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*************diff between applet and swing-----

applet:-small component written in java dt can be included/plugged in html pageo

r other markup lang page.
swing:-its basically a framework for developing d GUI for java apps and applet.
*************diff. b/w applet and servlets----
applet:-it works at client side bcoz its a small applicatn deliverd to user in f
orm of bytecode,
is a client side java prog. dt runs wdin a web browser on d client m/c.
servlet:-its a server side component dt runs on d web page on server,used to ext
end d capability of server.(lyk PHP or ASP.NET)
*************diff. b/w servlet and javascript(jsp)----
JSP and SERVLETS both creates dynamic web content and r server-s
ide java techniques
(dey receives a request and generates a response based on
it).-lyk PHP
JSP(Java Server Pages):-its a webpage scripting lang. dt cn generate dynamic con
tent,cn be compiled to servlets.
-easier to code coz similar to HTML.
-slow coz takes compilat tym to convert to java servlets.
servlets:-bt dey r java progs. dt r already complied which also creates dynamic
web content.
*************dif. b/w javascript ,jsp and servlets----
javascript:-completely diff. dynamic programming lang from java,though its synta
x nd some keywrds were lyk java's.
-runs in client-side
-it wn applied to an html document,cn provide dynamic interactivity on w
servlets & jsp:-server side.

API-applicatn progaramming interface--list of all classes(prewritten) dt r part

of JDK for building s/w apps.
It specifies hw s/w components shud interact nd is used wn programming G
UI components.
JFC-Java Foundation Classes.D standard API for providing a GUI for a java prog.
Dey r a set of GUI components which simplify d development of desktop/wi
ndow-based apps.
******consist of AWT,SWING and JAVA 2D.
AWT(awt API)-Abstract Window Toolkit.Java's original platform-dependent(i.e.comp
onents r displayed acc. to d view of Operating System)
GUI toolkit preceding swing wd less and heavyweight(i.e. its comp. uses
d resources of d system)components.
SWING(SWING API)-its built on top of AWT API.It provides platform independent nd
light wt. components.
-->we can write d code of swing inside main(),const, or ny other method.
====-----the methods of component class(of AWT i.e. java.awt.Component)r widely
used in swing.
1. setVisible-sets d visibility of d component nd by default false.
(COMPONENT-an obj having a graphical representation dt cn be displayed on s
creen nd interact wd d user. eg-scrollpane,checkbox etc.)
-> public void setVisible(boolean b)
2. add-add a component on another component.
->public void add(Component c)
3. setSize-set size of d component.
->public void setSize(int width,int height)
4.setLayout-set d layout manager 4 d component.
->public void setlayout(LayoutManager m)
(JButton Class,JRadioButoon,JTextArea,JComboBox,JTable,JColorChooser,JPogressBar
,JSlider,Digital Watch,Graphics in swing,Displaying image,
OpenDialog Box,Notepad,BorderLayout,GridLayout,FlowLayout,CardLayout)
1.JButton-used to create button dt hv platform-independent implementatn
2.setDefaultCloseOperation()-used to specify one of several ops. for close butto
dse const. cn be specified as choice:EXIT_ON_CLOSE-exit applicatn
HIDE_ON_CLOSE-hide frame bt keep app runn
DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE-dispose of frame obj bt
keep app running
DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE-ignore click
3.setResizable()-for ensuring dt a graphical interface looks d way u wnt.