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Kelsey Heaton Goalkeeper

Class of 2018
Kelsey Elizabeth Heaton
Goalkeeper 2018
DOB: Sep 9, 1999 Height: 55
Club - #15 High School - #00

7533 Chris Anne Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone: Home - (317) 887-6808 Cell - (317) 695-

Parents: Randy & Karie Heaton (317) 695-8465


Franklin Central High School Indianapolis, IN
GPA: 3.78
Class Rank: 105 out of 636
PreAP Courses (Biology, English 9, English
10, World Geography, World History)
Hoosier FC 1999 Elite Wolves - Club AP Courses (World History, English 11,
Head Coach: Megan McCormick Chemistry) A Honor Roll
Executive D.O.C.: Tom Keenan Academic Honors National Honors Society
Club Goalkeeping Coaches:
Lance Elicker Athletics Club:
Paul Wesseling Hoosier FC 1999 Elite Wolves Noblesville, IN (U13 to Present)
o MRL Premier I (Fall 13 16)
Franklin Central High School o MRL Premier II (Upcoming 17)
Head Coach: Mia Moody St. Francis Soccer Club Indianapolis, IN (U5 through U13)
Previous Coach: Dan Spiceland o MRL Premier (Spring 13) Indiana ODP 2010-2011
Selected to AC Milan Junior Camp Milan,
Personal Goalkeeper Coach
Italy 2011
Collin Kleckner Athletics High School:
Varsity Letter Winner (Freshman,