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GC3 THE HEALTH AND Candidates observation


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Student name: - Ram Prasad Bhandari Student number 00361540

Place inspected J&P Construction Company Doha Qatar___ Date of inspection 08_/12_/2016 __

Observations Control measures Timescale

Hazards and consequences Immediate and longer term actions
24 Hours
1. Vehicle are moving very close to Pit -Provide appropriative Warning Signage,
excavations area at ground floor, Where (Speed Limit, Deep Excavation)
No stable Concreate barricade In place. 1 week
-Speed Humps can be fixed to reduce the
This can result in Fatality by suffocation
or internal crush injuries a person falling -Divert the traffic to different direction 1 Month
into an excavation; a person being
trapped by vehicles, storage of
materials (including excavated material)

2. Workers Unloading Concrete Block -Provide Suitable handling aid to carry the
with Improper body posture from Truck Concrete Block to minimize the manual Immediate
to foundation basement storage area handling risk.

Manual handling will led to server back -Provide Safe Manual Handling training
Injury over period of time, Work Related to avoid ergonomic hazards 1 Week
Upper limb disorder (WRULD), Fatigue.

-Worker health surveillance program. Every 3 Months

3. Workers were doing hand Drilling -Stop the work, and contactor to provide a
activity while using Work platform (poor suitable safe work platform to recommence Immediate
the work.
erected scaffolding) without guard rails,
near 4 metre height using a badly -Supervisor should Inspected of all work
constructed work platform. platforms and access equipments for safe
construction .(Routine inspection) Every Day
People falling and objects falling onto
people below. These may occur as a -Training Must provide the worker on working
result of inadequate edge protection, at height. 1 Week
4. Found Diesel spillage from Breakdown -Spillage should Wipe and clean the
forklift at Parking area. Containment Area. Immediate
-Breakdown Fork Should Remove from The
Diesel is flammable liquid could lead the
parking Area.
Fire , Diesel fuel is also a skin and eye 2 Days
irritant if this come in contact,
-Inspection of forklift Every prior to use
Every Day

5. No fire extinguisher at store room. -Need to be added appropriative fire Immediate

extinguisher in the store room.
In case of fire it could cause huge un -A proper risk assessment should be conduct.
control fire due to combustibles Electrical safety should be considered inside 1 Week
materials presence in store room. Loss Store room to avoid fire.
of human life, property , financial and
reputation loss can occur
-Inspection of fire extinguisher at store room
by competent person. 3 Months

6. Used Chemical Spray bottles found -Barricade the area to prevent someone come
an open Near Hand wash station. in contact with Chemical. Immediate

-Procedure should be implemented for good

Exposure to Chemical could cause
housekeeping. 5 Days
chemical reaction which lead ill health,
direct contact with chemical could led -Provide Training, Instructions to the worker,
the skin burn or skin cancer. Staffs and cleaner in Safe Handling and 1 week
disposal of Chemical Substances.

7. Worker was found working Near

Power generator- In hi noise area -Provide Ear Defender to the worker. Immediate
without wearing appropriative ear
-Relocate the Generator from the work area. 1 Week
-Replace the Hi-Noise Generator with low 3 Month
Working at Noise area without Using Noise one
Ear Protection Could Lead Hearing
Loss and other non-auditory diseases
i.e. Fatigue, stress.

8. Damaged live electrical cable was

-Cut Off the Electrical connection and Replace Immediate
found in worker rest area without proper the Damage Wire.
-Provide Work Instruction on Electrical Cable
Contact with Live Electrical could cause 2 Days
Inspection and safety.
electrocution to worker and it could
cause the electrical fire as well. -Reroute the Electrical Cables away from the 1 Month
Worker Rest Area.

-All Cable should arrange properly. Immediate

9. Trailing Cables in the access way to
worker rest area. -Areas should inspected by competent worker. Daily
-Give awareness training to the worker about 15 days.
Trip and fall of personal could lead the cable management.
injury to workers.
10. Emergency routes are narrow and -Good housekeeping should be maintained. Immediate
there are many combustible materials
due to poor housekeeping.
-Health and safety awareness training should
1 Week
be provided to employees.
Slip, Trip and fall could cause accident
of human bodies.
In case of fire the combust material can -Escape route should expanded. 1 Month
cause huge fire resulting human,
property and financial lose.

11. Workers are using drill machine -Appropriate PPE Frequents break, should be
continuously to bark the concrete. given

The transmission of vibration to the -Replace the machine with less vibrating
1 Week
body can lead to discomfort, tendons machine.
muscles bones, joints and affect
nervous system. -Training and supervision should be
provided for the use of vibrating 1 Month

-Move the Gas Cylinders to a safe

12. Gas cylinder placed very close to location. Immediate
welding activity.
-Suitable Warning sign must place nearby
Welding operation sparks hot slag may welding activity. 3 days
cause leakage of gas when the
regulators are attached to the cylinder -Training and supervision to the workers
valves. Could catch the Fire and for Safe Welding Method. 1 Week
explosion to lead the fatality, serious
injury and property Damage.

13. At the Electrical Room in Site Office -Fire extinguisher must place in electrical
there are no smoke detectors. Room.
Fault Electric equipment could lead the -Risk assessment should be carry for fire
fire. Staggering economic impact of safety 1 Week
fires in the office. Property damage
and/or physical and emotional injuries -Smoke detector Must Install
due to electrical fires can be Immediately, and security personal 15 Days
devastating Fault Could Lead the fire, should patrol routinely.

14. Most of the location workers forced -Provide Sufficient rest to all the workers
to Work without rest. during the work period.
-Introduce the rotation shifting procedure
Work pressure without brake can cause to reduce the work load and reduce
stress and fatigue, blood pressure, duration of work to avoid the stress and 3 Days
weaknesses and pose adverse health fatigue
effected. Also lose the Staff Morel and -To reduce the work load and hire new 1 Month
increased risk of operator error, injuries worker instead forced to work over time
and/or accidents or continually.
-Segregate the chemical substances from Immediate
15. Flammable chemicals and flammable materials
substance are stored with other -Provision of separate chemical storage
combustible materials in the store room. area according to their flammable 1 week
Flammable material and Chemical
substances can be a reason of fire or -Training and supervision of Safe 15 days.
chemical exposure to the skin may handling and storage of chemical
cause multiple health effect to which substance.
include skin cancer, irritating , lung
cancer, headache .

16. Mobile Crane was lifting weight with -Re position the Crane from the Soft Surface Immediate
open out rigger, the base of out rigger to proper stable hard surface which provide
was soft and slim wood dock use to good support to the Out rigger.
support the rigger. 2 Days
-Appropriative base plate should be use
Wood Dock is not enough stable to during lifting operation.
support the out rigger during the lifting
operation, this will very common cause -Training and supervision of safe lifting 1 week
of overturning of mobile crane operation

-Stop Water filling activity nearby Immediate

17. Water Tanker filling the water to operational generator.
tank very near to the generator.
-Provide Information, instruction,
inspection and training to the driver. 24 hours
Water is good conductor of electricity,
overflow from water tank could contact
with generator and causing the electric -Water tank should be place away from 1 Week
to driver and workers. the generator area.

-Provide appropriate personal protective Immediate

18. Worker is cutting Wood Without equipment to the worker.
using respiratory protection.

Inhalation of wood dust could led -Provision of local exhaust ventilation 15 days
serious ill health asthma and many systems fitted to the wood cutting
respiratory disease. machine.
1 Month
-Worker health Surveillance programme.

19. Unprotected open shafts and edges -Precaution need to be taken to ensure that Immediate
are found at different level of the open shafts and edges are covered and
construction site. guarded.

Open shafts and edges can be a -Information and instruction to the workers
reason of serious injury or fatality. 2 days.

-Stop the worker to use the un guarded Immediate

20. Worker use angle grinder to smooth power tool
concreate service ready for coating at
Office Area, but the angle grinder is un -Carry out the Risk assessment, and develop 1 Week
guarded and the worker was not trained safe system of work (SSW) before any power
to use the machine. tools to be used by the workers.

Using of power tool without proper

guard and information could cause -Training, information and instruction to use 1 Month
severely injury. and inspect the power tool before use.
21. Men working on a slippery roof Immediate
without safety harness and handrails. -Stop the worker to work at Height without
appropriative working platform.
Fall of and material could occur fatality 24 hours
and damage of the property from falling -Provide control measures such as hand rail
equipment. Fall arrest equipment (safety nets) Individual
fall restraints (harness).

-Working at height should be done with permit 5 days.

to work system only.

Safe Working Practice

1. Observed welfare Facilities are

maintain well, such as Food, Clean and Continue
Enough Drinking Water in place. This is good practice
Workers are complying with Health and
safety rules in various practices such as
maintain smoking in designated area.

2. First Aid provision on site is

appropriative, Maximum of the location Continue
is covered by the first aid Kits and
This is good practice
equipments, also the Night shift is
covered by the Medical service.