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Objectives No. of Items Item %
1. Relay information 10 1-10 40%
accurately using
different discourse
( statements ,
questions ,
10 11-20 40%
2. Use appropriate
interrogatives in
questions 5 21-25 20%

3. Following Series of

25 100%

Grade & Section :___________________________________________Teacher


I. Classify each sentence. Write S if it is a statement , Q if it is question and C if it is a


1. Old Filipino folks were deeply religious_________________________

2. Is the telephone out of order______________________
3. Give this book to Jose___________________
4. He takes a bath at five-thirty__________________
5. Dinah, water the plants as soon as you finish cooking_______________
6. Did you sleep well last night____________________
7. I have been living in Iligan City since I was born_____________________
8. You should eat your breakfast before coming to school_______________
9. Keep quiet______________
10.Where is your English report , Jojo__________________
II. Copy the appropriate interrogative word on your sheet of paper.
1. ( When , Where ) can we find the nearest Hospital?
2. ( Who , Why ) won in the Quiz Bee yesterday?
3. ( When , Why ) do we have to repaint the house if it still new?
4. ( Who , How ) do you feed the snakes in the zoo?
5. ( Who , What ) can we do to pacify her from depression?
6. ( How , Why ) is being a teacher called a noble profession?
7. (What , When ) shall we launch the project of the Student Council?
8. ( What , Which ) of the following is the best suited for the occasion?
9. ( Whose , Who) piece has been chosen for the cultural presentation?
10.( How , Why ) can we defend him from the police officers if he really did wrong?
III. In a box is a prescription for adults who are suffering from colds. Read it and answer
the questions that follow. Write the letter of the correct answer.

1 TAB.

21. In what form is the medicine being presented?

a. capsule
b. syrup
c. tablet
22. How are you going to administer the medicine as prescribed?
a. swallow it
b. inject it on the muscle
c. rub it to the skin
23. What does the word tab mean?
a. table
b. tablet
c. teaspoon
24. How often are you going to take the medicine?
a. once a day
b. twice a day
c. thrice a day
25. If colds persist , what will you do?
a. double the dose b. take the medicine as usual c.
consult a physician



Objectives No. of Items Item %

1.Using courteous expressions 5 1-5 25%
on appropriate situations
-participation in club meetings

2. Decodes meaning of
unfamiliar words using 10 6-15 50%
structural analysis and context

5 16-20 25%
4. Write specific direction
on a given situation

20 100%
Grade & Section:_________________________________Teacher:_____________________________________


I. In the box below are expressions used in club meetings. Which of these is appropriate
for each situation present

The meeting will now come to order

The minutes of the meeting
Mr. President or Mr. Chairman
I suggest that
I move that this meeting will be adjourned

1. The secretary reads the minutes._________________________________________________________

2. To close the meeting if there is no other
3. The meeting is formally opened.__________________________________________________________
4. To put something forward for discussion or
5. A way of addressing the president.________________________________________________________

Read each sentence and write the letter of the correct meaning of the underlined phrase.

1. Who is the speaker pro tempore of the Senate?

a. Temporary
b. Representative
c. Leader
d. Assistant
2. In the Philippines today people who participate in a coup d etat are punishable by law.
a. Election
b. Demonstration
c. Rebellion
d. Assembly
3. A writer uses a nom de plume to protect his identity.
a. Foreign name
b. Similar name
c. Better sounding name
d. Pen name
4. The president wished the delegates bon voyage when they left for Tokyo.
a. Pleasant journey
b. Success in life
c. Good things
d. Welcome
5. The athletes at the provincial meet will receive a fixed per diem.
a. Daily rental
b. Daily allowance
c. Daily meal
d. Daily reward
6. A cultural show will be presented in lieu of the concert.
a. In place
b. In support
c. In addition
d. In remembrance
7. Luckily we didnt encounter any problem en route to Corregidor.
a. In the boat
b. In the trip
c. On the tour
d. On the way
8. The Holy Mass to be held tomorrow is in memoriam of the former senator.
a. In memory
b. In praise
c. In reward
d. In prayer
9. The police discovered the modus operandi of the illegal recruiters.
a. Different process
b. Political platform
c. Way to the hideaway
d. Method of operation
10.The Filipino businessmen discussed the issue vis-a vis the Japanese delegates.
a. Different process
b. Face to face
c. Way to the hideaway
d. Method of operation
II. Underline the appropriate word that denotes directions for each of the following

1. Just pass ( through , ahead ) that alley to get there.

2. You will see the Mega Building ( under , along ) the venue.

3. I have seen the grocery store ( inside , beyond ) that house.

4. You just have to cross the street because the mail is situated ( beside , parallel ) to your

5. Walk straight ( ahead , behind ) and you will see the end of the road.



Objectives No. of Items Item %

1. Use tag questions 10 1-10 40%

2.Decoding meaning of
unfamiliar words 5 11-15 20%
using words with affixes ,
prefixes and suffixes

10 16-25 40%
3. Learning some idioms

25 100%

Grade& Section:_________________________________________Teacher:_______________________________

I. Write the appropriate tag question for each of the following.

1. He is heading towards East ,_______________________________?

2. I should not bring Myla to the market ,_______________________?
3. The lightning has gone so fast ,_____________________________?
4. They were just roaming around looking for the daffodils ,______________________?
5. The guest speaker will arrive just in time ,__________________________?
6. Renato was on his way to the mall when that happens ,___________________________?
7. I am not giving you any advices at this time , ___________________________?
8. We are all held responsible for any damage or loss of property, ______________________?
9. They cannot go with us on the mountain , ___________________________?
10.We have come to the climax of the show , _____________________________?
II. Add the correct suffix to the underlined item in each sentence. Write your answer on
the blank.
11.A person who always acts on stage is an___________________________.
12.A person who manages a library is a ___________________________.
13.One that tells lies is a _________________________________.
14.A worthy student becomes a scholar and is granted full ____________________________.
15.A person who climbs mountains is a______________________________.
III. A. Choose the meaning of the underlined expression from the phrases on the chart.

With understanding gave all

Right purpose would
feel bad
16.She went heart and soul into the project.
17.She knew the poem by heart.
18.The civic- minded lady has her heart in the right place.
19.When she saw the beautiful girl, she has eaten her heart out.
20.It would break my heart to lose one of these jewels.

B. Choose the appropriate meaning of the underlined words in the sentences.

In peak of anger
With honors bad
Win dont

21.Ana passed grade five with flying colors.

22.The teacher almost hit the ceiling because of the naughty kid.
23.Robin is the black sheep in the family.
24.Please bring home the bacon in this game.
25.This reward is a feather on my cap.



Objectives No. of Items Item %

1. Use appropriate interrogatives 24 1-24 60%
Introducing questions.

2. Decode meaning of unfamiliar 12 25-36 30%

Using context clues

3. Follow series of directions in 4 37-40 10%


40 100%


Grade & Section :
I. A. Choose the appropriate interrogative word in the box that would complete the
following questions.
Note: Some interrogatives may be used more than once.

When where How

Whose which what

1. _____________________________ do Minda has to leave the country if shes earning well here.
2. __________________________ umbrella is this?
3. ____________________________ of the following should be given to the orphanage?
4. ________________________would accompany me to the grocery tomorrow?
5. ________________________________is the special guest in the big night at the Araneta
6. _________________________will be the first day of our Second Periodical Test?
7. ___________________________ will you explain your parents that your cellular phone is
8. __________________________ is the best gift to give for mothers on Mothers Day?
9. ___________________________will you forgive a person who doesnt even want to come near
to you?
10.______________________among those items will best make my sister happy?
11._________________________ are we scheduled to be back for interview?
12.________________________ can we find that hidden treasure?

II. B. Formulate a question based on the statement using the given interrogative word.
13.Tony has been with Terry since their pre-school days.( who )
14.I have to be early today because I will prepare for my report. ( Why )
15.Many saw one of the tallest buildings in the world. ( What )
16.He explain that slum area cannot be just eliminated by calling all residents in an open
place. ( How )_______
17.We all agree to give Susan a silver necklace from Italy on her birthday. ( What )
18.Puppy named Pocholo was chosen by the judges for the Best in Costume .
19.Dance and singing contests will be held on Monday night from 7pm-10 pm.
( What)____________________
20.The evidence were found inside a nipa hut owned by certain Mang Indo.( Where)
21.You can find the other foreigners in the assembly hall of the resort. ( Where )
22.Budding is done by cutting the stem and connecting the other stem for other variety.
23.Sheena has to go to States because most of her family members are citizens there
already.( why)____________
24.The movie is already in its climax when Dondie arrived.

III. Choose the meaning of the italicized word as it is used in the sentences. Write only the
letter of your choice.
25.Helen has chosen the role of Jasmin, the witch in that mini-play.
a. Part
b. Character
c. Circle
26.I chose to buy a scented candle for our room.
a. Odourless
b. Fragrant
c. Perfumed

27.I experienced nausea when we travel from Manila to Bicol last month.
a. Impulse vomit
b. Dizziness
c. Alertness
28.The committee found the strategy unique and interesting.
a. Unusual
b. Common
c. Expensive
29.The run seems thrilling in its final league.
a. Individual
b. Organization
c. Measure of distance
30.Wince designed a hotel room that comes comfortable and ornamental.
a. Decorative
b. Adorning
c. Refreshing
31.We would like to see and experience the shopping spree at the Mantrade Hall.
a. Gimmick
b. Fun or merriment
c. Time
32.The suspect came to the open and spoke in gruff that made the officer hold him in captive.
a. Mannerly way
b. Uncontrolled way
c. Rough or rude manner
33.Farmers were saddened by the hurricane that destroyed their crops.
a. Eclipse
b. A violent cyclone with winds, rain, thunder and lightning
c. Triggers red tide and ocean waves
34.The early people took a long journey without anhydride across the desert.
a. Play
b. Stop over
c. Travel
35.Most of the gadgets now are mechanically operated.
a. Operated by machine
b. Manually
c. Effortlessly
36.The envelope will be inserted in a slot founder at the center of the machine.
a. deep hole
b. narrow opening
c. transparent tube
IV. Analyzed the series of directions in experiments. Then, fill in the blanks of the
sentences that follow. Write the answers only .


10 pcs. Calamansi
Measuring cup
2 glasses each containing 30 ml water


a. Cut each calamansi into two.

b. Squeeze 16 calamansi halves into one glass and the remaining four into other
c. Stir the mixture in both glasses.
d. Taste the solution.
e. Take note of the difference in the solution using your activity chart.
37.Materials in the experiments include calamansi, measuring cup, 2 glasses and a
38.Squeeze ____________________________________calamansi halves into glass;
39.And the remaining ____________________________________into the other glass; means ______________________________________.



Objectives No. of Items Item %

1. Gives the main idea of a 10 1- 10 40%

2. Noting details in the 5 11-15 20%

selection listened to

3. Use nouns that are 10 16-25 40%

plural in form but
singular in meaning.

25 100%

Grade &


I. Copy the sentences from each paragraph that states the main idea.
1. Whales and dolphins use sound in two ways: for communication and for echolocation.
Dolphins , porpoises, and toothed whales communication through a wide variety of
high- frequency sounds.- pure tone whistles, pulse squeals, screams, or barks-
generally at frequencies of 500Hz ( where a hertz is a cycle per second and kilohertz is
a thousand).

2. There is much to tell about life today. Many think life is better now than four hundred
years ago. Still some say, it is much better. But few believed that life was happier and
more peaceful then.

3. Word spread of the shreds, or ceramic pieces, to be found on the mountain. And if
there were shreds on the top layer, people speculated, it would mean that there were
whole pots under the ground? Soon the mountain was filled with pothunters, and many
of the precious pieces were broken by clumsy diggers.
4. Some Filipinos involved in manufacturing industries lack capital. Some lack of men
who are well- trained. Manufacturing has indeed several problems. The cost of
production is high but young industries do not earn well and so they soon close down.
5. Men, women and children love to catch fishes. Fishing is fun. It does not necessarily
mean catching different species of fish like tuna, milkfish, salmon or mackerel. It
means catching all kinds of living animals in the water like lobsters, shrimps, oysters
and clams.
6. The government , through the National Museum , put a stop to all the amateur
diggings. A team of archaeologists came and studied the place. They staked out places
to dig. As they dug, each item was recorded and dated until they were able to piece
together a history of the people who lived there thousands of years ago.
7. Ants live in colonies. Each colony is made up of a queen, drone and workers. Some
workers are nurses. Other workers are food gatherers, and others are soldiers. The
soldiers guard the colony against the enemies. Every ant in the colony has its own
work to do.
8. People walking in the ridge overlooking the cove found pieces of ceramic jars or
plates. Some of the pieces were brown, others were blue and white, still others were a
beautiful, transparent green called celadon. They looked very old.
9. People work to have varieties of food to eat. They need to build comfortable houses to
live in. For some, they have cars and buses to ride in. They work so that they could
buy televisions, radios, and stereos for recreation. For those who earn much, they even
spend holidays visiting friends and relatives here and abroad. People work so that they
could have the necessities of living.


10.Ours is a world of beautiful sights and interesting sounds. Pleasure awaits those who
have the eyes for them. Many of these sights and sounds are gifts of nature; some are
gifts of imaginative people such as songs, paintings, and sculptures. There are
pyramids, temples, and castles in faraway places that have stood the test of time. We
have to see these things, even only in pictures, to be able to appreciate them.

II. Read the story and answer the questions that follow. Write only the letter of your

It was Ricos first day in the big city. He was fascinated by

what he saw. Dexter, Ricos cousin, brought him to the mall. One of the things he saw was
an escalator.
Im afraid to use that. I dont know how to use the
escalator, Rico exclaimed.
Its easy, Rico. Try to follow me, encouraged Dexter.
Wait until the step is at level with the floor. Then, stand firmly on the step. Hold on to the
sides. Be sure not to lean on the side walls. Wait till
You are on top. When you are on the last step to the floor, step out quickly.
Oh, is it that simple? said Rico.
11.Who is the main character in the story?
a. Dexter
b. Miko
c. Rico
12.What did Rico see in the mall that fascinated him?
a. Elevator
b. Escalator
c. Walkalator
13.Why was Rico afraid to use escalator?
a. He doesnt know how to use it.
b. He once fell from the escalator
c. He was uncomfortable with Dexter with him riding the escalator.
14.What did Dexter do to encourage Rico?
a. He went ahead and let Rico use escalator by himself.
b. He taught Rico the step-by-step procedures in using the escalator.
c. He held the hand of Rico till they reached the top.
15.Which of the following did not happen in the story?
a. Rico encouraged Dexter to ride the escalator.
b. Dexter encourage Rico to use the escalator.
c. Rico was afraid to use the escalator.
III. Write S on the space provided if the noun is in singular form and P for plural form.

16.Philippines ____________
17.leaves ____________
18.berries ____________
19.tonsillitis ____________
20.species ____________
21.Measles ____________
22.acrobatics ____________
23.friends ____________
24.civics _____________
25.Aeronautics ____________


Objectives No. of Item %

Items Placement
1. Use gerunds accurately 13 1-13 55%

2. Construct various 8 14-21 35%

sentences according to

4 22-25 10%
3. Gives the main idea of a

25 100%

Grade & Section:


I. A. Complete the following sentence with appropriate gerunds used as a subject or
object of the sentence. Choose your answer from the word list.

watching playing carrying

writing helping dribbling
coordinating driving visiting

1. It is very stressful ________________________________________________the whole week.

2. Charlita likes ______________________________________piano as a hobby.
3. _____________________________ the children running after one another on the playground
makes me feel good.
4. Rona started ____________________________ her mother when she was in grade one.
5. ____________________________heavy load tired him too much that he could no longer watch
his favourite TV show.
6. _______________________________with the other members of the organization is the best
move to do.
7. ____________________________ a car most of the time developed my sense of direction.
8. The athletes practice _________________________ the ball early in the morning everyday.
9. Instead of going to the movie I end up ______________________________ a friend in the
10.I really dont like ____________________________ to a stranger.

B. Change the verb in the parenthesis into its gerund form to make the sentence correct.

11.( Read ) autobiography of great men and women is my hobby.

12.( Collect ) stamps is one of the things that interest Erica.
13.( Bake ) cookies and cake is exciting.

II. Choose from the box the appropriate conjunction that would form the following
complex sentences.

-if - although - so that

- unless
-Because - Where - After
- Until
14.The director cuts the scene ________________ he was not satisfied with the acting of the
15.Filipinos are still admirable ________________ crimes are still committed by some.
16.The program will be held in the field_____________________ the audience will be bigger than
17.I will not be announcing anything ________________________ the decision has been finalized.
18.The suspect was held captive _______________________ the police came to the rescue.
19.We will adjourn the meeting ________________________ somebody has other concerns.
20.The volunteers have to be at the foot of the mountain___________________ the civic leaders
are waiting.
21.Dancers are practicing thoroughly _________________ everything will be alright during the

III. Copy the line in the following poem stanzas which most likely states the main ideas.
22.It is red thumb print
On a sheet of plain blue paper
It is a gold top from a milk bottle
Floating on a puddle

23.Life has loveliness to sell

All beautiful and splendid things
Blue waves whitened on a cliff
Soaring fire that sways and sings

24.The kindliest thing God ever made

His hand of very healing lay
Upon a fevered world,
It is shade.

25.Oh my friend is hairy,

And my friend is scary
His four eyes are orange, green, purple and gold
Yes, my friend, the alien is a sight to behold!


Objectives No. of Item %

Items Placement
1. Sequence events in a story. 10 1-10 33.3333%

2. Classified ideas under

correct headings. 15 11-25 50%

3. Make inference on
character traits. 5 26-30 16.6666%

TOTAL 30 100%

Name:_________________________________________________ Score:_________________________
Grade & Section:

I. Sequence the following using numbers to form the story.

________1. The woodcutter went home and happily told his neighbours about his good
________2. A woodcutter was once chopping some wood near the river.
________3. So, Mercury dived again and this time brought out a silver ax , but still the
woodcutter didnt want it.
_________4. Mercury, the youthful messenger of God is appeared to him and asked why
he was crying.
_________5. He lost grip of his axe and it fell into the water that made him cry.
_________6. Mercury helped him by diving and bringing out a golden axe. But the man
refused to accept it.
_________7. The third as Mercury got was his wooden axe and the man was very happy
having his own axe again.
_________8. Mercury got angry with the mans greediness and dishonesty so he threw the
golden axe back to the river and never came back.
_________9. One of his neighbours became interested in getting rich but he was dishonest
enough to own the first golden axe.
_________10. Mercury was so touched by the mans honesty that he gave also the silver
and golden axe that made the woodcutter rich.

II. Study the given subheadings and classify each of them in the appropriate headings
given below.

Almanacs Television Atlas

DVD Player
Oven toaster English Hinduism
Buddhism Dictionary Filipino

Subjects Reference Religion Home

Materials Appliance
11. 15. 19. 22.

12. 16. 20. 23.

13. 17. 21. 24.

14. 18. 25.

III. Write the letter of the world which may express the characters feelings in the following
26.Where did you get this money?
a. Anxiety
b. Excitement
c. Dismay
27.Two more nights, and we will be on board the plane.
a. Excitement
b. Dismay
c. Pride
28.School? Whats there to write about school?
a. Depression
b. Amazement
c. Compassion
29.If only I arrived earlier I would have caught that trip.
a. Surprised
b. Happiness
c. Regret
30.I can beat all of them at the same time!
a. Delight
b. Arrogance
c. Disgust


Objectives No. of Items Item %

1. Use nouns that are plural 20 1-20 40%
in form
But singular in meaning.

2. Using variety of sentences 20 21-40 40%

as to structure.

3. Changing statements and 10 41-50 20%

questions to reported

50 100%

Grade &


I. Copy the noun that is plural in form but singular in meaning in the following sentences.
Write your answer on the space provided before each number.
________________1. The news about some events in the country is becoming unbelievable.
________________2. The delegates perform thrilling steps of acrobatics.
________________3. Measles is contagious and should be well-attended immediately.
________________4. Efren Bata Reyes is considered the king of billiards for beating players
of different countries.
________________5. The electoral protest involves issues about civics and humanitarian
________________ 6. One of my favourite subjects is Mathematics.
_________________ 7. Niko wants to pursue college and study aeronautics.
_________________ 8. Mr. Mendez collected different species of fishes and butterflies.
_________________ 9. Regine Velasquez went to America for a series of shows and concerts.
_________________10. Home Economics develop the life skills of the pupils.
_________________11. The Philippines has plenty of historical places and tourist spots.
_________________12. Mathematics takes much of her time.
_________________13. The calisthenics is the most popular fitness activities for health conscious
_________________14. Acrobatics helps improved the physical aspect of the human life.
_________________15. The Netherlands provides aids to other countries of the world.
_________________16. Tuberculosis plaques all over the country today.
_________________17. The United States of America leads the world in terms of business
_________________18. Physics becomes easy when you interest on it.
__________________19. Mumps occurs during rainy days.
__________________20. The tragic news spreads quickly to the different places of the world.

II. A. Here is a list of phrases. Construct sentences having simple subjects and simple
predicate by supplying the missing predicates.
21. The courageous woodcutter
22. The aged leader
23. The victorious leader
24. The betrayed friend
25.The prestigious competition

26. The most interesting topic
27.My favourite food
28.The most provoking report
29.The undefeated player
30.The ugly duckling
B. Below is a list of phrases. Construct sentences having simple subjects and simple predicates
by supplying the simple subjects.
Example: The hungry children have walked around the village begging for food.
31._____________________ helps his classmates clean their classroom.
32._____________________ twinkles at night and bring delight to everyone.
33._____________________ fleets from flower to flower to gather their nectars.
34._____________________ himself for school immediately after breakfast.
35._____________________ starts her work very early every day.
36._____________________ is very excited to see his family after one year of working abroad.
37._____________________ has many friends in the neighbourhood.
38._____________________ other races our imaginative minds.
39._____________________ provides free education to all children of school age.
40._____________________ is very interesting when she teaches.

III. Read each of the following questions and change them to reported statement. Write
your answer on the lines below each item.
Example: Myla, what kind of pictures is given in the second stanza? Her teacher asked.
Answer: Myla is asked by her teacher what kind of picture is given in the second stanza.
41.Kim Marie, what is a gladiator? Marimar asked.
42.Lovely Shane, how do you read this word? Alma asked.
43.Elmo, what does history says about Nero? Mrs. Sollesta asked.
44.Dory, how did the writer and his companion acquire the capybara?
45.What did they do with the animal, Maam ? The children asked.
46.Ching, are there many places to stay in China? Garcia asked.
47.Cora, do many Chinese speak English? Gloria asked.
48.Doctor, what are the medical facilities like? The intern asked.
49.Christian, what places should you not miss, Edgar asked.
50.Mawie, are there many eating places in Japan? Miriam asked.