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Model I am rocking this! I get it. I am not so sure. I am struggling.

Requirements developing
exemplary qualified beginning

10 8 6 4
Abiotic & Biotic At least three each At least two each Less than two Less than two
elements of abiotic and biotic (4 total) of abiotic each of abiotic each abiotic and
elements are and biotic elements and biotic biotic elements
present and clearly are present and elements are are present, not
labeled clearly labeled. present. Labeling clearly labeled.
is unclear but
Arrows Well defined arrows Arrows to indicate Arrows present, Arrow indicators
indication flow of flow of energy but flow of energy of energy flow is
energy among biotic present is not clear. weak or absent.
and abiotic
elements of
Description of All elements of Most elements of Some elements Unclear as to
Habitat habitat are habitat are are represented. specific elements
represented and represented. of habitat.
specific including
climate, vegetation,
shelter, etc.
Spelling, Spelling, There are one to There are 3-4 More than 4
mechanics, capitalization and two errors in spelling or spelling or
collaboration. punctuation is spelling or mechanics errors. mechanics
flawless. All mechanics. Collaboration errors.
members names Members names evidence is weak. Minimal or no
appear on the appear on the evidence of
assignment. model collaboration.