws our own deaths closer and
than our ve external senses. Our consciousness makes them more real and thinkable.
creates reality as every soul seeks its unique
Breath by breath, let go of fear, experience. - Dr. K. Newton
expecta on, anger, regret, cravings, - Dr. Raymond A. Moody
We are what we
frustra on, fa gue. Let go of the need for think. All that we are
approval. Let go of old judgments and When medita on is
arises with our
opinions. Die to all that, and y free. Soar mastered, the mind is
thoughts. With our All of
in the freedom of desirelessness. The worlds unwavering, like the ame
thoughts, we make our humanity's
in which man of a lamp in a windless
- Lama Surya Das world. problems
is evolving as place. "
- Buddha he treads the stem from
- Krishna man's
" The Kingdom of God is within you. circle of
-Jesus births and deaths are inability to sit quietly in a
Live quietly in the Life provides a playground in which room alone.
three: the physical world,
moment and see the you can learn to love and become all -Blaise Pascal, Penses
Begin rst to love yourself, and you will the astral or intermediate
beauty of all before that you are capable of becoming.
know how to love others. world, the mental or
you. The future will
heavenly world. "
- Alex L. Orbito take care of itself. -Ilona Selke
- Annie Besant
Main Statements of Spiritual Science
Spiritual Science is a metaphysical expression of the universal
truths revealed in all world religions. It is a prac cal, easily
applied way of thinking about the nature of the Universe and
our rela onship to it. When we understand ourselves as co-
creators of the universe, we are then capable of expressing
the unlimited poten al within us.
Spiritual Science alone unites all people. To the degree that,
each individual connects with the Divine which in turn
determines the degree of success, harmony and peace of
mind in one's life.
Spiritual Science has no one doctrine or scripture. It primarily
includes the prac ce of MEDITATION and constant
observa on of one's thoughts, words and deeds.
Spiritual Science is the collec ve Wisdom of the Ages,
preserved and passed down by all the Great Thinkers and
- Brahmarshi Patriji

We are ETERNAL SOULS We are crea ng MEDITATION means MEDITATION results in

We are not just physical our own reali es, all the me accessing SOUL's Energy Healing of the Body-Mind
atoms/ molecules; we are not As we think, so it becomes. As we MEDITATION means accessing SOUL's It is only through MEDITATION, that people can get
mere bones and muscles; we speak, so it becomes. As we desire, so energy and ENLIGHTENMENT means relief from all diseases and consequent suerings.
are SOULS, eternal veri es of the events are formed. Essen ally, we having tasted SOUL's wisdom. By the The diseases that aect us in this life- me are due
innite poten al. We are so keep crea ng our own reali es all the regular prac ce of MEDITATION, to the nega ve karma we ourselves had commi ed
much more than our me! mankind can unburden itself of all the in our prior lives. All nega ve karmas get burnt only
respec ve minds; we are the People all over the world will soon suering it is presently plagued with and through the re of spiritual experience obtained
spirits behind all our mo ves realize LAW OF KARMA as the basic evolve to a state of Oneness and Greater through the prac ce of intensive MEDITATION.
and all our moves. truth governing human life. Fulllment.

Subhash Patri

Pyramid Spiritual
Societies Movement
Patriji is a mul -dimensional personality and a charisma c leader of
a vast mul tude. He is an example of how human life can be lived to
the fullest with utmost zest and compassion towards one and all.
Patriji teaches and guides with the same level of enthusiasm and
friendliness to all spiritual seekers who he interacts with and is
readily accessible to everyone.
Patriji iden es the best way that any person can serve society while
giving him /her total freedom to perform and encourages them to
con nuously to do their best.
Patriji is a uent orator, a voracious book reader, a friend to everyone
from any backdrop and an impressive author of spiritual wisdom.
He is also an accomplished ute player and an engaging singer, an
able administrator, a great networker, an ardent cricket lover .. and a
good cook!

providing physical, mental world have also been MUSIC AND MEDITATION
and intellectual health and translated into Telugu, Patriji is also a great u st
well-being to all. Kannada, Hindi, Tamil etc. and an eec ve singer,
Patriji established the rst techniques combining
pyramid in Kurnool in the music with medita on for
Year 1991. Subsequently, intense medita onal
MEDITATION AND experiences.
several pyramids were
ENLIGHTENMENT Alterna ve Medicines,
established throughout LIFE-TIME ACHIEVEMENT
A er some serious the state of Andhra AWARD Kolkata at 21st
experiments with Pradesh and rest of India. Interna onal Conference
the establishment of Patriji has been honored
medita on, Subhash held in Kolkata during the
Pyramid medita on, for hundreds of Pyramid by a Life-Time
Patriji a ained Year of 2013.
the rst me in the Spiritual Socie es Achievement Award at the
enlightened in the Year In the Year 1997, in the PYRAMID JAGATH
modern age, was throughout India. Na onal Symposium on
1979. Since then, Patriji temple town of Tirupa ,
established by Patriji. Science of Holis c Living Patriji's dream is to create
began striving hard to SOUL SCIENCE Andhra Pradesh, all the and its Global Pyramid Jagat or
awaken and enlighten LITERATURE pyramid masters gathered Applica on, organized by Pyramid World, by the
each and every individual. Till date, Patriji has and conferred the tle of AROGYADHAM at Year 2020. It is me now
Further, in the following authored over sixty books Brahmarshi on Patriji. Mahatma Gandhi Ins tute for the whole world to
decade, he completed and several audio and Brahmarshi Patriji travels of Medical Sciences, embrace the science of
reading more than y video casse es and CDs extensively to every nook Sevagram, WARDHA, Anapanasa Medita on.
thousand books on (mostly in Telugu and corner of the country during the year of 2006. The whole of PSSM is
science of spirituality and language) on various New including remote villages geared to achieve that.
science of medita on. Age spiritual science throughout the year to AWARD Patriji teaches that
FIRST SPIRITUAL SOCIETY topics. conduct medita onal
RESIGNATION TO THE Patriji has been honored Vegetarianism and
Patriji established "The WORLDLY JOB Under his authorship, vast classes for individuals of Anapanasa Medita on
by a DhyanVisharad Award
Kurnool Spiritual Society" amount of spiritual all ages, educa on and are absolutely
Patriji resigned his job, in by Indian Board of
during the Year 1990 in science literature in strata. fundamental to world
the fer lizer company, in various languages has
Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, Patriji has conducted health and world well-
the Year 1992 and took up been created by way of
with the sole mission of thousands of workshops being.
the uninterrupted service magazines, books, audios
crea ng intense on Anapanasa
to the whole of mankind. and videos.
awareness amongst all Medita on,
individuals about the Patriji's dedicated eorts Under his guidance, books Vegetarianism, Pyramid
science of medita on and since then have resulted in authored by great spiritual Energy and New Age
its primary role in masters of the rest of the Spiritual Science.

Objec ves
To spread the truths of medita on, vegetarianism and pyramid power to one and all.

Pyramid Valley To serve as an interna onal medita on centre providing a common pla orm to all spiritual scien sts
Interna onal located near and spiritual masters of India and the rest of the world.
Bengaluru City, is the
To serve as the central nucleus for important ac vi es of PSSM.
home to one of the
world's largest Facili es and Ac vi es

medita onal pyramids Pyramid Valley is spread over 28 acre campus with various facili es including conference halls, library,
called the "Maitreya medita onal pyramids, dining hall and cafeteria, residen al co ages, rooms, and dormitories. The
Buddha" Pyramid. campus is beau fully landscaped with water bodies, natural greenery and coconut groves.
Medita on is taught free of cost to all visitors. Mul -day residen al workshops on medita on and
spiritual science are regularly conducted in this campus. Hundreds of thousands of visitors benet

International from this magnicent interna onal center every year.

Since its incep on in the Year 2003, over two million people have learnt medita on. Over 1,000
programs and workshops were conducted with par cipa on of at least 100,000 spiritual seekers. As
part of its Daily Annadana free meals programme, over one million free meals were served to-date.
More informa on can be found at
Maha Pyramid aheshwara

Maheshwara Maha Pyramid is the world's largest Medita on

Pyramid with a capacity to facilitate over six thousand people at a
me for medita on.
This Pyramid is located at Kadthal town, Telangana state, near
Hyderabad city, in a sprawling 20-acre campus that also houses
several other facili es including a conference hall, dining hall,
room blocks and natural greenery.
Key features of the Pyramid:
Dimensions - 180' x 180' (32,400 s )
Height - 113.60'
Built primarily with Granite, Steel and Lime stone
Medita on is taught at no cost in this campus to all visitors.
Regular programmes are conducted on Medita on and Spiritual
Science throughout the year.
Hundreds of people rou nely visit this Pyramid and benet from Kings Chamber
these programmes. Spiritual seekers stay overnight in the
aesthe cally designed eco-friendly rooms within the campus and
prac ce deep medita on in the Maha Pyramid.
More informa on can be found at

Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy
The Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy (PSSA) has been set up
under the Chairmanship of Patriji in the year 2010 with a
prospectus for Cer cate, Diploma and Degree courses to impart
Medita on and Spiritual Science to one and all.
PSSA oers both Residen al and Non-residen al courses that are
regularly conducted at Pyramid Valley Interna onal, Bengaluru,
several ci es in India and few other countries. The Academy
awarded Cer cates to two thousand people so far in all these
The Academy has developed New Age text books on Medita on
and Spiritual Science separately for standards 6th to 12th to be
taught in schools.
PSSA has so far introduced these text-books in 48 schools and
colleges together. Till now, over thirty thousand students have had
access to this knowledge.
PSSA also has a Distance Educa on Programme for those who
wish to pursue Spiritual Educa on remotely.
PSSA aims to get recogni on from relevant Government
authori es and further introduce online coaching for its courses.
More informa on can be found at

Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists
The Indian Federa on of Spiritual Scien sts (IFSS) intends to fulll a long felt need for IFSS regularly organizes core Spiritual Science
crea ng a mechanism and ins tu on for aligning the tremendous energies and eorts of programs and workshops in various ci es across
all Spiritual Masters and Spiritual Scien sts of India. India.
Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement and The Times Founda on have come together During the Years 2012-13, Na onal Congresses of
and established the Indian Federa on of Spiritual Scien sts in the Year 2009 as a legal Spiritual Scien sts (NCSS) workshops were
public Trust, along with several other like-minded organiza ons. Any individual or organized in Chandigarh, Bhilai, Pune, Vijayawada,
organiza on that promotes or has interest in SPIRITUAL SCIENCE can become a member. Kakinada, Chennai, Nasik and New Delhi.
During the Year 2014, the IFSS Movement achieved
Vision & Mission signicant milestones by extending its reach to
towns such as Vizianagaram, Bhubaneshwar,
To achieve a peaceful and prosperous India, through spiritual enlightenment of each Bhimavaram, Guntur and Khammam.
and every individual in the whole country, in the shortest possible me. More informa on can be found at
To bring together and align the wisdom and research of all the Spiritual Scien sts
from India and the rest of the World.

Dhyana Mahachakras
Dhyana Mahachakram is the Annual Mega Event of Pyramid This event was rst held in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh in the year
Spiritual Socie es Movement under the gracious patronage of 1999, under the name of Dhyana Mahayagna and since then it
Brahmarshi Patriji. was being held every year regularly in various towns ll 2011.
It is a 14-day event comprising of spiritual discourses and Star ng 2012, it is being held at Maheshwara Maha Pyramid,
medita on sessions, a ended by hundreds of thousands of Kadthal.
pyramid masters and spiritual seekers round the clock. More informa on including past event audio and video archives
The highlight of the event is the three hour long music medita on can be found at
sessions conducted everyday personally by Brahmarshi Patriji,
accompanied by several renowned music masters.

The Global Congress of Spiritual Scien sts (GCSS) is an annual, invigora ng conference that
brings together several New Age Spiritual Masters and Scien sts of the world to share their
spiritual perspec ves, research works and experiences.
Started in 2008, GCSS is held every year coinciding with Gandhi Jayanthi (Oct 2). This annual
conference is held inside the Maitreya-Buddha mega-pyramid in Pyramid Valley
Interna onal, Bengaluru.
An esteemed panel of Spiritual Masters at the very pinnacle of their eld of exper se come to
present their life me's wisdom in one-day workshops, one hour talks and discussions.
Renowned masters like Alex Orbito, Anodeo Judith, Judy Satori, Jasmuheen, Eric Berglund,
Dr.Newton Kondave , Dolores Cannon, Dr.Susan Shumsky, Soluntra King and others have

Global Congresses been speakers at the GCSS over the last 7 years. Brahmarshi Patriji presides over this
conference each year along with ac ve par cipa on of a thousand meditators and spiritual
The conference comprises of workshops, medita on sessions and book exhibi ons, proving

of Spiritual Scientists to be an exci ng fair for all meditators, healers and spiritual seekers including medical
doctors, academic scien sts, students and businessmen alike. The 8th edi on of GCSS is
scheduled to be conducted from Oct 2 to 5, 2015.
GCSS is jointly organized by Life University, Indian Federa on of Spiritual Scien sts and
Pyramid Valley Interna onal.
More informa on can be found at

Brahmarshi Patriji, India Maha Maharishi Paranjothiyar, India Michaela Adam Horst, Germany Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, India Dr. Susan Shumsky, USA H.R. Nagendra, India Wissam Awad, UK

Dr. Chet B Snow & Kallista Snow, USA Soluntra King, New Zealand Jacqueline M Longsta, Denmark Jasmuheen, Australia Kaya and Chris ane Muller, Canada

Lama Surya Das, USA Anodea Judith, USA Judy Satori, USA Rae Chandran, Japan Nina Brown, USA Dolores Cannon, USA

Anrita Melchizedek, USA Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi Kondave , India Rasha, USA Barbara Handclow, USA Krishnananda Guruji, India

Janet A wood,USA Esperide Ananas, Italy

Lille Lindmae, Estonia Erik Berglund, Sweden

Margaret McElroy, USA Blue Thunder & White Feather, USA Deepak Rao, India 28
PSSM promotes its core messages through various websites,

WEBSITES of PSSM each one dedicated to a specic organiza on or topic. Key

websites include: | | | | | | This website illustrates various pyramids constructed across dierent parts of India, Pyramid powers,
their uses and designs. | | | | | |
This is an informa ve website about Vegetarianism and depicts work carried out by PSSM in this area. | | | This website documents the medita onal experiences of Pyramid Masters across the globe.
Is the ocial website of the Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement (PSSM) . This website is a data bank containing details of Ancient Masters to current Living Masters with their
prole, biography, book images, publica on details, website informa on, etc.
Since its launch in the year 2004, the website has been drawing increasing number of visitors who
nd it as a comprehensive source for spiritual knowledge, guidance on Anapanasa Medita on and
update on PSSM ac vites. This is the ocial radio channel of PSSM. 24/7 spiritual music, discourses, live programmes of Patriji
So far, this WEBSITE has been brought out in nineteen languages. can be tuned into from any browser and all types of mobile phones.

Besides deep insigh ul ar cles on medita on, Enlightenment and Vegetarianism, the website also
lists a compendium of books and resources from Patriji and other New Age spiritual masters, e-books, This website archives the history of ac vi es of Pyramid Spiritual Socie es Movement (PSSM) from
audios, videos, brochures, magazines, Patriji's concepts, photo gallery etc. 1980s ll date.

Pyramid Spiritual
Health Care Centres
Pyramid Spiritual Health Care Centres is an important project taken up by PSSM, Today, over 30 Pyramid Spiritual Health Care Centres are
targe ng Holis c Health. Core objec ve of this project is to enable pa ents to cure their working full me across Andhra Pradesh and rest of India.
diseases through the aid of Medita onal Energy. This project is directly driven by Medical Over a hundred thousand people have beneted through
Doctors who have studied the key role played by Medita on, Vegetarianism, and Soul this project thus far. Nearly ve thousands cases have
Knowledge in curing physical, mental, social and spiritual ailments and gain complete been medically documented.
Health as dened by World Health Organiza on.
More informa on can be found at .
Objec ves

To make the pa ents understand that problems are created by themselves

To make the pa ents understand that problems can be solved only by themselves
and depending on others will only magnify and complicate the problems
To help the pa ents whole-heartedly in their eorts to cure their diseases
To consider all facts dened by the Medical Council of India while introducing
Health Science to pa ents
To make pa ents understand the key role of taking to Vegetarianism to
dissolve away their nega ve karma
To enlighten pa ents about the role of Pyramid Energy and Pyramid
Medita on to gain Complete Health in a faster pace

350 Spiritual Tablets

Just like other health methods, Pyramid Health Care Centres have devised 350 Spiritual
Tablets for various ailments. These tablets are designed in such a way that they are very
easy to understand and very easy to follow by the pa ents. These tablets are
prescribed based on the diseases and life experiences of the pa ents.
Using these Spiritual Tablets .. Vegetarianism, Medita on and Soul Knowledge .. are
introduced as solid founda on to pa ents who are suering with serious stresses,
problems and diseases. With this, pa ents are able to gain immense condence, energy
and independence to cure any kind of disease by themselves. This has been proven
already in thousands of cases .. and diseases have been cured from the roots.
We Are Pyramid Masters
We are Pyramid Masters We are Pyramid Masters
Medita on is our True Joy Truth is our Core-Bliss
We are Pyramid Masters We are Pyramid Masters
Vegetarianism is our Only Religion Self-Reliance is our Essen al Message
We are Pyramid Masters We are Pyramid Masters
Pyramids are our Energy Temples Friendliness is our Innate Nature
We are Pyramid Masters We are Pyramid Masters
Breath is our Fond Guru Simplicity is our Grand Character
We are Pyramid Masters We are Pyramid Masters
Soul-Science is our Magnicient Flag Humility is our Hoary Culture
We are Pyramid Masters We are Pyramid Masters
Enlightenment is our Great Intent All Being-Kind is our En re Cosmic Family
We are Pyramid Masters
Teaching Medita on is our Main Passion

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement
Across India Across The World

Firozepur U.S.A.
France Croatia South Korea
Italy Nepal
U.A.E. India
Sri lanka Malaysia
Fiji Islands
Allahabad Australia
Chile South Africa
New Zealand

Sholapur Acknowledgements
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Prakash Pinise , Chandra Mohan, Balaji Donthi,
Belgaum Ayyappa Pindi, Sai Krupa Sagar, Chandra Pulamarase
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Dr. P. B. Pratap Kumar
Managing Trustee, West Godavari Pyramid Spiritual Trust

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