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Job Safety Analysis


TYPES OF WORK : Dismantling wooden framework

LOCATION OF WORK: Receiving Manifold


x Safety Helmet x Cotton Glove Work Vest

x Safety Shoes / Boots Rubber Glove Safety Vest
x Safety Glasses Leather Gloves Safety Harness / Belt
Face / Welding Shield Leather Apron Face Mask
Goggles Gauntlets Ear Protection
Life Jackets Dust Mask Others (Specify): _________________


x Fire Extinguisher Tag Out / Lock Out

x Gas Detector x Work Permit
Safety Signs Competency Certificate
x Barricades, Tapes, Cones Respirator
Lifeline First Aid Equipment

N Activity
Potential Hazard Control/ Recovery Measures le/ Action
o ( Job Steps )
1. Work permit Unauthorized Authorized lead-operator / in-charge shall ensure obtaining and Lead-
from Client commencement of maintaining valid work permit. operator
to be works may result in The worksite supervisor responsible for this activity has to check
obtained. exposing workers the PPE of his staff to ensure that all required items are available Supervisor
and or potential to and properly used.

GWP harm or danger Inform all workers regarding permit condition before work starts. Fire watch
Worksite supervisor shall conduct toolbox talks about nature of
works and associated potential hazards and their essential
precautionary measure.
Follow mobilization schedule and arrange the required documents
to avoid any cause of delay.
2 Mobilization Physical injury from Before transporting the tools and equipment to the site, rest assure Supervisor
and heavy equipment, that the materials are secured.
demobilizati heavy lifting, pinch Minimize work personnel in the vicinity of work area. Workers
on point, slip, trips and Provide ergonomic training, institute good housekeeping procedure.
fall hazards Keep feet and hands clear of moving/suspended materials and
Keep a tidy site.
3 Pre-task The work force does Ensure that the pre task briefing is given out in a language Supervisor
briefing not understand the understood by the work force, have it translated.
toolbox pre task briefing Ask question regarding the briefing to get feedback from the staff, Workers
talks. therefore does not this ensures full comprehension.
understand the Issue required appropriate PPE and replace PPE that has signs of
potential dangers defect.
and control
measures to be
implemented. Some
of the workers could
be lacking PPE or
using defective PPE.
4 Set out Heat stress to the Ensure that adequate shaded areas are provided. Supervisor
boundary labour working on Provide proper ventilation and drink plenty of water even if you
markers for this task. are not thirst. Workers
the work Markers are not Wear loose fitting full length clothing that can breathe.
site area. clearly visible Ensure that all markers and signage are of a suitable height to be
creating a risk of clearly seen and sufficient lighting is placed to identify the area at
others coming into night.
the area.

5 General Unattended/ Remove Plywood Or Barricades Before Leaving The Job Supervisor
Items Before abandoned Clear All Mud And Debris From Equipment And job site, Secure All
Leaving Job plywood, woods Material Before Exiting The Job Workers
Site / House that can able the Perform two-men carry works where it is needed.
-keeping Employees Exposed Restore Property To Its Original Condition To The Best Of Your
To Falling In Ability
Messy or Unsafe
Work Site-Looks Bad
For Company &
Unsafe For Public
Debris Falling From
Accessing Falling/ Tripping Ensure to keep the work area clean and tidy. Supervisor
Work Site Hazard Avoid poor housekeeping.
Ensure the work area have adequate lighting. Workers

Prepared By : Reviewed By : Date : 26 July

Contractor / Contractor Representative Lead-operator / In-charge