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(Balanga, Bataan Franchise)

Angeles, Lea J.
Arioder, Clarence Mae D.
Celestial, Annabel M.
Pascua, Lyka R.
Company Profile
It all started with a Vision. Edgar Injap Sia, at the age of
twenty six, grabbed the opportunity to lease a 250 square
meter space at the Robinsons Mall Carpark-Iloilo in December

It was there that Mang Inasal, Hiligaynon for Mr. Barbeque,

was born.

Early on, he learned the importance of following your instincts,

taking risks, strategizing, negotiating, and motivating yourself
and your people. He also knew that the Filipino barbeque quick
service restaurant category still had the potential for growth.
He started a business that had the potential for nationwide
expansion. With the support of his family, he embarked on a
journey that changed his life forever.

Mang Inasals authentic fusion of traditional Filipino cuisine

with the dine-in concept.

Famous for its native-style and nuot-sarap Chicken Inasal

with its pioneering unlimited rice, Mang Inasal quickly won
the hearts of its customers with its distinctively Pinoy stamp-
grilling and special marinade made out of local secret spices.

The restaurant was an instant success, opening close to thirty

branches in just three years. By 2005, confident of the stability
and brand recall of the business, he opened Mang Inasal for
franchising, concentrating his efforts in Visayas and Mindanao
where Inasal is most popular. Franchise offers for Luzon soon
The primary reason for Mang Inasals success is its wide array
of Filipino comfort food, especially Chicken Inasal - with its
distinct taste that Pinoys have grown and continue to love.

By 2009, only six years after the first branch opened, Mang
Inasal had a store network of one hundred stores.

Mang Inasal soon drew the attention of Jollibee Foods

Corporation (JFC), the Philippines largest food service
company and one of Asias most admired companies. JFC
acquired 100% share of Mang Inasal in April 2016.
Today, Mang Inasal is the leading Pinoy branded outlet in the
country, with its strong portfolio of Chicken Inasal, Pork BBQ,
Halo Halo, and Palabok. Variations in the menu are constantly
being developed to meet the discriminating demands of its
growing customer base.

Mang Inasal has steadily grown ever since its acquisition,

making it one of the fastest growing quick service restaurants
in the country. To date, Mang Inasal has over 450 stores
nationwide and counting.

The brand has garnered numerous awards over the years,

including the Outstanding Fast Growing Local Food Company
from the 19th Annual National Consumers Awards in 2008, the
Most Outstanding Quick Service Restaurant and Most
Outstanding Chicken Inasal restaurant from the 2010 Dangal
ng Bayan Awards, and the Outstanding Filipino Franchise
Award from the 2015 Franchise Excellence Awards.

Mang Inasal now lays the foundation for a new era of

prosperity, moving forward to a horizon of possibilities as the
brand continues its winning tradition of excellence.
Mang Inasal- Balanga, Bataan branch started when Mrs. Gloria
A. Uy franchised the business. It is located in Capitol Drive,
Balanga City, Bataan beside GAP Plaza Hotel. The business
operated successfully so they decided to change the location
of the business to a more commercial area. They put up the
branch in 1st floor of Galeria Victoria Mall, Balanga City,
Bataan. Because of high demand for expansion and the space
in Galeria Victoria Mall cannot meet the need of the business,
they decided to return to their old location. Currently, Mang
Inasal- Balanga branch is located at Capitol Drive, Balanga
City, Bataan. The store operates from 9am to 9pm. It offers
lunch, dinner and dessert menus which the people of Bataan
surely loves.
Products of Company
Pork Sisig (PM5)
Bangus Sisig (PM4)

Chicken Inasal
Paa/Spicy Paa (PM1 or 1.5)
Pecho (PM2)

Pork BBQ

Pinoy Halo-Halo
Crema de Leche Halo-Halo

Merienda atbp.
Lumpiang Togue
Leche Flan
Turon Espesyal

Sagot Gulaman **Softdrink/Iced Tea**
To be one of the top 2 quick service
restaurant in the Philippines by year 2020.

To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy
of eating to everyone.

Pictures from Company

o Stations:
1. Grill
2. Dining
3. Counter
4. Assembly
5. Kitchen
General Department

Gloria A. Uy

Brian D. Pineda
(Managing Director)

Juvy L. Lagunera
(Officer-in-charge in Monterey, Gap Plaza Hotel)

Michelle Guese Jason Solano Norlanie Francisco

(Accounting Department) (MI-OIC/Manager) (HR)

Michelle Miranda Jomhel Valencia Renz Bernal

(Shift Manager) (Shift Manager) (Shift Manager)