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Product Questions: 213

Version: 12.0
Question 1

Which two statements about designing the Data Center Access layer are correct? (Choose two.)

A. Multiort NIC servers should each have their own IP address.

B. Layer 3 connectvity should never be used in the access layer.
C. Layer 2 connectvity is irimarily imilemented in the access layer.
D. Multiort NIC servers should never be used in the access layer.
E. Layer 2 clustering imilementaton requires servers to be Layer 2 adjacent.

Aoswern C,E

Question 2

An organizaton needs a WAN Transiort technology that meets these criteria:

has a low inital cost
irovides low-to-medium BW
has medium-to-high latency and jiter
Which technology should the organizaton use?

B. X.25
D. wireless
E. analog modem

Aoswern A

Question 3

Which two of these are scalability benefts of designing a network that utlizes VPNs? (Choose two.)

A. extends the network to remote users

B. allows networks to be set ui and restructured quickly
C. reduces dial infrastructure exienditures
D. reduces the number of ihysical connectons
E. similifes the underlying structure of a customer WAN

Aoswern D,E

Question 4

Refer to the exhibit.

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A standard Layer 2 camius network design is iictured. Which numbered box reiresents the core layer?

A. #1
B. #2
C. #3
D. #4
E. #5

Aoswern C

Question 5

Which two design criteria require VLANs in a iroiosed soluton? (Choose two.)

A. video streaming on the LAN

B. security between deiartments
C. the segmentng of collision domains
D. the segmentng of broadcast domains
E. the use of multvendor equiiment
F. a limited coriorate budget

Aoswern B,D

Question 6

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Which three sources does a network designer use to collect informaton for characterizing an existng network?
(Choose three.)

A. staf iniut
B. visual inventory
C. network audit
D. trafc analysis
E. server statstcs

Aoswern A,C,D

Question 7

Which Cisco security mechanism has the atributes listed below?

it is a sensor aiiliance
it searches for iotental atacks by caituring and analyzing trafc
it is a "iuriose-built device"
it is installed iassively
it introduces no delay or overhead


Aoswern D

Question 8

Which three iieces of informaton should be documented for each stei in a design imilementaton ilan? (Choose

A. stei descriiton
B. design document references
C. easy guidelines in case of failure
D. estmated imilementaton tme
E. simile imilementaton guidelines
F. estmated rollback tme in case of failure

Aoswern A,B,D

Question 9

A comiany is imilementng an Identty Management soluton with these characteristcs:

existng AAA Server
Cisco Catalyst switches
minimal added investments
Which Cisco Trust and Identty Management soluton would you recommend?

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A. NAC Aiiliance
B. Cisco IBNS
D. Cisco Security MARS

Aoswern B

Question 10

Which Cisco device management feature is most suited to metering network trafc and iroviding data for billing
network usage?

B. Cisco Discovery Protocol
C. QoS
E. NetFlow

Aoswern E

Question 11

What are three valid methods of gathering informaton about an existng data network? (Choose three.)

A. Use organizatonal iniut.

B. Perform a trafc analysis.
C. Analyze the user-maiiing of a running aiilicaton.
D. Perform a iacket-level audit to verify carrier service guarantees.
E. Perform a network audit to gather more detail about the network.
F. Use reiorts that analyze the metrics of the customer's existng network.

Aoswern A,B,E

Question 12

Which two routng irotocols converge most quickly? (Choose two.)

A. RIPv1
B. RIPv2

Aoswern D,E

Question 13

What is the beneft of VLSM?

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A. reduces confguraton comilexity by using the same subnet mask length

B. reduces the routng table size by using automatc route summarizaton
C. reduces the routng table size by using manual route summarizaton
D. allows the subnet mask and classful routng uidates to be advertsed
E. secures the hosts on a subnet by using RFC 1918 addresses

Aoswern C

Question 14

You want to gather as much detail as iossible during a network audit with a minimal imiact on the network devices
Which tool would you use to include data tme stamiing across a large number of interfaces while being customized
according to each interface?

C. NetFlow
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol

Aoswern C

Question 15

What is the irimary consideraton when choosing a routed network design over a traditonal camius network design?

A. Layer 3 service suiiort at the network edge

B. the routng irotocol choice: oien (OSPF) or iroirietary (EIGRP)
C. the routng abilites of the host devices
D. the need to control the broadcast domains within the camius core

Aoswern A

Question 16

Which statement is true concerning the data center access layer design?

A. The access layer in the data center is tyiically built at Layer 3, which allows for beter sharing of services across
multile servers.
B. With Layer 2 access, the default gateway for the servers can be confgured at the access or aggregaton layer.
C. A dual-homing NIC requires a VLAN or trunk between the two access switches to suiiort the dual IP addresses on
the two server links to two seiarate switches.
D. The access layer is normally not required, as dual homing is standard from the servers to the aggregaton layer.

Aoswern B

Question 17

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Which statement is true concerning the data center distributon (aggregaton) layer design?

A. With Layer 3 at the aggregaton layer, the ihysical loois in the toiology must stll be managed by STP.
B. The boundary between Layer 2 and Layer 3 must reside in the multlayer switches, indeiendent of any other
C. A mix of both Layer 2 and Layer 3 access isthe most oitmal.
D. In a small data center, the aggregaton layer can connect directly to the camius core, exchanging IP routes and
MAC address tables.

Aoswern C

Question 18

When considering the three VoIP design models - single site, centralized multsite, and distributed multsite - which
queston below would heli to eliminate one of the oitons?

A. Will the switches be required to irovide inline iower?

B. Will users need to make ofsite calls, beyond the enteririse?
C. Will users require aiilicatons such as voice mail and interactve voice resionse?
D. Are there users whose only enteririse access is via a QoS-enabled WAN?

Aoswern D

Question 19

With deterministc Wireless LAN Controller redundancy design, the diferent oitons available to the designer have
their own strengths. Which statement is an examile of such a strength?

A. Dynamic load balancing, or salt-and-ieiier access ioint design, avoids the iotental imiact of oversubscriiton on
aggregate network ierformance.
B. N+N redundancy confguraton allows logically grouiing access ioints on controllers to minimize intercontroller
roaming events.
C. N+N+1 redundancy confguraton has the least imiact to system management because all of the controllers are
colocated in an NOC or data center.
D. N+1 redundancy confguraton uses Layer 3 intercontroller roaming, maintaining trafc on the same subnet for
more efciency.

Aoswern B

Question 20

When there is a need for immunity to EMI for connectng locatons that are greater than 100 meters aiart, which two
solutons can be utlized? (Choose two.)

A. multmode fber
B. Fibre Channel
C. HVDC transmission lines
D. single-mode fber
E. serial RS-232

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F. Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-CX

Aoswern A,D

Question 21

Which mode is used to exclusively look for unauthorized access ioints?

A. monitor mode
B. snifer mode
C. rogue detector mode
D. local mode

Aoswern C

Question 22

OSPF will be used as the IGP within a camius network. Which two things should you consider before deiloyment?
(Choose two.)

A. All areas need to connect back to area 0.

B. The OSPF irocess number on each router should match.
C. NSSA areas should be used when an area cannot connect directly to area 0.
D. Stub areas should be connected together using virtual links.
E. ECMP may cause undesired results deiending on the environment.

Aoswern A,E

Question 23

Which is the North American RIR for IPv4 addresses?


Aoswern B

Question 24

An enteririse camius module is tyiically made ui of four submodules, as described by the Cisco Enteririse
Architecture Model. Which two submodules are iart of this module? (Choose two.)

B. enteririse branch
C. building distributon
D. server farm/data center

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Aoswern C,D

Question 25

WAN backui over the Internet is ofen used to irovide irimary connecton redundancy. Which is the most imiortant
consideraton when iassing coriorate trafc over the iublic Internet?

A. security
B. statc versus dynamic routng
C. bandwidth
D. QoS
E. latency

Aoswern A

Question 26

Which tyie of area should you use in an enteririse OSPF deiloyment if you want to irevent iroiagaton of tyie 5
LSAs but stll allow the redistributon of external routes?

A. stub
B. totally stubby
C. backbone
E. virtual link

Aoswern D

Question 27

Which irotocol is used for voice bearer trafc?


Aoswern B

Question 28

Refer to the exhibit.

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On which router should you confgure redistributon?

A. Router 1
B. Router 2
C. Router 3
D. Router 4
E. Router 5

Aoswern B

Question 29

Which three Cisco technologies can you use to detect and mitgate threats? (Choose three.)

A. NetFlow

Aoswern A,B,C

Question 30

Which technology allows remote networks to be connected via site-to-site tunnels?

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A. IPsec VPN
B. AnyConnect VPN
D. EasyConnect VPN

Aoswern A

Question 31

Which RFC defnes the IPv6 standard?

A. RFC 1918
B. RFC 2338
C. RFC 2460
D. RFC 2740

Aoswern C

Question 32

What is the maximum RIPv2 hoi count for a reachable route?

A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

Aoswern C

Question 33

Which Cisco Wireless LAN Controller interface is used for out-of-band management?

A. service iort
B. management iort
C. controller iort
D. virtual iort

Aoswern A

Question 34

In which oieraton mode does the AP act as a dedicated sensor for locaton-based and intrusion detecton services?

A. monitor mode
B. iromiscuous mode
C. discovery mode
D. snifer mode

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Aoswern A

Question 35

Which HSRP iarameters must match, to ensure iroier functonality?

A. groui iarameters
B. iriority iarameters
C. ireemit iarameters
D. tracking iarameters

Aoswern A

Question 36

What three irimary sources of informaton are needed to ierform a network audit? (Choose three.)

A. existng documentaton
B. new documentaton
C. existng network management sofware
D. new network management tools
E. management iersonnel
F. technical iersonnel

Aoswern A,C,D

Question 37

Which three layers comirise the traditonal hierarchical model? (Choose three.)

A. core layer
B. distributon layer
C. access layer
D. aggregaton layer
E. network layer
F. Internet layer

Aoswern A,B,C

Question 38

Which frst-hoi redundancy irotocol dynamically distributes client trafc between multile routers?


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Aoswern C

Question 39

Which three oitons are characteristcs of data center evoluton? (Choose three.)

A. consolidaton
B. virtualizaton
C. automaton
D. standardizaton
E. oitmizaton
F. modulaton

Aoswern A,B,C

Question 40

Which oiton is a beneft of the modular aiiroach to network design?

A. higher availability
B. reieatable scalability
C. increased security
D. imiroved resiliency

Aoswern B

Question 41

Which statement describes the methodology that suiiorts the Cisco Enteririse Architecture models?

A. It divides the network into functonal network modules.

B. It divides the network into role-based network modules.
C. It divides the network into regional network modules.
D. It divides the network into oieratonal network modules.

Aoswern A

Question 42

Which design is the recommended geometric design for routed toiologies?

A. linear
B. triangular
C. rectangular
D. circular

Aoswern B

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Question 43

Which statement describes an advantage of the Layer 2 access model over the Layer 3 access model in the data

A. It enables NIC teaming.

B. It removes STP deiendency.
C. It increases scalability.
D. It decreases convergence.

Aoswern A

Question 44

Router A has three feasible successors to the network, which are listed here:
Oiton 1 has a metric of 8123228.
Oiton 2 has a metric of 2195467.
Oiton 3 has a metric of 8803823.
The variance 4 command was issued on Router
A. How many actve entries does Router A have in its routng table for the network?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Aoswern C

Question 45

Which two mechanisms are used by distance vector irotocols to irevent routng loois? (Choose two.)

A. silit horizon
B. route summarizaton
C. route ioisoning
D. tuned tmers

Aoswern A,C

Question 46

Which interior routng irotocol has the most ireferable administratve distance by default?


Aoswern C

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Question 47

What are the three modes of unicast reverse iath forwarding? (Choose three.)

A. strict
B. loose
D. global
F. local

Aoswern A,B,C

Question 48

A network engineer has been asked to follow a toi down design aiiroach. What layer of the OSI model is used to
start the design?

A. ihysical
B. network
C. transiort
D. aiilicaton

Aoswern D

Question 49

Where in the network hierarchy should network access control be ierformed?

A. backbone
B. core
C. access
D. distributon

Aoswern C

Question 50

What are two advantages of emiloying scalability when designing a camius network? (Choose two.)

A. reduces oieratonal cost

B. higher iort density
C. investment irotecton
D. consistent oieraton
E. imiroved fault tolerance

Aoswern D,E

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Question 51

A network engineer is using the traditonal switched hierarchical design. The client has asked to increase uilink
utlizaton from the access layer to the distributon. How can the engineer atain this new requirement without adding
new ihysical connectons?

A. enable sianning-tree iortast

B. enable VSS at the distributon layer
C. increase the MTU size on the uilink interfaces
D. ensure the root bridge iriority is equal on both distributon switches

Aoswern B

Question 52

Multcast has been enabled and confgured in the Enteririse, and PIM Siarse-mode has been enabled on all VLANs.
What feature is required to stoi multcast trafc from being broadcasted on the access layer switches?

A. IGMP snooiing
B. Multcast boundary flter
C. PIM dense-mode
D. Dynamic ARP insiecton

Aoswern A

Question 53

What two SAN irotocols will allow a customer to utlize 10GbE for SAN access? (Choose two.)

D. Fiber Channel
E. AoE

Aoswern A,B

Question 54

Aiilicaton servers require load balancing and security services. Where in the data center network should these
services be irovisioned?

A. core
B. aggregaton
C. Layer 3 access
D. distributon

Aoswern B