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"Consider yourself as an expert of Simulink and your audience as a novice in it. How will you explain
Simulink to such an audience? You have freedom to choose the medium ( Text / Audio / Video ) through
which you want to explain about Simulink. Remember your audience is a novice and your task is to make
them understand What is Simulink, what is the difference between MATLAB and Simulink and how can
someone start working on it, how Simulink is useful or any other basic question you think of answering for
your beginner audience.

First of all What is Matlab And Simulink?
The answer is an infinite tool to make our technical problems realize or solve easily. There may be
many ways to solve the problems but each complex ones takes a lot of time so a simple solution is let
the machine do the work. As a Engineer we already must be knowing C/C++ or Java or any other
programming language which we may have used already. So even if we dont know any programming
language then also we have no problems because it can be written in normal Basic language which we
learnt in STD VI as a starter to language programming.
Now I can finally define that MATLAB is a tool that allows us to code in any programming language
for a desired output, designed by MATHWORKS . There are no restrictions for language or processing
Now Question comes: Why MATLAB if we can get the output on programming platform itself ?
The answer is
1. It takes a lot of processing time even though we try to decrease its complexity.
2. Many variable declarations have to be made before initialization especially for array or matrix
type which consumes a random dynamic memory thereby wasting a lot of memory .
3. Input and output commands have to be written.
4. Each loop must be taken care of or else goes to infinite stage and laptop cache gets dumped.
5. Language parameters can only be used.

These all problems are avoided in MATLAB platform. We dont need to declare variable and neednot
worry about dynamic memory because each variable gets sored as an array. Moreover MATLAB has
built in many functions which are ready for use anywhere. Moreover we can get realization of graphs
very easily on MATLAB which would take a lot of time on programming platform due to their
restricted compiler action.

Now this was about MATLAB . Lets talk about Simulink.

Simulink is a is a graphical programming environment for modelling, simulating and analysis of

complex multi domain varying systems, also developed by MATHWORKS. There are many situations
which can be solved by graphs more easily than writing 40-80 lines of code on MATLAB platform.

Here Simulink role comes into play. Many Control systems, Filters, Signal Analysis and various
time/frequency varying analysis can be simplified and visualised very easily on Simulink than
MATLAB. Here we have got function toolboxes which can be dragged and dropped on Simulink
screen to use it as per our demand.
Moreover it has many built-in function toolbox which can be used directly to get a complex 4/5 degree
polynomial roots and poles. Simulink can automatically generate C source code for real-
time implementation of systems. As the efficiency and flexibility of the code improves, this is
becoming more widely adopted for production systems, in addition to being a tool for embedded
system design work because of its flexibility and capacity for quick iteration.
As an example any transfer function , may be of any order can be directly fed into function box in
Laplace domain. Whereas in MATLAB platform we need to convert it into Laplace domain then solve
the higher order polynomial for its roots and zeros which consumes a lot more time than just giving in
the constant values in function toolbox of Simulink. So it is sometimes preferred over MATLAB
coding platform.

The last and most important thing is that Simulink GUI is much nice to begin with and its more easy
because we just need to drag and drop function box and connect them to get an output ,thats it.
Whereas for MATLAB coding we need to have good logic skills and very nice coding skills to be able
to develop code for complex situations.

Thats it . It is sufficient to make a novice understand the difference between the MATLAB platform
and Simulink GUI. Then that novice audience can begin with the basic questions of obtaining sine and
cosine graphs on both platforms then proceed to RC-RL filter to check his/her own understanding.