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Scoala : CNAM - DEJ

Disciplina: Limba engleza

Clasa: a IXa 2h/saptamana
Manual : FCE Gold plus
Professor:Vaida Simona


Nr. Unitatea Continut Obiective operaionale Activiti de nvare Resurse Evaluare

Grammar : present perfect simple - reinforcing and training - key word transformation Revision ex
1 UNIT 1: and continuous the means of expressing - word formation Textbook
Vocabulary: Word families present perfect simple and - rephrasing exercises Worksheets
Entertainment continuous - multiple choice exercises
Whats on?
- training the ability of - correcting mistakes CD
word-formation according
to contextual requirements
Reading : reality tv -multiple matching
- reading comprehension (reading)
deducing meaning from -finding similar words and
context phrases
- training the ability of -answer questions
identifying appropriate -ask questions
headings for paragraphs in
a given text Dialogue practice-a
- predicting content by film survey
- training speaking and using key words
Speaking : films listening skills - conversation
- training pupilsability to
Listening : sentence completion write an email by following - ordering paragraphs
a given scheme; - writing an informal email
Writing: informal email - using personal Hw: writing an
information and vocabulary informal email
in speaking and writing
10 UNIT 10: Grammar: - training pupils ability of - rephrasing exercises Textbook
countable/uncountable nouns using countable and - correcting mistakes Worksheets Revision ex
-introductory it uncountable nouns in - sentence completion CD
Close to
- training speaking ability - conversation practice Vocabulary and
Vocabulary : the environment and reinforcing vocabulary - matching exercises grammar practice
-animals connected to the (words to pictures / words
-the natural world environment by appealing to their explanations)
-phrasal verbs and compound to pupils personal - translation exercises Project work:Planet
nouns experience Earth
- training speaking ability-
protecting the environment
and endangered species

- multiple choice exercise

- matching exercise ( new
Reading :A safari to save the big - training specific reading words from the text to
cats comprehension their contextual meaning )
Sniffer dog earns more than Speaking
police-open cloze - multiple choice ex. practice:discussion
-training general reading - fill in a chart (while about nature
skills listening)
Listening :How eco-friendly are - speaking practice-
you?-multiple-choice - training first general and discussion and taking long
Insects from hell then specific listening turns
Speaking:discussion-species comprehension
under threat - training speaking skills -fill in ex Listening practice-
-sounding interested based on personal multiple choice
-discussing a quiz:How much experience
you know about the world around
-training writing - open cloze :Chief
skills:reports -discuss the questions Writing a report
Writing : reports -discuss writing
Writing plans recommendations
Report dos and donts
3 Grammar :narrative tenses - reinforcing and training - multiple choice ex. Textbook Revision ex
- adverbs the contextual use of Past - error correction Copybook
Simple,Past Cont. and Past - translation exercises CD
Fact or perfect in expressing past - rephrasing exercises
fiction? narratives
Vocabulary: - fill in the blanks
- modifiers - using a dictionary - identifying and
- intensifiers correcting the incorrect
-deducing meaning from word in a given context
Reading :Strange landings Speaking practice-
-gapped text - multiple matching ex. talk about the
Speaking : Ways of giving and - question-answer practice importance of
asking for opinion; ways of reading
reacting to opinions - training topic based
vocabulary in expressing -conversation practice
personal opinion and
reacting to opinions

- predicting missing
Listening :what people read information
- training specific listening -sequencing expressions
comprehension -writing stories Writing a story

Writing : Stories
UNIT 12: Grammar : passives-review - teaching and training the - matching ex. and fill in Textbook Revision ex
-have/get something done contextual difference in use ex. Worksheets
and meaning between - error correction ( find the CD
Strange but
have/get something done lacking word in the
true - reinforcing and training sentence) Grammar and
Vocabulary : crime and the use of passive voice - multiple choice ex. vocabulary practice
punishment -fill in a chart
-nouns linked by of - training the use of
vocabulary items connected - transformation exercises
to crime and punishment - multiple choice exercises
-training the use of nouns - matching exercises
connected by of - open cloze Speaking practice-
- fill in the blanks talk about crime
- training pupilsability of exercises and punishment-
Reading :Rebecca scanning a text debate
The lost city of Caral-gapped text - training general reading - fill in the gaps with
comprehension and literary matching sentences
analysis explanation matching ) Listening practice-
- question-answer sentence
practice completion
Listening :The Stella awards
Song-Men in black - question answer ex.
-listening for general and - fill in the blanks ex.
Speaking : talking about crime specific information - describing pictures
and punishment -training students ability to - matching ex.
express opinions and bring - conversation practice
arguments to support their
Writing : stories ideas - ordering events
- writing a story using
different adjectives to Writing a story
- identifying and ordering make the story more
paragraph topics interesting
- training the pupils ability
of writing a story