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Mentor Poem

Select one of your drafted quick write poems to develop with the following criteria in mind.

Creates (or intentionally breaks) rhythm with punctuation, repetition, harmony,
cacophony, and/or rhyme.
Helps the reader understand the theme by using figurative language, along with
selecting words based on connotation.
Chooses a structure that reinforces the rhythm and theme.

Best Draft Requirements

The title contributes to understanding the poem without being the name of the
assignment or its topic.
The draft is typed and turned in to Google Classroom in this form.
2 or fewer editing errors remain. This does not include stylistic choices that
break with editing rules. Those are fine.
Below your poem, you answered the following questions in a short paragraph
1. What was your theme? How do the devices and techniques you
packed into the poem support that theme?
2. What jumped out at you by studying your poet? What techniques
did you use that were inspired by your poet?
3. When it comes to writing poetry, whats the relationship between
your message and how you write it?

Your Name: Julia Veit
Ms. Sotillo
English 9
16 December 2016
Little Things
Happiness is when you devour grandma's cookies,
Is when you get a hug from your best friend,
Is when you saw someone help another person,
Is when you get a whiff of homemade baked goods,
Is when you overhear laughter,
Happiness can be anything you want it to be.

1. My theme is that happiness can be anything you want it to be. And the technique
I used was figurative language quick write. It helps support the theme because Im
explaining things that are real to explain happiness.
2. That he like devoted his whole life in teaching and writing poetry. I didnt know
that much went into it. I didnt use any techniques that the author of my poem used in my
poem. My poem was about happiness and other things and this poem is about
3. I dont usually write poetry. But the message I wanted to get across was that
happiness can be anything you want it to be and the way I wrote it was that I was telling
things of the 5 senses that makes me happy.