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World leader in

loading flexibility
What makes your dishwasher an ASKO?
It is a fact that at ASKO, we use more steel in our baskets than any other brand. This makes our baskets the most stable
and durable on the market. The fact that they also offer the greatest flexibility and loading capacity suggests that the fact
that we carefully research then analyze the best solutions comes from years of knowledge. We are now taking this one
step further and introducing a range of new features and improvements to what is already a global frontrunner in basket
Inspired by everyday life
Our goal is that our products should make your everyday life simpler.
That is why we have worked so hard through the years to develop the
markets largest and most flexible basket systems. This time, we have
been especially careful to first find out what people really put in their
dishwashers. We then translated our newly acquired knowledge to a
range of unique, innovative and practical basket solutions.
Orrefors recommends ASKO
Every time you wash Orrefors crystal glasses in an ASKO
dishwasher, you are also nurturing an important piece of
Swedish innovation. Orrefors and ASKO both have their roots
firmly secured in the Scandinavian design tradition and both
brands are represented the world over. Our shared heritage,
together with the fact that the Orrefors crystal glasses are
washed every day in our dishwashers, has enabled us to
embrace one another in a newly-established partnership.

One of the goals of this partnership is to finally put an end to

the myth that crystal glasses cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher.
That is true for some dishwashers but they certainly can in an
ASKO. The secret is our sensitive wash programme, which
ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and
then maintains the temperature evenly with a difference of just
+/- 1C. Our exclusive baskets also have Crystal GlassCare,
providing a safe and secure place for your favourite glasses.
From now on, it is actually safer to wash your sensitive crystal
glasses in an ASKO than by hand.

This is Orrefors
Since 1898, the Orrefors brand has been producing utility
glass and art glass from crystal. At the glass works in Kosta,
skilled glassblowers work alongside many of Swedens
foremost designers to develop design, craftsmanship and new
Top basket with top performance
The latest addition to our basket system is a flexible top basket
with its own spray arm and space for sixteen sets of cutlery,
small bowls, or other utensils that can be difficult to load. The
width of the top basket has been optimised to make room for
tall glasses in the upper basket and, if more space is needed, if
more room is required simply take the top basket out.
InstantLift - smart height adjustment
With our unique InstantLift height adjustment system, you can
adjust the top basket for higher or lower loads and free up more
space in the upper basket through a simple operation. In the
raised position, the space is 40 mm and in the lowered position it
can be up to 58 mm. Simple, smart and flexible.

The top basket has its own stainless steel spray arm for optimum washing results.

Detachable and completely removable basket inserts.

Multifunctional upper basket for all types of dishes
Our exclusive upper baskets can be any way you want with just glasses. If you need more space in the baskets
them. Place wine glasses in the folding and detachable below, it can be raised up easily and then lowered again
wine glass holders. Put plates in the plate rack or fold when you want to load taller objects. Flexibility and total
down all the support and load the entire basket with freedom from ASKO.
gratin dishes. Fold up all the support once again and fill
Divisible double your loading options
The pin rows and glass supports are needed to ensure that your
china remains safe while being washed. But sometimes they can
be in the way, especially when you need to load various types of
dishes in the same basket - which is more often than not. That is
why we have made sure that the pin rows and one of the wine
glass racks in our upper baskets can be divided. This allows you
to load different items in one basket and even in the same row.

Extra-wide knife supports and knife guard.

LightLock for lightweight objects like plastic bowls.

Middle basket for objects that can be hard to place
We have created a space for dishes that are too small breakfast bowls, ladles and whisks. No matter how you
or whose shapes are too irregular for the lower basket define hard to place, you will always find a place for it in
or take too much space in the upper basket, such as our unique and practical middle basket.
Wash knives at three different levels
Knives are sensitive things, so too are fingers. That is why we
have done everything possible to protect both as best we can.
Our knife holder is extra deep so that the blades remain steady
throughout the wash cycle. There are knife holders on three
levels: in the middle basket, in the upper basket and in the top
basket. We guarantee a clean cut.
Double performance with
Double TwinTubes
ASKOs dishwashers are renowned for their exceptional washing
results. The secret is our carefully designed and tested rinsing
system, comprising no fewer than 11 spray zones that cover
every corner of the dishwasher compartment. Each basket also
has its own rinsing system, such as the middle basket where we
are now introducing Double TwinTubes, with separate spray
zones for the left and right sides of the basket.

The Double TwinTubes connectors are fitted with automatic non-return valves.

Ergonomic with integrated handle.

Smooth and noiseless telescopic sliding rails.

Lower baskets with maximum freedom of choice
The most exclusive lower baskets in an ASKO basket solutions that are extremely durable and easy to
dishwasher are also the most flexible and stable on the use. We harness the strength and stability to maximise
market. Because all of the parts in our baskets are made the payload and to protect sensitive dishes.
from high quality steel, we are able to create flexible
Crystal GlassCare - extra protection
We have created a unique opportunity to wash delicate but
bulky glasses in the lower basket. With Crystal GlassCare, you
can safely wash up to six additional extra-tall wine glasses at the
same time. The glasses rest safely in the extra-deep steel-loops
and are angled so that any residual moisture disappears without
leaving any unsightly marks behind.
A strong lower basket that protects
In a lower basket, you would normally wash heavier items such
as plates, dishes, oven dishes, pots and pans. We, however,
do not limit ourselves to that. Instead, we offer just as much
flexibility and as many possibilities for combined washing as in
all other baskets.

Our exclusive baskets have maximized flexibility with divisible

and foldable pin rows everywhere and Crystal GlassCare
for extra tall wine glasses. The adjustable plate supports
ensure that you can safely wash both small dishes and plates
measuring up to 40 cm. With the unique HiClean PowerZone
for tall narrow objects, you can easily and efficiently wash flower
vases, baby bottles and other high and narrow objects that are
otherwise difficult to get clean.

Plate supports that can be adjusted to different sizes.

Load large plates measuring up to 40 cm in diameter.

The worlds biggest load capacity
With the improvements we have made in our rack systems, we
go from being the world leader to the best in the world. Our
XXL dishwashers can wash as many as 18 place settings with
perfect cleaning and drying results, with an A++ energy rating.
Thats why it is now an undisputed fact that you can put more in
an ASKO than in any other dishwasher in the world.

18 place settings,
how much is that?
18 Flat plates
18 Deep plates
18 Small plates
18 Saucers
18 Cups
18 Glasses
18 Forks
18 Knives
18 Tablespoons
18 Dessert spoons
18 Teaspoons
3 Bowls
1 Meat dish
+ 4 Serving spoons

Total: 206 individual items

Two additional power sources Hygiene programme for deep cleaning
To improve your dishwasher performance even further, or vases. WideSpray creates a pressurised water jet All dishwashers in the Logic and Style series have a for example, we raise the temperature to 70C in the main
we are now introducing two separate high-pressure while the nozzle generates a wide dispersal, thereby hygiene programme that can be used for even more wash and final rinse programmes. This is also ideal for
PowerZones for the lower basket. WideSpray for increasing the amount of water on the surface of the effective cleaning of baby bottles and other objects that thorough washing of jars for people who make their own
extra efficient washing of pots & pans and JetSpray dishes. The result is efficient cleaning of really dirty can be good to keep extra clean. To prevent the growth jam or marmalade. The result is extra clean and hygienic.
for washing of tall, narrow objects such as baby bottles dishes. of bacteria and remove odours from chopping boards,
D5436FSW D5456FSW/D5456FSS D5426IW D54364IW/ D54364IS
82 cm freestanding dishwasher, A+++, 82 cm freestanding dishwasher, A++, 16 place 82 cm built in dishwasher, A+++, 15 place settings, 82 cm built in dishwasher, A+++, 15 place settings,
15 place settings, 46 dB(A), premium upper basket, settings, 46 dB(A), top cutlary tray, premium upper 46 dB(A), standard upper basket, standard lower 44 dB(A), standard upper basket, standard lower
premium lower basket, cutlery basket basket, premium lower basket, cutlery basket basket, cutlery basket basket, cutlery basket

D5536FI D5546FI D5556FI D5556XXLFI

82 cm fully integrated dishwasher, A+++, 15 place 82 cm fully integrated dishwasher, A++, 16 place 82 cm fully integrated dishwasher, A+++, 16 place 86 cm fully integrated dishwasher, A++, 17 place
settings, 46 dB(A), premium upper basket, knife settings, 46 dB(A), top cutlary tray, premium upper settings, 44 dB(A), exclusive upper basket, exclusive settings, 44 dB(A), exclusive height adjustable upper
basket, premium lower basket, cutlery basket basket, premium lower basket, cutlery basket lower basket, middle basket, cutlery basket basket, middle basket, exclusive lower basket,
cutlery basket

D5536IW/D5536IB/D5536IS D5546RW/D5546RS D5556RS D5896XXLFI

82 cm built in dishwasher, A+++, 16 place settings, 82 cm built in dishwasher, A++, 16 place settings, 82 cm built in dishwasher, A++, 16 place settings, 86 cm fully integrated dishwasher, A+++, 18 place
42 dB(A), top cutlery tray, premium upper basket, 42 dB(A), top cutlery tray, exclusive height adjustable 42 dB(A), top cutlery tray, exclusive upper basket, settings, 41 dB(A), top cutlery tray, exclusive height
premium lower basket, cutlery basket upper basket, exclusive lower basket, cutlery basket middle basket, exclusive lower basket, cutlery basket adjustable upper basket, middle basket, exclusive
lower basket, tall wine glass shelf, cutlery basket
4/6 cm

23/19 cm

19/17 cm

58 cm
6/10 cm

35/39 cm 29 cm

Worlds largest loading capacity

Our XL and XXL dishwashers have the largest capacity means you can load 40% more compared to a standard
on the market. The internal loading height of 58/54 cm dishwasher. The smart four level Flexirack system
makes room for larger plates and taller glasses. It also affords endless possibilities.

Our dishwashers are the largest

Tallest glass in EU labelling: ones on the inside but not on the
Loading Max upper / lower Largest plate in Energy/Cleaning/ outside. You dont have to worry that
height load basket* lower basket** Drying they wont fit into your kitchen. They
XXL 86 cm 58 cm 18 pls 27 cm 40 cm A++/A/A will fit into cabinets of 863-913 mm
(XXL) and 823-873 mm (XL).
XL 82 cm 54 cm 16 pls 25 cm 36 cm A++/A/A
* The glass must be tilted
** Applies to XXL dishwashers, with the middle basket removed and the upper basket in the topmost position, as the
distance between the lower basket and the upper basket is then 39 cm, allowing a plate with a diameter of 40 cm to fit
as the lower edge protrudes a little through the bottom of the basket. The plate must be placed between two pin rows.
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