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Amores, Patricia 8-5 HIST17 12:00-1:30 MW

Po, Stewart Herbie 6-5

Quisaot, Jeseraire Noc 7-5
Rockwell, Richmond John 8-5 December 12, 2016
Challenges and Responses
What were the important changes of the 19th century? Why were they important? Give an
explanation for each of these.

There were six important changes in the 19 th century that shaped all that we know and see in our
world and most especially in our country.

The first change was the struggle for nationalism which we believe is the most important change
because being nationalistic is what drives us to be more patriotic and united with one another, it is the
foundation for every loyal citizen who truly loves his/her country. It is the stepping stone to greater
things, things that make a nation great. We look up to nations like America and China because they
are regarded as one of the greatest nations on Earth and that is because their people love their
country. The road to nationalism is not always easy because struggles are most often encountered
especially when foreign invaders attempt or has successfully colonize a territory which will result to
natives wanting to fight for their freedom and independence. Through this colonization, civilizations
are formed and improvements are made.

The struggle for nationalism can be seen throughout different parts of the world which means that
people are constantly looking for change and through these constant search for change, they
gradually spread the fight for democracy which is the second change that created political systems to
govern and respond to the needs of the people. This is the time where people gathered to organize
and allowed bodies to govern for the benefit of the entire nation. And because of democracy, it made
countries progress even more and giving the people the chance to vote which is a right given to all.
This is important because it gave everyone a chance to be heard and a chance to be part of
something great rather than not being part of anything but this change was not really felt by our

Another important change was the Industrial Revolution and its effect in our industry. It led the rise of
the machine and replaced most of the hand work which propelled industries to new advances making
them more productive and diverse. In short, it revolutionized how people produce, transport, and
even the way they live. It innovated everything like the invention of steam boats and other steam
locomotives which made transportation a lot more effective and efficient and it made commodities
cheaper because factories can now mass produce with the help of machines. It encouraged migration
because travel is now so mush easier, and it made nations stronger and more united thus it
stimulated nationalism in nations. While this revolution brought about many successes in different
fields, it brought with it the problems that gave rise to social classes. The middle class became more
influential up to the point where it already dictated the social, moral, and political standards in the

The advancement of Science was another change in the nineteenth century that made us admire the
way our mind works in which it is capable of thinking like no other creature can and because of this, it
led to many discoveries which help create wonders in the field of science and medicine that made
miracles creating cures for deadly diseases. These advances created more opportunity for men and
women to innovate and grow, and it also made them more confident to face a world full of dangerous

Imperialism, at its simplest meaning, is to extend a countrys power through military, diplomacy, and
colonization. With the rising industrial revolution and advancement of Science, the countries needed a
march of imperialism to cope up with these fast developments. This was significant not just for the
economy but also from a political standpoint of one country. With the rise of imperialism, the
international market became bigger and the search for raw materials became wider. Businesses grew
as potential stakeholders gave their interests. This also resulted to the building of empires for
powerful countries. They used their resources and power to colonize weak regions which they can use
for various reasons. Imperialism didnt just focus on economy; it was also for setting up military
camps in different parts of the world. This also paved the way for the development of poor countries.
Different cultures were shared throughout different regions which civilized the uncivilized. Along with
these effects of imperialism, it instilled nationalism among the native people. It made their burning
hearts shout for independence and self identity.
With all these rapid changes in the 19 th century, it paved the way for the growing confidence of the
people and this inspired them with optimism. This was considered the most significant change in this
century. Through democracy, people educated themselves and had their own successes. Schools and
hospitals were built for the welfare of all and not just for the elites. This made the idea of
individualism which considers every human life to be important and developed the mentality of
equality. We believe that this particular change in the 19 th century was the fruit of all the significant
changes. This gave people the mind to fight for what is right and to stand on their own. Giving all the
confidence to make their own marks in this world shaped the world today. Now, we enjoy all these
things that we have because of the people in the past who changed the world and made an impact.
They enlightened everyone to move on and progress. This particular change became the peoples
inspiration for a better world.

How would this article make us to understand the world of Jose Rizal?

The article talked about significant changes or perhaps happenings of the nineteenth century;
the era when Jose Rizal lived. This gave us some ideas as to what might have made our national hero
do the things he desired. We believe that this century was important not only to us Filipinos but also
to other people in the world. However, we cannot deny that the effects brought upon by the
significant changes may it be direct or indirect to our country greatly affected our society. It was a
period wherein individuals decided that they wanted a better life; a life that is free and independent of
cruel people showing fake love. The people were not only thinking about themselves but also for their
children and the generations to come. The article mentioned six challenges and responses of the
nineteenth century. It also stated some events that happened and what influenced it. The nineteenth
century was the era where Jose Rizal worked. This was the time where he grew, learned, worked and
wrote. At this moment, he travelled to Europe maybe a lot. With this, he might have learned and
realized what was going on in other places which is similar to what it is in our country and what he
could possibly do to save it. What Rizal might have learned and realized such as the changes and
responses mentioned in the article could have been the factors to his amazing work. It could have
influenced him to help his fellow countrymen and their endeavors for nationalism or democracy. The
time when the Spaniards came was really a hard one. Filipinos were afraid and lost. Some fought
against them but were not really successful. Jose Rizal was a brilliant person. He knew all along the
struggles of Filipinos. He lit a new flame through his writings which enkindled the hearts of Filipinos
making them strong. The factors of Rizals ignition might have been the changes and responses of the
nineteenth century; the world where he lived. Now, we are in a different phase far apart from theirs
and we have much to thank them for all their contributions especially for making us as one.