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SGX Securities Market Direct Feed (SMDF)

Low latency, real-time price data for securities market

The SGX Securities Market Direct Feed (SMDF) provides real-time price information on all SGX listed securities, enabling the licensee
to offer faster price data, catering to algorithmic trading and low latency environment.

Benefits Users
Direct connectivity into trading engine Information vendors
Fastest delivery of SGX Securities data utilising the native Institutions
language of trading engine Algorithmic Traders
Lists Orders by Trade ISVs
Rides on any ongoing enhancements to the trading engine
TCP/IP connection and reliable communication link for trade
recovery feed
Subscribers may connect to SGX Securities
Access via SGX Managed Network Services, Co-Location or
Market Direct Feed via
any authorised ISVs SGX Co-Location Services
Consistent high system availability SGX Managed Network Service (SGX MNS)
SGX Liquidity Hubs
How to connect? Network Service Providers (NSP)
Connectivity to SGX Open Interface Test (OIT) centre is via VPN
Licensee needs to apply for conformance and certification For more information, please email or
before connectivity to production environment call +65 6236 8555.

SGX will guide you to a successful onboarding

Managed WAN
Gateway Developer SGX WAN SGX Trading
OMS WAN Router Router Engine

Managed by Member
Managed by SGX

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(whether direct, indirect or consequential losses or other economic loss of any kind) suffered due to any omission, error, inaccuracy, incompleteness, or otherwise, any reliance on such information. The
information in this document is subject to change without notice. Further information on this service may be obtained from

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