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I keep as much data in the gradebook as 4a, b,c 1f 3d, e

possible. Infinite campus is not the most

flexible gradebook so creativity is the key.
Seeing that we only use 2 categories for
grading, summative and formative, I use
a variety of different categories to record Student Records
other data. I uncheck the columns for
portal and active so they do not appear in
IC on the parent/student side. When
printing progress reports, I manually
exclude the columns. I use the category
COM to record each students assigned
computer number and the categorie
10MKS for all assessment data (even
though some of it is not actually 10MKS).
To the right, in order from left to right, is
the following data:

Students 6th grade final 10MKS score when

available, students 1st and 2nd 7th grade 10
mks score respectively, empty column for 3rd
10MKS score, Khan Academy total minutes
from 6th grade mission (must add zero to
end), and the percentage of the 6th grade
mission completed. (due dates must be
changed quarterly to keep the column
showing in the current quarter). I use the category mastery to track
the level of mastery individual
students have achieved on different
skills. This data is excluded from
reports. To the left you can see a
summative quiz score, followed by
the 5 skills assessed on it: 2 step
equations, 1 step equations,
combining like terms, factoring,
and distributive property. Each
skill has the level of mastery
recorded for each student. The
data is undated regularly and is
used to assign peer tutoring
partners and to assist me in
identifying what small groups to
work with. This data also guides
my planning. For example, when I
thought that I was done with this
particular unit, I gave a quiz which
reflected a higher amount of
students non-proficient in a specific
skill than expected. I had to
reteach that skill and assessed
again before I made the decision to
move on.