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1211 Newell Parkway

Montgomery, AL 36110
Ph: (334) 260-9174

February 6, 2017

Huff Management Company, Inc.

6060 Lee Road 54
Opelika, Alabama 36804

Attn: Robert Whittington


Subject: Proposal to Provide Subsurface Exploration and

Geotechnical Consultation Services for
Proposed Baldwin Trace Apartment Complex
9578 County Road 20 West
Foley, Alabama 36535
Building & Earth Proposal No.: MG19007

Dear Mr. Whittington:

Building & Earth Sciences, Inc. is pleased to submit this proposal to provide geotechnical
consultation and subsurface exploration services for the proposed Baldwin Trace
Apartment Complex in Foley, Alabama. This proposal documents our understanding of
the site, outlines our approach to the work, and presents a budget for our services.


Based on the preliminary information provided to Building & Earth, the subject site is a
vacant lot, approximately 19.61 acres in size and located at 9578 County Road 20 West in
Foley, Alabama. A dental office and apartment complex are north of the property, a
residence with livestock is to the west, and a tree line borders the south and east.

The Geologic Map of Alabama on the Alabama Data Portal published by the Geologic Survey
of Alabama indicates that the subject site is underlain by the Citronelle Formation. The
Citronelle Formation generally consists of a moderate-reddish-brown deeply weathered fine
to very coarse quartz sand and varicolored typically mottled lenticular beds of clay and
clayey gravel. Limonite pebbles and lenses of limonite cemented sand occur locally in
weathered exposures. Gravel is composed of chert and quartz pebbles.

Birmingham, AL Auburn, AL Huntsville, AL Montgomery, AL Columbus, GA

Louisville, KY New Orleans, LA Raleigh, NC Springdale, AR Little Rock, AR Tulsa, OK
____________ Apartment Complex, Foley, Alabama
Proposal No.: _______, February 6, 2017


We understand the proposed development will include 9 apartment buildings, a community

building, community utilized areas, and associated parking and driving areas. The apartment
buildings are three story and vary in footprint from approximately 10,300 to 12,100 square
feet. The community building footprint is approximately 3000 square feet. The US
Department of Housing and Urban Development handbook Architectural Analysis and
Inspections for Project Mortgage Insurance, 1996, requires that at least one boring must
be made for every 2,500 square feet of foundation area. This has been considered in the
scope of services.

Our scope of work will include soil test borings, laboratory analysis, and geotechnical
evaluation appropriate to address the geotechnical aspects of the proposed construction.
The purpose of the geotechnical exploration will be to determine general subsurface
conditions and to gather data on which to base a geotechnical evaluation with respect to
the proposed apartment complex. The following details the subsurface exploration and
testing that will be performed.

Field Exploration

Our scope of services will include a geotechnical site reconnaissance and subsurface
exploration consisting of sixty-eight (68) soil test borings at the following locations and
depths as shown on the provided site plan:

Thirty-six (36) borings at the outer apartment building footprints to a depth of 25

Seventeen (17) borings in the centers of the apartment buildings and community
building to a depth of 15 feet.
Fifteen (15) borings in the parking, driving, and other community utilized areas to
a depth of 10 feet.

The soil test borings will be advanced to the proposed depth below the existing surface,
or auger refusal, whichever occurs first. If auger refusal is encountered, the boring will be
terminated. No rock coring is included in this proposal. A Boring Location Plan detailing
the locations of the soil test borings is attached to the end of this proposal.

Laboratory Analysis

Fourteen (14) Atterberg Limits Determinations.

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____________ Apartment Complex, Foley, Alabama
Proposal No.: _______, February 6, 2017

Fourteen (14) Percent Passing the No. 200 Sieve Tests.

Forty-two (42) Natural Moisture Content Tests.
Four (4) Consolidation Tests.

Final Report

Site geology and potential impact on the site development.

Summary of existing surface conditions.
A description of the subsurface conditions encountered at the soil test boring
A description of the groundwater conditions observed in the boreholes during
drilling. Long-term monitoring is not included in this proposal.
Presentation of laboratory test results.
Site preparation considerations including material types to be expected at the site
and treatment of unsuitable soils, if encountered.
Compaction requirements and recommended criteria to establish suitable material
for structural backfill.


The cost of our services will be based on the amount of work necessary to evaluate the
geotechnical conditions for planning and design purposes. Based on the scope of work
described in this proposal, the cost estimate for subsurface exploration and evaluation is

We have included 1,305 feet of drilling in our budget. Additional drilling may be required
if soft soils are encountered. If such conditions are encountered, we will bill additional
footage at a rate of $17 per foot. As soils in this geologic formation are known to be soft,
we recommend a contingency of $1,700 be established for additional drilling, if required.
We will not exceed the indicated budget without your prior authorization.

After issuance of the Geotechnical report, any additional revisions, client meetings, and/or
consultations will be billed at a rate of $125.00 per hour.


We assume the site will be cleared and accessible by our CME 550 ATV-mounted drill rig.
No re-grading or re-paving of the site following the completion of our field exploration
is included in this proposal. Boreholes will be backfilled with soil cuttings.

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____________ Apartment Complex, Foley, Alabama
Proposal No.: _______, February 6, 2017

We will contact Alabama One Call prior to drilling. We request that the current owner
provide us with any available information regarding underground utility lines. Building &
Earth Sciences, Inc. will not be held liable for damage to unmarked utility lines or lines
marked erroneously by others.


We have attached a copy of a Standard Proposal Acceptance Form, which, when signed
and returned to Building & Earth, will serve as our authorization to proceed with the
proposed scope of work. Changes to the work scope by virtue of design changes or
unusual subsurface conditions should be authorized in writing. We anticipate that the
field exploration could be started within 5 business days after receiving written
authorization to proceed. The field exploration will take approximately 5 business days to
complete. The written report will be available within 10 business days following the field

We will discuss the site conditions with you during the course of the work and can provide
preliminary recommendations as the work proceeds. Weather may extend the time
required for the field exploration (and overall schedule) if rainy days occur prior to or after
commencement of the exploration.


We appreciate the opportunity to submit this proposal for geotechnical consultation for
the subject project, and are looking forward to working with you on this project. If you
have any questions regarding this proposal, please contact us at your convenience.

Respectfully submitted,

Brock Horsley, E.I. Joey Jones, P.E.

Staff Professional Geotechnical Department Manager

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McKean & Associates, LLC Foley, Alabama
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