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Name: Marina Santos Period: 5 Semester: 2

Art Craft Mastery Learning Portfolio Tracking Sheet

Unit 1: Basic Elements and Principles of Art and Design

Standards How I learned and used the Evidence Evidence Evidence

standards #1 #2 #3
Observe and Learn to Principles of art that I Zentangle
Comprehend learned/used were value, Project as
negative space, contrast, and well as
-Visual art has inherent movement. Additionally, I page 41.
characteristics and learned about one point
expressive features perspective and how to better
-Historical and cultural use foreground, middleground,
context are found in visual and background. Flamenco
art -Art and dancer
design have purpose and I learned more about my own negative
function creations by studying the artists space
M.C. Escher and Kara Walker. project and
They influenced my use of page 23.
principles of art and design the
most. I used my heritage in my Flamenco
work to create more meaningful dancer
works. negative
My art was meaningful and there project, p.
was more underlying messages 23
in it. Some of these themes were (divorced
culture, identity, and family
acceptance. Another one of my crest), and
pieces was a political p. 11
commentary on the state of the
federal government.

Envision and Critique to I furthered my creative thinking Artist

Reflect by reviewing my past projects. I statements
reflected daily through reflection and self
-Reflective strategies are questions and dove deeper by evaluation
used to understand the writing artist statements and rubrics on
completing self-evaluations. website.
creative process -A
personal philosophy of art
I have not developed a personal Page 11 and
is accomplished through
style as an artist as of yet. I still Devil skeleton
use of sophisticated need to experiment more to Homework.
language and studio art discover my style. I used and
processes further experimented with pen
-Interpretation is a means and ink as well as using
for understanding and silhouette in addition to using
evaluating works of art different topics than I normally
do in my work. Pages 22
and 38.
I critiqued the work of other
artists in class which helped me
further myself as an artist by
seeing other peoples
interpretations and using
academic vocabulary.
Additionally, I critiqued the work
of Kara Walker and M.C. Escher
verbally in class and by viewing
their artwork and taking away
what I liked.
Invent and Discover to (This question intends to answer Pages 26 Pages 44 and
Create questions 1 and 2) and 30. 46.
One of my favorite parts of this
-Demonstrate competency class was that I got to use a lot
in traditional and new art of materials that I hadnt used
before and wouldnt have used
media, and apply
on my own. Through the use of
appropriate and available
different materials such as
technology for the
Stabilo markers, Micron pens,
expression of ideas
colored pencils, crayons,
-Assess and produce art watercolor, china marker, oil
with various materials and pastel, pencil, and linoleum
methods -Make carving I became more adept at
judgments from visual the elements of art (such as
messages movement, value, contrast, Page 14
contour lines, and pattern). and 37.

In Unit 1 I evaluated the work of

M.C. Escher and Kara Walker in
class, which furthered my
understanding of elements of
art. Outside of class I reviewed
the work of Alfred Basha which
helped me develop my own
technique with pen.
Relate and Connect to Again, critiquing my classmates Pages 22
Transfer: work has been very valuable and 38.
because I get to see the many
-The work of art scholars ways that each project can be
impacts how art is viewed done and I get new ideas.
Additionally, Walker and Eschers
works have helped me develop
-Communication through
my abilities as an artist.
advanced visual methods
is a necessary skill in Page 44 and
In this unit I got to experiment Devil skeleton
everyday life -Art is with mediums I either havent
a lifelong endeavor project.
used before or havent used in a
long time. I created a variety of
works through these different
mediums as well as developing
themes in my work. My artist
I have learned a lot through this and
art class, mostly moral values Zentangle
that DPS does not care about project.
enough. I learned how to be
more patient, more respectful
when critiquing other work, and
more relaxed because I get to
take a break from homework. I
also have just improved my art
style and online portfolio.
Overall, this class has been
tremendously valuable to me.