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Nicholas Polis Romanos The pope is the ring leader of the ecumenical movement firstly.

the author of every

medieval folly, inquisition and dualistic gnostic doctrines, when the light of civilisation continued in constantinople, the
barbarians innovated original christianity as a political football under germanic feudalism that made the vatican a
despotic power which went clearly against custom as the pope is merely an equal bishop to other bishops under
original church. primacy proven to be fiction and forgery from the medieval ages especially the likes of constantines
donation. the catholic church the persecutor of the saints and the true church. the crusaders and the inquisitions
began after the schism since now the barbarians controlled rome like a football. bartholomew is a product of the
roman oriental school and is a uniate not an orthodox, which shows just a continuation of the wolves in sheeps
clothing the catholics have orchestrated in persecuting orthodox in eastern europe not to mention the slaughter of
serbs under the croatians who their stephanac will be considered for sainthood under the barbaric shameful catholic
church with a lineage of swathy illiterate barbarians who invented and innovated the church just so to dribble loot
from constantinople in 1204. the errors of the catholic church stretch into the realm of gnostic dualism which found
the common person a victim to the church hierarchy who alone was able to dispose of the holy spirit, while the
person was rendered beyond salvation and subject to superstitution and witch hunt since catholicism and augustine
deemed the error that we inherit the guilt of adam and eve not just the condition. the early fathers are unanimous. the
saints established themselves in the seven greek churches of revelation having a established clear record of
apostolic tradition and succession where the catholics were pressured to politically invent their own, jealous of the
oral traditions and successions from genuine apostle to bishop that occured in antioch, cyprus and anatolia in the
first century. especially cyprus becoming the first cjhristian nation under barnabus and lazarus. i have recorded
ample records of the catholics efforts at forgery throughout the century, of intrigue, corruption, despotism where no
empire existed like byzanium but a meaningless quarrel of barbarian princes warring from their feudal privilege and
the cattle villains which were their cattle while the citizens and common people of constantinople enjoyed the
prvilege of legal access free movement,law of dowry , contract, civil rights, negligence.etc. social welfare support,
access to bathing, sanitation water pipes running through homes, while the commoner in western europe, as proven
by french tourist guides never had access to civil life, bathing, cultural forums, markets, the arts etc. they believed
talcum powder was a cleaning agent and that water was evil as reflective of the gnostic dualistic heresy the
barbarians of rome propagated. i do not belong to world orthodoxy which is the dream of the pope and is his
heretical new world order jesuits who actually liturgize to lucifer and not to the living god. a prophetic revelation and
realisation that the dessolution of the roman empire of the west will lead to antichrist and the descendants of the
european union the germans who finally revived their holy roman empire of feudal despotism .
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Nicholas Polis Romanos caesarpapism wa s an invention and i have written papers and have reference that this
was not the case. in civil greco roman law, they did not have the feudalism of the barbarian west where the serf was
the property of the king, their was a system that ensured the separation of church and state which was a delemma to
western models that finally forced its separation in the enlightenment with disasterous consequences.. the emperor
and patriarch were like a symphony and despite accusations of corruptions which were inventions of the jealous
papacy hungry for mere loot the squalor these pigs were, they performed the function where the people and the
republic were the main orchestrators of civil governance and were the representative body of the church, while the
representative body in the west were germanic warlords who were both monk and soldiers at the same time. with no
cental administration that civil order of the roman empire required, theology interplayed with the politics of the franks,
hell bent of rape, loot and destruction as clearly demonstrated in historical records. do not mention emperors war
defence compaigns that only allowed just war in times of barbarian onslaughts onto constantinople where the mother
mary would appear and protect the holy city. the shameful ancestors knowing of this embarrasing vacuum between
east and west sorted to accept cosntantinople refugees to re teach italians how to re build sculpture and create the
arts, but not for god , but for the freemason and jewish kabbalah zeal of the enlightenment and the new age that will
bring the advent of the antichrist of which rome claiming to be above the other apostles proclaimed himself as
actually christ on earth and i said to carlos, if you believe this you do not believe trully in christ.
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Nicholas Polis Romanos the pope found the protestant branch theory as a perfect compliment to his
EARTHLY""princely power and ring leader of the new movement.
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Nicholas Polis Romanos the comedy of the lord permitted that the consecration of holy russia into mother marys
arms already occured. i think mother mary wants to know her friends and royality, not the swathy barbarians whom
constantine theodosius temporarily permitted into the empire with disasterous consequences that lead to massacre
of greeks in thessalonica
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Nicholas Polis Romanos the emperor by law had clear boundaries of what functions he could permit , he was not a
priest nor could he resume the role of the patriarch , although at times emperors lead the church in terms of
defending the church against heresy and keeping general order in the household. but unlike the pope he seems to
have the monasterous blasphemous role of being both a PRIEST AND PRINCE. not a product of ancient canonical
law, but germanic feudal law that never separated rome as a special place but another fiefdom with both spiritual and
secular power that followed the pharastical principal that whatever the pope binds, the god above has to follow. this
is called blasphemy
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Nicholas Polis Romanos also their is a reference in the bible, forgot passage that their will be kings with christ one
day and also remember king david and the ancient state under the living god. god permitted a ruler especially in the
age of rampant barbarity we witnessed in europe for two thousand years , defending against the heathen barbaric
tribes trying constantly to extinguish the light of constantinople out
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Nicholas Polis Romanos the history of the uniates is one of debauchery and sinister treachery and deception and
the episodes of eastern european stories shows clearly to perpetuator was the catholic church having once again
feudal princes eg modern nazi ukraine who are their descendants] forcing orthodox to be converted or face death
and finally the attempt to pretend they were orthodox by wearing the same dress as the orthodox did and performing
the same style of liturgical functions, no doubt catholicism cared for preserving its unique barbaric tradition, it was
easily swayed to conform to orthodox culture only the purposes of infiltrating the church under the guise of orthodox
but really pledged obedience to the pope. the show and masquarade essentially having the effect that those who
dress like orthodox and are not following the pope are not following ancient custom when they invented this all along
and is apostolic succession is traced to medieval times not ancient times. so catholics done away with tradition,
following the jesuit oath of deception breaking gods commandments as you would believe if the catholics trully
believed their dress and liturigical function actually mattered to god, just so they could do the old secular political
function having nothing to do with religion but everything to do with worldly power which the pope priortises over
spiritual precedent. but the pope has the same manicheasm augustine roots as the muslims which is why the pope
granted earthly unholy indulgences to crusaders passage into heaven with the more killing of heretics they comitt like
the orthodox population in the east they killed, because the pope said the more loot and killing rape you do, the more
likely you will receive indulgences and passage to heaven. sound familiar isis
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Nicholas Polis Romanos in my old file i have 100 pages of verifiable forgeries committed by the church that i
apologise i cannot dispense with today however they are well demonstrated and plausible especially for a power that
actually believed by being a mini christ on earth can do as it pleases infallibly so as to supercede the authority of
heaven and whom also has to cede. that it actually believed these illiterate barbarians coming from unholy families,
that because they held the office of the pope, that entitled them to an authority essentially above god because by
presuming the pharasitical ideal that god must follow every decision of pope no matter its ethical moral content, it is
inadvertedly subscribing to such blasphemous ideals. the rock of st peter is the church not a person. the pope also
recently erased the ancient stone that proved the pope was merely a patriarchate of the west under the ancient
church. he erased it. that is why such folly, any 5 year old can perceive with some intellect can see these breaches of
ancient early church canonical law, unless of course one was brainwashed with this sense of earthly riches and
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Nicholas Polis Romanos finally last entry. the differences between orthodox and catholic are significant
theologically. i feel i need to make reference before tracking spontaneously in this thread, but essentially it centres
around the errors of manicheasm and augustine. since their was a cultural vacuum in the west after the barbaric
invasions, all theological replenishment was confined to one single categorical author augustine. the clear dualistic
nature of his writings are evident and without cascading into some elloquent stream describing the actual clear cut
definition which have very specific theological specific words, one can give a basic appraisal of these errors that
destroy free will, the right of the person to be enlightened with a personal experience of god, eg through the icons as
established by the mandilyion or the shroud of turin[which was the first icon and the reason the early church
permitted icons as opposed to the iconoclasts of the catholics under charlemagne who believed that the priest was
the only one who could dispense with created grace and the holy spirit since the world and the individual within it
was without because they believe a gnostic dualistic world where the chaos and evolution of nature and the inherited
guilt from adam did not allow for the persons repentance and enlightenment on his own accord since the world was
evil and even the creating mosaics were once deemed evil not to mention the bathing habits of a byzantine princess
was considered evil and her accessory of folk and spoon that the barbarians never witnessed before. the icons
destroyed the secular priivlege of the catholic priest to be the dispenser of the holy spirit as according to augustine's
original sin and predestination their was essentially no free will but subordination to the cold legalistic judicial
penants of the catholic church that viewed evil as a incarnate phenomena where their was evil in nature and that
only the church was the good in the island of misery.this hierarchy usually held by the ellite of the catholics as
witnessed by the confiscations of the french revolution that witnessed even the eradication of the catholic priests
because they too formed the ellite class that was not in touch with the peasants, in contrast to byzantium or the new
rome where the priest was a commoner in the village relaying philanthropy and social welfare to the population
without detrimental social control and coercion . no wonder the jesuits were instigators of socialism colonialism in
third world countries. we believe in repentance and confession with a priest, but it emphasises love of the lord not his
anselmic calvinistic retributive punishment of the lord or quenching of gods vengeance, not the imminent cold
judgement of god awaiting for you to committ a technical sin so that the demons have a legal lawyer in the toll
houses of purgatory. which has no biblical reference according to oral tradition of the saints and fathers nor the bible
finally the orthodox church fell under the ottoman which every roman and greek today relays who has knowledge that the
turks were more civilised than the catholics because the turks granted some rights of worship to orthodox, thus fulfilling
prophecy and the protection of christs church that surely would have disappeared if the catholics can sovereignty over
greece. that is how barbaric they were.