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Program: Our group will be evaluating the I-Ready math program used with

elementary students. The I-Ready program is designed to pinpoint math

skills students need to develop throughout the year in order to have a
successful school year. The program also monitors progress throughout the
year and designs lessons according to how students are progressing.
Evaluation Question 1: Will student improve at least one grade level
during the school year?
Evaluation Question 2: How can the diagnostic be used to form
instructional groups?
What data would you need to answer the question? How accessible
is the data to you? In order to answer the evaluation questions, I would
need to have access to the I-Ready data using administration rights. The
data is broken down into sub skill levels for each student and a personalized
path for their learning is created for each student. The data will show where
the students completed lessons and quizzes and their grade on each quiz.
The data is fairly accessible to the teacher and/or one with administrator
Supposing you are the evaluator, how reasonable is it for you to
answer each question? Do you know how to collect and analyze the
data? Can you accomplish this as part of your daily job or are
additional resources needed? As an evaluator, I would have easy access
to the data to answer the evaluation questions. I have an administrator
login that is needed to gain access to the data of each student that took the
diagnostic test. The I-Ready program calculates the lessons students need
to progress through the program. Analyzing the data would be a part of my
daily job and easy to accomplish.
How long will it take you to answer these questions? Is there a
timeframe on when the questions need to be answered? The first
question can be answered at the end of the school year when students take
the end of the year diagnostic. The scores from the beginning of the year
assessment and the end of the year assessment can be compared for the
school year. The second question can be answered as soon as the students
take the diagnostic at the beginning of the school year. The I-Ready program
gives the user information to place students in the correct learning groups
for the skills they need.

Finally, consider whether there are propriety concerns with regard

to answering the questions. If so, what steps can you take to
adhere to the propriety standards? There should be no propriety
concerns with regards to answering the questions because they are basically
data driven and straightforward. Data results can be printed out and given
to parents and can also be shared with other stakeholders as well without