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English in Common 6

Extra Vocabulary Activities Answer Key

Unit 1 Unit 5
1a multi-talented, semi-professional, substandard, 1 1. f 2. h 3. b 4. d 5. a 6. i 7. c 8. g 9. e
unimpressive, superhuman, archrivals, overcautious, under-
prepared, single-handedly, outplayed, misfired, irrelevant
2 Answers may vary. Following are possible answers.
1. treat myself or splurge 2. always in debt or a bit hard
b, c degree, size, or quality: sub, super, arch, over, up 3. a bargain, treat myself, or be dirt cheap 4. worth a
under, out fortune or rolling in it 5. split the bill or go Dutch
numbers: multi-, semi-, single, mono
opposite or negative: un, mis, ir, in, im
3 Answers will vary.

2 1. misunderstood 2. unaware 3. semiretired Unit 6

4. outnumbered 5. overweight 6. underestimated 1a Answers will vary.
3 Answers will vary. b Answers will vary.
Unit 2 2 a. have my hands full b. (be) an old hand
c. be rushed off (my) feet d. land on (my) feet
1 Answers will vary.
e. have a good head for business f. come to a head
2 Paragraph 1: a. turn up b. fit in c. get by on g. have someones interests at heart h. (my) heart sank
d. catch on i. save face j. face the music
Paragraph 2: a. fill out b. fix up c. hold up
Paragraph 3: a. get through b. come across
3 Answers will vary.
c. make sure d. take to Unit 7
Paragraph 4: a. get away from b. come down to
c. come up with d. keep up with 1 1. profitable 2. destruction 3. illegally
4. disappearance 5. dependent 6. emphasize
3 Answers will vary but should include at least one of the 7. afterward
following: 1. catch on, turn up, fit in 2. fix up, fill out, hold up
3. come across, take to, get through 4. come up with, keep 2 1. tendency, globalization, retirement, sadness
up with, come down to, get away from 2. motivator, attendant, psychologist, doorman 3. tolerate,
satirize, testify, broaden 4. phenomenal, permanent,
4 Answers will vary. hopeful, Polish
Unit 3 3 1. specialize 2. argument 3. happiness 4. fisherman
5. immigrant 6. radiate 7. symbolize/signify 8. personal
1a Answers will vary. 9. guitarist 10. widen 11. different 12. grateful
b Answers will vary but should include a variation of the 13. fluency 14. Danish
following: The narrator is describing herself (as well as her
father and other top chefs). The stress of being in charge of a Unit 8
kitchen made them the way they are. 1 1. with regard to, regarding 2. notably, namely
2 1. follow in his or her footsteps 2. dead end Introducing a topic: in terms of (+ noun), with regard
3. be taking off 4. reach a crossroads 5. warm personality to Being specific: notably, namely, in particular, to be
6. stormy relationship 7. chilly reception 8. feeling under precise 3. Nevertheless, However 4. Whats more,
the weather 9. struggle 10. call the shots Furthermore Contrast: nevertheless, however, and yet, on
11. on the firing line 12. have (my) sights set on the other hand Saying more: furthermore, whats more, in
addition 5. highlight, underline 6. suggest, hint at Verbs
3 1. under, weather 2. dead end 3. stormy relationship of direct focus: highlight, point out, emphasize, stress,
4. call the 5. take off 6. on, firing 7. set on 8. in, underline, focus on Verbs that focus indirectly: hint at, imply,
footsteps infer, suggest 7. evaluate, appraise 8. formulate, construct
4 Answers will vary. Verbs for judging: assess, evaluate, appraise Verbs that
mean create: generate, construct, formulate 9. To sum up,
Unit 4 In conclusion Arranging data: for X days or hours, in order of
(age, importance, etc.), in alphabetical or chronological order
1 1. c 2. j 3. a 4. e 5. k 6. d 7. i 8. b 9. h
Finishing: to sum up, in conclusion
10. l 11. f 12. g
2 1. rules and regulations 2. aches and pains 2 1. Furthermore, 2. In terms of 3. On the other
hand 4. emphasize 5. implied 6. pointed out
3. By and large 4. facts and figures 5. ready and
7. in particular 8. however 9. construct
waiting 6. sick and tired 7. tried and tested
8. out and about 9. trial and error 10. law and order 3 Answers will vary.
11. once and for all 12. now and then
3a Answers will vary.
b Answers will vary.
4 Answers will vary. (continued on the next page)

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English in Common 6
Extra Vocabulary Activities Answer Key
Unit 9
1 1. meeting 2. sympathetic 3. sensible
4. opportunity 5. test 6. actually 7. advertising
8. vacancy 9. classic 10. in the end
2 1. a. meeting b. reunion 2. a. sympathetic b. friendly
3. a. sensible b. sensitive 4. a. possibility b. opportunity
5. a. test b. prove 6. a. actually b. at the moment
7. a. propaganda b. advertising 8. a. vacation b. vacancy
9. a. classical b. classic 10. a. in the end b. at the end
3 1. vacancy, opportunity 2. At the end, sensible
3. In the, proved 4. at the moment, possibility
5. propaganda, actually 6. sympathetic, friendly
4 Answers will vary.
5 Answers will vary.

Unit 10
1a under pressure: conditions that make it difficult to do
a task, for example, not having enough time; under a lot of
stress: extremely worried and tired, so you cant relax; under
her thumb: controlled by someone else; went under: closed
down, usually because of financial problems
b b
2b 1. down, down 2. back 3. on 4. off 5. around
6. up, up, up
c Answers will vary but may include variations on the
following: 1. write down: write on a piece of paper; slow
down: do something more slowly 2. come back: return
3. carry on: continue 4. run off: travel to another place, or
escape 5. lounge around: dont do much of anything, or
relax 6. drink up: finish a drink; count up: count or add,
usually money; lock up: lock a door, usually for the final time
in a day, week, etc.
3 1. up 2. down 3. out 4. up 5. up 6. back
7. around 8. on 9. out 10. around
4 2. cut down on: use less of something 3. pass out:
faint 4. clam up: stop speaking completely 5. wait up: stay
awake waiting for someone 6. write back: write a reply to
someones letter or email 7. hang around: spend time in a
place doing nothing 8. soldier on: continue doing something
difficult 9. pass out: faint 10. drive around: drive a car for a
period of time with no specific destination
5 Answers will vary.

Copyright 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.

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