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IT WAS A COLD AND ICY DAY IN THE WILD FAR NORTH. AlTHOUGH very few people lived there,
many wild animals wandered around the frozen land. They hunted for food and were always
very hungry. There were many wolves living in the wilderaess, they looked like dogs but were
dangerous and much bigger. A packof them were looking for food when they saw a team of six
dogs pulling a sled. A man named Henry was running in front of the sled. Behind the sled was
his friend, Bill. They were both wearing wide snowshoes. On the sled was a big
with the body of Lord Albert in it. Bill and Heniy were taking the box to the fqrt which was far
away. Bill looked around and saw an animal in the distante. He stopped the sled and
whispered to Heriry

There's the she-wolf following us again. I wonder where the rest of the Wolves are? She
sure is a big one, said Henry. Bill grabbed a stidc and threw it at the wolf.

Get away from here, he shouted. The she-wolf didn't move. ffihe's not afraid of you,
laughed Henry.

They could hear the sound of the wolves as they were coming - doser. Bill picked up his gun
and fired a shot. It was soon quiet.

That scared them alright, said Bill.

The next moming, both men woke up early and fed the dogs.

Look, shouted Bill. There are only three dogs here. The wofotes! he said. They ate our
dogs! said Henry. We must get out of here.

They tied the dogs to the sled and set off. They were going very fast when the sled turned
over. Bill and Henry fttied the dogs and fixfed the sled. The wolf pack was following them, but
they didn't know.

Look over there, shouted Henry suddenly. It's the she-wolf. f One of their dogs started
running towards her. All of a sudden, thte rest of the wolf pack appeared and trapped the dog.
Bill was angry.

I'm not going to let them get my dog, he shouted.

He grabbed his gun and ran towards the wolves. Henry heardthree shots and then loud yelps
and cries. There was silence and he heard nothing more. Henry knew that he was now all alone
with only two sled

personas vivan all, muchos animales silvestres vagaban alrededor de la tierra congelada.
Cazadas para alimento y siempre estaban muy hambrientos. Haba muchos lobos que viven en
la wilderaess, parecan perros pero eran peligrosos y mucho ms grande. Un conjunto que
ellos estaban buscando alimento cuando vieron un equipo de seis perros tirando de un trineo.
Un hombre llamado Henry corra delante del trineo. Detrs del trineo era su amigo, Bill. Eran
ambos usan raquetas amplia. En el trineo era un wooden. box grande con el cuerpo del Seor
Albert en l. Bill y Heniy tomaban el cuadro a la fqrt que estaba muy lejos. Bill mir a su
alrededor y vio un animal en el distante. Detuvo el trineo y susurr a Heriry "hay la loba
despus de nosotros otra vez. Me pregunto dnde estn el resto de los lobos"? "Seguro que
es un grande," dijo Henry. Bill agarr un stidc y lanz en el lobo. "Aprtate de aqu," l grit. La
loba no se mova. ffihe no de afrai...

dogs. For the next few days, Henry tried to get to the fort. At night he tried not to sleep
because he was afraid of the wolves. He was now very tired, One night Henry fell asleep. He
woke up to the sound of wolves barking. They were coming very close. He knew he was going
to die as he didn't have any more bullets. He made a circle of fire, he sat inside and waited
Suddenly,. Henry heard shots and saw soldiers from the fort coming towards him. Henry was
relieved. They were coming to rescue him.

perros. Para los prximos das, Henry intent llegar a la fortaleza. En la noche trat de no
dormir porque tena miedo de los lobos. Ahora estaba muy cansado, una noche Henry cay
dormido. Se despert con el sonido de lobos ladrando. Venan muy cerca. Saba que iba a
morir como l no tena ningn ms balas. Hizo un crculo de fuego, estaba sentado dentro y
esper pronto. Henry escuch disparos y vio a soldados de la fortaleza que viene hacia l.
Henry se sinti aliviado. Venan a rescatarlo.

En el norte salvaje vivan pocas personas pero pocos animales. Haba muchos lobos que
parecan perros peligrosos y grandes. Un conjunto de ellos estaban buscando alimento, ellos
vieron un conjunto de 6 perros tirando de un trineo Henry corra delante de y le y estaba con
su amigos Bill .Henry vio a los lobos y les tiro un palo para que se alejaran pero la loba no se
novia .los prximos das Henry intento llegara la fortaleza en la noche no dormir porque tena
miedo, una noche crea que ya iba a morir pero fue rescatado por los solados.

Few people lived in the wild North but few animals. There were many wolves that seemed
large and dangerous dogs. A joint of them were looking for food, they looked at a set of 6 dogs
pulling of a sled Henry ran ahead of and you and was with his friends Bill. Henry saw the
wolves and I throw a stick so they away but the she-Wolf not is .the wedding days Henry
attempt to reach the fortress at night do not sleep because I was afraid, one night I thought
that he was going to die but he was rescued by the flooring.